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Stolen Innocence ( Jans' Torment ) Part I

by the Godfather

Chapter 1

Life in small town Ontario, Canada was pretty good.
For Jan and Bill it was great.
They were childhood sweethearts, and in school, most of their friends knew that someday, they would be married.
They just seemed to have something very special between them...something that grew stronger in time.
As predicted, they did marry, had two wonderful daughters, and together, the four of them grew into a typical, happy family unit.
Bill had a good job, and for all accounts, it covered the expenses, so it was decided that it might be best for Jan to stay home, and take care of the hardest half of the workload, the housework, child raising, gardening ( which she enjoyed, but Bill didn't know that ), and all the rest of those day-to-day things a housewife does.
She often asked herself if this was enough for her, though.
Raising her daughters, and managing the household was fulfilling, but she sometimes felt like a " Television mom ", like June Cleaver, kissing the husband goodbye every morning, and doing that same sink full of dishes until he got home.
Any time she started feeling a little down about it, she would remember how well they were doing, and how much in love she and Bill still were, even after thirteen years of marriage.

Jan was one of those women that kept her girlish looks, no matter how many years passed, and at 34, her short reddish brown hair still hadn't shown a speck of gray, and her body, at 5'7" tall, and 135 pounds, was as appealing to Bill as it was when they were younger.
Bill especially loved her freckles, on her face, a nd shoulders.
Jan knew he liked them, and laughed when he traced them when he rubbed her shoulders, or scratched her back.
She always knew which area was to be scratched next by the pattern of her freckles.
She didn't know if he was even doing it consciously.
Bill, at 39, was enjoying one of those lives too.
Secure, loving, almost surrealistic, but things seemed to be going right, in all ways. Sure, there were financially stressful times, as there were for all families, but after a few promotions, Bill was doing well.
They had two daughters, Becca, and Krissy, a nice house, a Toyota 4Runner in the driveway, a big yard, a dog, and they were respected by everyone who knew them.
Nothing seemed out of place for them.

It was a Saturday, and as usual, Bill and Jan slept in a little.
They liked to stay up a little later on Friday nights to have their "together time" that they could never have enough of.
They awoke on Saturday, and Jan was feeling a little frisky, from a good nights sleep, and from the closeness she and Bill shared cu rled up on the couch the night before.
She leaned over and kissed him on the forhead, and then rested her head on his chest, whispering "I love you" to him as she passed his ear.
Her hands caressed his chest hair, and found their way lower, touching his thighs, rubbing them softly.
Bill opened his eyes, and looked down at her, with a smile, and li stened to the silence in the house, signalling that the girls were still asleep.
He reached up and put his hand in Jans hair, rolling his fingers through the curls.
He returned the gesture, by saying "I love you, too" to her, and looked over at the clock.

"Oh Honey, I'm going to have to make this up to you later.
I have to get ready to take the girls to the soccer game soon.
I wish I didn't, though. I would love to lay here with you all day.
I miss those times." Bill took Jans hand from his thigh, and sat up, on the side of the bed, swinging his feet to the floor.
"Why don't you wake the girls while I shower, okay?"
This was a game day for Becca and Krissy, who were both enrolled in a girls summer soccer league.
Bill thought that it was a perfect opportunity for him to spend time with them, so he volunteered to coach the team.
Although he enjoyed doing it with them, today was a day when he didn't want to go wil lingly.
"I promise Hon, later we will have our time."
He got up, grabbed his clothes, and headed for the shower.

Jan understood why he had to hurry, he was the type to always show up on time, or even early, to anywhere he went, and as the coach of the team, he had to arrive early anyway, to get the team organized.
Understanding that though, didn't make it any easier to accept.
She sat up in bed, as Bill walked off, and put on he r robe before walking down the hall to the girls rooms.
She knocked on the doors one after the other, and announced, "Time to get up girls, you have to be to the game in a little over an hour. Get up and get ready for breakfast."
After she heard stirring, Jan made her way to the kitchen, and made a quick breakfast for her daughters, and a cup of c offee for Bill.
They got ready, ate, and bounded for the door, ready to head out.
Jan normally went with them, but this time, she chose to stay behind to work in the garden.
As they drove out of the driveway, Jan watched from the door, yelling to them, "Good luck girls, do your best." and closed the door as they drove away.

Alone in the house, Jan felt the heat that had started to build in bed, and as she took off her robe, to get ready for her shower, she saw that her nipples were standing erect.
She looked into the mirror, as she stood in front of the bedroom door, and stopped to admire her body.
She considered herself to be full-figur ed, but at 36c-30-36, very few men had a problem looking at her.
She felt a tingle between her legs as she stood there, and she raised her right hand to her breast, and cupped it, still looking at her reflection in the mirror.
Her nipple responded even more, by getting hard, and pointing out between her fingers.
Jan could have very easily given in to pleasure at that moment, masturbating herself, but her husbands promise of later satisfied her for the moment.
She grabbed her robe and went to the shower.
That seemed to cool her down a little, and hardly even noticed that her nipples were still hard as she was getting dressed.
She made herself a cup of coffee, and went out to the yard to star t her gardening.

It was about 2 hours later, and she heard their dog, a 4 year old German Shepherd mix named Mickey, barking in his pen in the back yard.
She dropped her shovel, and went to see what he was barking about.
"What's the matter boy?" she called, as she turned the corner behind the house.
As she got closer, she saw Mickey p rancing around his food bowl, and thought it was early, but she reached into his pen and took his bowl out, and filled it from the bag in the shed.
Jan returned it to his pen, and patted Mickey on the head as he dove into his food.
She laughed at the way he was circling the bowl as he ate from it, shut the pen, and went back to her gardening.
Only about another hour passed, and she saw her family driving back into the driveway.
The car doors opened quickly, and Becca came running out to her mother.
"We won, Mom. We kicked their butts."
The 11 year olds enthusiasm showed as she ran past her mother, and into the house.
Krissy, though only 9, was less jubilant than Becca. "What's the matter, Sweetheart?" Jan asked.

"Nothing, Mom, Becca scored the winning goal, and we heard about it all the way home, she's such a bragger."
Jan chuckled at the wording, and the pouting look on her daughters face, and told her, "Krissy, someday it will be your turn to score the winning goal, and then you can boast about it to her."
That was all it t ook to please her, and Krissy bound into the house smiling.
Bill walked over to Jan and kissed her quickly on the cheek, smiling about the victory, and with pride for his daughters.
"You would have been proud, Hon. They did well." he said, and reached for his belt.
He took off his pager, and told Jan, "I got a page from Jim, at the office, a littl e while ago.
It seems one of our customers has upped a deadline, and I have to go help him for a while.
I was going to mow the lawn, and get that garage cleaned out today, but it looks like my plans have changed.
I'll go change real quick, and then head out."
He hated that he had to go to work, missing out on quality time with his family, and actu ally getting some things done that seemed to be piling up, but that's how he got his nice home, by being available for his job, and by doing it well.
Bill headed up the walk and went into the house to change.
Jan shook her head in disappointment, and went back about her gardening, nearly finished by that time.
Bill walked back out of the house, an d kissed Jan again, apologized, and walked towards the driveway.
He turned to talk to her, "Jan, I should only be a couple hours, I think, but I'll call if it gets to be any later, ok Hon?" Jan nodded, "Okay Honey, I might be shopping, but if I'm not here, leave a message.
I might see if Nancy, next door, needs to go do some, and catch a ride with her." Bill nodded, and drove off dejectedly.

Having finished her work in the yard, she finished picking up her tools, and put them away, and called in to the girls to get ready to go shopping.
Jan had seen Nancy, and asked her for a ride to the store while she was outside, and it was almost time.
They all got ready, and before they knew it, Nancy pulled in to pi ck them up.

Time passed, and they came home 2 hours later, and noticed that Bill wasn't home yet.
They all carried in the groceries, and all helped put them away.
It was almost 4:00 so Jan started dinner as the girls watched television.
The phone rang as she was preparing the meat, and she answered in fear of what it meant.
It wa s Bill, and he told Jan that things were going well, and that he should be home soon.
Jan was pleased to hear that, and finished with dinner.
As it finished cooking, Bill walked in, hugged Jan tight, kissed the girls, and they sat to enjoy a good meal.
After it was finished, Bill said that he could still get the yard mowed if he started soon.
Jan picked up the plates, put away the food, and started washing the dishes.
As she stood at the sink, she looked out the window and saw Bill walk by with the mower.
A smile came to her lips.
No, not even a television mom could have been any happier.
The sun went down as Bill finished his mowing, and he walked into the house sweating, and tired.
Jan f ollowed him to the bathroom, where he was getting ready for another shower, to wash away the grass, and perspiration.
Jan turned on the shower as he undressed, leaned over and kissed him, and walked out.
As she left the room, she turned to notice Bill, standing there naked, and she felt another smile come to her lips.

It was 9:00, and they settled in for more time on the couch, cuddling together, with the girls on the floor by their sides.
Jan was stroking Krissys' hair, and tied it into a ponytail for her, and Bill was leaning his head on Jans' lap, stretched out along the couch.
The girls went to bed at 9:30, and Jan started play ing with Bills' hair instead, running her hands through it.
As the movie approached the ending, Jan was surprised to hear Bill start to snore.
He had fallen asleep on her. Jan nudged him, and said, "Come on Baby, let's go to bed." Bill grunted semi-consciously, and stood, wobbly, and headed for the bedroom.
They got undressed together, and laid in bed, holding each other. Bill opened his eyes with a squint, and said one word, "Tomorrow", and drifted off to sleep again. Jan smiled, half-heartedly, rolled over, and also fell asleep.

end chapter 1

Chapter 2

Sunday morning arrived , and Jan awoke to the sound of the doorbell.
She threw her robe on as she walked to the door, and opened it slowly.
She was surprised to see a young looking woman there, dressed in a diry looking, and foul smelling leather jacket.
The woman had stringy blonde hair, which didn't appear to have been washed for days, and clothes that looked well worn.
Jan knew that this woman didn't belong in this neighborhood.
"May I help you?" Jan asked her, trying not to seem too anxious to hurry her along.

"I'm sorry to bother you, hope I didn't wake you up.
My car died, and it's out there on the street. Do you think I could borrow your phone to call a friend? I know I'll never find a garage open on a Sunday to have it fixed.
By the way, my name is Deb."
She stepped forward a step, and waited for Jan to invite her in.

"Yes, I guess so, come on in.
Just do me a favor, please be quiet.
My husband and girls are still sleeping. It's only 7:00."
Jan backed away from the door as she swung it wider, allowing Deb to enter.
Deb stepped in, and looked around, getting a feel for where things were, and looking for the phone.
Jan started walking towards the phone, and Deb followed her.
"It's this way, do you need a phone book?"
Jan just wanted to get her taken care of so she could go back to bed and cuddle with Bill.

"No, thank you, I know the number."
She picked up the phone and dialed.
Jan gave her some privacy, and went into the kitchen, to pour herself a glass of juice.
Jan called out to ask Deb if she would like anything.
"No thank you, I feel like I've troubled you enough." Deb replied, and she started to speak softly into the phone.
Jan didn't pay attention to what she was saying, not really interested in it anyway.
Jan poured the juice, and walked back to the dining room.
Deb turned to face away from her, and whispered into the phone, and hung up.

"I hope I didn't interrupt, Hon. I wasn't trying to be nosey. Did you have any luck with your friend?"

Deb answered, "Yes, he's coming right over, thank you. I'm sorry again for the bother, but may I use your bathroom?"

"Sure Dear, it's right there, help yourself. How long until your friend arrives? Did he say?"
Jan was hoping to hear that he was on the way.

Deb finished in the bathroom, and walked back to the dining room, and sat at the table, putting her cigarette case at the end of the table.
"So, you're married and have daughters?" She asked, trying to make conversation as she waited.
"What do you do?"

Jan appreciated her kindness, and that she was polite, despite her appearance.
"Yes, we've been married 13 years, and have two daughters." They should be waking up soon."
Jan was hoping that Bill would wake up soon.
She felt a little uncomfortable being alone with this woman, and dressed only in a robe and small nightgown.
"I'm going to go close the door to the girls room so they don't wake up, are you sure I can't get you something on my way?"

"No, thank you. Really, he should be here soon.
He was expecting my call..." Deb stopped there, wondering how she was going to explain how her boyfriend would expect such a call.
We knew that the transmission was going on it, and when I left last night, he heard it grinding.
I was on my way to his house now so he could check it out."

Jan smiled, satisfied with her answer.
"I hate car problems, one time Bill and I were taking the girls....."
There was a knock on the door, and Jan walked to the door to answer it.
"I think your friend is here Deb." Jan opened the door, and a tall, dark haired man in blue jeans and a tee shirt smiled down at her.

"Hi, I saw my girlfriends car out front, and she called and told me she would be here waiting."
The man walked into the house, which Jan wasn't really too happy about.
He stayed in the foyer, and Deb appeared from the dining room, and met him, giving him a hug.

"This is Kyle, the friend I told you about.
Thank you for letting me use your phone, and for your help.
I really appreciate it. Kyle has a tow-rope, and we'll be okay from here....believe me, we've had practice at this."
Deb snickered, and took Kyles arm, and the walked out the door.
She turned around again, and looked back at Jan, who was standing near the door.
"Jan, thank you, and I'm sorry that I woke you up.
I hope you can go back to sleep. You're a life saver."
Deb saw Jan smile, and turned away and headed for her car, where Kyle was attaching the ropes. Jan shut the door behind her and headed back to bed.

She heard the other car start, and start off, and took off her robe.
She was still sleepy, and thought to herself, as she laid down beside Bill, that she could still get another hour of sleep.
Jan laid down, closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

Her sleep didn't last, though. The sound of her front door opening woke her up.
She was startled to hear it, and her first reaction was that Deb needed more help.
She got out of bed, and reached once more for her robe, and left the room.
She was mad at herself for forgetting to lock the front door after they left, too.
She got to the door, and heard voices, loud voices.
As she turned to wake up Bill, she felt a hand grasp her from behind, covering her mouth.
Another hand was grabbing her around the waist.
Jan tried to scream, but could only get a slight muffle past the powerful hand.
She tried to turn to see what was happening, and heard several voices coming from the living room.
She heard the television and radio being turned on, and felt like she was about to pass out from the fear.
Bill woke up with a jerk as his wife was thrown down on the bed on top of him.
Quickly, two men ran into the room and grabbed him, and stuffed something into his mouth. Bill resisted, but was overpowered by the men.
Jan looked down at Bill being tied to the bed, and screamed with the last bit of energy she had before passing out from shock.

end chapter2

Chapter 3

Jan awoke in a daze, not really sure where she was, until she saw Bill tied to the bed next to her, and looked down toward the foot of the bed, and saw Becca, and Krissy tied to chairs, crying, looking at their parents for help.
They had gags in their mouths, too, but Jans mouth wasn't.
"What are you doing here? What do you want?" LET US GO!" Jan tried to fight the ties, but found that she couldn't.
Obviously her family had found the same thing, because neither of them seemed to be fighting.

"Well, good morning Mrs. Anderson.
I'm so glad you could join us."
Jan looked around, trying to get an idea of what was going on, and how many people there were.
"We're going to hang out here for a while, I hope you don't mind." He snickered as he walked over to her.
Jan noticed that he was wearing a leather jacket, and that the other 2 strange men in her room did too.
She heard voices, and the radio in the other room too, so she knew there were more than just the 3 in the bedroom with them.
She turned her head and looked over at Bill, who was staring back at her.
The man walked over to where Jan was laying, and sat beside her.
She smelled oil, or gasoline on him.
She was repulsed by the smell, and by his looks.
He was a big man, with a beard, and long hair.
His hair didn't look like it was overgrown, or bushy, but just the opposite, like he took good care of it.
The other two men in the room were clean shaven, medium built men, with tatoos, but no real distinguishable features.
Jan tried to move as far away from him as she could, to get away from the smell of the gasoline, and because she was afraid.
The man saw this, and reached out with a gloved hand, and grabbed her cheeks, squeezing them tightly.
Jan let out a squeal through her pursed lips, and tried to pull away from him.
He put his face right up to hers, and kept squeezing, and told her, "Lady, you might as well get used to me, because I'm going to be accepting your invitation to stay for a while."
He threw her head back, as he let go of her cheeks.

Jan was crying now, but through the tears, still asked, "What are you doing here, and why do you have us all tied up?
What are you going to do with us? Why is my family gagged?"
Jan was terrified, and was very curious why she wasn't gagged, but she was actually afraid to find out.
The man slammed his hand down on the bed, and grabbed her by the sleeve of her robe.

"We have to lay low for a few days, before we can move on, and your quiet little neighborhood looked like the least likely place for us to hide, so, here we are."
He said it in a mocking, cartoon-like voice, to taunt her.
The man looked directly into Jans eyes, and reached up to wipe away a tear.
"My-oh-my little lady, don't you look nice in that robe?"
He pulled it apart to reveal her short nightgown.
The girls squirmed in their chairs, and their screams were muffled by their gags.
Jan tried to wriggle her body away, to prevent him from touching her, but it was useless.
The man spoke, "Look at your husband there little lady, just laying there watching you presenting yourself to me like that. Jan knew she didn't want Bill to see this, and she certainly didn't want Bill to see what was happening to her, but she looked over at him anyway.
His eyes were filled with tears, and his feet were straining against the ties.
The man looked over at Bill, with his finger pressed to his lips, and told him, "Quiet little man, while I show your wife what a man can do."

Jan started to scream, and one of the other men in the room rushed over to hold her mouth.
Just then, a womans voice came from the other room.
"Eric, look. We're on TV."
The man sitting next to Jan got up, and ran into the living room.
Jan heard a news report, about a robbery that had happened overnight at someones house, and that it was gang related.
She also heard that there were several people seen at the murder scene.
When she heard this, she looked over at Bill, and down at Becca, and Krissy.

Suddenly, all four of them had a sinking feeling of desperation, knowing that these were the people that had robbed, and killed whoever it was that got killed at the place the news was referring to.
They all tried to struggle, but one of the men stayed behind in the room to watch them, and warned them to lay still, holding a gun against Bills head.
Crying, they all stopped.
There were voices from the living room, and some laughing.
It was clear that they were talking about what they were going to do with their captors while they stayed there.
Jan was shaking, afraid that her, and her family were going to be their next victims.
The laughing continued in the other room, until Eric, who appeared to be the leader of the gang, walked back into the bedroom.

"Well, you probably heard that, didn't you?" he asked, looking at all four of them.
"We have to stay out of the public eye for a few days, and this seemed like the best way, so, get used to us, and I'm sure we'll get used to you, hahaha."
He laughed, like he had something on his mind.
He walked up to the man that was standing guard, and told him to leave for a while.
The man questioned him, but Eric assured him that it was alright. After the other man left, Eric called out to him.
"Tony, have Karen get something from the refrigerator, I'm going to work up an appetite in here." Bill was squirming, trying to yell, but unable to do more than utter a muffled moan.
Eric spoke up, "Yea, we're going to get really acquainted here.
The question is, with who?"
Jan begged for him to leave them alone.
She offered to let them stay, and promised not to tell anyone, but there was no need to hurt anyone.
Eric reminded her that hurting people was not anything he was afraid to do.
Jan remembered the news report, and knew he wasn't bluffing.
Eric walked over to the girls, standing between the chairs they were tied to.
He reached out and put a hand on each of their shoulders.
" You have two very pretty little daughters here, I'm sure they could keep us busy for a few days."
Jan screamed, "NO, LEAVE THEM ALONE!"
The girls were crying harder now, their tears streaming down their cheeks, and soaking into the material of the gags.
"Please." Jan pleaded. "Don't hurt my girls, PLEASE."
Eric backed away, and looked at Bill.
"Her love for her family is strong, but how strong is it? Do you think your wife loves her family enough to sacrifice herself for them?"
Bill was trying to kick and scream, he was furious.
The ropes around his wrists were cutting in, and he knew he was bleeding, but he couldn't feel the pain, above the rage and fear.
Jan spoke to Eric. "I beg you, please, don't make us go through this. We won't do anything to you."
Eric laughed again, and walked over to Jans side of the bed.
"You're wrong. You will beg, alright, and you will do something to me. What is your name, by the way?"
Jan told him her name softly, so softly that he repeated the question.
"Jan, my name is Jan."
He held the gun to her head.
"I could kill you, kill you all, and it would be just as easy to leave in three or four days, and leave your bodies here to rot, or we could work out a deal, and you will all live, the choice is yours, Jan."
He tormented her, pointing the gun at her husband, and her daughters, and then placing it back against her head.
Jan broke down in tears, sobbing uncontrolably.
"Please, let us live, I'll do anything you want, just don't hurt us."
Eric smiled broadly, knowing that the groundwork had just been laid to start his fun.
He turned, walked around the bed, and opened the door, inviting everyone into the bedroom.
One by one they filtered in.

Jan looked around to see six of them, five men, including Eric, and one woman.
Karen stayed at the door, not really entering the room, but close enough that Eric knew she was there.
They were all silent, waiting for Eric to speak.
"we have just made a deal here.
Jan has agreed to do anything we want, so we don't hurt her family."
Laughter filled the room.
Bill was kicking his feet, trying desperately to get free, knowing what was about to happen.
Jans crying was harder now, herself knowing what she had just agreed to.
Eric sat by Jans side, and held her chin in his hand, looking with raging eyes, into hers.
"You have several things to think about now, Jan. You have just taken your families life into your own hands. Do you understand that?"
Jan nodded, unable to speak from the pinching of his fingers against her cheeks.
"With that in mind Jan, do you think we could untie you, and trust that you will be good?"
Again, Jan nodded her head up and down as best she could.
"Jimbo, untie the bitch." Eric commanded, and one of his friends walked over to untie her.
Jimbo finished, and let her go.
Jan reached a hand over to touch Bill, wanting so desperately to fall on top of him to feel safe again, in his arms, but the reality was, his arms couldn't hold her now anyway.
Eric grabbed her hand away quickly.
"You wont be touching him like that again, Jan. You won't need to."
Eric stood her up, and slowly reached for her robe, expecting some resistance, and ready to remind her of her responsibility.
He took it off her shoulders, and let it fall from her arms, onto the floor.
Jans nightgown was wrinkled, and was barely covering her thighs, and in the back, where the robe had rubbed against it, it was sticking from the static, gripping her ass."Jimbo, she's not too bad, is she?" Eric asked.
Jimbo agreed with his friend.
"Jan, let us see what you have under that little gown of yours. Take it off."
Eric watched intently, waiting for her to give in to his order, knowing that if she did, there would be no stopping his orders from that point on.
Jan was trembling, looking at her family, as she was taking her clothes off in front of a group of strangers, with them there to watch.
Bill closed his tear filled eyes, not wanting to watch what was happening, and Eric told one of the men to hold his head facing the show that his wife was about to put on.
"What's the matter, haven't you seen your wife naked with the lights on before?"
He laughed at his own question, and looked back over at Jan.
"WELL? Are you going to do what I said, or do we just end this right here?"

Jan pushed the straps down, and let the gown fall from her body, and felt it fall in a ball around her feet.
She stood naked before them all, her husband, her two young daughters, and the six strangers.
She was crying still, and trying to cover herself up with her arms, but Eric grabbed them and shoved them aside.
"Jan, you are even better than I thought you'd be.
This might be interesting."
Eric took off his leather jacket, and tossed it on top of Bill, sort of antagonizing him even further.
"Jan, you're a very lucky woman. You're going to be lucky enough to taste something that hasn't been tasted in days, isn't that right Karen?"
Karen just laughed, and nodded her head.
"Why don't you do the honors and unzip my pants, Jan? Get down on your knees and take it out, come to Daddy."
He laughed at his sense of humor, in a way so obscure considering the setting.
Jan nervously dropped to her knees, and reached her hands slowly to his pants.
She felt the grease on them, not unlike the grease she had Noticed on Kyles pants, the man who came to get Deb, the stranded motorist from earlier that morning.
A thought ran through her head. Were Deb and Kyle somehow in on this?
Did they set the whole car routine up to scout out their house?
She was furious at the thought of how she helped them, and how she was nice to them, now thinking that they could be involved in this.

"Get busy, bitch!" Eric yelled at Jan, bringing her out of her daze.
Jans vision blurred from her tears, she found his zipper and pulled it down.
Bills head was still being held, facing his wife.
The girls were watching intently, stunned, not able to take their eyes off their mother.
"You're good with zippers, are you used to this? Do you take your husbands zipper down like this all the time, Jan?"
He was tormenting her, wanting her to appear to be a slut in front of her family.
"Now reach in and take out my cock, and remember, your actions may decide your families fate, so don't get cute."
Jan reached in, and with her left hand, found his growing cock inside his jeans, and noticed that there was no underwear to hinder her grip.
"Take it out and suck it Jan, Suck my cock, slut."
Jan hated those words, and hated mostly that they were being directed to her.
She closed her eyes, and withdrew Erics cock.
He reached down and forced her mouth open with his thumb, and pushed his cock toward her.
"Suck it, bitch, now." Jan looked straight at his cock now, not wanting to look into her husbands eyes, or even look at her daughters at all.
She lowered her head slowly, and without having to be told again, she took his cock into her mouth.
Eric pushed again, sinking more of his cock into her.
The others in the room were making comments about how she went right to it, and that she must be a real slut, because she sure can suck cock.

Jan had all of his cock in her mouth, and she gagged, both from his cock hitting her throat, and from the sweaty smell coming from his crotch.
Eric had a firm grasp of her curly hair, holding it as he pistoned his cock into her mouth madly.
He looked over at Bill, and saw his eyes were closed, and he decided to tell him what was happening so he wouldn't miss out.
"She's pretty good at this Buddy, I'll bet you loved when she used to do this for you, didn't you?
She's got my whole cock in her mouth, and she's sucking it like it's the first cock she's had for weeks. Haven't you been giving her any?"
Jans mouth was open wide, and she wasn't moving her head at all.
Eric was fucking her mouth, and his balls were slapping her chin with each inward thrust.
"Yea baby, just like that. That's it, suck it."
His thrusts were getting faster and deeper now, and he felt the cum boiling in his balls.
The thoughts he was having about using Jan for a few days, and the things he would have her do were too much for him, and he felt the cum pour out of his balls, and shoot from his cock.
"She's swallowing my cum, Oh God, yes, slut, take it all."
Bills eyes watered more, and the girls just sat quietly, watching their mothers mouth getting raped by this terrorist.
Jan choked on the cum that was filling her mouth, but did as she was told, and swallowed.
The cum filled her mouth faster than she was able to swallow, and some dripped down her chin as Erics cock withdrew.
Eric took his cock in his hand, and slapped Jans face with it, leaving a few drops of his cum on her cheek.
"You're a good slut, sucking my cock like that proudly, for your family to see.
That's a motherly thing to do, to teach your daughters how to suck cock like that.
You are my slut, aren't you?"
He looked down at Jan, and leered at her, with eyes filled with fire, in a way to remind Jan of her families fate if she didn't submit.
"No, never." was all she could say, before Erics hand grabbed her face again, slipping around her cheek from his cum.
He squeezed it hard, and looked into her eyes, his other hand reaching for his gun that he had left on the nightstand by him.
"I think you should reconsider your answer Jan, are you my slut?"

Jan lowered her eyes, and answered. "Yes. Yes, I am your slut."
Eric smiled, knowing he had broken her.
"Come with me, slut. You will be kept out here with us, we might need some entertainment later."
He grabbed her arm, and led her from the bedroom naked, leaving Bill, Becca, and Krissy there still tied up, and in shock.
They laid quiet, alone with their thoughts, and the vision of their wife, and mother sucking Erics cock, and swallowing his cum still fresh in their minds. The bedroom door shut as the last of the gang walked out.

end chapter 3

Chapter 4

Jan was brought out to the living room, and ordered to sit in the middle of the room, on the floor.
She sat quietly, not because she wanted to, but because she felt sick to her stomache, having just swallowed Erics cum.
It disgusted her to think about what she had just done, and she only hoped that her family could forgive her, and understand that she didn't do it because she wanted to, but she did it to save their lives.
Jan was typically a shy woman, so, sitting naked in front of a group of strangers was torture in itself.
She felt the stares from the group, and was trying desperately to ignore them.

Eric looked over at Karen and told her to see what she could find to feed the group, and told one of the men, Sly, a wirey looking black man, to feed the "sluts family" when she had some food prepared.
Those words stung Jan, being referred to as a slut. Karen asked if she could take Jan with her to get her help finding things.
Eric, too interested in flipping through the channels on the television to care, told Karen to take her, knowing that there were no exits from the kitchen.
Eric glared into Jans eyes as she was standing up, and he stood up himself.
He walked to Jan, who was now standing, and pushed on her shoulders, forcing her to go back to the floor. Eric told her, "You forgot to ask my permission to stand, and to leave the the room. Don't forget that again. Now, ask!"
Jan gave him a puzzled look.
"You just told her she could...", Jan started to say, but was interrupted by Erics hand slapping her.
The force of the slap against her face threw her back against the couch, and back to the floor.
Jan started to cry, her face numb and red. Eric added, "We can do this my way, or your way, but my way will cause you less pain.
You will do as I say, when I say. Is that understood?"
Jan felt the last bit of dignity leave her then, knowing that her every action had to be approved, and that she was to obey his every order, or her family would suffer.
"Yes, I understand," Jan struggled to utter the words he wanted to hear, "May I go to the kitchen to help Karen with the lunch?"
Eric stepped closer to her, grabbing her right breasts in his hand, and squeezing it lightly.
"Yes, you may, after you tell me what you are." Eric hinted with a smile.
The tear rolled down her cheek, and hit her lips as they opened to tell Eric, "I am your slut."
Eric released the hold on her breast, and she sighed in relief.
Jan turned, and followed Karen to the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen, Karen took Jan by the shoulder, and spun her around, facing her.
"He's not joking, you know. He will hurt you, and your family.
Just play along with his game for a few days, and you may live.
But if you don't, you will die. He's not afraid to kill.
You may as well make the best of it, and enjoy."
Karen turned toward the refrigerator, and Jan headed to the cupboards.
Together they made a meal for all ten.

Before they returned to the living room, Jan thanked her for being nice enough to treat her with some respect.
Karen gave her a wink, and they called Sly in, to get the food for Bill, and the girls.
Jan resumed her position on the floor, trying hard to force a couple bites of food down, to keep herself going, though part of her didn't want to continue.
Everyone finished eating, and relaxed while watching TV, and laughing.

One of the men asked Eric if a show came with the meal, and they all laughed. Eric grinned, and said, "That's a great idea, I think our slut would like to perform for us now."
He disappeared from the room for a few minutes, and returned with his hands full.
He threw several items on the floor near Jan, and told her to make herself cum.
Jan was sick.
She looked down at the things on the floor near her, and was shocked by the thought that he wanted her to put these things in her pussy, and make herself cum with them.
"Now, slut. show us how your pussy likes to be filled."
He sat back laughing, and the rest of the group sat quietly in anticipation.
Jan reached for the first item, a candle, and slowly put it against her pussy, leaning back so she could reach better without having to rest on her arms.
The candle slid up and down her outer lips, and Jans eyes were closed as it went through them, inside her pussy.
Jan pushed it in further, coating it with her juices that, embarassingly, were flowing.
The candle was pushed in and out faster, and her breathing quickened with each thrust.

Any resistance Jan had before this point was lost now, in the wetness of her pussy.
She was rubbing the candle against her clit when Eric told her to move on to the next item.
Jan removed the candle, and reached into the pile again, this time picking out a flashlight.
Jan put it against her pussy, and the cold metal soon heated up from her heated pussy.
She worked it against her slit to get it wet, and then plunged it inside.
Her pussy gripped it tightly, and seemed to be pulling it inside.
She heard a few of the men cheering her on as she fucked herself with the flashlight, but she didn't care anymore.
She was not going to be able to get away from them, and Karens advice, to enjoy, was ringing in her ear.
She discarded the flashlight, and moved on to a carrot, forcing it into her pussy next, taking it all the way inside with ease.
When she withdrew the carrot, she heard Erics voice, ordering her to put the carrot into her ass next.
She rubbed it against her ass, wetting her hole with the juices dripping from it.
She pushed, and slowly, it went sliding easily into her ass.
Her eyes were shut, and her mouth hung open.
She reached into the pile again, this time pulling a banana from the pile.

She put the unpeeled fruit against her pussy, and pounded it in.
She was fucking herself hard, so hard that the banana, and the peel, gave way under the pressure, and split.
The banana turned to mush as it seeped through the split peel, and Jans attempts to fuck herself with it were futile.
She abandoned it, and grabbed the empty beer bottle from the table near her, and pushed it inside with one slippery stroke.
The banana was all over the inside of her thighs, and squishing into the bottle opening as she pushed it in and out, fucking herself wildly with it.
She was moaning loudly, totally lost in her need to cum.
The bottle fit into her completely, and Jan had to grip the base with her fingertips to keep herself from losing it inside her overheated cunt.
Jan felt the carrot rubbing the bottle through the thin layer of skin between the two.
Jan continued fucking herself harder and faster, with a variety of different things, including a vase, a spray can of cooking spray, and finally cumming as the cucumber slammed into her.
Jan came so hard that she spasmed, writhing in pleasure on the floor for what seemed like hours to her, until she was conscious enough to sit back up.
She had removed the cucumber, and the carrot, and placed them in the pile on the floor, of all the things she had just used to pleasure herself in front of the group of strangers.
Jan was now feeling several mixed emotions, rage, sadness, hate, lust, and pity, the pity being for her husband, who had been the only man to see her, or touch her in years, until now.

Eric applauded. He walked over to Jan, stepping over the pile of toys on the floor, and sat next to Jan on the floor.
"You did good, slut. We enjoyed that, but I think some of us enjoyed it a bit too much."
He looked over at the other men in the room, and interrupted two of them as they rubbed their cocks through their pants.
"You put on one hell of a show there, Jan. I think that since it's your fault that everyone's so excited, that you ought to help them out, don't you?"

Jan raised up to her knees, feeling the squished banana starting to dry on her skin.
She looked up to Eric, and asked, "How do you want me to please you?"
Eric saw the fear in her eyes, but this time, he saw something else, too.
He saw the glazed look of passion and lust in her eyes.
He knew she had just had a powerful orgasm, but he also sensed that she was looking forward to her next order.
Eric replied, "I want you to please everyone, not just me.
I want you to suck each of them, and make them all cum. Get busy, slut!"
There were those words again.
She remembered hearing them just before she was forced to suck Eric in the bedroom, and now, she heard them again.
She lowered herself to her hands and knees, crawling over to Tony, and as she crawled, the sound of zippers being lowered filled the room.

end chapter 4

Chapter 5

Jan made her way over to Tony, and found his cock already out.
She reached her hand out, and took hold of it, feeling it pulse at her first touch.
She couldn't believe she was doing this, actually about to suck off five strange men.
The thought of it repulsed Jan, having never even entertained the thought of a threesome before, but her orgasm was still echoing deep within her, and it was her driving force at that moment.
She felt his hand on the back of her head pulling her down, and she took the whole length of his cock into her mouth, and she gagged as it hit her throat.
She pulled back a little, to get her breath again, and was soon pulled back down on it.
Jan worked her hand furiously, knowing that she was bound to do it anyway, so she reasoned that she may as well get through it quickly.
As her hand pumped Tonys cock, her tongue glided along the underside of it.
It was only a matter of minutes until Tony shot his cum with force, into Jans mouth.
Jan worked at it harder, until Tonys cock popped out of her mouth, and she had swallowed the last of his cum.

Jan walked on her knees over to Jimbo, who had his cock in his hand, rubbing it.
As she took it in her hand, she saw precum ooze out the tip, and drip down to her hand.
Jimbos cock was by far the biggest she could see in the room, and she wasn't sure how she was going to accommodate him in her mouth.
"Do you think you can handle that, little lady?" Jimbo teased her.
"Take it, c'mon baby, suck it." Jan lowered her head, and stuck out her tongue, flicking it across the pearly drop of his precum clinging to the head of his cock
. Jimbo was staring down at her, as if she was moving in slow motion.
He saw her tongue stretch that drop of precum, and saw the light glisten in its silken strand that stretched from her tongue to his cock.
Jimbos eyes rolled back when Jans mouth sunk down, enveloping his cock, taking the head all the way to her throat entrance.
Jans urge to gag again was strong, but she was getting used to it now, and she pressed her head down harder.
Jan felt his balls against her chin, and knew she had taken it all.
Jimbo began a rocking motion in his seat, pushing up to fuck her mouth.
It was a struggle, but she was taking it all, as it pushed in, and then pulled out of her mouth.
"Yea, that's it bitch, yea...just like that." Jimbo almost stuttered as he tried to encourage her.
Her tongue was dancing across the head, and down to the veins underneath the head, and down the shaft.
Loud slurping noises could be heard across the room, and Jan was being applauded by the rest of the group.
She heard Eric yelling to her husband that she was a "good little cocksucker", and it brought back to mind the reality of the situation.
Jan pumped his large shaft as her lips sucked tightly on his cock, swallowing small spurts of precum, until she felt Jimbo tense up.
She reached her left hand down and cupped his balls in it, gently massaging them, and felt his hot cum explode into her mouth.
Jan gagged as his cum splashed into her throat, and as hard as she tried to swallow, some still escaped along the side of his cock, and down her chin.
Jan withdrew her mouth, and as she was moving away, Jimbo reached over to her, scooping his cum off of her chin with a finger, and fed it to her.
Jan was truly earning her title that Eric gave her.

Jan moved toward the center of the room, where Sly and Frank were standing.
Frank was a tall, slender man, probably the cleanest of the bunch.
His hair was tied back with a bandana, and his clothes just appeared to be in better condition. She was pulled closer by her hair until she was on her knees between the two men.
They both had their cocks out, and Jan raised her hands up, grabbing both of them firmly.
She lowered her head to Franks cock first, sucking it into her mouth completely.
She was sucking him hard, bobbing her head up and down on his cock like a hungry whore.
She had him close to cumming when she felt Sly pull her head to him.
"I have some real meat for you honey." he said as he positioned her head over his cock.
Jan had never been attracted to black men, and this was not anything she had ever considered doing, but it was clear to her, it wasn't anything she was in the position to consider now.
She lowered her open mouth to his cock, and sucked it inside. Jan swallowed all of it, taking it to her throat before pulling it almost all the way out, licking it as she went.
Jan was conscious of her other hand, still holding Franks cock, and felt him pulsating.
She switched off between the two cocks, sucking one, and then the other, until they were both ready to cum.
Frank grabbed Jans head, and positioned it between them, and Jan closed her eyes, and jerked both of their cocks harder, with the sound of her saliva coating each jerk of her hand.
It wasn't long before both men came, groaning loudly as gobs of sticky white cum shot onto her face, covering her eyelids, her cheeks, and her hair.
The men laughed as Jan released their cocks, and stood there watching their cum drip from her, forming a river down to her breasts. Jan reached up and wiped the cum from her face, and wiped it onto her hips from her hands.

Jan moved over to Eric, knowing that he would want his turn with her. Eric stopped her as she crawled, "Whoa there slut.
Where do you think you're going? I told you I wanted you to please everyone here.
You passed Karen right by, you rude bitch!"
Jan was shocked.
Surely he didn't mean that he wanted her to please Karen, too.
Jan had never touched another woman, and was sickened by the thought.
She was never even tempted to try, though the opportunity had presented itself while she was in school.
One of her friends admitted to Jan that she had fantasies of being with another woman, but Jan changed the subject before anything could have happened.
But now, there was no chance of changing the subject.
Jan spoke, "Please, no. Don't make me do that. I can't!"
Eric led her over to where Karen was stretched out in an armchair, and pushed her closer.
He then slapped Karens legs, telling her to relax and enjoy.
Karen stood up squeamishly, and Eric ordered Jan to take off Karens pants for her.
Jan was crying, pleading again to Eric to not make her do it. Eric shouted this time.
Jan reached over and unzipped then, and unsnapped them.
They fell loosely to the floor with Jans help, leaving Karen standing there in a pair of lavender silk panties.
The guys in the room had settled back into their seats to enjoy the show again, watching Jan undressing Karen for them to see. Eric told Karen to sit down and to slide her ass to the edge of the chair, to "give the slut better access."
Karen did as she was told, and Jan crawled between her legs, reaching for the waistband of her panties, and tugged them down, lifting Karens ass off the chair to slide them off.
Karen slid her left leg out, and then her right, leaving her legs spread wide open. Jans head was only about ten inches from Karens pussy, and she left it there, staring at her.
Jan had never been this close to a pussy, and could never really inspected one before, and it was so new to her.
She had seen her daughters when they were younger, of course, but she had never looked into a gaping mature pussy as she was now.
She could see the labia pouting, allowing her to see inside a little, and she could see the tip of Karens clitoris visible already from the hood.
Jan also noticed the smell of Karens pussy, and as wet as it looked, it was no wonder that she smelled hot.
Jan saw some white milky juices forming along her slit, and stuck to a few hairs at the bottom of her slit.

Jan awoke from a daze, still staring into Karens pussy, and heard Karens voice calling to her, "Jan baby, do you like what you see?
Why don't you taste me, and see if I taste as good as you think I look?"
Jan couldn't believe what she heard.
Was it obvious that she was turned on by Karens pussy?
Jans face got hot, and she knew she had to be blushing. But it was true, she did think her pussy was beautiful.
Jan lowered her face, resting her chin against Karens ass, and planted her tongue along the bottom of her lips.
Jan raised her tongue, gently parting Karens lips as she went up the length. Karen sighed deeply at the first touch of Jans tongue.
Jan dove her tongue further inside, tasting the juices she had been studying just moments ago.
The taste didn't appear to be turning Jan off, in fact, she appeared to be enjoying them, quickening her tongue as she continued.
Her tongue went inside deeper, and deeper still, until Jans mouth was flush against her pussy.
Jans tongue snaked its way into her vagina, teasing Karen, and making her ass squirm on the chair.

Jan licked harder, darting her tongue in and out of Karens wet cunt.
"God, that feels so good Jan honey, mmmmm." Karen was moaning, still writhing on the chair, pushing her pussy hard against Jans sucking mouth.
Jan pulled her tongue out, and with lightning fast licks, found her clit, licking it as fast as she could.
Jan then sucked Karens clit into her mouth, and Karen hissed in pleasure, reaching down and pulling Jans head closer.
Jan was eating her first pussy, and loving it, but not as much as Karen was loving having her eat it.
Karen was begging her, "Please baby, yes. Lick me, yes. Lick me!"
Jan didn't need the encouragement though, and continued sucking on Karens clit.

Jan was so involved with sucking Karens cunt, that she hardly even noticed Eric behind her, until she felt his cock pushing its way between her ass cheeks.
She raised her head from Karens pussy long enough to look behind her and see Eric kneeling behind her, lunging forward.
Jan felt his cock splitting her pussy apart as she lowered her head again into Karens pussy.
Jan was being fucked from behind, and it occured to her, that though she had been forced to suck their cocks, and masturbate for them, that that was the first cock that she has had in years besides Bills.
At that point though, all Jan could concentrate on was the excitement she was feeling from Karens cunt.
Karen was again pulling her head in closer, rubbing her cunt against Jans face.
Jan had all she could do to keep up with her pace with her tongue, licking and sucking her juices as they poured out.
Eric was pounding into her hard, slamming his cock into her deeper with each thrust.
Jan was rocking back and forth, trying to suck harder on the hot cunt in front of her, but being pulled away with Erics backstrokes.
Jan stuck her tongue straight out, and as she was being rocked, her tongue stabbed in and out of Karen, rubbing against her clit with each stroke.
Karen was holding tight to Jans hair, riding her face, and with her fists clenched in Jans hair, screamed out as the first wave of her orgasm shook her.

Jan was trying desperately to drink Karens juices as they seeped out against her tongue.
Eric was still pounding hard into Jans pussy, pulling Jan back hard onto his cock, making her know that she was being fucked.
Jan was screaming now, a muffle scream with her face pushing into Karens crotch and being pulled away.
Karen came again on Jans tongue, and Jan felt Erics cum shooting into her, and that put her over the edge.
Jan came hard, having a throttling orgasm of her own.
They stayed in their positions for a minute, until the spasms of pleasure stopped, and one by one, fell away from each other.
Eric looked over at Karen and asked, "Did you enjoy that, hon?"
Karen gave him an exhausted look, and shook her head, "Yes, God yes!"
Eric looked down at Jan and told her that she appeared to have done as ordered, and pleased everyone in the room, including herself.

Karen covered up, as the men already had, and walked to the bathroom.
Jan asked if she was allowed to go to the bathroom, too.
Eric gave her permission to go with Karen, and as they walked off together, he yelled, "You girls be good now, ya hear?" and chuckled.
The other men laughed too, and settled in with their cigarettes lit, to watch some more TV.
Eric was studying a map, though, starting to plan their trip out of town.

end chapter 5

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