Wednesday, August 30, 2006


By Luvverman

It started as a bit of a joke.
I was in the pub with David whilst our girlfriends were shopping.
We were joking about female sexual demands and how us men never lasted long enough and only wanted to go to sleep when we'd done it just once.
David jokingly said that I should get my dog, Rasputin to shag her when I'd finished which would let me off the hook and I could go to sleep.
Just then the girls came back and the subject changed to what they had bought.
Zoe looked different but I didn't know why until she said "Well, do you like the new outfit?"
I realised that she was wearing completely different clothes from those she'd set off in.
The new outfit looked great, the rich green of the dress really showed off her eyes and long brown hair not to mention her perfectly proportioned tits and firm thighs as it cascaded towards her knee length boots.
She always looked great so I never thought to tell her.

Our conversation made me think about how Rasputin behaved; I recalled how when I first got him he would sometimes lock his forelegs around my legs and thrust at them when we played in the park.
I thought it was just because he was a puppy and strange new instincts were waking in him.
Then I remembered the first time we went to stay with David and Carla with Rasputin.
We were concerned that their dog wouldn't like him and it would be difficult.
In the event, it wasn't a problem, Rasputin and Mutley got on like a house on fire and Mutley was keen to show Rasputin who was the boss and tried to fuck him.
Mutley's penis surprised me with it's length, I had only ever seen the tip before when he cleaned himself, but this was at least four inches long and very erect.
Rasputin wasn't having any of it though and turned it back into a playfight.
David was disgusted that his faithful friend had gay tendencies or sexual tendencies at all.
His three year old collie had never been neutered and had not had much to do with other dogs before he met Rasputin.
I must admit I couldn't blame Mutley, Rasputin is an extremely attractive dog, half Alsation and half Japanese Akita with a luxurious coat and lovely expression.

I remembered that David would occasionally joke about tossing Mutley off and Carla would make some comment about how disgusting he was.
Zoe and I never thought it was actually true but we did wonder.
I kept thinking about David's bestiality idea and I can't pretend that I wasn't curious.
I can't even say that I didn't want to see what would happen if the situation arose and Zoe actually agreed to just let the dog lick her out.
My main concern was that it might affect Rasputin's temperament or attitude to us, not to mention how I'd broach the subject with Zoe.

The following day I told Zoe that I'd had a wank recently and Rasputin had tried to lick the cum off the back of my hand.
Naturally, I was shocked at his behaviour... Zoe just said that he was just trying to clean his master up and that seemed perfectly natural to her.
I said "well the next time we fuck he can clean the cum out of you, and you'll have no excuse for complaining that I stop as soon as I've cum.
You can get a good licking out afterwards".
She just laughed and said, "I'd like to see him try"!
That was the end of the conversation but I carried on thinking about it.

That night there was little enough on the television so we went to bed early.
Zoe was reading her latest Terry Pratchett and I was lying there thinking about Rasputin licking my cum out of Zoe's twat.
I reached my hand out until I felt Zoe's back, following the contour of her body I moved around her front and felt the swelling of her breast.
Her nipple was hard and I lingered, tweaking it gently between my finger and thumb.
Slowly I moved my hand away and ran it south, up over her hip-bone and down her thigh to the back of her knees where I dropped it down and pulled it back up her legs to her arse.
I gently probed my fingers between her legs until I felt the wispy soft hair on her pubic mound, my finger slipped easily between her lips and into her cunt.
Christ, she was wet, I wondered what she was thinking about, is Terry Pratchett writing erotica these days?

She moaned softly and I carried on with my gently ministrations.
I rubbed my finger over her erect clitoris, which had popped up to say "Hi there."
There was now a trail of slimy liquid that ran from her cuntlips and down between her buttocks, it was a real mess and my poor erect cock couldn't take any more.
I pushed myself forward and forced the tip between her legs, she lifted her leg exposing herself to my penetration.

We fucked gently at first then she said "let me get on my knees and you do me from behind,"
Well, I couldn't say no to my favourite position and watched her as she moved onto her hands and knees.
I moved in behind and with my cock in my left hand I pushed the fingers of my right into her and gently opened her gash to receive me.
Nice and slow at first and gradually built up to a furious pumping.
Zoe was screaming "fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me like a dog", I kept thinking about the dog licking her out when I'd finished and before I knew it, I couldn't stop myself emptying my balls into her.

"Leave it in me" she said, "keep moving" she said, but I was finished.
There was sweat rolling down my face and my dick was going limp inside her, I was knackered and pulled my dripping cock from her cunt.
I knew that she wanted more and I knew that I was no good to her for at least half an hour, I also knew that this was the best chance I was ever going to get.

"Stay there and close your eyes" I said in my most authoritative tone, she didn't argue.
I started to gently massage her clitoris and she whimpered softly; "Rasputin" I called.
Within seconds the dog was on his feet at the side of the bed, tail wagging.
I patted the duvet and he jumped onto the mattress, tail wagging.
I patted him on the head and made a bit of a fuss of him and he tried to lick the cum off the end of my cock.
I moved his face to Zoe's sopping cunt.
She was still on her knees with her legs together.
The cum was leaking out of her and running down the back of her legs, Rasputin started licking behind her knees and then further up; then he was lapping at her cunt.
Zoe's moans had become louder, I took my hand away from her clit and left the dog to clean up my mess.

I stood at the side of the bed watched my girlfriend being licked out by my dog and both of them seeming to enjoy it and I felt my cock stirring.
Zoe had now parted her legs, lifted her arse and arched her back to let him lick right through the gap at the top of her thighs.
I think all of the cum had been licked off the outside but Rasputin carried on, seeming to know exactly where his mistress wanted to be touched by the end of his long tongue.
Zoe turned to look at me, she had a smile on her face "don't let it get out of hand" she said.

I was fully erect again and began to wank myself as I moved around the bed to see the spectacle from different angles.
Zoe's face was now buried in the pillow and Rasputin's was embedded in her slimy twat.
I could see everything perfectly, the view of Zoe's buttocks, and as I moved around, her cunt coming into sight was driving me mad.
I could see the dog's tongue lashing at her fannylips and then rolling over her arsehole.
Zoe's moans were at a height I never managed to achieve when I tongued her.

Rasputin was involuntarily thrusting his pelvis back and forward in fucking movements and I saw his cock was sticking out.
It was about three inches long and very pointed at the end.
I reached out with my left hand and touched it then began to run my fingers back and forth down it's length, which was growing rapidly.

Rasputin stopped licking and suddenly climbed onto Zoe's back locking his forelegs around her waist.
"Stop him" she shouted, "it's alright baby, he doesn't even know what he's doing.
He's only a pup and has never fucked anything let alone a person, it'll be ok and if it really bothers you I'll pull him off."

The dog was desperately jabbing his cock at Zoe's fanny but it was going nowhere near.
"What's he doing?" Zoe asked in a curious sort of way.
She didn't seem worried anymore.
"Well, he's thrusting at you but it's not getting anywhere near" I said.
"Ah, poor doggy" she said "push him on a little further so that he can touch my leg with it".
I was somewhat surprised by the change of attitude but was seriously turned on and complied with her wish.
I lifted one of Rasputin's hindlegs forward and then the other, he didn't even seem to notice me touching him and was lunging his cock at Zoe's cunt.
Now he was close enough to hit her thigh every time he jabbed at her, his tongue was hanging out of his mouth and his eyes were rolling - "this is doglust" I thought to myself.

Zoe spread her knees wider apart lowering her cunt nearer to the bed and pushed a hand between her legs to rub her clit.
I was standing to the side, just behind her arse and could clearly see the dog's cock as it thumped against her leg.
Zoe was now using her fingers to spread her surplus cunt juice around her labia and with every forward thrust Rasputin's dick touched the back of her hand.

I could feel the pressure building up in my balls and knew that I should stop wanking before I spunked again.
I moved around the side and took a closer look at the action. Zoe had now turned her hand around and was actually letting Rasputin's cock run through her fingers as he thrust towards her elusive cunt.
I don't know why, but I moved Rasputin's leg neared still until his cock was no longer moving out of Zoe's hand.
She was letting him fuck her hand.
"I want to let him put it inside me" she said and moved herself backwards whilst she guided the tip of his cock into her cunt.

As he entered her, her head raised up, she was in ecstasy.
The dog was humping frantically and in moments he was cumming.
He tried to push himself further into her but I'd heard about the knot and held him back.
I was so close that I could see the cum as it began to run out of her, down her legs and onto the bed.
It just didn't seem to stop. Zoe was now wailing in rapture and pushing back against the dog.
Rasputin was hammering away like his life depended on it, his eyes were rolling and his tongue was lolling from side to side with every thrust.
He was locked onto her and his forelegs nearly touched together under her waist.

After a few minutes of his furious assault, Rasputin finished humping and pulled his cock out of Zoe's cunt.
As he moved off her, there was a squelching noise and the dog's sperm squirted out of her and seemed to hang there in one long drip.
The dog was finished, he had lost interest in Zoe and lay on the floor cleaning his cock.
Zoe stayed on her hands and knees with her legs slightly apart.
There was cum dribbling down her legs all the way to her knees and she was panting like a bitch, "finish yourself off in me" she said.
I climbed onto her, taking over from my dog and in a few quick thrusts I spurted my cum into her already sopping cunt.

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