Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Late Night Visit

by Mikie

It is the middle of the winter, it is below zero cold, and it is very late.
I am lying on my couch half awake watching a porno flick, 'The Stockboy and the Secretary,'or the 'Secretary and the Stockboy,'I can't remember which both titles being equally appealing.
You stop by, let yourself in with your key and shed your coat before I realize you are here.
You are wearing a satin blouse and a short skirt.
'I can only stay a minute,'you say.
'A minute with you? I'll take it!'I say.

You sit on my couch and take my head in your lap stroking my hair.
On the TV screen the CEO has just sent his executive secretary, Ms. Perfectly Businesslike Manner, to the basement stockroom after hours to help complete the emergency inventory with 18-year-old stockboy Mr. Perfectly Gorgeous Stud whose two sentence vocabulary, 'Suck it!'and 'Fuck me!', make him the feminists Poster Boy of the Week.
Ms. Manner is a tall, long-legged brunette, immaculately dressed for her role as Ms. Overbearing Officiousness down to her neckless of tiny pearls and large, horn rimmed glasses.
But even her conservative business attire canⴠhide the fact that she is a stunning gal with long, shapely legs and a gorgeous set of boobs!
CEO says, 'I'll be back after dinner to see how you are doing.'
You suspect that taking inventory wonⴠoccupy this couple for very long.
You are right. It is not long before Mr. PG Stud has accidentally bumped into Ms. Manner grabbing a handful of her boob and pinched her a couple of times in the ass.
While Ms. Manner is visibly shaken by this kind of attention, she does not call security or file a sexual harassment claim.

Having received a nonverbal go ahead, Mr. Stud now grabs her by the hair, yanks her head back dislodging her horn-rims, and plants a lip-bruising kiss on her open mouth while trying to stick his tongue down her throat.
While she initially protests vocally, it is not long before she is sucking his tongue, stoking the back of his head with one hand and massaging his buttocks with the other!
Soon he has ripped open her blouse and yanked her bra off over her head revealing what viewers expected all along, that Ms. Officious Manner has a world-class set of melons.

While the action continues on the screen, I raise my head and kiss your pretty breasts through your blouse and bra.
You smile. I try a different tactic and use my teeth to bite your breast hoping to catch a nipple.
You stop smiling.
Slowly you unbutton your blouse, yank it out of your skirt and hold it open for me.
I put warm, wet kisses on your cleavage where your large, milky breasts are unprotected by your bra.
You bend forward and unfasten your bra allowing your pretty breasts their complete freedom.
I have lost all interest in the action on the screen.
You cradle my head in your hands and pull it to your now naked breasts one at a time.
I suck and suck and suck each taste of you making me hungrier for another.

On the screen Stockboy StudⳠapproach has been largely successful too, and Ms. Manner has lost all sense of decorum and is now naked except for her skirt which is up around her waist.
Her panties are hanging from a shapely ankle.
She is thrashing about on the top of the desk, legs spread wide, thrusting her pelvis and hissing through clenched teeth, 'Fuck me. Goddamit you bastard, fuck me.'

Stockboy Stud obliges, unbuttoning his pants and yanking his giant-sized cock through the opening.
Without asking for further permission, he rams his big prick into Ms. Manner's soaking pussy while she is still thrashing about on the desk top and proceeds to pump it in her to the best of his ability.

Enter CEO who keeps his word and returns after dinner, his dinner, that is.
He dispenses stockboy before he has completed either the inventory or the intercourse and offers to help Ms. Manners, who is now kneeling naked on the stockroom floor, keep her job.
But first there is something she must do for him!
As the film ends, CEO has Ms. Manners warm red mouth sucking his cock as he yanks her by the hair.
Finally, he cums all over her face and the film ends with her wiping his joy juice from her chin with the back of her hand a smile of complete satisfaction on her face.

The porn flick is over, the screen is blank and it is time for you to go.
I am thoroughly intoxicated with the taste of you, your firm nipples against my mouth and tongue, and the smell of your perfume.

You rise from the couch, fasten your bra, start to button your blouse.
'Honey, there's something I want to do. I want to masturbate for you,'I say.
'Iⶥ got to go. My husband . . . .'you reply.
'He doesn't deserve you,' I say.

I place my hands on your shoulders, and gently force you to kneel before me in the flickering light of the now blank TV screen.
I quickly unbuckle my belt, yank my turtleneck out of my jeans unbutton them and work the zipper.
I hook my left thumb on my shorts and pull them down my thighs.
My thick red cock springs erect, large red bulb swollen and already dripping cum.
I stand directly in front of you, look into your eyes, and grasp my prick with my thumb and forefingers.
I stroke my cock furiously while you kneel before me, a warm smile on your face.

'Honey, if I could see your breasts?' You unbutton your partially buttoned blouse, slide your blouse and bra straps off your shoulders exposing once again your two beauties, erect nipples still wet with my saliva.

The sight of you half naked in the flickering light is inspiration enough, my pace quickens, my cock stiffens and I explode with my love juice all over your gorgeous breasts.
'Honey, see what you have done?' I say, 'See what you have done?'

I help you on with your bra and button up your blouse while you unclasp your skirt and tuck the blouse in.
We kiss goodnight, my thick white cum soaking into your lacy bra as I crush your breasts to my chest.

'Come again soon sweetheart,' I beg. 'Goodnight,' you answer and are gone into the winter night.
How great to have a lover sexier than any porn flick!

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