Friday, August 11, 2006

Olympic Tail

by Dave

The Cessna 172 drifted lazily over the peaks of the Olympic Mountains.
Occasional updrafts would buffet the aircraft, but the aircraft was designed to play in this environment, and would gently bounce and sway only to return to its original course.
It had taken three years for Steve to pull the money together to finally purchase the aircraft, and every time it left the ground his heart would soar with his new found freedom.
His first few solo flights had been extremely conservative, but lately, he had taken a liking to skimming the crest of the various peaks, some still coated with permanent glaciers.
As the aircraft would climb away from each dive, he would roll the aircraft slightly to get a glimpse of the wilderness below him.
Although buffeted by rain and cold, the Olympics were a perfect playground for the adventurer - with parks, hiking trails, and many unexplored areas in which to play.
Rumours told of the Sasquatch, a furry oversized ape, that hid among the majestic firs in the region, but they were merely stories often told around campfires amidst wide-eyed youth.
The scientific communities merely scoffed at the thought of a Neanderthal wandering somewhere below; and Steve had agreed with them. Although he was a distinguished anthropologist, his philosophy had always been to "believe only when seen."

He rolled the aircraft for another pass over one of the snow-dusted peaks, when he heard the sickening sounds of the engine icing. He quickly flipped the heater switches in the cockpit, but before they could respond, the once graceful bird began a gradual, yet pronounced descent into the wilderness below.
Steve barely had time to position the nose into the wind as the belly came in contact with the first limbs from the towering firs. One of the wing supports caught on a larger trunk, and the aircraft spun unmercifully, throwing its startled pilot through the unlatched door before careening into another pine and disappearing into the needle-matted forest floor below.
The sounds of impact were sickening to Steve as he clung desperately to the first tree he had ever become intimate with.
His chest felt smashed by the impact, but he continued his bear hug the trunk to give his head time to clear, and plan his next move.
He looked down, through the branches and saw a figure looking at him - he couldn't be sure, but he thought it could be a woman.
He called out, but his voice cracked as the pain in his chest squeezed the wind from him.
Through his clouded vision he looked down again to see that his silent witness had vanished.

The bough supporting him suddenly snapped, sending him tail-first into the foliage below.
Mercifully, he landed on a gentle slope; saving his back, and rolling him into a decayed tree trunk. He just laid there, panting from the exertion of the fall.
After a few moments, he eased himself into a sitting position, and ran a body check - bruised ribs, a sprained ankle, and the shit scared out of him, but nothing broken.
He was extremely fortunate, and slumped back to regain his breath and thank his creator for the life he had.
When he felt a little stronger, he eased himself up, and gingerly limped a few paces over to a small uprooted tree, where he fashioned a walking stick using his trusty pocket-knife.
Knowing the elements could quickly put a man down, he gathered his slightly torn flight jacket around himself, and set out to gather some firewood and shelter.
He found shelter beneath a fallen tree.
It took most all the fluid in his lighter to start the matted fir needles, but gratefully, a tiny flame flickered and took hold, promising some warmth and security for the night ahead.
There was enough water gathered in pools nearby that he could use to quench his thirst. With mornings' light he vowed to head for the sounds of a river somewhere below - to follow it to what he hoped would be civilisation.
For tonight, he would rest; and with one final excursion to collect firewood, he returned to collapse by the warmth he had created.

Steve was unaffected by the sounds about him; he was too exhausted to even be scared.
As he drifted off into a fitful slumber, he was vaguely aware of the footfalls around him.
Slowly they lifted his form onto the hastily made stretcher, and moved swiftly through the night like invisible spirits. Knowing the forest better than their own bodies, they gracefully moved through the branches without the need for any light, fearful that it would betray their presence.
Fully unaware of his journey, Steve continued sleeping fitfully, unshaken by the female forms labouring to insure his safe passage. They brought him into the main cavern; a cave of roughly 2000 square foot, meticulously carved from rock complete with alcoves and a fire pit in the centre.
Tonight he would sleep here on a hastily made bed of pine boughs.
One by one, they trickled into the surrounding alcoves, murmuring to themselves in a subdued yet enthusiastic tones.
The campfire Steve had worked so hard to create was now a faint plume of smoke and embers, mercifully extinguished by the moisture from the nights encroaching mist. Except for the occasional rustle of one of the nocturnal creatures, the forest became a sleeping wilderness.

He awoke with a start; the stench compelled him to grasp his nose in disgust.
In front of him, a seven foot, hairy biped glared at him with dark eyes.
It had a raised forehead, high cheekbones, long fingers and the stance of a primate. Steve had encountered his first Sasquatch.
Still tender in his ribs, he slowly raised up onto his elbow for a closer look at the creature; who immediately bared its uneven teeth and growled in response. Resigned only to observe, Steve eased back down on the mat and studied the anatomical structure of the beast, making mental notes he hoped to someday publish.
After a brief calm, a stately yet decidedly feminine voice exclaimed:

"Kay ayunda Tonda; chaa!"

Startled, Steve turned towards the voice to find himself confronted by several stone-sharpened spear points aimed directly at his throat. The beast grumbled from deep within its throat, then shuffled away to disappear beyond the caves entrance; the flies buzzing around his enlarged genitals leaving with him.
He gulped and froze; furiously trying to analyse the words he just heard in an effort to speak to his captors.
His eyes met theirs, and his mouth dropped open. Covered with animal furs, probably bear skins, were some of the most beautiful female faces he had ever seen. Their complexions were white as snow, their wide eyes dark as night, and their high cheekbones and straight black hair had definitive Asian origins.
Their stance was as rigid as the fir that spun his aircraft about, and there was no hesitation in their movements. He could feel his excitement began to rise from within - this could be an, as yet, undiscovered tribe! Then from above, her voiced boomed again:

"Abooha, chaa!"

The girls took a few paces back, then dropped to their haunches using their spears to keep their bodies still and rigid.

"You are a human male?" The voiced questioned with authority.

"Yes, and I'm intrigued . . ."

"Silence!" The faceless voice barked, "You will respond only to our given commands, and you are not allowed to look us in the face. Insubordination will not be tolerated! Do you understand?"

Steve nodded, afraid to speak. But he moved his eyes to look in the direction of the voice without moving his head; and he saw her for the first time.
Unlike her subordinates, she was a flawless Nordic beauty, with fine golden hair, sterling blue eyes, and a pristine face and figure that were virtually flawless in every detail.
She stood from an outcropping overlooking the interior of the entire cave with the grace and poise of a true queen. Her eyes moved between Steve and her subjects, noting every movement while saying nothing. The front of her furs were slightly opened, revealing just the hint of the best-toned female form he had ever seen, much less imagined.
He slid to his knees, humbled by her beauty and composure; a fearful captive who hoped to someday learn her secrets.

"Ayunda impar, chaa." she commanded, then turned and disappeared.

Two warriors stepped forward, and grasped each of his arms, and a third pointed her spear to the small of his back as he was obliged to follow them.
A forth followed behind as they left the shelter of the cave and strolled to the nearby river. Once there, one of the warriors began to remove his clothing roughly, using a hunting knife she produced from beneath her furs. The air was cold against his bare skin, and the bruises from yesterdays brush with death were pronounced against his otherwise pale skin.
The fourth girl produced a scrub brush made of pine needles, and threw it to one of her companions, while maintaining a tight grip on the extra set of furs she was carrying.
The other warriors slipped the furs from their sleek shoulders, and guided him into a deep pool amidst the rushing water.
The river was barely above freezing, and Steve felt himself shivering uncontrollably as his captors removed the last of his clothing, and started scrubbing him from the soles of his feet to the top of his head.
When they reached his genitals, they paused, roughly pulling his testicular sack and penis with harsh downward motions, sending spasms of pain down his legs.
Then, using the scrub brush, the scrubbed every pore of his manhood several times over.
It was only the numbing cold of the water that kept him from collapsing from the sexual abuse he received. After completely scrubbing the remainder of his shivering body with firm, circular motions, they were satisfied that he was clean, and pulled his tortured body up onto the shore, where they threw the fur over his head, and set about washing themselves.

From his position on the shoreline, he could watch them. One of the warriors had remained to guard him - her spear at his throat, but the other three splashed into the freezing water, flinging their robes onto some of the overhanging tree limbs near the shore.
The splashed and played with a childlike innocence.
Their well-muscled bodies were beautiful; their skin was white and shiny, their breasts small and firm, their torsos slightly rounded with sensuous curves, their bottoms where tight and beautifully elliptical, and, as he studied their long sinewy legs that disappeared into the water, he knew he was witnessing the most sensual moment of his life.
They were goddesses unto themselves, and although he was battered and abused, he could feel the first stirrings of his arousal. The warriors began to play with one another, cuddling and stroking each other with genuine care and passion.
Soon two of his captives were on their knees, kissing and licking the velvety bush of the third, whose head was thrown back in passion.
As the muscles in her torso and thigh signalled her impending orgasm, her lovers stroked her with increased urgency, sending her into spasms as she forcefully held them to her quivering body.
As if a well scripted ballet, the three dancers changed position, renewing their erotic stimulation of one another. Their breasts heaved and bounced, partially buoyed by the freezing water, and by each other hands. Their nipples protruded sharply, reflecting their arousal, and the waters cool message. The lips of their womanhood were swollen and flushed pink; a dramatic contrast to the pale white skin of their tummies; their faces were contorted with pleasure, reflecting the stimulation that was shared so openly between them.

It was such an erotic picture, that Steve couldn't help but become aroused.
His erection formed an obvious bulge in the fur covering him and his hips began to move with a mind of their own when his captor noticed him.
She yelped in a shrill squeal towards the other members of her party.
They abandoned their reveries and leapt through the water with the grace of your deer. Seeing Steve's' arousal, they ripped off the fur and began stabbing at his genitals with the blunt end of their spears. He rolled over in agony, trying to protect his throbbing manhood, but they continued to jab at his anus and scrotum until he screamed.
This stopped the free-for-all; they quietly got dressed and half pulled, half-dragged his body back to the cave.
He was thrown to the floor in a demonstration of their repulsion.
They stood without moving, joined by some of their other warriors, gazing up to the outcropping where the queen soon appeared.

" Kay Atook, chaa!" she commanded, and two of the warriors lifted him on to their shoulders, and carried him to the back of the cave where a long flight of hand-carved stairs brought them to her lair.
She dismissed them with a graceful wave of her arm, and issued a few more commands to the women gathered below.
The crowd below her dispersed, returning to their previous duties while murmuring of the disturbance that had brought them to the cave. Some returned to their gardens, while others joined the already forming hunting party, others grabbed special u-shaped spears to snare some of the salmon so abundant up river, while still others split off to gather berries and firewood.
Only two remained within the cave, cleaning its myriad of perches and alcoves with pine boughs, before sweeping the floor.

"So, as any other man, you can't control yourself," she smirked as she looked as his trembling form at her feet. Isn't there just one of you that can respect a woman for her mind instead of her body?"

He looked up, being careful not to make eye contact with her, focusing instead on the portion of her furs where her breasts were hidden.
"No - were just animals, guided by our instincts," he replied softly, yet with conviction; as he tried to hide any symptoms of the pain he was experiencing.

"Good answer!" She retorted, and knelt down beside him to look into his face. "I demand honesty, and must admit that a stimulating conversation with a member of the opposite gender would be refreshing from time to time. Can you offer me that?" She asked with raised eyebrows.

He took the liberty to look into her beautiful eyes and responded; "That all depends on your conception of stimulating."

A smile graced her sultry lips, revealing a perfect set of white teeth. "Well, there may be hope for you after all Mr. Steve Marx!
I took the liberty of examining your wallet - you're not what one would call 'financially secure' are you? Seems to me that you should be organising expeditions rather than joy riding around my piece of sky!"

Steve was beside himself. First she could speak English intelligently.
Second, she was asking for his intellectual input, revealing both curiosity and acceptance.
And third, from his vantage point, he could see that she was even more beautiful than he had first imagined; the mounds on her chest and the curves of her hips and thighs were far more pronounced, and her olive skin was flawless.
"I knew you had my wallet," he offered; "Mind if I sit up, or is this subjugation game your only means of communicating with the opposite sex?"

"Ho, strike one for the intruder!" She clapped her hands with glee bringing the attention of the two girls below.
"You are my victim, and I am your captor - got it!" she exclaimed.

"Sure," he retorted, "Now, do you mind if I sit up?"

"Oh, go ahead," she feigned frustration. "Next thing you'll need is a drink, then a bed, than a woman, and who knows what after that!" The cynicism in her voice dripped like honey.

"A good meal!" He offered.

"Good answer! Get up off that floor; sit over here and keep me company.
But if you should forget whose kingdom this is, rest assured I have no qualms about sending you into the fire pit below face first!" Her face was aglow with anticipation as he eased himself into the chair made of tree limbs and padded with cushions filled with soft matting.

"Right; so who are you, how did you inherit this kingdom, and what in the hell was that primate standing over me when I awoke this morning," he asked, his eyes alight with curiosity.

"Wo, Wo, Wo, hang on a minute, Dr Livingston; I'm the queen and your the knave - you answer my questions and I might, and I emphasise might, respond to yours . . Got it?"

"No," he retorted; "If you want conversation, it's going to take two to play, and from where I sit, I only see one!"

Her silence unnerved him; and he feared that he may have just purchased a one way ticket to the fire pit.
She strolled over to the large bed, also fashioned in a like manner to the chair where he sat, and eased her languid frame on to its mattress.
Her lovely features became ever more apparent, and as part of her leg extended from beneath her furs, he caught a glimpse of her thigh and dainty little feet; she was as perfect as he could imagine the female of the human species could be.
He toes were small and slim, crowning her foot whose contour was a shoe-makers dream. Her exposed leg showed no signs of shaving although there wasn't a hair to me seen anywhere.
The muscles were well defined, smoothing her leg into perfect contours. He found himself entranced and fought to keep himself from staring.

"Alright, I'll give you that," she offered after much thought.
"I'm Nera; and I'm definitely not from this God-forsaken rain forest, but came here much in the same manner as yourself. My subjects were remnants from an ill-fated Korean airliner filled with young refugees.
I got rid of the boys to eliminate any authority conflicts, and have lived here, virtually undisturbed with my loyal subjects for years."
She shifted her form, exposing even more of her perfect legs - Cleopatra would have been jealous. "Tonda, or that primate, as you call him, is probably some reject from who knows where. He and his family live just over the hill, and for some unknown reason, watch over us like a misplaced guardian angels.
Now that we've finished our 'lets get acquainted' talk Romeo, why don't you come over here," she patted the bed beside her luscious frame; "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours!"
With a quick flourish, she opened her robes, and revealed her body to him. Her face was flawless; her neck long and languid, her shoulders smooth and silky, her breasts full and firm, her nipples tiny and teasing, her belly was blissfully smooth, and her legs were long and languid; her arms were perfectly contoured and her skin was shiny and gleamed with the healthy foods the forests had surrendered to her.
Her sex was barely covered by a wisp of light brown hair, and the fullness of her love lips revealed the passion that had built for so long. Her clitoris was a bright red bud, trembling with anticipation, and her vulva was awash with the cream of her passion.

He dare not make her wait, and with as few motions as possible, he removed the robe from his battered body, dove onto her bed, and began kissing every inch of her perfect body. She responded by rolling onto her back and slightly spreading those beautiful legs, as her hands caressed his hair and light sighs of passion escaped from her lips.
He continued down her neck and shoulders to her breasts, once again completely bathing every portion of her with kisses and gentle nibbles, Her erect nipples became engorged, and a slight trickle of milk dribbled from the left bud.
His journey continued down her smooth belly, in through her navel, and down the creamy smooth thighs. As he slid down her right thigh, the stimulation became far to much for her love-starved body to endure, and she pulled his head to her sex, rubbing her clitoris frantically against his lips. He couldn't move from her vice-like grip, and resigned himself to stimulate her pussy with his tongue as she spasmed with wave after wave of orgasmic release.
Her sighs echoed throughout the cave, and those who heard her, smiled knowingly. Not wanting to ever stop, Steve continued to lick the cream she was so profusely ejaculating, moving his head more freely into her womanhood.
Her legs had now moved up to replace her hands on both sides of his head, while her hands now tore at his back. She bucked like a horse with a bee sting giving Steve the ride of his life.
Finally, after what seemed like hours of orgasms and gallons of cream, she released a long, exasperated sigh, arching her back high into the air, then collapsed like a rag doll.

Maintaining his basic position, Steve moved his head up to her abdomen, and rested it there, feeling the occasional spasms as her muscles relaxed.

He was jarred awake by her legs, that once again had a vice-like hold on his head. His brain was screaming in agony, and he began to see flashing lights as she jerked his head from one side of the bed to the other in violent motions. Suddenly, she jerked and twitched, releasing his head.
He looked up to see her head tilted back, with her face contorted from the spasms of yet another orgasm. Knowing she was in a compromising position; he scurried up her silky torso, and while lifting his frame with his right hand, he positioned his rising manhood with his left, and slowly eased into her warm, silky vagina. She sighed, and lifted her knees closer to her chest to give his organ an easier voyage into the depths of her being.
Without once opening her eyes, her hands reached down to cradle his scrotum, as he began to slowly and lovingly copulate with this most beautiful creature. The gentle thrusts with her hips, her gentle sighs, and her silky hands on his swollen gonads brought him ever so close to his release into her beautiful belly.
His thrusts became more pronounced, and he could feel her employ the muscles of her vagina in a rhythmic stroking of his member.
Her legs locked around his back, and she began forcing her enlarged clitoris into the matted hair covering his pubic bone. Just as he felt the warmth signalling his release, he felt the muscles in her vagina spasm twice, then her entire body convulse as another orgasm shattered her.
As she embraced him in her orgasmic throes, he felt he seed explode into her womb. Her vaginal muscles spasmed along the length of his member forcefully, squeezing his seed deep into her receptive womb and draining all of the semen his body had to offer.
They both collapsed; he rolled over onto his side, maintaining his embrace, and keeping his softening member inside the exquisite warmth of her womanhood. She had a faint but recognisable smile on her face.

He awoke with her warm figure still wrapped about him, her face nuzzling his unshaven neck. Still unsure of his position in the scheme of things, he tried not to disturb his Queen for fear of retribution.
As he analysed all he could remember since the crash, he became aware of several figures standing at the head of the stairs up and behind the bed. As he started to turn, Nera awoke, and with her one free hand, firmly clamped it onto his shrivelled member.

""Chaa. . ." she breathed just barely loud enough for them to hear.

They ran to the bed, and eagerly examined our nakedness. Soon they were joined by others until virtually the entire clan was in or around the bed. Unable to withstand the strain, it collapsed. Everyone laughed and Steve felt he had secured a new position amongst these beautiful warriors, and a new lease on life. The played and pulled at his body, caressing and stroking every inch while satisfying their curiosities.
The entire scene became more and more erotic, as their attention focused on his genitals and each others sexuality.
He soon found himself amidst a full blown orgy with his manhood the main feature. His captors applied virtually every known of stimulation to his body - arousing him to a level he never thought imaginable.
His first orgasm was in the mouth of a young warrior, the second, in the pussy of another, the third on the stroking fingers of another, and the fourth between the pretty toes of yet another. Beyond that, he could scarcely remember, as his attention was focused on the pleasures of these beauties around him. Beyond, all about the floor and furnishings, the sexual frenzy continued as over forty pairs of bodies stimulated one another to orgasms. The air was filled with sighs, and moans, and the smells of over eighty pussies mingled together to create an erotic fragrance of unparalleled beauty. The intense amount of joy and passion exchanged was beyond description, and he found himself entranced by the feminine sexuality blossoming around him.
He eventually suffered a sensory overload, and collapsed into the arms of his loving Queen; vaguely aware that she was stroking his left thigh with her swollen labia on her way to yet another orgasm.

Beautiful bodies were draped over him as he stirred from his nap. Still exhausted, but urged on by his over-extended bladder, he gently moved the resting forms aside and rose. When he was halfway down the stairs, he realised he was naked, but considering the environment, he felt reassured , and continued his journey to the river.
Without shoes, he was forced to walk gingerly, and the occasional scratching of the fir limbs and blackberry vines to his nakedness became too much to bear, and he aimed his exhausted baby maker into the woods and let go. About half-way through the release, he became aware of a putrid odor, and as he looked up, he found himself staring straight into the furry nipples of a female Sasquatch.
He screamed and stumbled backwards, falling into a growth of sword ferns. She stepped from the trees, and gently reached down to touch his manhood, still dribbling the last of its golden discharge.
Her long furry fingers examined his flaccid shape in great detail; flexing it every which way, and lifting it to examine the ballsack. After what seemed to be an eternity, she released his organ, which fell back to the ball sac with a soft plop, and with what he perceived to be an apelike giggle, she turned and strolled off into the undergrowth. Several of the warriors who had silently followed him down the trail in hopes of witnessing how a man urinated, giggled at his reaction. He sat there, surrounded by the sword ferns, frustrated, yet relieved at the same time. With an air of resignation, he finally stood up, and as the warriors reached out to help him, gingerly walked back to the security of the clearing. They did not speak, but their reassuring touches calmed him.

As he entered the cave, Nera stood before him, once again adorned in those beautiful furs. He immediately dropped to his knees and put his forehead to the ground as a form of salute and tribute to the timeless beauty in front of him. She touched his head and motioned him to rise.
As he stood before her, her eyes studied every inch of his torso, before returning to meet his. She held out her delicate hand, and he took it with both of his. The walked into the cave; the rest of the clan opening to allow them passage, and closing behind them as they passed. He felt like the gladiator in a dated movie, entering ancient Rome with his plunder.
His chest swelled; and as Steve and Nera turned to face the warriors, they all dropped to their knees in an unspoken salute. She smiled at him, a warm smile of acceptance and he squeezed her frail hand in silent reply.
They ascended the stairs together. Once in her room, she dropped her robe to the floor with one deft motion, and moved her perfect body to his.
Their lips met in a perfect kiss, after which they returned to the comfort of the bed to make gentle passionate love.

She became assertive this time, and spent an eternity exploring his manhood; absolutely enthralled by its unique shape and response. She traced patterns along the shaft and around the glans, forcing his organ to rise, then she would gently apply pressure to the base of the shaft, securing the blood flow, and forcing his organ to recede. Over and over, she stimulated his throbbing organ with her gentle hands, her warm soft mouth, her beautiful breasts, or whatever she desired, only to watch it shrivel and return to its normal state.
Finally, with the last of his patience, he cradled her loving face in his hand, and proceeded to kiss every square inch of her body, from head to foot.
Every part of her was a sweet sensation to his palate - he couldn't get enough of her, and even though she tried to return his kisses, he would gently ease her back on the bed to continue his savoury feast. Unable to control her emotions any longer, she ascended the final orgasmic plateau, and as his mouth found her pulsing womanhood, she filled his mouth with her sweetness. So intense was her fulfilment, that she continued to spasm uncontrollably for the better part of an hour, the dew of her passion flowing freely between the two hairless mounds. He drank his fill. In one final effort she clawed at his body, bringing him into her in that she may experience her final orgasm with his member inside her.
They rode the wave together, with her body reacting to his warmth, bucking and tearing at him until she finally collapsed with a gasp, the tremors gradually diminishing as she recovered her composure. He held her tightly, escorting her to the rest there bodies so craved.

Steve stirred, his manhood sore from it extensive stimulation. He rose and slipped his furs over his head, and strolled down stairs where his captors were busy with their tasks.
As soon as they saw him enter, they became silent, and moved toward him. Some touched his arms or legs, giving him recognition without being sexual.
He returned their sincerity with a warm smile and touches to their faces.
As he stepped outside, they followed him expectantly. Steve was lost in technique; mentally he began to form a checklist as to how to explore this tribe entirely without exposing them to the ways of the outside world. He wanted them to retain their innocence and beauty, without fear from exploitation.

He must guard their secret with his life, as they were such a rare find in this modern desensitised world. Then there was the secret of the Sasquatch - how could he confirm their existence without becoming a victim of their speculation. Should he just dismiss their existence to the outside world as an anomaly or should he pursue his scientific curiosity and form an expedition of his most trusted associates to study these devoted creatures. But before he could elaborate any further on the idea, he felt himself being lifted high into the air as the naked warriors carried him down by the river.
They wanted to play, and he was their new toy.

With reckless abandon, he cleared his mind and joined the party, throwing himself down from their shoulders, and intermittently throwing one of these beauties lightly into the air as he patted and caressed their shining bodies. They broke into a gallop, his captors breasts bounced in the filtered sunlight, and their clear skin reflected the purity of a child's innocence.
Before long, they were splashing in the river, caressing one anothers' bodies with pinches and pats in a fairy tale of playful zeal. Taking time to study each playmate with delighted interest, he studied their individual uniqueness; the ways they maintained their hair, their varying skin tones and colours, the different size shape and colours of their nipples, the differences of their stimulated breasts, the different twists within their navels, the different flowers formed by their external genitalia, and the differing contours of the hips and thighs. It was a collage of feminine beauty, capped with their joyful antics and attitude.
The fierce, unbending warriors he had first encountered were now nothing more than playful children, frolicking in their wilderness of innocence.
They were so captivating, he couldn't help but get drawn in by their spontaneity. Soon, their were a tangle of torsos, laughing and loving in the mid-day sun. No longer did Steve count his orgasms; they were so abundant and free. He only knew that the love he felt around him was unlike any he had felt before, and in its essence was so fulfilling that his entire body became numb.
He was aware of pairs of hands lifting his exhausted frame from the river, and the warmth of their bodies, as they all cuddled together on the moss-covered rocks next to the rushing water. Never had he felt as completely satisfied as now, as his arms reached around to embrace several of his companions resting on him.

"Why have you deflowered my children?" his voice boomed through the thin air as thunder.

Unable to see his face or form in the glare of the sun, Steve tied to ease his exhausted frame up from the mossy rocks only to find it forcefully shoved down again. The first thought of trouble in paradise flashed into his mind and he realised his companions were gone.

And again his voice boomed: "Why?"

"Because it was their time?" he queried; not knowing what else to say.

"That is not for you to know!" The voice retorted. "Now depart from here, and never return!"
The creature moved away from the suns' glare and strolled into the neighbouring forest, its stench close behind.
Steve pondered the sudden turn of events, and became aware that his presence had tipped the balance of their innocence; the very idea that he desired so earnestly to protect.
There was no option, and he turned up the broken trail his predecessor had just left knowing it was a long way home.

Two years later, when he returned with his entourage, they found the cave was completely overgrown, and there had been no apparent human activity for quite some time.
They spent the night, intently watched from just beyond the glow of their campfires; then moved upriver to a different site the following day.



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