Monday, August 14, 2006

The Vicar's Wife

by Clark Hanson

This letter (its longevity I apologise for in advance) is by way of releasing my pent up joy by telling the world of the realisation of my own sexuality.
When you realise that I am the wife of a country vicar and the daughter of another, you will understand the reason for my anonymity by changing the names of the people I love.

I was brought up by archetypal church parents, I always had to set an example to my peers.
My mother was the backbone of the family and whatever she said was done by father, my older brother or myself.
I was allowed no self expression at all such that a promising career in music was thwarted in order that I would make a good marriage.

James, my husband of ten uneventful (frustrating) years was from similar origins and has been incapable of developing our relationship, Although James seemed to enjoy sex as I did as far as it went with him, he was not able to bring me to the earth shattering conclusions I was reading about in women's magazines.

The house next door to the vicarage had been for sale for some time.
The new owners were a good looking couple who had moved out of London to retire although they were not that old, he handsomely tall and greying in his early fifties, she blonde similar in build to me and in her mid forties. Gareth and Ann became good friends, even though they were not church goers.

Ann and I spent time nearly every day drinking coffee and talking.
Given her gregarious nature we inevitably got round to the subject of sex.
Once she had become aware of my problem she lent me some sex magazines to help me perhaps "find myself"; the only proviso being that I kept an open mind about what I would read.

What a mind opener!
It was a whole new world and language to me.
Reading such material initiated the uncovering of my repressed libido.
It started with me starting to explore my body, finding my erogenous zones.
The readers letters inducing fantasies as I improved my technique.
Even with my own hands, I was now able to initiate orgasms the like of which James had never induced.

This new awareness of my sexuality left me dissatisfied with my appearance, I was a five foot ten size 16 with a 38C bust.
I had long straight auburn hair that had hitherto been, publicly at least been kept in a schoolmarmish bun, I started using a french pleat.
My clothes were all frumpish with no shape at all, nobody could discern what I felt at 35 was a reasonable figure.
We didn't have much money but one thing of use that mother taught me was sewing.
I started to gradually alter my better dresses; a little cleavage here, a tighter fit there and the odd slit to flash a thigh.
The changes were so subtle and gradual that nobody but Ann seemed to notice at first.

What I did invest in was new underwear.
What I had was about as erotic as a cold bath, all white and covering acres of flesh.
I discovered the erotic feel of silk against my skin and the freedom of unfettered tits, camisoles, french knickers and stockings.
Although I now preferred to go without a bra, I keep a couple for appearances (before James) sake.
You would be amazed at the number of James' services I've attended in just lace topped hold-ups under a dress or blouse and suit.
What amazes me is the exciting charge I've got out of it.

So, we have a reasonably good looking 35 year old woman straining at the leash for a more satisfying sex life whose husband, although he liked my new underwear is still about exciting in bed as an Enid Blyton book.
The lady, like ripe forbidden fruit was ready for picking and when I was picked, did I enjoy being eaten (pun intended).

Ann and I arranged a supper evening at their place for a night when James was conveniently away at a diocesan meeting and so I was able to get ready at my leisure taking a long hot bath, washing my hair and putting it up in the french pleat.
I slipped my long legs into white lace topped hold-ups, white french knickers and slipped my feet into my new four inch heel black patent sandals.
Over this I wore one of my modified creations, a short sleeved dark green dress with deep vees plunging to my waist in the back and to just under my boobs in front, the flared skirt hemmed about two inches above my knees.

Throughout the evening I was aware of Gareth's eyes constantly on me, particularly my boobs.
At first it was a little disconcerting especially with Ann there, however she seemed to encourage him by asking his opinion about my turn-out and so I relaxed a little and began to find his attention flattering.
After supper we sat in the lounge and continued talking and drinking wine, eventually Ann manoeuvred the conversation to our favourite subject and told Gareth about my dilemma.

I tried to cover my embarrassment as best I could but not before I'd shot Ann an angry glance.
Gareth put me at my ease telling me that he would of course treat what he'd heard as a confidence but James must be a block of ice if he couldn't respond to me.
I said I didn't have a problem lighting the fire, just getting a hot enough flame which made Gareth laugh.
I said I felt the problem was his and until he recognised that, there was little I could do beyond what I'd already tried. Gareth agreed.

Gareth went on about how lucky he and Ann felt with each other, they both had "affairs" now and then, but sharing their experiences added spice to their own relationship.
Ann added that they had even shared lovers, the significance of which went over my head till later.
They stared to relate some of their experiences which, with the help of the wine only served to get me feeling increasingly randy.
This was intensified as their language started to include the words I'd only read and said to myself in private, fuck, cunt, cock, tits, and arse.

I had started to squirm in my seat, glad I had put panties on as the secretions from my "cunt" were soaking through them instead of my dress.
They were aware of my heightened state of arousal as they both came and sat either side of me.
"Now look Mary", Ann had said "you are as randy as we are. You are ready to be fucked so why don't you allow my man to seduce you"

I turned to Gareth shocked by her offer intending to tell him no but as my mouth opened to speak his descended on it in a searing kiss, his tongue chasing mine as I tried vainly to avoid the contact.
My resistance ebbed alarmingly quickly as years of enforced propriety evaporated in the heat of that first kiss.
I groaned into his mouth as I lifted an arm to hold him to me not wanting to break the spell, my own tongue taking the imitative in his mouth.

He started to stand pulling me up as he did so, both my arms now around his neck clinging to him the kiss never breaking.
I was vaguely aware of Ann behind me, I could hear the rustle of clothing.
Gareth's hands roamed over my bare back and down to my bottom, his finding the fastening to my dress triggering a tremor of indecision.
He sensed it and started to caress my bum cheeks through the dress, increasing the intensity of the kiss even further.

It worked, because as we broke the kiss and I stepped away from him, flushed from the illicit excitement of my behaviour, my dress fell away from me to the floor.
Ann, now naked had undone it as we kissed.
She took hold of me and turned me to her and before I could stop her she wrapped her arms around me and as our breasts came together brought her mouth to mine.
In spite of my shock at this turn of events which nearly brought me back to reality, the kiss seemed the most natural thing and I found myself ardently responding; my hands stroking the smooth silky skin on her back and bum.

Gareth divested himself of his clothes and moved behind me his semi erect penis hot through the silk of my panties in the cleft of my bottom, the feel of it growing against my back a totally new experience.
Ann broke away and immediately his hands came round to cup my breasts, Ann's head went down to one of my proffered nipples and her lips closed round it.
The intense pleasure induced by this act drew an audible groan from me.
I made a last half-hearted attempt to control the situation.

"You two are wicked, we shouldn't be doing this".
Ann's lips attacked my other nipple drawing another groan as Gareth's fingers massaged the one she had left.

Gareth whispered in my ear, "If you want us to stop we will and you can go or stay and watch me fuck Ann's beautiful hot cunt.
But I know you're longing to have a cock, my cock sliding into your twat.
Admit it Mary, you're dying to be fucked".

As he spoke Ann dropped to her knees and slid my panties down my legs, my stepping out of them and kicking them away gave him his answer.

Ann's hands came up to the bare area at the back of my thighs and looking me straight in the eye pulled me towards her till I felt her tongue slip between my cunt lips and made contact with my clitoris.
I moved my legs apart to give more room but the feeling of have somebody's mouth down there for the first time was earth shattering, if Gareth had not been behind me, supporting me I would have collapsed in a heap.
He asked Ann how she found my cunt, "hot, wet and delicious" came the reply between laps, her lips glistening with my juice.

Gareth also knelt behind me his tongue dancing down my spine as he descended till he reached the small of my back.
His hands came round to hold the front of my thighs as Ann's moved up to my buttocks and pulled them apart to allow his tongue free rein.
As his tongue descended into the valley, the first contact with my anus triggered my first orgasm; I gripped Ann's shoulders and screamed with released joy.

His tongue circled it then, without warning thrust inside. "Please do something" I cried, "I can't stand this much more. I need - I need", the words wouldn't come out.

Ann withdrew and looked up at me, "what do you need?" I knew her question was meant to goad me.

The dam finally burst, "I want your husband to fuck me, I need a hard cock in my cunt."

She took my hands, "then kneel down".
Gareth stopped his ministrations and as she pulled my hands down to the floor leaving my nether regions open to him she told him to fuck me.

He ran the dome of his cockhead up and down my open cunt, dwelling on my clitoris to intensify the feeling then he pushed himself into me in one slow deliberate stroke till I felt his hairy abdomen against my bum.
I was speechless, my mouth hung open in shock.
With his cock all the way home, he waited and held it there till I spoke, "oh hell, that is wonderful, please don't wait, do it, fuck me".

He started a slow fuck action drawing a grunt from me as his pelvis contacted my rear.
Ann had placed my hands on either side of her hips so that she was led under me, her cunt which I noticed was devoid of hair and which she was now busy fingering was directly below my face.
"Isn't that nice" she asked grinning at their success "isn't it delicious to have a new cock where only James has been?"

"Oh Ann, it's deliciously wicked", I replied.
"I may regret this tomorrow but right now all I want is for your Gareth not to stop".

Ann started to thrutch her hips as her fingering and watching us was obviously having an effect.
Her musky scent adding to the pervading sexy atmosphere.
She started to spread her legs, I had to move my hands to allow her.
Why I don't know but I dropped to my elbows and without thinking about it, kissed the inside of Ann's thigh.
She removed her hands placing one behind my head, pressing gently urging me toward her cunt, "Please Mary, Suck my cunt" she begged.
I was so drunk on the illicit excitement of my adultery that I didn't think twice and my mouth descended on her exposed clitoris.
Now it was her turn to groan.

"Oh Garry, she's a natural", her compliment thrilling me and encouraging me on.
Gareth had by now increased his speed and every thrust pushed me into Ann's sweet tasting cunt, I made a mental note to try this again.
I wrapped my hands around her thighs so that I could finger her as well. "Mary you're fantastic", she enthused "you've done this before" (I hadn't).

By now Garry was going at a fair lick and I could feel the onset of my own climax.
"I'm going to come, I'm going to come" I started to wail between licks, "Oh yes, the first time I've been fucked to a come. A-a-a-h-h-h" my orgasm was upon me.
I was so intent on my own feelings that I was unaware that they too had also climaxed.

I slipped forward off Garry's pleasure pole to lie on my tummy as I came down from cloud nine, I turned my head to see Garry's cock being thoroughly cleaned by Ann's tongue and turned round to join her in finishing the job.
"You get him hard again for me, suck his cock". she instructed and so again another first as my mouth opened and took in his deflating manhood.
She moved down to my dripping vagina, prized my legs apart and vacuumed the "cock"-tail of our juices from me.
Eventually his manhood regained it's pride and I was content to observe their leisurely screw.

As you probably suspect I had no regrets about that night and have gone on to thoroughly enjoy their company being regularly screwed by them together or individually; Ann introduced me to her double dildo, so that now and again I can enjoy being the meat in their sandwich.
I've had my hair cut shorter and slowly improved my wardrobe, Gareth says that there is nothing more erotic than a well dressed woman.

James has noticed and approves of the change in my demeanour, I am much more gregarious and "more fun to live with".
Gareth has advised me that I'll get nowhere trying to rush him into dumping his inhibitions, they'll have to be peeled from him one by one.
However I have noticed that he responds better if I covertly assume a dominant role (which I love) in our bed so under Gareth's tutelage, I'm slowly developing that side of his nature.

It was my birthday recently and because I enjoy being dominant with James, Ann and Gareth presented me with a new outfit to wear on "special" occasions once James has loosened up.
It consisted of a beautiful soft black leather basque and matching suspended almost hip length heeled boots.
The basque stops short of covering my boobs so that they remain deliciously free. Last week I wore it to church under the new suit I persuaded James to get me for my birthday.
I wore a black blouse and the suit had a mid calf length full skirt so the true nature of my "underwear" was not apparent.

Things are improving with James but the sensual nature of my dear neighbours is as a drug to me.
I shouldn't be the one to say this but until my own fruit fully matures, forbidden fruit tastes the sweeter.


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