Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jackie Part III

by David

I met Jackie at the Trocadero cafe at 2 o'clock on Saturday.
We had a few drinks and fed some money into the jukebox while we discussed what we wanted to do that afternoon.
I would have been happy to do anything as long as Jackie was with me.
She was wearing tight jeans and a pale blue blouse.
The blouse was quite loose and didn't hug her figure the way the T-shirt she had worn the previous day had done but now that I knew exactly what her breasts were like I found it to be very sexy.
Occasionally as she moved the blouse would be drawn tighter over the tips of her breasts and the raised profile of her nipples would show through.
Each time this happened I got a delicious thrill in my groin and my penis would surge in my trousers.
We held hands as we talked and I was very proud to be in public with such a beautiful girl.
I hoped that one of my friends would see us but it didn't happen.

Jackie and I had a great deal in common and as we talked I tried to figure out whether what I felt for her was 'love'.
I was definitely besotted with her but I realised that it might just be the sex.
I certainly liked her as a person, she was clever and amusing and we got on together fantastically.
I was fairly certain that she felt more than just casual friendship for me.

After a little pause in the conversation Jackie said, 'Have you thought about yesterday at all?'
'I haven't thought about anything else!', I replied.
'Well,'she said, 'I have a little surprise for you'.
She reached into her hip pocket and took something out.
Holding it in her closed fist she reached across the table for me to take it.
I held out my hand and she dropped something into my palm.
I stared at it for several seconds before I realised that she had dropped a condom into my hand.
I quickly closed my hand around it and looked around to see if anyone had noticed.
I know I was blushing like an idiot and Jackie laughed, 'Don't worry, nobody saw'.
'Where did you get it?'I asked.
She told me that she had got it from her mother's handbag.
I was a little surprised at first that her mother would have such things in her possession.
'Won't she find out its gone?'I asked.
'I don't think so.
There were quite a few in there and I shouldn't think that she would keep count.'

I hoped Jackie was right. I put the condom in my pocket feeling very excited.
My head was spinning with the thought of being able to use it.
'Is your mother at home this afternoon?'I asked.
'Don't be too eager!'Jackie teased me.

Jackie told me a little about her family.
Her father had died when she was only ten years old and she and her mother were the only members of the family.
Her mother had occasional boyfriends, hence the condoms, but did not seem keen to get married again. Jackie told me that her mother would be working that evening but would only leave the house at six o'clock.
We arranged that I would come to her house soon after.
We left the cafe and went to the movies.
Because we knew that we would be seeing each other in the evening we only kissed and cuddled in the movie theatre and there was no repeat of our first experience.
I think we even watched some of the movie!

Just before six I set off for Jackie's house having told my parents that I was going to go round to see my friend Nick.
Nick was due to return from his summer holidays and I felt confident that they would believe my story.
As I walked to Jackie's house I must have put my hand in my pocket to check that the condom was still there about a hundred times.
I was very relieved to find that Jackie was all by herself and that her mother had left for work on time.
Jackie must have known how excited I was but she played a little game with me, asking if I wanted to watch TV, was there anything I would like from the refrigerator, was I thirsty, did I want to listen to music?

She kept this up for about ten minutes before she let me kiss her.
As soon as our lips met her mood changed and she kissed me hungrily, her mouth opened and her tongue darted against mine.
I pulled her hips towards me so that she would feel how hard I was.
Jackie put her hand down to my crotch and explored the bulge.
'Can we go in your room?'I asked.
She nodded and I climbed the stairs two at a time.
We wasted no time and Jackie and I stripped off our clothes as fast as we could.
We fell onto her bed and held each other close, kissing passionately as our hands roamed over each other's bodies.
I was very eager and soon pulled away from her and reached for where my trousers lay on the floor.
I fished the condom out of the pocket.
'Don't go too fast,'she said and took the condom from me, placing it on the bedside cupboard.
She lay back on the bed and parted her legs.
'Touch me', she said and took my hand and put it between her legs.
I knew what she liked and set about caressing her soft lips, sliding my fingers into her, getting my fingers slippery wet with her juices before I touched her clitoris.
I sat upright on the bed beside her so that I could see what I was doing.
When I had touched her before I had not actually seen between her legs.
What I now saw was intoxicating.
Below the patch of soft blonde hair her inner lips were swollen and pouting.
I was amazed at the colour between them - I had expected a pale pink and was startled to see a deep red.
I was fascinated - I slid a finger into her, she squeezed her muscles and I could both see and feel the flesh surge and grip round my finger.
Jackie wasn't at all embarrassed as I studied her, perhaps she knew how much she was educating me.
I saw the little pee hole and how the flesh round it swelled and bulged as she contracted her muscles.
I imagined her squeezing like that when my penis was inside her - I knew it would make me come instantly!

Jackie reached down and placed her fingers above her pussy and pulled upwards, exposing her clitoris.
The bud was beautiful - I gazed at it, open mouthed, it looked like a glistening pink pearl nestling in the soft folds.

I heard Jackie whisper, 'Please - touch it'.
I withdrew my finger from her and gently stroked the pearl, coating it with a film of her juice.
Jackie shivered and cupped her breasts in her hands as she pushed her hips upwards.
I caressed her the way she had showed me and Jackie jerked and twisted, crying out as her pleasure rose.
A steady stream of fluid seeped from her, wetting the tops of her thighs as she twisted and turned. I stroked and stroked and Jackie loved it, 'Yes, don't stop, its wonderful!'

I kept going for a long time; several times she seemed almost ready to come but never quite got there.
My fingers were getting tired and I decided to try something different and slid two fingers inside her and rubbed her clit rapidly with my thumb.
Jackie went wild, her hips started to jerk uncontrollably and very quickly she started to come, emitting a long shrill cry as her pussy clamped hard on my fingers.
Pulsing contractions threatened to push my fingers right out of her and I imagined how fantastic that would feel on my penis!
The previous time she had squeezed her legs together but now she spread her legs wide and it felt as if her pussy was trying to turn itself inside out.
I pushed my fingers hard into her and was rewarded with an amazing spurt of hot fluid against my palm.

Jackie cried out and grabbed my hand, pressing it hard into her crotch as she came.
I looked at her face, she was flushed and grimacing in ecstasy, tears trickling from the corners of her tightly closed eyes.
Her orgasm slowly subsided and Jackie let go of my hand.
I moved my fingers slowly inside her for a moment until she reached down again and stopped me.
'Oh God, that was fantastic!', she sighed, 'you did that just right'.

I was elated at having given her such a wonderful orgasm but my penis was now so hard it was almost painful.
The head was so swollen that the slit gaped open, oozing a constant trickle of fluid.
I reached for Jackie's hand and put on on my erection.
She smiled up at me, 'Your turn now!'
She sat up and took the condom from the bedside cupboard and passed it to me.
I had no idea how to open the packet and fumbled about with it for a while before Jackie giggled and took it from me.
'Lie down', she said and pushed me onto my back
. I watched her tear the wrapper open and remove the flimsy rubber.
Jackie held the tip between her fingertips and reached for my penis, lifting it up from my stomach.
I watched fascinated as she placed the condom against the head and deftly unrolled the latex over the glans.
It was very tight and the constriction and the touch of her hand on me felt wonderful - for a moment I felt panic as I thought I might come before she had even unrolled the rubber down the shaft.
I think she may have been able to tell how turned on I was because when she had finished putting it on she lay beside me and kissed me and kept her hands well away from my penis.
'You haven't done this before, have you?'she asked.
I shook my head. Jackie smiled and kissed me softly.
She lay back on the bed.
'Come here,'she whispered and held out her arms, her legs sliding apart.
I moved over her, my knees between hers, and lowered myself to her.
She reached down and took my penis and guided it between her legs, nestling the tip between her lips.

I pushed against her and Jackie moaned as the glans slipped into the tight mouth.
She let go of me and her hands went to her breasts, squeezing them tightly as she sighed, 'Oh that's wonderful!'I pushed and pushed and slowly worked the full length into her.
Jackie was so wet that it was much easier than the time before, and having the condom on seemed to stop me from wanting to come too soon.
I paused deep inside her, relishing the incredible sensation of her flesh gripping tightly round the base of my cock.
I kissed her; she parted her lips and our tongues slithered in and out of each other's mouths.
Slowly I started to move my hips, barely an inch at each stroke, gradually increasing the thrusts until I was sliding almost half the length of my cock to and fro.
'Oh, yes, that's it, do it like that!'Jackie groaned and spread her legs wider, tilting her pelvis up, inviting me take deeper strokes.
The sensation was unbelievable but what thrilled me most was that I was making love to her properly, thrusting my cock in her tight, willing flesh over and over again without feeling that desperate urge to come.
If I pulled out too far the tightness of her pussy on my glans was too intense, also if I pushed too deep I would feel a rapid rise in sensation, but steady 'half' strokes I could maintain easily.
I watched Jackie's reaction - her eyes were tight shut and she panted and moaned as I thrust inside her.
I was supported on my outstretched arms and could see almost all of her slender body beneath me.
Her hands moved constantly on her breasts, squeezing and pushing them together on her chest, occasionally pinching and pulling on the erect nipples.
Watching her was too exciting for me and I felt myself surging rapidly towards orgasm.
I slowed almost to a halt. Jackie opened her eyes,'You're wonderful!'she said and held my hips, pulling me deep into her.
I stayed quite still, waiting for the exquisite sensation to recede.
I lowered myself onto Jackie's body, feeling her soft breasts against my chest and she put her arms around me and hugged me tightly.
'Mmmh,'she murmured, 'that feels so good'.

She wriggled a little beneath me and I felt her lift her legs up; her feet caressed the backs of my legs.
Jackie lifted her legs even higher until I felt her heels on my buttocks, I sank deeper into her as her pelvis tilted upwards.
I groaned with pleasure.
Jackie giggled and put her hands on my buttocks, pulling me harder against her.
'Does that feel good?'she asked.
'Oh, yes!', I gasped, 'its fantastic!''
'How about this?', she said and I felt her pussy squeeze hard on the base of my cock.
My groan of ecstasy told her everything and she squeezed again and again.
I was amazed at how strong her grip could be. I started to move in her, very slowly, withdrawing almost completely on each stroke so that the glans could receive wonderful pulses as she squeezed.
The feeling was unbelievable - her pussy felt like a soft mouth nibbling and sucking on the tip of my cock.
The ecstasy rose rapidly and I couldn't hold back any longer - I pushed into her and thrust and thrust, faster and faster, hearing Jackie crying out as I shoved my cock into her as deep as it could go.
I heard myself calling her name over and over - I gave a tortured cry as the thrill grew to an unbelievable pitch.
I gripped Jackie's shoulders, buried my face in the pillow beside her and ejaculated in the most glorious orgasm of my life.
The feeling was so intense that I couldn't thrust anymore - I pushed my cock in her up to the hilt, crushing my groin against hers, my hips jerking in uncontrollable spasms as I released each exquisite spurt of semen.

Jackie clung to me, 'Oh, yes - yes!'she gasped, gripping me with her legs, her fingers raking down my back.
I came so hard and for so long that I thought that I would pass out - I heard a roaring sound in my head and I could scarcely breathe.
I collapsed on Jackie's body, my cock jerking and throbbing inside her long after I had stopped spurting.
As I gasped for air I felt Jackie squirming underneath me and her hand pushed between our bodies.
'Lift up!', she said, and when I did she held the base of my penis, keeping the condom in place as I withdrew.
'It might leak', she instructed.
I was in awe at her experience, she was so in control of what what was happening and was teaching me more than I could have imagined.
I pulled quickly out of her, wincing at the sensitivity of my glans, and flopped beside her on my back.
We both looked at my penis, it was still erect, and the tip of the condom bulged with semen.
'Wow!'Jackie exclaimed, 'look how much there is'.
She sat up beside me and started to remove the condom, pulling on the tip while she rolled the rubber along the shaft, her finger and thumb encircling my penis.
She was as careful as possible but could not prevent some dribbles of semen escaping and falling to my stomach.
Jackie slipped the condom from the glans and held it up, surveying the evidence of my ejaculation.
'The teat's not nearly big enough!'she said, waving the condom in front of my face.
Certainly the teat at the end seemed woefully inadequate; semen filled the bottom of the condom to a depth of about an inch.
'You're amazing!'she said, and reached down and gave my softening penis a squeeze.
I felt very proud; from what I knew about other boys I was aware that I was above average in certain departments.
When we showered in the changing rooms it was obvious that my penis was not lacking in size.
A few boys had ones just as long but none could match the size of my glans.
I never joined in the games that some of them played that involved competitive jerking off but had sometimes watched.

When they came they usually produced three or four spurts that travelled about eighteen inches at best; I could usually spurt ten times or more and propel semen for yards when I was really turned on.
I had worried that girls would be put off by it and it was a great relief to find that Jackie seemed genuinely fascinated by my performance.
She played with the condom, squeezing the end and squishing the semen about before she unrolled a few inches and tied a neat knot at the open end.
'Its a good job we had this,' she laughed, 'there's enough here to make a dozen girls pregnant!'
I didn't find this as funny as she did; the thought of making her pregnant gave me a sudden surge of panic - what if some had leaked out before I had withdrawn?
'You don't really think there's any chance of you getting pregnant do you?' I asked, trying to disguise my anxiety.
'Don't worry,'she assured me, 'I should start my period soon, I wouldn't have let you do it if it was a dangerous time'.
I must have looked perplexed and Jackie gave me a quick account of when a girl was most fertile; something that we had never covered in biology lessons.
She wrapped the condom in a tissue and asked me to take it away with me when I left - it wouldn't be too good if her mother discovered it, and flushing them down the loo was not reliable, apparently they sometimes resurfaced!

It was time for me to make my departure as I wasn't allowed to stay out very late.
Both of us got our clothes back on, interrupted with frequent kisses and caresses.
I would have loved to have stayed with her all night and it was with great reluctance that I gave her a last kiss and headed for home.

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