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Stolen Innocence ( Jans' Torment ) Part II

Chapter 6

In the bathroom, they took turns on the toilet, while the other adjusted their hair.
Karen slapped Jans ass once while she was busy looking in the mirror.
Jan, having just had an orgasm, and the pleasure subsided, was feeling the guilt of enjoying it.
She knew it was not her choice that she did these things, but she also knew that it was her body that was cumming.

After Karen slapped her ass, Jan turned around to face her, and glared at her.
Karen meant the slap in a fun way, but Jans reaction to it got her a little annoyed.
"What's the matter, hon?" Jan continued the staring as she backed away from Karen. Karen moved closer.
"Look, if you think I planned this part of the weekend, you're dead wrong. Consider yourself lucky that you, and your family are still alive.
Now, you can either play nice, or I can call Eric in here, and tell him you're trying to take charge of things, and you know what he'll do.
That was all Jan needed to remind her that she belonged to this group of criminals for the time being.
Jan apologized to Karen, and turned back again to face the mirror, once again facing her ass to Karen.

"So, have you ever been with another woman before? I mean, you said out there that you haven't, but you were too good at eating pussy to say that was your first time."
Karen seemed to be pressing Jan for information, out of curiosity, and to make small talk no doubt, but it was making Jan uncomfortable anyway.
Jan tried to smile at Karen as she answered, "No, I have never done that before, and right now, I'm confused about whether I ever want to do it again."
Jan enjoyed it, maybe too much, and she was trying to analyze what it meant, but she just kept reminding herself that it wasn't her choice.

Karen called Jan over to the toilet, to where Karen was sitting. Jan went over to her, and stood in front of her.
"You have a very pretty pussy, why do you hide it?" Karen asked.
Jan wasn't sure exactly what she meant by that, thinking maybe she meant wearing clothes, until Karen reached out and took her pubic hair between her fingers.
"Go get me your razor and some scissors, we're going to display your pussy a little better."
Jan told Karen that she really didn't want to be shaved, and that she had tried it once long ago, and didn't like it.
She begged to be able to keep herself as she was, but Karen gave her the same look as she did before, like she was going to get Eric involved, so Jan did as she was told.
Jan went to the cabinet in the corner, and came out with a razor, some small scissors, and some shaving cream, and took it all to Karen.
Jan stood there, shaking and silent. Karen wet her hand in the sink, and wiped the water on Jans hair, soaking it, then picked up the scissors and began to cut away Jans pubes.
Karen then put the shaving cream on what was left, and with the razor, slowly began exposing Jans pussy.
The farther she went, the more Jan was shaking. "Jan honey, you're going to have to stop shaking, or I'm going to accidentally hurt you." Karen warned her.
Karen continued, having Jan spread her legs more for her, and then pulling on Jans outer lips, stretching the skin tight for the razor.
In a matter of minutes, Karen was done, and splashed more water on Jans pussy, washing off the rest of the shaving cream, and showing Jans pussy, pouting and red.
"There. Much better. See, it looks much better this way, don't you think?"
Jan was trying hard not to cry, having been stripped of her dignity once more.
"Well, I don't care what you think, I like it." Karen added, like she was rubbing salt into the wound.

Karen led Jan back to the living room.
"Look boys, Jan has something to show you." Karen announced to the room.
Jan wanted to run and hide, nothing could have been worse for her at that moment, than to have to show them her bald pussy, but it was out of her hands.
Karen stepped aside, and pointed down at Jans pussy.
The men cheered, and paraded her around the room so everyone could have a closer look.
Eric even suggested she bend over and touch the floor when she stood before him, so he could see it even closer.
"My my my, you are a very nice looking slut, good touch Karen." He said, and laughed.
He then told Jan to go sit in the middle of the floor again and show everyone her freshly shaved cunt in action.
Jan laid down on the floor, and spread her legs, knowing what Eric meant.
She reached down and massaged her breasts, slowly.
She was in no hurry to complete the task.
Jan tweeked her nipples, and moved on, lower, to her stinging pubic area.
She was amazed at how smooth it felt, and the newness of it was somehow erotic.
Jan played with her labia, seperating her lips slowly, rubbing them.
She slid a finger inside, and pulled it back out.
She rubbed her clit with it on the way out, making her close her eyes and tilt her head back.
She was starting to feel more comfortable about being naked in front of the group, and doing these perverse things for them, and was able to start to enjoy the feeling of her body.
Either that, or the sensation of having her pussy shaved was more erotic than she had thought. Jan continued fingering her pussy, sliding them in and out, and rubbing her clit.
The men got up, standing over her, watching her pleasure herself for them.
The cheering began, taunting her to play with herself, making her feel like a slut.
She tried to push out the noise, trying only to concentrate on the pleasure she was giving herself.
Jimbo directed her to insert another finger inside her pussy, and Jan complied, thrusting two fingers into her drenched cunt.
Sly told her to take another, and she did, inserting a third finger to the second knuckle.
Eric told her to fuck herself harder, and faster.
The cream covered her fingers, and they were sliding in with ease.
Frank told her to take another, and her fourth finger disappeared inside of her.
Eric again reminded her to fuck herself harder, forcing her fingers inside further.
Tony told her to ease her thumb in, and with Erics prodding to push harder, she did.
Eric knelt down beside her, and grabbed her wrist, pushing it hard against her, forcing her hand to push into her pussy.
The crowd was cheering, and began to chant the word, "Fist, fist, fist..."
Eric pushed harder, and Jans pussy was stretching to its limit, to take her whole hand. her fingers were straight, and she was getting cramps in them, so she curled them slightly.
It was when she curled them, that her hand slipped in even more, past all of her knuckles, to her palm, and the next push from Eric sunk her hand totally inside her pussy to her wrist.

Karen uttered a gasp when she saw Jan take her whole hand inside of herself.
Jan writhed in both pain, and pleasure.
Jans pussy was stretched wide, and she felt the pain of having it stretched.
She had never taken anything as wide inside of her before.
Eric was merciless, shoving her by the forearm, fucking her with her own hand. Jan spread her fingers a little bit inside of her, creating yet another new sensation.
She was tickling herself in places she had never imagined were accessible.
The feeling was incredible, she was being fucked hard.
She was thankful that her arm couldn't stretch any further, or Eric would have shoved more inside.
Jan was moaning loud, and Eric was encouraging her.
"You love this, don't you? You're a slut Jan, aren't you? Do you wanna cum, slut?" Jan shreiked.

She couldn't believe it, but those words pushed her over the edge.
"Yes, I'm a slut, Yes. I want to cum, please." Jan shouted, and as the last word escaped her lips, she felt herself shaking as waves of orgasm overcame her.
She was cumming harder than ever, and her arm was making sucking noises as it pounded inside her.
She kept cumming, one orgasm finally subsiding, and another one beginning. Jan was in shock, at how much she could enjoy what was happening to her, and at how much her pussy could take.
She felt Eric release his grip on her arm, and she stopped thrusting it inside of her, allowing herself to stop the quaking.
Jan laid there quietly, with her hand still inside of her, and her fist clenched, slowly regaining her muscle control.
The guys standing around her were talking amongst themselves, about how much they enjoyed her shows, and then they went to sit back down where they were.
Jan tried pulling her hand out, but felt the pain and stopped.
She wiggled a little, and flattened her hand inside of her, and moved her thumb until it fell free, and then her hand came out, finger by finger, until it was free.
Jans pussy was gaping wide open, and her juices were running out, and down her ass.
Her hand was coated with a milky white juice too, which caught Karens attention.

Karen walked over to Jan and held her hand out, for Jans hand.
Jan put her hand in Karens, and karen lowered her head to suck on one of her wet fingers.
"Mmmm, very good, I may want more later."
Eric slapped Karen on the ass, and told her that maybe he had two sluts in the house.
Karen told him that it was a possibility.
Jan stayed on the floor, waiting for her body to regain its strength until she sat up, leaning against the empty chair that Karen had been occupying.
She felt everyones eyes staring at her pussy, and looked down at it herself.
She saw her whole mound red from being freshly fucked, and freshly shaved.
Being bald, she was able to see her lips hanging out more than ever, and her clit still protruding from its hood.
Karen returned to the room with a drink, and it reminded Jan of her family.
Jan asked Eric if it would be okay to get her husband and girls something to drink, and to let them out to use the bathroom.
Eric agreed to allow them the use, but that Jan wouldn't be the one to help them.
He instead called to Jimbo and Sly to take them, one at a time, to the bathroom.

While they were brought out, Jan was told to sit on the couch between Eric and Karen.
She was still naked, and left spread wide open, so they could see her red, well used pussy. Jan knew that it would be breaking her husbands heart to know what has been happening, and that her children wouldn't understand what was happening, but the questions would have to be answered....someday.
Bill was led out first, still gagged, and he turned to look over at Jan, and the tears streamed down his cheeks.
He used the bathroom, and was un-gagged long enough for a drink, and brought back.
The girls were brough out next, one at a time, and they got the same treatment as Bill.
After they were taken care of, Sly was first back to the room.
"Hey Eric, when I was back there waiting for them to go, I heard a dog barking, and saw a cage out back. Should I go check?"
Eric looked at Jan.
"What do you have out there, slut?" Jan answered, "It's Mickey, our German Shepherd mix. He's not mean, don't worry."
She was afraid they might hurt him, to avoid a hassle.

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing by the group.
Just prior to everyone turning in, they each had Jan suck them off again, all but Karen.
Jan fell asleep on the floor, and was tied to the chair Eric was sleeping on, to prevent an escape.

end chapter 6

Chapter 7

Jan awoke feeling worn out, and disoriented, wondering why she was naked, and on the living room floor.
It didn't take long for her to remember, though.
She heard snoring coming from the chair above her, and from all of the furniture around her.
She tried to move, and discovered that her hands were not only tied together behind her back, but they were tied to the chair too.
She tried to wiggle the knots loose, but it was to no avail.
They were tied too tight for that. Jan had to eventually wake up Eric because she needed to use the bathroom.
She called up to him in as nice a voice as she could muster in the condition she was in.
Her body sore from sleeping on the floor naked, and her pussy still sore from the night before.
Eric woke from her voice, and generously untied her, and allowed her to go to the bathroom, as he followed close behind her.
Her first reaction to her image that she saw in the mirror was disgust, seeing patches of dried semen stuck to her face and chin.
Jan asked Eric if it would be okay to shower, to help her wake up, and to clean off the mess from the night before.
Eric agreed to allow the shower, and waited for her.
While she was in there, he looked out the kitchen window, and saw the cage that Sly told him about the night before.
As he watched it, Mickey moved into view, walking in circles around his bowl.
Eric thought to himself, "{If we don't feed him, he's going to draw attention by barking.}"
Eric called into the bathroom to Jan, "Hurry up, slut. I have to go."
She opened the door a few seconds later. "Stand right here so I can see you while I go. Who usually feeds the dog?"
He wanted to know how to best take care of the problem.
If the neighbors saw strange people feeding the dog, it would arouse suspicion.
From the kitchen window, he could see that one side of the cage was protected from the neighbors view by a wooden fence, and some bushes, but he couldn't see the other side.
Jan answered,"Either of us, nobody in particular, just whoever has time."
Eric finished what he was doing, and zipped his pants back up, smiling wickedly at Jan.

Eric knew that sooner or later, it would be safer if he, and his friends were better acquainted with Mickey, not being able to keep taking the chance on sending one of the family out there to feed him.
He decided that it would be best to have the dog brought in to the house, rather than trying to go out to his cage, sort of taking the protective instinct away.
Eric walked Jan back to the living room, and sat her back in the chair he slept on.
He then kicked his friends feet, and clapped his hands, waking up everyone in the room.
"Hey, we have to get that dog in here before he draws attention, and Jan's going to go out and get him."
Jan looked up at Eric. He stared back. "Before you get any ideas," he added, "This gun will be pointed right at you.
I want you to bring him in by the collar, and keep holding it until we know he's okay with us.
I'm warning you, don't try anything funny.
I want you to bring in his food and water bowls first, though."
Jan agreed to do as she was instructed.
"Karen, go get her robe." Karen got up, and went into the bedroom to get it.
She checked on Jans family while she was in there.
Karen walked out with Jans robe in her hands.
"One of the girls had an accident overnight Eric, but she's okay. Just wet."
Jan was so worried about her family.
Her maternal instinct made her want to rush in there and attend to her wet daughter, but she was helpless.
Karen threw the robe to Jan, and Jan put it on, feeling the warmth of having her body covered for the first time in a whole day.

Jan went through the side door, into the garage, and out the back door to the pen where Mickey met her with his tail wagging. Jimbo went with her into the garage while Eric watched her from the kitchen window.
Jan looked in the window, and saw Eric staring at her, and even worse, she saw the gun pointed at her.
She looked around outside, hoping she could spot a neighbor outside to signal for help, but they were all still sleeping.
It still was only 6:00 on a Sunday morning.
Jan grabbed the food dish, and water bowl, and walked them into the garage to Jimbo, and returned to the cage for Mickey.
She got there, and Mickey was wagging his tail excitedly.
Jan opened the door, and called for him to come out.
She grabbed his collar, and walked him to the garage door.
She glanced in the window before going out of view to see Eric and his gun, still staring at her.
In the garage, Mickey approached Jimbo with caution, but figured that since Jan was taking him to the man, it must be okay.
Jimbo petted the dog, and found him to be friendly and playful. "How old is he?" He asked.
Jan told him that Mickey was four years old, and that they had him since he was a puppy.
Jan walked Mickey into the house, and Jimbo took the bowls.
Once inside the house, Jan was told to take the robe off again, which she did, feeling a chill once again from being naked.
Mickey pranced around the floor, stopping to sniff each of the visitors, which is what they wanted.
They returned to the living room, except for Jan and Eric.
He watched as Jan fed him, and got his water bowl set out. They, too returned to the living room as Mickey ate.

Jan was ordered to sit on the floor again, as the gang made plans of their escape out of town, and plans after they escaped.
They designated meeting places in case they were split up, and rehearsed statements in case some of them were caught.
The news came on, and another report of the previous robbery and murder came on.
They listened intently to it, laughing at the description of the scene, and even more, at the description of themselves.
Jan tried to appear uninterested in their conversations, but she was taking mental notes just in case.
Several notes were passed to the group, from Eric, so Jan wasn't sure if what they were saying were the actual plans or not anyway.
Jan was ordered to call Bills job, to tell them he was sick, and not to expect him.
That would cover his absence.

Hours passed, and Jan wasn't being used as a slut, and she considered herself lucky.
The group was tied up in their plans, but all still present, and keeping a watchful eye on Jan, and her family.
Mickey was comfortable with them all now, being fed by their hands helped them, too.
The dog made his way into the living room, and made his rounds, getting attention from each of them.
After everyone had their turn, he went over to Jan and laid down next to her on the floor, with his head on her lap.
She rubbed his head as he stretched out, and as he adjusted his head to get comfortable, he picked up the scent of Jans pussy, laying naked only inches from his nose.
Mickey tried to bury his nose between her legs, but she had them crossed, and squeezed them tighter when he nosed into her.
Jan was embarassed by this, and told them all that he wasn't used to being this close to people, so he didn't know what he was doing.
Eric, of course, had something to add, "That's okay with us, if Mickey wants to sniff a slut, let him sniff."
Jan didn't respond at all, she just sat there with her legs squeezed tightly together, and Mickeys cold nose trying to pry between them.
Eric spoke again, this time with a little more enthusiasm, "Jan, maybe you didn't understand me, I said, let him in."
Jan looked up at him in terror.
She still sat there dazed.
Jan heard the sound of a gun being picked up from the table and turned to see Frank pointing it at her.
Frank said, "Eric, I think she needs a little inspiration to do as you say."
Eric smiled, and Jan started crying.
Jan knew where this may lead, and she was getting that sick feeling in her stomache again.

Jan spread her legs, and Mickey immediately stuck his head down between them.
He started sniffing her pussy, and as soon as he stopped sniffing, he was licking.
Short, fast licks at first, just running his tongue along her slit, and then the licks got slower, and deeper.
Mickeys tongue split her labia, and found her hole, and Jan tensed up.
Jan was sitting there, stiff as a board, watching her dog licking her pussy.
She was shocked that she was allowing this, but not shocked at all that Eric was.
Jan was repulsed again by what she was enduring.
She just wished the torture was over.
And as she sat there thinking of the pain and humiliation of it all, another feeling of pleasure shot through her betraying pussy.
The dog licked her clit, a long slurping lick that send shivers through her entire body.
Jan leaned back, too weak to support herself.
She rested back on her elbows, and Mickey dove in with the better angle and licked her even harder, and deeper.
Eric leaned over and spread her legs for even wider for her, allowing Mickey to lay his body down between them.
His head was pushing into Jans pussy, licking her like she had never been licked before.
Sticking his tongue deeper than she thought possible.
His tongue was hot, and rough, teasing her, and sending her head back in ecstasy.

Jan just laid there, letting the beast lick her, unable to move away.
Mickey continued his oral assault, licking from her pussy, down to her ass, and back up again.
He would sink his tongue deep into her, and then bring it out like a whip.
Jan was squirming with delight, totally oblivious of her surroundings.
She was lost in lust, like a true slut.
Eric got up and walked over to the group that was gathered watching Jans latest depraved act.
They talked silently amongst themselves, though it didn't matter.
Jan wouldn't have been able to hear them anyway above the beating of her heart.
Mickey danced around on the floor, walking in circles around Jan as his tongue still lapped at her pussy.
Eric yelled more directions to Jan.
"I want you to touch him now, Jan. Reach up and find his cock."
Jan couldn't believe it, but she had been thinking of that before he said it anyway.
She reached up on his next circle around her, and rubbed his belly.
Mickey stopped circling, and stood over her.
Jan reached his sheath with her fingers, and with just a couple soft touches and rubs, the tip of his cock was pointing out.
She kept rubbing it, and it was soon extended to its full length. Jan was shocked to see the differences between a dogs penis, and a mans penis.
She had never known that dogs were so red, or so hot. The pointed tip was odd to her, too.
Jan studied his cock, feeling it still growing.
She felt his precum start forming at the tip.

Erics voice broke the silence in the room.
"I have an idea.
I think her family would like to see how much of a slut she really is.
Why don't we let them watch her do this?"
Jan stopped what she was doing, and sat up, afraid to speak, but she did anyway.
"No, please. It's bad enough that you're making me do this, and in front of you is humiliating enough, but don't make my girls see this.
They wouldn't understand. Please!"
She pleaded with Eric, begged him to leave them out of it.
Eric looked at her, staring with evil eyes, straight into hers.
"Slut, you're forgetting who has the guns. You also have to understand, I could be dead, or in prison for the rest of my life any day now. I'm gonna live now, I have nothing to lose."
He looked at the rest of his gang, looking for objections.
Silence again filled the room until Eric spoke again.
"Go get them. Bring them out in the chairs they're tied to. Carry them like that."
The men got up and went into the bedroom.

end chapter 7

Chapter 8

Jan was still sitting up, shocked and embarassed, when Eric knelt down beside her and whispered to her, "Remember, I could just as easily pull the trigger on all of you, as one of you.
Do as you're told. Got it?"
Jan stared at him, with a look that would send most men cowering, but not him.
"Yes, I understand." She said with a sound of protest in her voice.
Eric moved out of the way as Jans husband was carried out first, being placed at the entrance of the living room in his chair, still bound and gagged.
The girls were carried out next, and sat beside their father.
Jan was in the middle of the room on the floor. Eric spoke, "We thought you'd like to see what our slut would do to save her family.
She's been receiving lots of training, and has been helping us to enjoy our stay here, but this time, she thought you deserved a show, too. Isn't that right, slut?"
Eric looked over at her. Jan was a deep crimson red, "Yes."
Jan uttered those words, though they stuck in her throat.
"You may continue where you left off, slut." Eric told her, and then sat down, taking the gun in his hand, and loaded a round into the chamber mockingly.

Mickey walked back to Jan and buried his nose once again into her pussy, licking her with long strokes.
Jan tried nervously to relax on the floor, but tensed with every lick.
She was facing away from her family, but they could clearly see him between her legs.
Jan tried to support her head in the air, not wanting to lay flat.
Tony saw her struggling, and threw her a pillow from the couch.
Jan placed it under her head, and now laid back, more comfortable, but hurting so terribly from her humiliation.
Eric called out for her to touch the dog again, and she reached up, taking his semi erect cock in her hand.
It had started to disappear into its sheath again, but her touches were once again renewing his interest.
His cock hung down below him, and Jan kept rubbing him, like she was masturbating her husband.
Mickey stood there over her, panting, his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth. Eric asked Jan if she would like to taste what she was holding.
She knew there was only one answer she could give safely, though the thought of it sickened her.
She shook her head to Eric, but that wasn't what he wanted.
"I want to hear you say it, slut. Tell me what you want."
He was waving the gun, as if to remind her what would happen if she didn't comply.

Jan gulped, and forced the words out, "Yes, I want to taste his cock. I want to suck my dogs cock."
Eric waved to her with a gesture to continue, and sat down.
Jans hold of Mickeys cock strengthened as she slid under him.
She brought the pillow with her, so she could be closer to her task.
Jan was staring at it, just inches from her face.
The big red cock was pulsating, and a drop of precum fell to her chin.
Jan tried to move to avoid it, but couldn't.
Jan raised her head, with her lips apart, and her tongue made its way out of her mouth far enough to just barely lick the tip of the dogs penis.
She just kept her tongue against the tip, not moving it at all, adjusting to the pungent smells and tastes.
Mickey began humping his haunches against her mouth, feeling her tongue teasing him.
He thrust his cock farther with each stroke, until it went past her lips, and the tip of his cock was in her mouth.
Jan just laid there stunned, and let him do what he wanted to do.
Mickey tried fucking her mouth even more.
Jan took his cock deeper and deeper, as he adjusted himself for easier access.
The dog was staring directly at Bill, as he fucked her mouth.
Jan gagged a bit as his cock hit her throat.
She felt his precum dribbling down, swallowing it as it leaked out of him.
Jan felt her legs spreading, not from any force other than her own.
She felt a tingling in her cunt that told her that her body was once again betraying her.
She was beginning to feel somehow like she needed satisfaction, too.
Jan reached her left hand down, and rubbed her clit.
Her mouth was still being drilled, full of dog cock, and she was starting to like it.
Jan questioned her ability to think straight, and was wondering if she truely was the slut that Eric had been making her believe she was.
All she knew was that she was starting to enjoy what was happening to her, and it didn't matter anymore.
As she rubbed her clit, she started to writhe around on the floor.
Mickeys cock stabbed between her lips harder, and Jan was swallowing jets of his precum now.
The noises coming from her mouth were more and more gutteral, moaning sounds.
"The slut's loving it." Eric chided in.
"Look at her go."
The rest of the crowd cheering her on with crude remarks.

Bill closed his eyes, not wanting to see his wife reduced to a slut.
He was trying to push the sounds of Jans sucking from his mind, but couldn't.
He heard Erics comments, and felt compelled to see what was happening, so he opened his eyes again.
He saw Jan pumping the dogs cock madly, as she sucked on it.
Jan was moving her head now, sliding her sucking lips up and down the length of his slippery cock.
She wasn't even thinking now, she was just acting, doing the most disgusting acts she could have ever thought of.
Eric spoke again, "Jan, do you like that? Tell us what you're doing, slut."
Eric wanted the pleasure of hearing her say it.
Jan popped Mickeys cock out of her mouth, and answered.
"Yes, I love it. I love sucking his cock."
Eric replied again.
"Whose cock do you love to suck, slut?"
Jan said what he wanted to hear, "The dogs cock, I love to suck the dogs cock."
She took it in her mouth again, and sucked it even harder, still rubbing her clit with her left hand.

Eric walked over to Jan and Mickey, and grabbed his collar, pulling him away from her.
Mickey yelped as his cock slipped from her mouth with a pop.
Eric told Jan to roll over on her hands and knees.
Jan knew what was going to happen next, but didn't even question him, and rolled over.
She put her face down on the pillow, supporting herself with her arms, and her ass was high in the air.
Eric led Mickey back over to her, and he jumped up on her hip, humping her leg wildly.
Eric pulled him off again, and brought him right behind her ass.
Mickey lowered his head, and licked her.
His tongue lapped inside her ass cheeks, and right up against her hole.
His tongue slipped inside as he pushed on it, teasing Jan even more.

Eric pulled up on the collar again, and Mickey jumped up, mounting Jan from behind.
He was humping her, his cock slapping against her ass. Jan reached underneath her, and found Mickeys cock, holding it in her hand, guiding it to where he wanted it, and even worse, to where she wanted it.
His cock found her pussy, and with a couple mad strokes, poked inside.
Jan moaned with the pleasure that her dogs cock was bringing her.
Mickey thrust his haunches harder against her, and his cock went deeper inside.
Jan started moving her ass back to meet him.
His cock slammed harder, and he was all the way inside of her. Jan felt his knot growing against her pussy, and felt the heat from the cock fucking her.
Mickey kept fucking her, and Jan was loving it.
Eric asked her again if she liked it.
Jan answered, "Yes, oh God yes, I love it. I love being fucked by a dog."

Jan was lost again, she knew it, but she didn't care.
She only wanted the pleasure that her dog lover was giving her.
Jan couldn't believe how big his cock was, or how hot it felt inside her.
She was loving it though, loving the feeling of being brutally fucked. Mickeys rear legs danced on the floor, getting his footing as he fucked her.
Jan felt a pressure building against her pussy, and reached down again to feel his huge knot trying to press into her.
Jan had heard about dogs knots before, and knew that she didn't want it inside of her.
She held it in her hand, keeping two fingers wrapped around his cock before the knot.
He continued fucking her as she rubbed his cock with those fingers.
Mickeys cock was throbbing, and making sucking noises in Jans cunt.
Jan felt him fucking harder, and then with a jerk, stop humping.
She felt a rush of heat, boiling inside of her, a wet heat, and knew he was cumming in her.
She felt it gush from his cock, and flow deeper up into her tummy.
The thought of having her dog cum inside her made her cum.
Mickeys cock pushing her fingers against her clit, rubbing against it as she convulsed.

Her pussy gripping Mickeys cock, milking more dog cum into her soaking wet pussy.
Mickeys thrusts were erratic, pushing into her when he felt more cum surging up from his balls.
Jan was limp, unable to continue, exhausted from the hardest fuck she had in years, or even in her life.
She was a rag doll under him.
Mickey pumped a few more times, draining still more of his seed into Jan, and then climbed off, pulling his still dripping cock from her.
Jan fell over onto her side, and felt a river of cum flow down her ass, and to the floor.
Her pussy was throbbing, and she looked up at Mickey as he walked off to the corner, laid down, and started licking his cock. Jan was in a daze, unable to move, and too tired to want to.
She was only partially aware of the clapping from the crowd in the room.

As Jan laid there trying to regain her strength, she noticed the guys carrying her family back into the bedroom.
She was unable to move for more than 10 minutes, drained of all of her strength, and any self respect she may have had left.
Eric and the rest moved around her, leaving her layin there like furniture.
Jan wished she was dreaming, feeling herself slipping from consciousness, hoping that she would wake up and find herself in bed with Bill. She wished.

end chapter 8

Chapter 9

Jan awoke from her daze, feeling like she had just given birth.
Her pussy ached, and she was exhausted, both physically, and emotionally.
She slowly became more aware of what was happening around her.
The television was on again, and they were watching the noon news.
More reports of their crime were being covered, and the local police still had road blocks up, conducting searches for the people involved.
Karen was in the kitchen making sandwiches.
Sly and Tony were taking care of Bill, Becca, and Krissy.
Eric was sitting on the couch talking with Jimbo, but noticed Jan stirring.
"Hello there slut." He called over to her.
Jan answered, "Hi, what happened?"
She remembered being fucked by Mickey, but was unaware of what had happened since.
Eric laughed, "You had more fun than you're used to I guess, and you passed out." Jan crawled over to the chair, so she could lean against it.
"May I get up and go to the bathroom?"
She still felt Mickeys cum leaking out of her, and wanted to go clean up.
Eric called Karen over, and asked her to escort Jan to the bathroom.
Karen followed her, and walked in with her.

"You were pretty wild out there, are you okay?" Karen asked Jan.
"I'm ok, I just feel like my pussy has been turned inside out, and I feel so ashamed that my family saw that."
Jan sat on the toilet, and the last of Mickeys cum dripped from her.
Karen heard it, and laughed lightly.
Jan actually laughed a bit, too.
Karen appeared to have some humanity at times, and Jan tried to play on it.
"Can't you talk Eric into leaving us alone? I mean, I've done enough, don't you think?"
Karen looked at her with mixed expressions on her face.
She agreed with Jan, and felt sorry for her from a womans view, but she knew that Eric wasn't the type that you could talk out of anything.
"He's just having some fun Jan, It'll be over soon." they finished their business in the bathroom, and went back to the living room.
Jan took her place on the floor, hoping she could go unnoticed for the rest of the day, but knowing that that wasn't likely.
The gang was planning some more, hoping the local police would stop the roadblocks soon.
They kept tuned in to the news, and radio stations for updates to gain more information. Jan just wished she could find a way to overpower them, still worried about herself, and her family.
Though she had submitted to their requests, there was still no guarantee that they would be spared, and since she knew their names, and faces, it was likely that they wouldn't.

Jan couldn't get that thought out of her head.
They probably wouldn't survive, and she had submitted to their humiliation.
Her last days on earth would most likely have been served as a slut slave.
As she sat there deep in thought, Eric moved over by her, and put his arm around her.
"Cheer up, slut. It'll be over soon."
He seemed to be trying to console her, but when he was done talking, he reached over and grabbed her breast.
Jan thought about swatting his hand away, letting him just kill her then, instead of prolonging it, but she couldn't.
Eric then pushed her over onto her stomach, sensing that she may have a little fight stirring in her.
He sat on top of her ass, telling her that he didn't like the look on her face.
The more he talked, the louder he got, and soon, he had himself whipped up into an agitated state.
Eric grabbed her legs an parted them, looking behind to see her ass was spread also.

That gave him the idea to do what came next.
He unbuckled his pants and belt, and pulled them down past his waist, and pulled out his cock.
Eric then got on his knees behind Jan, and pulled her ass closer.
Jan made it difficult for him, not volunteering any help to his advances.
Jan winced with pain as she felt Erics cock stab into her ass, without warning or lubrication.
Eric pushed forward more, and more of his cock pushed inside of her.
Jan clenched her ass, trying to keep him from entering any further, but it was useless.
His cock pressed into her anyway.
As he pushed, his precum started to flow, and soon her ass gave way to the lubrication, and he was fucking her ass with ease.
Eric was rough with her, just fucking her like an animal, raping her without care.
Jan just laid there lifeless, allowing it to happen with no other choice.
The others had gotten so used to seeing Jan used like this, that they carried on hardly paying attention to the scene on the floor.
Jans head bucked with each thrust.
Eric grunted, the sweat beading on his brow, and he gave one final thrust, and came inside of her.
Jan felt his cum spew into her, and was glad that he would be stopping.
Eric climbed off of her, stood up, and pulled his pants up again.
She stayed on her stomach, letting the shock of this rape to pass.
Eric walked over to his chair, and sat again, looking over at Jan periodically to check her attitude.

Time passed, and it started to get dark, the sun going down on the second day of captivity.
Jan was in the kitchen making dinner with Karen, and a commotion came from the living room.
There had been a knock at the door, and the men were cleaning up any evidence of their presence, and running for Jan to put on her robe.
They were going to have Jan answer the door, while Eric hid behind it with the gun pointed at her.
The mad scramble to clean up their tracks was done, and the group hid in the kitchen while Jan got ready to answer the door.
She had no idea who it could be, and didn't know how she was going to handle whoever it was.
The house was silenced, and she was directed to open the door.
Jan was shocked.
It was Deb, the woman whose car supposedly broke down Sunday morning.
Her first reaction was that she was there to meet her friends.
Deb greeted her, "Hi, Jan? I don't know if you remember me or not, I'm Deb".
Jan acknowledged her, "Yes, I remember. What do you need now?"
Deb was surprised to hear that tone coming from the woman that was so helpful the day before.
"I'm sorry to bother you again Jan," Deb said, "But I forgot my cigarette case here on your table, I believe. I laid it down on your dining room table when I used your bathroom I think."
Jan told her she would go check, and closed the door as she left.
Jan went to the table, and found it there.
She picked it up, and went back to the door, opening it slowly.
She handed the cigarette case out the door to Deb, and Deb thanked her.
Deb asked, "Jan, are you okay? You seem like something's bothering you."
Jan answered her, "Yes, I'm fine, about as well as you were yesterday.
I'm glad you got your muffler fixed."
Deb thanked her again, and walked down the walk, and to her car.
Jan held the door open staring at Deb as long as she could get away with it.
Deb stopped halfway down the driveway, and turned back to look at Jan.
Jan shut the door, and Deb got in her car, and drove away.

end chapter 9

Chapter 10

Deb was driving down the road, and was thinking about what Jan had said.
Why did she say that she was glad the muffler was fixed? Jan knew it was the transmission that had broken down.
And what did she mean by her statement, " well as you were yesterday."
She knew that Deb was in trouble yesterday....unless...!! Deb said it aloud, "Unless she's in trouble!"
Just then, the radio became overpoweringly into focus.
The news report about the burglary and murder came on, an update, stating that the suspects are still at large, and believed to be hiding somewhere in town.
Deb slammed on the brakes, it occured to her what must be happening with Jan.
She looked down the street at Jans house, waiting for some sort of a sign, but then knew that she had better go for help while she could.
Deb drove to the police department, and told them her story.

Back at the house, the group settled back in, and congratulated Jan for doing such a good job at getting rid of the visitor.
They asked who she was, and Jan told them that she stopped by before they showed up yesterday, looking for someone.
Everyone settled down into their routine, watching the television, and staying busy in one way or another.
Eric set the gun down next to him on the table, and started talking privately with Tony.
Karen started to fall asleep on the couch, and Jimbo and Sly watched the tv.
Frank was pacing the floors, nervous about being cooped up for so long.
"Man, I don't feel good about this, Eric.
When do you think they'll lift the roadblocks? It sounds like they know we're still in town."
Eric told him to calm down, and said that they had a place to stay as long as they needed to.
Jan stayed quiet, minding her business as best she could.
The quieter she was, the better the chance of being forgotten, or so she thought.
Eric called her over to him.
"I think that my friends need to have their minds taken off of things for a while, make them forget, slut."
He pushed on Jan, shoving her in the direction of the men sitting on the couch.
Jan crawled over to them, and started to kneel in front of Jimbo as he pulled his cock out.
As she knelt there waiting for Jimbo, she looked behind him, out the window, through the curtains, and saw a police car drive by.
She was hoping that they were looking for these animals.
Jan tried desperately to prolong touching Jimbo, in hopes that a rescue was planned, but the delay would have been hard to explain.
None of the men saw the police car, and it was better that way.
Jan knew that if she kept them busy, that they would be less apt to see the police, if they did show up.
Jan lowered her head, and took Jimbos cock into her mouth, sucking on it slowly.
She licked the head, and down the shaft. Jimbo stiffened up, and his cock twitched in her mouth.
Jan looked up, trying to look over his shoulders, and out the window, but she saw nothing happening outside.
She continued her oral ministrations on Jimbo, making him cum in mere minutes.
Jan looked at him, and said, "You've been holding that for a while, I think."
She tried to appear as friendly as she could, and moved on to Sly, who was now sitting in the chair.
He stood up to take down his zipper, and as he stood there, Jan looked around toward the window again, hoping for a sign.

This time, she saw one.
She saw a face at the corner of the window, with a uniform hat on backwards.
Jan was excited, but knew that she couldn't give the men a clue.
She was hoping that her ordeal was over.
Sly grabbed Jans head, pulling it down to her lap, and as his hand was pushing, the doors caved in, and there was so much yelling that Jan didn't know where to go to avoid the fighting.
She dove down to her right, toward the floor, and hit her head against the table leg.
Eric was running over to where she laid, and Jan was afraid she was going to be used as a shield to protect him from the police.
When Jan looked up and saw the gun leaning over the edge of the tabe she had just bumped against, she knew why Eric was on his way there.
Jan reached up as fast as she could, and Erics hand slapped hers as they both reached the gun simultaneously.

The gun fell to the floor, and as Jan sprawled out reaching for it, Eric jumped for it.
The police were still yelling, and Jan heard a few shots being fired inside the house.
As if in slow motion, as Eric jumped, Jans foot came up, and caught Eric in the groin.
Eric landed on the floor, smacking his head hard against the corner of the table on the way down.
His hands were clenched against his zipper as he landed.
Jan grabbed the gun, and as she positioned it in her hand, saw the shadows of someone standing over her.
She aimed the gun, and as the figure came into focus, she heard him say, "Whoa there little lady, Police!"
The officer extended his hand for the gun.
Jan stared at him for what seemed like an eternity.
She was trying hard to believe that it was over.
She couldn't believe it.
It was finally over.
she handed the gun to the officer, and laid back.

The officer called for several ambulances on his radio, and found a blanket on the couch to cover Jan with.
Several other officers entered the house, and they dispersed in different directions.
Jan looked over on the floor and saw Eric laying beside her in a pool of blood, unconscious.
She asked the officer if her was dead.
"No, but it looks like you nearly killed him I'm guessing."

Jan then realized that she was the one that disabled Eric, a fitting end to her ordeal.


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