Monday, August 07, 2006

Well Maintained


The trouble with being maintenance staff in a factory, is that most big jobs need doing at night or weekends when the machinery is switched off.
This time it was it was refitting some of the canning machines.
Dave, the Maintainance manager, Fred, the odd job man,and me - I'm Mary.
the electricians were coming to the end of twenty seven hours of hard graft.
We should have been out on our feet, but Fred was getting randy.
The closer we got to the end of the job the more he groped me.
Now, somehow, he had me stripped to the waist.
As his hands roamed about my breasts pinching my nipples I began to tense, letting my tools fall to the machine pit floor.
I turned, my hands reaching for Fred's pants and my mouth for his.
The warmth was starting in the pit of my stomach, spreading swiftly to my moistening pussy.
As Fred dropped his hands to my jeans, pulling at the belt, I wriggled to help him.
I could feel my pussy swelling, the lips, usually enclosed in my knickers, started to unfurl.
I know that they would be darkening from dusky pink to almost a purpley red.
As they engorged, and moistened, they fold round the crotch of my pants, almost hiding it.
Fred dropped to his knees, enabling him to pull my jeans over my feet, and his mouth to my groin.
His big sloppy kisses covered my thighs licking the sweat from my pubic mound.
My soaked cotton knickers were being chewed through, I could feel teeth rubbing against my lips.
Easing my back down the cold metal of the retort, I eventually got my shoulders to the floor, and my ankles locked around Freds shoulders.
The ragged crotch of my pants disintegrated, and the hard tongue entered me.
Fred used his tongue like a small version of his prick.
Using his strong neck muscles to push the tongue deep into me, he brought to a first climax.
I swiveled around to take Fred's short stubby cock into my mouth, leaving my rear sticking up Dave who had descended into the machine well, on hearing my groans.
Fingers were stretching me wide open as Dave used both hands on me.
I could feel my lips pulled apart, as the hand went in almost to the wrist.
The prick in my mouth was moving in a slow lazy rhythm.
My lips and teeth loosely gripping it as my tongue rolled it around. Sucking off the seeping lubricants, I swallowing them along with rivulets of saliva.
Dave let his finger slide from my pussy, leaving a sticky track down my thighs, and round my waist, as he pulled me onto his rampant cock, thrusting deep inside me.
After a few thrusts he stopped, before letting the prick jerk inside me, like a twanging spring.
This was kept up for many minutes, until by some unseen sign, the two pricks, rapidly pumped away filling me full of hot cum.
I rolled to face the two drooping pricks, to lick them clean of the sticky spunk, slurping my tongue about the foreskins.
Then sucking the pricks far into my throat feeling them come alive, as they throbbed into stiffness again, ready for one more round of pleasure.
Fred lay on his back, squeezing my breasts, and thrusting up into my pussy, letting Dave kneel behind me.
I could feel Dave's fingers, wet from my pussy, working their way into my anus, gradually loosening its tight grip.
The fingers having lubricated me, were pulled out to let the cock penetrate me with deep thrusts.
The two cocks at first moved in unison, letting my juices seep from my pussy and on to my groping fingers as the shared my pussy with the throbbing cock.
Time and tiredness caught up with us, as the thrusting slowed to a halt ,as the hot cum erupted from each cock, and we eased out of each other.

And so home to bed alone.

There were only two of us left to finish the job.
Both perched high above the silent machinery, Mary and me - I'm Dave.

We balanced unsteadily on a tiny platform, containing a damaged power unit.
Mary leaned forward tightening the last screw.
Her overall covered buttocks thrusting and wriggling six inches from my face.
At last I could give way to temptation, as I reached up slipping my hands into the loose sides of the overalls.
I felt the cotton knickers tight round her rump.
I could feel Mary un- hooking the brass buttons on the bib, allowing the overalls to drop to her feet.
At the same time bending further forward, and thrusting her bum into my face.
As my tongue licked at her cheeks, my fingers hooked the crotch of her knickers away from her pussy.
The deep pink lips of her pussy were glistening with the first hint of lubricating juices.
The whole body tensed as Mary sought to maintain her balance.
Steadily Mary eased her feet apart.
At the same time her knees bent, pushing the bud of her anus at me.

I inched my way along the girder towards a cross beam, to give myself firmer footing.
With one hand gripping an upright, I was able to take Mary's nearest hand and help her to an area of half a dozen joining beams.
Having found a stable platform for us both, I took her into my arms, as her open mouth found mine and our lips writhed entwined in each of our salivating mouths.
Mary had one hand at the zip of my jeans, reaching for my erection.
Once freed my prick reached its full five and seven eighths' inches; well we can't all be John Holmes;
Her warm sweaty and slightly greasy hand steadily rubbed its way down to my balls, and back to the tip.
Still rubbing, she moved into a safer position.
Mary reached over to hold on to me, while balancing precariously.
She bent her knees, and squatted face level with my groin.
Sucking my prick into her hot mouth, Mary squeezed it with her teeth. Her teeth nibbled on until her lips pressed to my pubic mound.
Steadily she pulled her head back until her tongue was at the bulbous helmet.
Whilst her tongue worked away at me I slid my feet back to enable me to sit across two girders.
With both hands free I could reach both her breasts and her pussy, with a little body contortion.
The small firm breasts dropped from her bra.
Each tiny mound only half filling a hand.
With the nipples gripped between fingers and thumbs as I teased them to full erectness I had by now worked my shoulders along the girders to position my face directly under the damp looking crotch of Mary's knickers.
Lifting my head, I gripped the material with my teeth, and pulled it from the shaven pussy lips.
Probing the honey pot, my tongue slurped its liquid filling.
I ran my tongue lightly around the outer lips tasting the salt sweatiness and feeling the inner lips swelling and letting my fingers both slip deep into her.
Mary squatted harder down onto my mouth wriggling her pussy around my fingers.
The lubrication was seeping down over my wrist, and face.
Easing my tongue from the lips, I squelched onto the clitoris as it escaped from its hood, and I sucked it into my mouth.

I could feel the throbbing of my cock as it swelled in Mary's mouth.
My body shuddered as I came into her throat.
Pulling back enabled me to coat her tongue, and lips Easing ourselves apart, we clambered towards the tiny floored area in the roof that contained the water tanks. Then with our clothing hanging over the pipes, was the time for safe sex. Gripping Mary by her waist I pulled her pussy onto my once again standing prick. The clinging vaginal walls gripped it in the tight but squishy depths. Her trained vaginal muscles sqeezing on and off, feeling like a Mexican wave all along my prick. With each thrust my fingers pinched the firm but tiny breasts. Mary had reached under our bodies, with one hand stroking my balls, and the other attacking her clitoris, bringing us to a quick climax. As I slid out of her, Mary turned, dropping to her knees to take my limp sticky cock into her mouth. It took some time to get me erect again, Mary's hands, tongue and teeth, nibbled, sucked and kneaded it to a semblance of stiffness We rolled over. Mary kneeling, head down. Her rounded bottom pushed back at me. Aiming at the wet swollen vagina, I thrust deeper and deeper into her. I could feel Mary's fingers stimulating her clitoris, with one hand, and her other encircling my prick. We pistoned slowly, for what seemed hours. Mary pulled away, letting my prick slip from her pussy. Still firm I guided it to her tight anus. The entering took place swiftly as the lubricated glans pressed onwards. With the tight anal walls gripping the head of my cock, I swayed back and forth on my knees. Each push easing into her, until the shaft was fully interred. Gripping her in my arms, I turned on to my side, allowing both of us to take the pressure off our knees. As we lay spoonlike all four hands were able to massage her pussy. Mary's finger circled her clit, while I slipped the fingers of my right hand in as far as I could. The fingers of my other hand gliding around her lips to soak up the seeping juices. The fingers carried their honey moistness to our mouths. Each tongue slurping its share, licking the fingers clean, only to await the fingers return. Meanwhile Mary had relaxed, allowing my prick to speed up. I could legthen the strokes, getting a full rythme, until I could no longer control my actions.
My discharge so strong, it forced me out of Mary's shuddering body.
Mary lay like a broken doll, draped across me, as our sweating, groaning bodies relaxed.

It was time to go home.

It was another weekend, and more compulsory overtime.
Oh, I'm Fred, the handyman/odd jobber.

More cock ups by the idiots on the packing line, so Mary the electriction was called in, and I was needed me for the heavy shifting.
It was about midnight when we took a break.
With both of us fighting over the evening paper, it did not take long to turn into a tickling contest.
As Mary tickled me she managed to get her hands into my flies, and around my prick, pulling it out my pants.
Now I aint looking no gift horse thingy, so I grabbed her arse, ripping her jeans off.
Her fanny was all wet and sticky with her juice.
Pulling her legs apart I could get my fingers right in her, to wank her till she yelled, and shoved her twat hard on my hand.
Getting her rolled over into a ball with her feet over her head, I had her hot red twat twitching at me.
She was right open, so my todger slipped in up to my balls.
With my hand squeezing her tits, and my todger banging away, I hear Dave coming round the corner unzipping his trousers. He was soon on his knees with his prick jerking about over Mary's face.
Mary's Head was going like the clappers on Dave, his prick sinking into her throat, then slipping out as far as the whopping great purple knob.
Her hands seemed to be moving all over our bodies, squeezing, clawing, and pinching.
I don't know who came first, but I blasted off like a geezer , jerking out, leaving a trail of spunk all up her belly.
Dave was squirting across her face and tits.
Mary rolled and squirmed, like a bucking bronco, and yelling like a stuck pig.

Dave can never get enough of it, no sooner was he out of her mouth he was pulling her round to get into her twat.
Mary knelt up to let him in by the back entrance, though it took him a bit longer to get in that hole.
I slid under them, and started playing tongue tag with Mary, sucking her lips and tongue into my mouth.
She had hold of my todger twiddling about, getting it standing again, before feeding it into her spongy wet twat.
As I slipped in I could feel Dave's prick moving, just through the skin wall between us.
At first we just pushed up her as we felt like, before getting in time with each other, it was almost like the old days on the parade ground, but without a drill sergeant.

Over the noise of our grunts, groans and moans, I could hear mini screams coming from Dave.
That told me Mary was ripping open his back, with her short but sharp nails.
Our frenzied thrusting began to slow down until with one mighty heave we all gave a final push to orgasm, finishing in a sweating heap, Mary still holding both our weapons inside her a while until we oozed out from her, in floods of discharge.

The end

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