Monday, September 11, 2006

Goodnight Sweet Laura

by Mikie

It is well past midnight, very dark and quite cold in your neighborhood, one of those nights that are so dark it is literally hard to see your hand in front of your face or your feet touch the ground when you walk.
There is only one dim street light at the far end of the block, neighborhood residents apparently willing to risk the inevitable muggings rather than pay for adequate illumination.

I am dressed in black-- black slacks, black turtle neck, black casual shoes, dark jacket with collar turned up.
If I am to believe your latest e-mail communication, you have promised a rendevous with me to witness you naked with your fingers in your pussy if I dare to stand by the bedroom window that will provide the erotic view.
While the risk is considerable, to experience your beauty and sexuality firsthand after months of fantasies about you is surely worth the long walk in the cold across town and the unenviable possibility of being discovered and spending a night in the law enforcement center explaining my presence among your rose bushes.

I circle the neighborhood once, walking slowly, hands stuffed in my jacket pockets, staring straight ahead but looking and listening intently for evidence of any activity and trying to assess the meaning of the sights and sounds.
Is the barking dog likely to inspire other dogs in the neighborhood to set up a howl and cause neighbors to look out their windows?
Another cohabiting college-age couple are breaking up. 'You bitch! And I believed you!'
'You bastard! and I loved you!' is followed by a very attractive blond's suitcase being flung into the driveway where it springs open scattering her belongings as it hits the hard concrete.
Sobbing and swearing at the same time, she collects her undergarments, stuffs them in her gray, Samsonite suitcase, drags it to her Nissan Maxima parked at the curb, and within seconds roars off into the night.

The second time around, with pounding heart, I step off the sidewalk and circle to the back of your house to await my promised opportunity.
The greatst risk is in leaving the sidewalk less some still-awake neighbor see me and send an officer to investigate.
It is very cold and I am shivering not only from the cold but from the anticipation of seeing a beautiful woman naked.
Possibly, I am a little bit afraid.

Except for the glow that comes from a single window, the house is dark, your parents are asleep and snoring in the far bedroom I am assured.
I take a position as near to the window as possible but slightly to the side not wishing to be framed in the light streaming from it.
From this position, I can see most of your single bed in the guest bedroom without at the same time being seen.

You are late! I am feeling tense and a little bit angry.
Is this a just another tease by an internet exhibitionist?
If so, it is very effective as my heart is beating rapidly, my throat dry.
How long am I going to wait in the cold to see you naked before I am overcome with lust and kick your backdoor in for a firsthand visit to embrace you, squeeze your full, naked breasts, rub your sexy tummy and ram my throbing my cock up between your pretty long legs into your waiting pussy?
How long must I wait for you, sweet Laura?

I reach down with my left hand, squeeze my prick and balls through my pants.
God, my big angry muscle is already beginning to swell in anticipation!
I entertain myself with fantasies of you, your soft hair, your milky skin, your heavy, swollen breasts, your perfect pear-shaped ass, your thick, dark bush that surrounds your engorged red slit.
We met over the internet, exchanged sexual fantasies, a harmless activity I thought, until I found I could not easily turn them off and thoughts of you came to dominate my waking moments.
I asked you for a picture, a small portrait would have been adequate, so I could see the sensual woman with whom I had shared my most intimate fantasies.
You sent two photos as attachments, both of them nude and enough to inspire any man .
In the first photo you are completely naked, with very slender legs, heavy thighs and a sharply tapering waist.

You are smiling at the camera while standing on what I now recognize to be your patio, cupping your heavy, perfectly shaped beauties, nipples erect your dark, lush bush covering your pussy clearly visible between your slightly parted legs. In the second, you are standing bare-footed, dressed in an ankle-length flowered cotton dress with a low-cut neckline your swelling breasts constrained by a lacy black bra barely visible at your cleavage.

Your red silk panties are wrapped around one ankle as you hold the front of your dress above your waist to show off your pretty pussy while you thrust your pelvis suggestively toward the camera.

Finally, when it seems that I can wait no longer, the door to the bedroom opens and you casually enter the dimly lit room barefoot and dressed in a very short nightie that exposes your l slender legs and accents your gorgeous breasts.
In your right hand is a long, curved dildo of red transparent plastic in the shape of a powerful swollen cock.

And what fantasies do you entertain, sweet Laura, as you thrust away with your dildo, eyes closed, mouth open, perspiration beginning to sparkle on your naked body--a broadshouldered muscular weight-lifter whose long, powerful cock and big red balls bulge through his skimpy bikini while he grunts with effort as he bench presses a giant iron weight, a barrel-chested Hispanic lover with Spanish accent and romantic dialogue whose swollen cock now pumps tirelessly in your love channel, a muscular, sun-tanned construction worker whose thighs you now ride as his swollen cock slides in and out, in and out of your tight pussy while you pin his arms, biceps bulging, over his head and ride his cock to orgasm, or a stranger, dressed all in black who lusts after your gorgeous naked body sharing your passion in the dark as you buck uncontrollably against the stabbing dildo?

I hear your cry through the window pane as an uncontrollable orgasm grips your body, your is head thrown back, your mouth is wide open, your love juice sparkles in the lush hair of your pussy as unfathomable sensatiions of pleasure race through your body.

You cry is shortly followed by my own.
ARRGGGH! My furiously pumping hand and the sight of your own ecstasy cause my huge, swollen cock to empty my aching balls.
A stream of thick white cum spurts from my spasming cock, splashes against the weathered siding and runs down into your rose bushes.
And, though we may never meet, we have shared a moment of ecstasy.

Goodnight, sweet Laura.

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