Friday, September 01, 2006

A Milkmaid's Tale

By Luvverman

Our farm was the only place in the valley with cattle; they were still a bit of a novelty back then.
Everyone else kept goats and sheep so our cows made us good money for their milk.
That day father had said, 'Annie, you'll have to milk the cows today.
Bob's got to go to town. You're thirteen now. It's time you started pulling your weight outside the house as well.'

It would be the first time I'd ever milked the cows.
My sixteen-year-old brother Bob usually did it.

Dad's words made me feel all grown up and I remember asking him if it was as easy as milking a goat.
He told me that it was and that I'd get the hang of it quick enough, but if I had any trouble he'd be found on the Marrans Hill tending to the sheep.
I took the steel bucket and walked out through the muddy yard and into the cattle sheds where there were six dairy cows and a couple of heifers.
I filled their mangers with hay, collected the stool and approached my first cow, Matilda.
I sat down besides her, hitched my skirt up and slipped my knees under her belly and either side of her swollen udder the way I'd watched Bob do it.
Then I placed the bucket under her and with my right hand I grasped a teat; it felt warm and heavy.
Just like with the goats I began by closing my index finger around the top of the teat and pushing into the udder as I squeezed.
I pulled downwards and closed my other fingers gently inwards, grasping the rubbery teat firmly.
A jet of hot white milk spurted from the end and hit my boot with a squelchy noise.
I giggled to myself and tried again.
This time I managed to hit the bucket and the milk rattled against the bottom.

Again and again I emptied the teat into the bucket until I felt proficient enough to try both handed.
Holding the bucket between my ankles I bent forward and grasped a teat in each hand.
Simultaneously I squeezed and pulled and was thrilled at the ease at which it was working.

There was a loud bang behind me and I span around to see what was happening.
It was only a cow kicking at the pen but as I turned I must have pulled the teat away from the bucket and a jet of hot milk sprayed all over my lap.
The volume of milk in just one squirt was sufficient to soak my skirt right through to my panties.
I let go of both teats and sat there, dripping, looking down my wet lap.
Although I was cross at my stupidity, the feeling of the warm fluid soaking between my legs made me feel funny in my tummy.
As the warm milk ran down my thighs and puddled on the stool it felt a bit like I had wet myself.
It would take too long to go back to the house and change so I returned to my task.
As I continued though, my lap began to feel cold.
My skirt was wet and sticky so I rolled it up around my hips and continued working.
My crotch also felt sticky though so in the end I stood up and took off both my skirt and the wet panties, wiped my wet thighs and crotch and then rung them out and put them out to dry.
After I hung them up I stood still in the barn for a moment, conscious of the feel of the breeze against my exposed behind.
I suddenly felt deliciously and naughtily free.
I danced around a bit but then realised that I'd better get the milking finished.
I sat down again to continue milking, parting my legs either side of Matilda's udder, but I could not shake off the awareness of my naked and exposed snatch.
It was begging to be touched.
I felt so excited, like I wanted to pee but couldn't.
The warm milk splashed into the half-filled bucket and I suddenly had the most crazy daring notion to squirt that powerful jet on to my crotch.
I tried doing what I had done before, squirting the milk sideways but it was difficult.
The first jet went straight in my face, up my nose and mouth, making my hair wet too and the second try just went all over my t-shirt, soaking that too.
I sat there, dripping creamy warm milk, and decided there was only one way to get that jet onto my little snatch.

I moved the bucket from under Matilda then lay with my legs under her.
With one hand I reached upwards to her udder, grasped the teat and pulled.
The milk fired out at me and splashed over my thighs, I giggled and pulled at the teat again until it was aimed right at my pussy.
A creamy gush of milk burst its way between my pussy lips as I arched my pelvis upwards to feel its force.
A delicious tingling sensation grasped my crotch.
I had never known pleasure like it.
I think I must have gasped or moaned at the sensation.

Matilda was quite still and didn't seem bothered that I was milking her onto myself, she was just happy to be having her udder emptied.
I must have squirted myself at least ten times, enjoying the feel of the warm wet fluid as it ran over my thighs and belly.
I was wet, very wet but it wasn't from the milk, this wetness felt different.
I began to stroke my fingertips through my wetness and concentrated on the electric pulses as I touched myself.
Then I parted my legs and slowly started to rub. I inserted my finger between my lips and it felt fantastic.
I pulled my fingers back out and then spread the wetness around my lips and then through the cleft of my buttocks.
My pussy was tingling; it wanted something inside.
I touched the tip of Matilda's warm teat to the entrance of my pussy.
I wanted to engulf it, but it would be impossible like this.

I turned over and knelt down on the wet floor.
I reached behind and played with Matilda's teat as though it were a real penis.
It was almost touching my pussy now, so I lifted myself up and rubbed the end of the teat over my sopping lips.
I pushed myself backwards onto the teat and felt the end just penetrate me.
I grasped it tightly so as to make it firm enough to go further inside me.

I felt so dirty but it was a wonderful feeling to have this rubbery thing sliding into my pussy.
When it was fully inside me I clamped my vaginal muscles and was rewarded by a hot jet of milk squirting against the entrance to my womb.
The milk filled me then gushed out around the teat and down my thighs to the floor.

With my free hand I began to massage myself, I was in ecstasy.
I moved my hips back and forth, letting myself be fucked by Matilda's teat.
I could feel the hot milk filling me every time I clamped my muscles on it.
The milk ran out and cascaded over my massaging hand.
It felt as though I was wetting myself but the blissful feelings didn't stop.
Just then my stomach tightened and waves of throbbing pulses tore through me as I experienced my first ever orgasm.

Panting, I opened my eyes and realised what a state I was in.
I was naked from the waist down, my t-shirt was soaking and I was absolutely covered in milk.
I was kneeling in a huge puddle on the floor.
I pulled myself off of Matilda's teat which plopped out of me and stood up and mopped myself off with my skirt.
My legs were weak and shaky so I leaned against the railings between the pens.
I was still really turned on and began to massage my clit again.
There was so much milk still inside me that every time I felt my cunt muscles contract some flowed out and ran down my legs making a new puddle on the floor.

I stood there semi-naked, my legs parted and my fingers furiously rubbing over my clit.
I looked up for a moment and was horrified to see my brother Bob staring at me.
I'd been so tied up in my own world that I had never heard him enter.
I felt so, dirty and stupid but I couldn't move.
How was I going to explain this mess to Bob?
He moved into the pen beside me, not talking, just staring at my wet, naked body.
I stared at him, wild eyed.
Finally he spoke. 'Need a hand?'
'I, I...'
But he never let me finish.
He cupped one of my small breasts through the wet t-shirt.
He was watching my face for a reaction but I was far too embarrassed to do anything.
I felt his breath on my neck as he lowered himself down.
He started to kiss my wet breast through the t-shirt material and then he opened his mouth and started to suck on my rock hard little nipple.
The heat from his mouth was incredible, and those aching feelings came rushing back;.
He dropped to his knees and pushed his hand between my thighs, I was aware that he was doing something wrong, but it didn't seem to matter.
I didn't care; I just wanted to be touched.

As I looked down, I could not believe what I was seeing.
Bob was nuzzling and sniffing my pussy, licking the milk from it..
Then he took hold of my hips and turned me around.
He stood. Strong fingers parted my buttocks, almost painfully, I was forced forward and had to grasp the edge of the pen with both hands to stop myself falling.
I felt the tip of his hard cock butting against my pussy.
It felt good. Getting a good grip of my hips he eased himself in just a little more.
The feelings were so extreme that they were almost painful.
He then thrust himself in all the way, right up to the hilt as the next orgasm ripped its way through my body.

Bob thrust in and out of my wet pussy like a thing possessed and began to grunt as his orgasm built.
The only other sound was the sucking sound as his rigid cock pounded in and out of my cunt.
I pushed back at each of his thrusts and then he came in me, his cum mingling with the remaining milk inside me.
He pulled out, gasping, and I looked round at him with trepidation.
Bob was dripping with sweat and panting like a dog.
He didn't say anything, just tucked his cock away and left his little sister in the pen amongst the mess.

We never spoke of it afterwards but now I milk the cows regularly and when I'm nearly finished Bob normally stops by to help me.

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