Friday, September 08, 2006

Nancy's Reunion Challenge

By Anon

When I graduated from school in 1961 my class decided that we would have a class reunion every five years.
When the notice of my class reunion came in 1966 my wife Nancy said that she would like to go because she would like to meet the people that I went to school with.
Having come from another state Nancy had only met three or four of the classmates I went to school with.

From that day in 1962 when we were married and this sexy woman decided to let eight men gangbang her on her wedding night Nancy had been extremely sexually active.
As the reunion date came closer Nancy began to show more and more interest in going and meeting my classmates, especially the men from my class.
Nancy said that she wanted to meet all the girls from my class that I had dated.
She jokingly said that after she met the girls that I had dated she was going to make it a point to get their husbands to fuck her.
I told her that that sure wouldn't be much of a challenge because I had only dated one of the girls in my class.
I jokingly told her that if she really wanted to accept a challenge that I challenged her to get all of the men from my class who attended the reunion to fuck her.
I told Nancy if she accepted the challenge and got all of them to fuck her I would buy a complete new wardrobe.
When she asked what she would have to do if she didn't completely with the challenge.
I told her that I would have think up some form of punishment and would tell her about if after the reunion if she failed to win the challenge.

Nancy met Don, one of my classmates, when we were first married.
Don, very good friend of mine, knew that Nancy had decided on our wedding night to become a whore like I wanted her to.
Knowing that Nancy was whoring around and that I approved, Don started coming by our house and talked Nancy into letting him fuck her only a few days after we were married.
Although she didn't have any romantic interest in Don she loved the feel of his big eleven-inch cock in her.
She liked the feel of his big cock inside of her so much that continued to let him fuck her many many times.
In fact Don came to our house and fucked Nancy at least once almost every week.
He had grown so accustomed to regularly fucking Nancy with me knowing about it that if I was at home he would come in and say hi as he and Nancy headed to the bedroom for their wild sex session.
They would be in the bedroom for about thirty minutes as he hammered her horny little cunt with his big hard cock.

Don was married to Judy, a cute little woman that was somewhat of a tomboy.
She was about 5'4' tall and weighed about one hundred and ten pounds, the same as Nancy, but with a very different build.
Judy's figure was a cute 34A-24-33. Nancy's sexy body was all curves and measured 36FF-20-36.
Don loved watching Nancy's big tits bounce around when he was fucking her so much that he just couldn't stay away from her.
Judy knew that Don came by our house and regularly fucked my beautiful wife every week.
Judy was also free to occasionally go out for sex with other men so she didn't seem to mind that her husband always seemed to be fucking someone else.

Despite the fact that Judy's husband Don was having sex with Nancy they became very good friends and told each other everything right down to their little sex secrets.
The only difference was that Judy had only let four or five different men fuck her while Nancy went out to the nightclubs whoring, with my approval, four or five nights a week getting fucked by at least four or five men each night she went out.
When the notice of the class reunion came Nancy and Judy talked about what clothes to wear and how they would fix their hair for the party.
After giving birth to twin babies in April 1966 Nancy worked very hard exercising, both in and out of bed, to get her great figure back, all firmed up and ready because she really wanted to make a good impression on all my classmates at the reunion.
She succeeded so well that when the time for the reunion party came Nancy's figure was absolutely fantastic.
Nancy's breasts were normally 36FF but since she was nursing they were now a gigantic 36GGG.
These gorgeous big tits along with her tiny little 20' waist and 36' hips was a sexy package that she hoped no man could resist.

When the night of the big reunion party finally arrived, I almost didn't make it.
I watched Nancy getting ready like I usually did when she was getting ready to go out for the night.
She was so excited about making a great impression that she was taking extra pains to make sure everything about her looked perfect.
I watched as Nancy shaved her underarms and legs.
I began to get very excited as she also shaved and oiled her sweet little pussy.
As she put on her makeup and perfumed some very strategic spots I was so excited that I almost spoiled everything and took her right on the spot.
Before getting dressed Nancy pumped the milk from her big tits hoping that it would help keep them from leaking for awhile at the party.
She said that she was going to take her breast pump along and leave it in the car so she could go out and pump them again if they started leaking while we were there.

Nancy had pumped a good supply of milk and stored it to feed to the twins when she wasn't able to nurse them.
This was very handy because it enabled us to take the kids to Nancy's sister's house where she agreed to take care of them for the two days of the reunion party and picnic.

As we arrived at the party I was very proud to be with such a gorgeous, beautiful, sexy woman and to be able to tell them that she was my wife.
When we walked in and the guys from my class saw my beautiful wife their mouths dropped open and they simply stared in disbelief.
As we walked around and I introduced Nancy to everyone she began to put her party plan into action as she immediately started flirting with the men.

I had just introduced Nancy to Harold when Nancy asked me if I would please get her a drink.
I left Nancy talking to Harold as I went over to get her the drink that she had asked for.
As I was getting the drink the music started and Harold broke the ice and asked Nancy to dance.
They danced several dances before Harold brought her back to where I was waiting.
As I handed Nancy the drink that she wanted she laughed as she told me that Harold would probably be the first one of my classmates to fuck her that night because he had already started to put the make on her when they had been dancing.
Nancy said she flirted with Harold while she danced with him.
When he started to come on very strong with her she quickly told him that she was not only interested but also very willing to go outside with him and let him fuck her.

When the rest of the guys saw that Nancy was eager to dance someone other that me the men began to swarm over to ask her to dance with them.
Nancy would keep me filled in on the details as I would occasionally break in and dance with my gorgeous wife With all of the guys bringing drinks when they would come over and ask Nancy to dance with them it wasn't very long and she was already getting drunk.
It was ok because Nancy loved to get drunk at parties especially when she wanted to let a lot of different men fuck her.
What she really liked the most was to get drunk at a party and then get gangbanged by a very large group of men.

When we had been there for a couple of hours Nancy came back and told me that she was going out to the car to pump her breasts because the dancing and drinks were getting her excited and her breasts were starting to leak.
I watched as she walked out and shortly saw Harold quietly slip out of the party after her.
About twenty minutes later I saw Harold come back to the party and a few minutes later Nancy also came back in.
Her face was flushed and I immediately noticed that Nancy had also removed her bra and was now letting her big tits bounce free.
When she came over to me I said that she must have really pumped her breasts out because I noticed she had lost her bra while she was out. She giggled and said that she had also lost her panties in the car.
Nancy said that she didn't have to pump her breasts very much because Harold had gone out with her and sucked a lot of the milk out of her.
She whispered to me that she had been so excited that she also took off her panties and let him fuck her while he sucked on her milk filled tits.

While Nancy was outside with Harold I danced with Don's cute little wife Judy and she told me that Nancy was serious about trying and take on all of the guys at the reunion party.
Judy said that Nancy had asked her and Don to help her by quietly tell the guys that she was horny and available.
Don told them if they were interested in making it with Nancy that Judy would go over and get their wives involved in a conversation about the good old times when they were in school together.
If they were busy talking they probably wouldn't notice their husbands slipping out for a quick wild sex romp with my horny wife.
When Nancy really was turned on it didn't take long for her hot quivering cunt to bring a man to climax.
After Judy informed me they were helping get the guys ready for her, I saw Nancy go outside, with Frank slipping out closely behind her.
Frank was gone for about fifteen minutes before he came back in.
About five minutes after Frank came back Nancy also came back in.
She came over to me and asked if Judy had told me about her plan of getting Don and Judy to help her.
Nancy said that she was going to try and win the challenge by getting all of the men from my class to fuck her either that night or the next day at the class picnic.
When I told her yes Judy had told me that they were helping her Nancy laughed and said that she already had been serviced by two and only had thirty-two more left to take on. Nancy had been gangbanged by more men then were in my class, so I knew that it was entirely possible that she could take on the whole class.

During the next three or four hours almost every time I saw Nancy she was going outside quickly followed by another of my classmates.
I watched Tom, Gary, Earl, Duane, Keith and Bob one at a time all go out to have a great time fucking my horny wife's cunt.
By the time she had been out with all of these guys it was almost midnight, which was the scheduled time for the party to break up for the night.
Because there was to be a picnic for the reunion class the next day the women were tired and wanted to go either home or back to where they were staying to get some sleep.

As they were all leaving Nancy came up and told me that Don and Harold told the wives that they had organized an all night bull session for the men who wanted to stay and join in.
What Don was planning was actually a gangbang party to give the guys a chance to fuck my beautiful wife.
Twenty of the men were going to be there and Nancy said that they were going to sneak her along with them without any of their wives knowing that she was with them.
Don had known Nancy since we had gotten married and knew how horny she was and that she loved to get drunk and gangbanged.
Don figured that with twenty guys she was going to be well taken care of for the night.

As she was leaving with the guys Nancy told me that Judy was going to go home with me and that Judy had a very special surprise for me.

When Nancy left with all the guys Judy and I got into the car and I started to take her home.
She quickly slid over and snuggled up to me and began kissing and nuzzling my neck.
She then said that part of the surprise that she had for me was that she was going to spend the night with me at my house.
She told me that she had always had a crush on me but as she had spent more and more time around me she was falling in love with me.
I quickly told Judy that I was very much in love with my sexy wife and I wasn't looking for anyone else to love.
I told her that I had decided to stay at home when Nancy was out getting fucked by other men because I was constantly turned on from the time she began getting dressed to go out until she came home and really wasn't interested in going out.
I told Judy that Nancy had started letting other men fuck her on her wedding night because she wanted to please me.

Judy said that she understood my getting turned on by Nancy's whoring around.
Judy said she and Nancy had had some very serious talks about Judy coming over to spend some time with me when Nancy was out for the night and Don was also out having some fun.
Judy said that Nancy thought that it would only be fair because she was out having fun almost every night with other men and wanted me to have some excitement by occasionally having another woman.

Judy told me that she also loved her husband Don but that she also needed something else.
She said that since she was also in love with me that Nancy had said it was ok with her if she chose me to be that something else.
Judy said that she had been trying to get pregnant since they had gotten married in 1961 but with no success.
Nancy said that Don had pumped her pussy full of sperm many many times so it was only fair that I should get the chance to fill his wife Judy's pussy with a few loads of my own. Judy also told me that Nancy didn't have any problem with her trying to get pregnant when I fucked her.

Judy turned out to be a hot little number that night as she kept wanting me to fuck her again and again.
She was very serious about getting pregnant because she made sure that each time I left a load of sperm deep inside of her.

About five o'clock in the morning Judy and I had just finished having sex for the third time when we heard a car coming into the driveway.
I glanced out the bedroom window and saw that it was Don and Harold bringing Nancy home.
As they got out of the car I saw that she was very drunk, as they had to help Nancy out of the car practically had to carry her to the house.
They were all over her, laughing and playing around as they brought her into the house.
As they tried to put her down all three of them fell over on the couch.
As the lay there laughing Nancy suddenly got very serious about wanting to get fucked again by both of them.
She reached down and took Don's cock out of his pants.
His big cock immediately got hard and Nancy quickly mounted him.
After she had Don's cock deep inside of her Nancy told Harold to come up behind her.
Grabbing his hard cock she guided him into her telling them that she wanted two cocks inside of her at the same time.
In a very short time Nancy was writhing around with complete abandon as she wildly took on the two men that were roughly fucking her.
Suddenly she stiffened and began to growl as she quickly reached another orgasm.
Feeling her tighten and quiver around their cocks excited Don and Harold.
In a short time they grimaced as they both climaxed and each of them pumped their load of hot cum deep inside of her.

Judy and I had gotten up and were quietly watching the proceedings with the bedroom door open a small crack.
Judy was in awe watching Nancy ride Don's cock and said, ' Wow, she really does love to get fucked.'
As Nancy became wilder and more excited her big tits began to bounce and flop with every move she made.
As she watched Nancy lose herself completely into pure animal sex Judy said she could understand why her husband Don said that he had so much fun when he fucked my sexy wife.

Watching Nancy take on the two guys at the same time really excited Judy and me.
Although we had just finished having sex only a few minutes before as she stood there watching she reached back and grabbing my now already rock hard cock.
Guiding my cock into her from behind Judy whispered that she wanted me to fuck her again while she watched Don and Harold as the two of them fucked my horny wife.
Judy whimpered very quietly as she had an orgasm and I was so excited on that I immediately shot a load deep inside of Judy's steaming little pussy.
We quietly went back to bed so it wouldn't be obvious that we had been watching Nancy getting fucked out in the front room.

After both Don and Harold had finished filling Nancy with their cum they dressed and left saying that they had to get some rest so they could make it to the picnic.
Nancy came into the bedroom and turned on the light.
Having never been with another woman where my wife could see I was somewhat embarrassed when she came into the room.
She just smiled, saying 'Hi honey, did you enjoy your surprise?'
When I told her that it was great she said that I had always let her go out with so many different men that she had decided that it was only fair that I finally got to have some fun with another woman.
She giggled and asked Judy if I had made her baby yet. Judy said that she didn't know but that I sure had given it a good try.
She told Nancy that she had kept me busy enough to fuck her four times that night.

Nancy climbed into the other side of the bed so I now had a sexy woman on each side of me for the rest of the night.
We were all very tired so it was only a matter of minutes and we were all sound asleep.

We managed to wake up the next morning about 10:00 o'clock. It was very interesting getting to neck and fuck two sexy willing women upon waking.

I found out that Judy and Nancy had planned this night very thoroughly.
Judy had brought the clothes that she was planning to wear to the picnic over to our house and had left them here.
We all proceeded to get ready and left for the picnic and about noon.
After a picnic dinner was over we had the traditional softball game that every class picnic has.
Nancy didn't take part in the game because she was very intent on a special game of her own.

She said that she had been fucked by seven of my classmates at the nightclub party the previous night and that eighteen of the guys had gangbanged her at the all night bull session that Harold and Don had set up.

Nancy's plan for the day was to take on the rest of the guys that hadn't already had her a chance to play with her sexy body and fuck her horny little cunt.
Don and Judy had already helped Nancy spread the word that she was hot and ready.
For the whole afternoon she would simply walk over to where we were playing softball and slowly walk away towards the river and each time another of the guys would quietly slip away and follow her to a secluded spot in the brush.
Nancy had already laid out a blanket and was ready to show them what fucking a hot horny woman was really like.
All afternoon Nancy slowly went back and forth as she let the guys follow her to the spot where she had everything prepared to show them a very good time.
By the time the picnic was over Nancy had been fucked by eight more of my classmates, three who had also fucked her the party the night before.
She had also let three of the men that were married to girls that were classmates fuck her.

After the reunion was officially over and we were on our way home Nancy began putting more entries into the diary that she kept of all her activities.
She told me she had only managed to get thirty of the guys from my class to fuck her.
As she was writing down the ones that had fucked her I couldn't believe it when she told me that the last one to fuck her was George.
George was a minister and I didn't think it was possible for Nancy to interest him in extramarital sex, even though she was very gorgeous and sexy.

Nancy said that she couldn't believe how horny he was and the way George talked to her.
He told her that he knew she had been well used that afternoon.
He said that he had seen her going back and forth letting the other guys fuck her.
George told Nancy that it didn't matter to him because he was going to fill her well used cunt up again with a big load of his hot cum.
Nancy said that he had even gone to their car and got his camera when he came after her so he could take some pictures of her.
He took several pictures of her gigantic tits and of her sexy figure.
Nancy said that she was teasing him by spreading her legs out and showing him her cum filled pussy.
He took some pictures of her spread out and several of them were very close-up shots of her cunt with cum dribbling out of it.

Nancy said that she had had a wonderful time meeting my classmates and letting them fuck her horny pussy.
She said that she would get them all at our ten-year reunion but she was curious to find out what she I was going to have her do as a penalty for not winning the reunion challenge.

I told Nancy after thinking about it that I was going to take her to a town about forty miles away to pay her penalty.
I knew that Nancy liked to be humiliated sexually so I told her that she had to get drunk and spend the night letting the derelicts on skidrow play with her big tits and fuck her hot horny pussy.

Well that will be another story about some of Nancy's exciting sexual adventures.

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