Monday, September 04, 2006


By Luvverman

I remember starting to glaze a window at home and then I think the ladder tilted sideways and I fell off - at least that's what I thought had happened.
I couldn't really remember clearly but I knew that I was now lying on a trolley in what was obviously a hospital examination bay.
It was one in the morning and I'd been there for hours, I was cold and severely pissed off.

There was a lot of activity, nurses rushing around and patients being wheeled from cubicle to cubicle.
There was a drunk in the bay next to me who had apparently been out for a bike ride with his mate and broken his clavicle as he was launched over the handlebars.
He was moaning about the pain he was in and the time he had to wait to be seen, he was complaining about everything, even the gown he was wearing was letting in draughts and his arse was exposed - whinge whinge whinge.

I sat there quietly and waited my turn, an hour was not so bad but this was getting ridiculous.
Just then a young nurse walked into the bay and closed the curtain behind her.
She was about twenty, tall, blond and very attractive, "She'd get it" I thought to myself.
"Right, you're next I think" she said in a treacly voice.
"Yes, and I've been here for hours" I said in what I hoped was an authoritative tone.
"Don't get funny or you'll be waiting until the next shift come on in the morning" she said.
"I know you're busy but I'm in a lot of pain here" I remonstrated.
"I'll give you some painkillers, but that's the best I can do until a doctor's free.

There's been a pile up on the motorway and they're all tied up with that".
I watched as her hips swayed out of the room, and thought about her arse cheeks rubbing together under her uniform.
"She'd definitely get it" I thought again.
When she came back she was carrying a small plastic cup, "drink this and you'll feel better" she said as she held out her hand.
I tried to sit up but my back was in pieces, pain shot up my spine and I collapsed back onto the trolley.
"Oh dear, you are in a bad way aren't you, here let me help" she said and leaned over me.
Gently she supported my shoulders and pulled me upwards, my face was pressed against her breast and I began to think about the soft swelling and the hard nipple at it's end.
I was beginning to forget about the pain and started to make the most of the situation.
She now had me sitting upright and whilst supporting me from the side fed the contents of the cup into my mouth.
"That was revolting, what was it?" I asked, she smiled and said "something to take away the pain and make you more relaxed, but not too relaxed".
She fluffed up the pillow and then lowered me back down "I'll be back in a bit to see how you're getting on" she said and then left the bay.
I couldn't stop thinking about how sexy she looked.

Within a few minutes I was feeling better, everything seemed sort of hazy, I felt warm, it was as though I could feel the blood pumping around my body and gently warming every muscle.
It was very pleasant and I began to dose off into a sleep.
I was dreaming, I could feel my clothes being removed and was now naked.
A hand was touching my thigh, it was stroking me in soft and deliberate circular movements towards my groin.
I decided to make it the nurse and go with the dream.
The hand moved upwards to my stirring cock and then held it.
My shaft had gone completely erect and the hand grasped the base, squeezing hard. It felt too real to be a dream and I struggled to open my eyes, the light flooded in and I saw the shape of a person, it was the nurse and she was stroking my dick.
I knew that I wasn't dreaming this, no dream ever felt as real as this.
I opened my mouth to say something, voice my concern, find out what was happening, nothing came out.
I tried again and managed a sort of gurgling sound, she was smiling, laughing even.

Then I heard words "don't try to talk, you can't.
You can feel just enough but you can't speak" she was unfastening her belt, it dropped to the floor and then she unbuttoned her uniform.
I looked around and saw that I was no longer in the bay, the curtains had been replaced with walls and a door, which was closed.
Her uniform fell open and I could see her body, she had beautiful tits, no bigger than my wife's'.
Through the haze of the drug I remembered that I was married and that I shouldn't be doing this.
I shouldn't allow this to happen and somehow had to stop it.
"Please stop, leave me alone" I cried, but nothing came out.
I began to feel panicked, utterly helpless.
I tried to sit up but couldn't move, there was no pain, I just couldn't move.

Now she was laughing. The evil bitch was sexually harassing me.
She peeled the uniform back over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.
She stood before me naked all but her little black panties.
Her thumbs looped under the material and she pulled them down her thighs then lifted her legs through them in turn.
She stood there for a second and I thought that she'd finished, then she moved closer to the trolley and climbed on.
She crawled above me confident that there was nothing I could do to stop her.
Her tits were directly above my eyes, the nipples were hard and stuck out unapologetically, she lowered her breasts onto my face and dragged herself further upwards.
Now I could see her navel and I couldn't move.
She carried onwards until her cunt was directly above my eyes, I could see the folds of her labia and smell the sweet musky scent.
This was highly erotic but I can't do this I thought to myself "please stop" but nothing came out.
As I looked up at her twat I could see the glistening of her juice as it leaked out from her pussylips and she sat down on me.
My nose was pushed inside her slit and she began to rock herself backwards and forwards using my nose as a clit stimulator.
I could feel her cuntjuice as it ran over my cheeks and thought I was going to either drown or suffocate.
Then she lifted herself up letting me see her messy cunt, her hands came down and took hold of her lips, she peeled herself open and I could see right up her cunt.
She began to rub her clit with her index finger and I could hear her moaning.
Then she stopped and turned round, she was now facing my erect cock, her fanny was still directly above my face and I felt her take my dick into her mouth. I could feel the warmth of her saliva as her mouth engulfed it, gently pushing her tongue into my slit and then rolling it around the end.
"Oh please, stop this. I want this to stop now" but nothing came out.

I could feel her pubic mound on my chin and see her gaping cuntlips above my eyes, the role of her buttocks was just visible and then suddenly a torrent of piss gushed from her cunt.
I could feel the warm sticky fluid as it ran over my cheeks and settled under my hair on the pillow.
There was nothing I could do to stop her and as I lay there helpless she sucked and slurped on my cock.
I could feel the pressure building in my balls and a few moments later I started to spurt my jism into her hungry mouth.
Then without warning she got off the trolley and stood at the side of me, she leaned forward and lowered her face over mine, her lips pressed against mine and she opened my mouth with her tongue.
I could feel her filling my mouth with my own cum, "you bitch" I screamed but nothing came out.
She picked up her uniform, redressed and as she turned to face me said " I never liked this hospital and I'm resigning with immediate effect, goodbye Doctor Rogers".

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