Wednesday, September 20, 2006

South of the Border

By Paul Gordon

My name is Paul Gordon, most of my friends call me Paulie.
I attend Point Loma College in San Diego.
This story happened to me during the last semester (Spring 1999).

I had been dating Jessica for about two weeks before we decided to go camping down in Baja.
Both of us are surfers, and a trip south of the border really enticed us.
(For all you non surfers, Baja has great waves and warmer water than Cali.)

Our relationship had been going pretty smoothly, we were at the point of making out and stuff.
But, we hadn't had sex yet. I guess I hoped to change that on the trip.

I don't want to give to much info on Jessica.
She is a cute 19 year old, kinda at the threshold of womanhood.
I like her personality cuz she takes life easy and likes to have fun.
Her shoulder long blond hair, and blue eyes help too.

I packed two tents (being a gentlemen), blankets, two big coolers of food, towels, surf gear, all the stuff for two days in Baja in my truck.
(It's a 12 year old Suburban with 126,000 miles on it.) I picked up Jessica at her dorm right after lunch, at the end of my last class.

As I pull up to the curb, Jessica is standing there with a backpack and sports bag, and her roommate.
(The roommate had a boogieboard and fins slung under one arm.)
She walked up to the passenger side window and said, "Paulie, Sarah would like to come along. I told her you wouldn't mind..."
She gave a really sweet smile that said I know you won't mind having her tag along.

Sarah was more of a girl than Jessica.
I mean she wasn't so sure of herself, a bit shy.
Probably a virgin. Maybe not. (There aren't many virging college girls left in this country.)

Sarah was a bit shorter than Jessica, and had wavy sand colored hair reaching far down her back.
Her body wasn't as full and curve-filled as Jessica. But, I didn't mind having her along even though she was a sponger.
(Bodyboarders are called spongers by surfers, cuz they lie on a floating sponge.)

Anyway, we were off and driving within a minute or two.
The trip across the border was quick.
Another 200 miles of well-maintained Mexican roads lay afore us.
After getting out of Tijuana, the country side got totally desolate, and the roads became more and more lonely.

I found a nice Mexican radio station, and the two girls and I began to talk.
Sarah sat in the passenger seat; Jessica said it make her feel more part of the gang.
Jessica asked me about my college experiences in Florida.
( I had just transferred to Cali that semester.)
Within a few minutes I was telling the girls about Courtney.
We had a serious relationship, lots of sex, lots of fun.
She was the first girl for me and meant a lot.
I told Sarah and Jessica about her.
Our first time, we rented a hotel room in Daytona Beach and stayed there for the weekend.
The girls (especially Jessica) wanted to know more about my first time. I obliged them with a short account.

After the first night, a night were we explored each others bodies, both of us were on a sexual high.
We wanted more and more erotic things.
I got a pair of scissors, a shaver, and some cream.
Courtney was quite willing for me to shave her.
I had spent a good deal of the night licking and probing between her legs with my tongue.
I just told her without all the hair, it be better for me, and maybe for her too.

But that is not the story I want to talk about.

Anyways, so the girls were enamored with what I did to Courtney.
Jessica began to talk about her first time.
When she said, "I thought the same thing when I first did it, I just wanted to lick her clean pussy," me and Sarah just looked at eachother and said what?

Jessica then told us that her first lover was another girl.
They were 15 at the time.
She said all the boys in her school were dirty, pimplefaced morons. She and her friend trusted each other and explored themselves.
She began to talk about all the things the two did.
The two took photos.
They shaved eachother, and used cucumber as dildos.
Jessica said there craziest thing was to put four inch cucumber up their pussies between classes in high school, and then wiggle around in their seats during class.
She said they usually competed to see who could hold off before climaxing the longest. (I mean see how long they could hold of coming, not who could climax longer. You get it!)

At this point, I said I didn't know she was such a naughty girl.
Her reply was quick, and in such a smooth calm voice.
"We put those veggies in other places too."

166 miles to drive until La Paz.

Sarah then told us about her first time with this guy two years older than her.
All she really said was he just stuck his dick in and pumped for a few minutes.
Afterwards, he just wanted her to suck his dick.
For the next few minutes, we were all kinda quiet.
Jessica, oh Jessica that naughty girl.
I guess revealing our experiences got her in an erotic mood.
I guess she decided to have some fun. Though, I didn't know it at the time.

Jessica just said, "I'm going to take off my clothes. You two don't mind."

I was about to ask if she was serious, but a glance in the rearview mirror showed her pulling her t-shirt over her head.
Her round breasts, with distinct tanlines of a biking, and her reddish nipples reflected off the mirror right at me. (I'm not sure, but I believe I said 'holy shit'.)

Jessica kinda slit her back onto the backrest of the rear seat, and pulled off her jeans.
At this angle I saw her white panties and tanned tighs.
A second later, she pulled off the panties, and sat back down.

Sarah was looking back and said, "You are crazy!"

"yeah, but its so nice feeling the wind racing across my sking. My nipples are already hardening. And, I like the thought of you taking off your clothes too."

Sarah replied with another you're crazy. But as I looked over at her, she had a small smile on her lips.
What the hell did I do to deserve this.

An "ok" came from Sarah, and I saw her pulling off her sweater.
A bra flew off next, and her small somewhat flat breasts waved at me.
( I know breasts can't wave, but I sure wanted to greet them with my hands.)

Sarah began to pull down her pants, taking off her panties too.
I hadn't see Jessica's pussy yet, but Sarah's was right there.
As I looked over at her, Jessica said, " Wow, you have such a nice crack. It's so clear and open and simple. Mines a lot more meaty, and hairier."

Of course Sarah looked back and replied with a giggle, "I like yours, its so full and round."

And there I was driving my Suburban through Baja with two girls critiquing eachother's pussies.
HA! (Where the fuck where you?)

Jessica was enjoying it too.
She was into this stuff, being naughty and shocking people.
"Hey Sarah, I bet you've never seen another girl finger herself. Watch.)

I slowed down my truck at this point, adjusted the rear view mirror and began to watch along with Sarah.

Jessica placed each of her legs on one of the front seat, completeling spreading her legs open and showed off her dare I say 'full and round' pussy.
It had a nice pale color, and her hair was kinda golden.
Her clit was just sticking out and a perfect cherry.
With one of her hands, she began to run one or two fingers across her clit, massaging it and pressing it.
Her other arm snaked around her left leg and came in under her inner tigh, in to her pussy.
This allowed us to see her enter herself with all her fingers and still see her clit being stroked.
Jessica's head was leaning totally back.
She was enjoying it, herself.

You know earlier I said that Sarah was more of a girl, kinda unsure of herslef, and a bit shy....?
Well she did something at this point to make that description of herself seem absurd.
She took a candy bar, a Butterfinger that had been in a cupholder next to the safety brake, and reach back and began to trace a line from Jessica's knee to her inner thigh.
Looking in the rear view mirror, I saw Jessica pull her hand from her pussy and use her thumb and index finger to spread open her hole.
And Sarah, sweet Sarah knew exactly what to do.
She slid that lucky candybar right into Jessica, as far as that Kingsized thing could go.

Jessica began to gyrate her ass a bit up and down, moving her hands to her breasts and pulling on her nipples.
Her full breasts, bigger than thought they were, just stretched out so far.

Sarah began to wiggle the candy bar around inside Jessica's pussy.
And she liked it ( Jessica liked it.) Though I wouldn't hesitate to say Sarah enjoyed the experience too.
Sarah was kneeling on the center console.
Her butt was sticking right at the rear view mirror, completing blocking my view of Jessica's pussy.
Of course, heh heh, Sarah's pussy was just screaming in the rear view mirror.
Her ass and pussy were so close, and I finally got into the action.

Sarah wasn't prepared for what I did.
I guess she was having to much fun doing Jessica.

I reached across my body with my left arm, and stuck my index and middle finger right in her....pussy! ( I guess you thought I was going to say her asshole.)

She was wet, so damn wet I wanted to stop the car and ram my throbbing dick up her cunt. But that would have ruined our joyride.
Instead, I began softly scratching at the inside of her pussy.

She arched her back like a kity cat, and moaned and moaned and moaned.
Jessica was being pretty quiet.
But the second I stuck my fingers up Sarah, she went off. (Sarah went off)

I began to use more fingers on Sarah and she got louder and more wiggely.
She wiggled her ass around, arched her back, rocked back and forth.
Damn, and did that girl moan.
From my limited sexual experiences ( one girl ), I had already obtained an appreciation for vocal girls.
I love when they voice their pleasure.
It tells me I'm doin something right. And I was doing something perfect with Sarah.

Withing a few minutes, she came in a wet explosion.
I almost thought of pulling my hand out, but she squated her ass down and pinned my hand to the center console.
From there she began to rub her pussy across the center console, forcing my hand deep inside her.
I felt a shitload of pressure on my hand. And god was it wet.
And god what was that girl doing. Sarah just moved harder, pushed down harder, fucked herself using my hand.

Jessica also realized something special was going on, cuz she said "Sarah you're giving it to me now.
Oh yeah give it to me you pussy licker. I know you like it hard."
While I was behind the wheel, Sarah was in the drivers seat.
Ramming my hand inside her, always deeper, and she was ramming that candy bar up inside Jessica.
I began to hear Jessica moan more distinctly than before. I guess she was getting it good too now.

Now came Sarah's asshole!

What can I say, lots of shit was happening and I felt like I needed to contribute more.
And Sarah was like just doing everything to everyone. ( My hand was pretty sore by this point.)

I unzipped my pants and wet my index finger with my cum.
(Hey, I came, what else can I say.)
Making it dripping wet, I ran the finger down Sarah's lower back and down her buttcrack.
Her anus was sticking out, a round, forbidden button.
I knew she had never had anal sex before.
Probably she didn't even want it. Maybe she did.
Who knows.

I stuck my finger up her ass with a quick, hard push.
Heh heh.
She yelped in pain. And looked over her shoulder at me.
( I guess your wondering how I was driving the car......well that is quite simple. There was a long straightaway, and I was using my knees to steer the truck. The speed control did the rest.)

I pushed my finger as far in as it could go, and pulled it out an inch or so.
God did Sarah scream "OH!"

I knew it must have hurt.
But since she was fucking herself and Jessica so hard, I guess she handled it. Cuz she said, "More."

Well I gave her more.
Knowing she'd take what ever I gave, I gave her a violent assfuck with my index finger.
I pulled it out almost to the nail, and then stuck it in all the way, and pulled it out again just as fast, and rammed it in again.
For her first time, her ass being as tight as it was, she was getting some. And then some.

She had stopped rubbing her pussy on my hand.
She just layed down on the console and kinda let me take over.
(I'm not sure if she kept doing Jessica. I was too occupied with her ass at the time.)

While she had moaned loudly before, Sarah was now going "Ahhh ahhh ohh ohhhhh, mmmmmhhhhhh." And stuf like that.
She was loud. And, I took that to mean I should continue with her ass fucking with my finger.

Ram ram ram ram ram..... thats what my finger did.
I did it for a few minutes, and then she said grabbed my hand. "Ok. No more."

I pulled my finger out and Sarah slid into her seat.
She just collapsed into her seat totally drained.
Though in her hand she still held the candy bar.
It was so damn wet with Jessica's wetness and cum.
Looking back in the rear view mirror I saw Jessica smiling at me. (She had such a sweet smile at the time. The sweetest smile I've ever seen.)

"Wasn't that nice. And, you gave it to Sarah. You're going to have to do that later to me."

Since we were all kinda acting naugthy and I wanted to taste her, I took the candybar from Sarah's hand and stuck it deep into my mouth.

It tasted so creamy and sweet.


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