Friday, September 15, 2006

Adventures of a Security Officer

by Dick Throb

Here I am again, I have to pull my 4 hours in the Security Booth, but it's not bad.
It's 10 below zero outside and I've got plenty of heat, a TV, a VCR for movies and an FM radio.
A water cooler with hot water for instant coffee or soup, what more could a guy ask for.
All I have do is answer the phone and monitor the fire systems.
Now that we have good radios, communication with the other officers is easy.
Even with all of the goodies, it's still boring sometimes.
But I'll take the night shift over days or afternoons anytime.

Just then the phone rang.
'Cardell Public Safety, may I help you?''Hi darling, how are you tonight?'
I immediately recognized the voice of my girlfriend.
'Fine now that I'm talking to you.'

The sounds of her voice started my cock to grow.
I have never been with woman as wonderful as her.
She can take a man to heights never attained before.
She can hold my cock in her mouth and keep me on the edge for several minutes before I cum.
Then she swallows it all.
No matter how much I give her, she takes it all down her throat.
That's not all.
She has the sweetest tasting pussy I've ever had the pleasure of eating.
The aroma and fragrance is enough to make a man cum right there.
I could cum on her leg just licking and sucker her cunt.
Think of the sweetest most flavorful thing you can, her pussy is better.
Now I'm hard as a rock.

I ask her, 'What have you been up to? You know it's 12:30 in the morning and you have to work tomorrow.'
'Yes, I just wanted to call and say hi.'
'Well I'm glad you did.'
'Are you real busy tonight? If not I'd like to come in early and see you.'
'Sweetheart, I'm never too busy for you. What time did you want to come in?'
'You get out of there at 3:AM right?'
'Yes I do.'
'Well why don't I stop over about 1:30.'
'Sounds great to me. I'll be expecting you then.'
With that said, she hung up.
I knew what was going to happen, and I could hardly wait.

She arrived right at 1:30 AM, she's always on time.
She came in the booth smelling like a bouquet of flowers.
God she always smelled so good.
I turned down the interior lights and we kissed for a long time.

It didn't take long and she started squirming and pushing against my hard cock.
I rubbed her back and kissed her neck. She loves to have her neck kissed, among other things.

One thing lead to another and before long she had my cock out of my pants stroking it and licking my balls.
She knows how much I like that.
She then wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and started to suck it.
She likes to spread the per cum all around with her tongue. She then softly stroked my shaft up and down for several minutes.

All this time I'm looking around for any cars in the area and trying to concentrate on what she's doing to me.
I think I could have my arm amputated while she was sucking me off and I wouldn't notice until after I shot my load.
Well, she's so good it doesn't take long for my load to start building up in my balls.

I feel my toes start curling and my knees shaking as the load builds.
I have to hold into the counter to keep from falling over.

She can feel my cock getting thicker and hotter.
The vanes are standing out as I get closer and closer. Her hand pumps a little faster as she holds the head between her warm wet lips. It's all I can do to keep from ramming my cock down her throat, but I don't want to hurt her so I let her control the depth.
I always tell her when I'm going to cum so I don't surprise her with an extra massive load and gag her.
At my age it doesn't happen often, but still I have to consider her feelings.

She continues her sucking and pumping while I brace myself.
I feel my cum rushing from my balls up my piss vain to the head where it explodes in a gushing, pumping, squirting fountain of hot juice. She doesn't flinch a bit as she takes it all in her mouth and swallows every drop.
She licks my cock clean, I don't even have to wipe it off.
God I love this woman.
Not because she gives the best head ever, but because she is so wonderful.
She's beautiful, kind, sweet, caring and giving of her very soul to the mans she cares for.
I do the same to her, but I'm married so I do have limits.
She knows it and doesn't care, she still loves me.

After she swallows all I have given her, I pull her up and kiss her long hard and wet.
I can taste my cum on her lips but I don't mind.
After all, she just swallowed everything I gave her.
Why can't I at least show my appreciation by kissing her as though I love her. I know most men wouldn't do that, but I'm not most men. I'm the one that has her heart and she's got mine.

We sit back and small talk until 3:00 AM when my relief shows up.
He doesn't say a word about her being in there with me.
We jump in the car he dropped off and drive to one of the buildings on campus.

Once in the building, we head for the couch.
We've been here before, it's warm quite and cozy. I kiss her again long and hard.
She kisses me back wet and warm. This keeps up while we take our clothes off.

Once she is naked, I kiss her tits.
They are great, medium size but firm and so soft. I continue to kiss them as I rub her stomach, moving my hand down to her pussy.
This causes her to moan aloud and grate her hips.
I know she loves having her pussy played with, any way and any faction. I'm always very careful not to hurt her. I kiss her stomach and she moans louder in anticipation of what's coming, she knows my routine.

Now her pussy is a wet fountain of sweet juices.
I start licking her inner thighs just nudging her pussy with my nose.
This drives her nuts. It also allows me to breath in the fragrance of her pussy.

About now she's thrashing about like I'd stuck a hot poker up her ass.
But my hot poker was no were near her ass.
It was in her hand.
I wet my fingers and thumb in her juices, gently I insert my thumb into her pussy.
Now I have to actually hold her down on the couch.
She is so hot I think she'd go into orbit if I didn't hold her.
Now I lick the inner lips of her pussy while I slowly pump her with my thumb.
She has just enough hair on her pussy. She trims it so I can lick the hair, and it's not too much. I really love her pussy.
I move my tongue and lips all over the opening of her love canal.
I'm licking her cunt from top to bottom.
She's just about ready to cum now, I move my lips to her clit and form a suction with my tongue dancing on her clit.
This, along with my pumping thumb drives her crazy.
I hear her scream and feel the insides of her pussy squeeze my thumb. It gets so tight it almost pushes my thumb out.
But I keep it in, wriggling it around.
Suddenly I feel her steaming juices flowing out into my mouth.
She keeps pumping the wonderful sweet tasting fluid into my mouth for several seconds.
I have difficulty drinking all of it.
Some of runs down onto her beautiful elegant ass hole.

I continue to hold her until she calms down, sometimes this takes several minutes.
I stop pumping her love hole but continue to suck her clit.
Again she grabs my head and screams loudly as a second wave of pleasure racks her body and her pussy erupts with flowing juices.
I drink as much as I can of her inner being, only to lose much of it down onto her ass hole. I stop all contact with her pussy and she finally calms down enough to talk. She tells me it was wonderful.
I say, 'Well I'm real glad you like it because I loved it. You taste better each day.'

We just kiss and hold each other for sometime. Soon she reaches for my manhood again, it's nothing but a hard rock of granite. She again rubs my pre cum around the head of my cock. I rub her pussy spreading her wetness.
I roll her over onto her stomach and I kneel on the floor.
This way I can insert my slippery thumb back into her pussy and lick her ass.
She really like this.
I slowly push my thumb in as far as it will go.
Then I start licking her ass cheeks.
I like the little crease at the top of her leg, below her ass.
That takes several minutes of tender loving kisses.
While my thumb is ever so slowly pumping her pussy, I lick around the little ring of her ass hole.
This drives me absolutely fucking nuts. I lick and suck her ass hole as if it was a lobster dinner.
It's covered with her pussy juice and my saliva. I lick it and rim it while she's squirming and wiggling.
She is moaning again and pushing her ass into my face. I stick my tongue into her ass hole and she screams with delight.
I'm not into eating shit, but to lick and sucking her ass hole is the next thing to cumming.
I like doing it and she fucking loves it.

I continue this licking and sucking while she grabs anything within reach and convulses into another orgasm.
With my thumb in her pussy and my tongue buried in her ass hole, this orgasm causes her body to go into spasms, pumping and pushing against my face as hard as she can.
I love it when she does that.
After some time she calms down and I slide my thumb from her pussy.
I lick her ass hole for a few minutes longer.

Finally we turn to face each other.
Both of us are a wreck. Hair all messed up, smelling of pussy juice and cum.
We kiss for a long time. We each enjoy what we do to the other.

I lay her on her back and spread her legs.
The sight of her open pussy is like a flower in bloom.
I get between her legs and rub my cock all around the opening.
This causes her to whine and move her hips around.
After a few minutes I can't take anymore.
I lay on top of her and she guides my cock home to her steaming hot love canal.
It slips in all the way with no trouble at all. It couldn't be any wetter or hotter.
I stay buried deep for a few minutes not wanting to move. I'm enjoying the warmth of her love and her body.
I love being with her, and making love to her.

Slowly I pull out a little and again hold myself still.
It feels so good I'm afraid of cummimg too soon.
I can feel her inner walls closing around my cock and making it pulsate.
I don't know how she does that, but it,s wonderful. After a few seconds I calm down a little, I slowly bury my cock deep inside and start a nice rhythm of in and out.

I must still go slow, in and out, back and fourth.
Slowly I increase my tempo. Reaching under my cock I find her ass hole and gently push a finger in, still being careful not to hurt her.
Now I can fuck her pussy, finger her ass hole and kiss her lips while she wraps her arms around me.
This we keep up for several minutes, during which time she cums twice more. Each time squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles.

Now I can feel my load building.
Once this feeling starts, I blow out a huge amount of cum real fast.
It squirts so hard I feel her stomach move.
I feel the extra cum flowing out of her pussy onto my hand under her ass.
I pump her pussy harder and deeper until I feel my cock start to go limp.
I lay still on top of her with my cock shrinking slowly until it falls out. We kiss deep hard and wet for some time.

We love each other, and what we do.
I love her very much.
I would like to have her as my wife, she is a beautiful person inside and out.
I wish she were mine to have and to hold every day, but that is not to be.

We will love each other when we can, and any way we want.
I will do anything she asks, I will please her in any way she needs.
For you see, she is my lover, and I am hers.


KYCM said...

Oh Camilla,
Eroticism with subjects of Police and Security as the fuckers.....yes the fuckers they are. Being that I work with many of both of the aforementioned types, I know them well. Most would love to be the kind of fuckers you make them out to be here. Not the low-lifes I work with. They are just fuckers who only dream of getting fucked. Thank You for making your story so able for me to relate to. You do it so well and you had no idea. Fine Bloggage my dear Camilla!!!


KYCM-"Big" Fan of you and ~L hehe

Camilla said...