Friday, September 29, 2006

The Train Ride

by T Bear ( JUNE 99)

(His view)

We had a fight, maybe it was that we had been apart or we just have been working to hard.
We had scheduled a trip together, a get to know you sort of trip.
We are scheduled to take a train from Maryland to LA then get on a plan to Hawaii.

I told her that I was going and I didnմ care if she came or not and walked out regretting said what I said right afterwards.
At work I felt guilty and knew that she didnմ deserve that kind of treatment.
I picked up the phone to call and apologies but being a man with all that pride I hung it up.
Half the day went by and I still hadnմ called nor had I heard from her.
My stomach was in knots and I didnմ want to lose her, especially since it was so early in our relationship.

I bought some flowers and went to the house. I open the door and called out her name but you werenմ there. Feeling bad and looking at my watch, I went and packed and headed for the train station.

I went and checked in and went over to what was supposed to be our compartment. It wasnմ a sleeping compartment but it was secluded from other passengers. I sat down and took out some work hoping she would show up so I could apologies.

I heard the trains whistle go off and felt the lurch of the train but there was no sign of her.
I took out some work and started to work on it, resigning my self that I screwed up and probably lost the best thing that happen to me.

As I was crunching numbers the door open but I didnմ look up afraid of being disappointed by seeing it was someone else or the conductor handing me a Dear John letter.

All of a sudden a shadow feel over me and I heard a female voice asked if they could sit down and pointed to the chair across from me.
I said sure not looking up right away.
As I raised my eyes, starting at her feet and then her calves finally to the muscular thighs.
Looking at the flare of her womanly hips, the narrow waist to the white summer dress with a flower design, to the swells of her breast.
The very feminine neck to her pretty face and penetrating green eyes and thick brown hair. I just had to smile but something was wrong.
She pretended to act like she was a complete stranger.
I guess I was really in the doghouse but something told me that I wasnմ but to go with it.

She sat and crossed her right leg over her left, pulling the hem of the summer dress she was wearing over her bent knee.
I pretended to keep working and looked down at my papers.
After about 15 minutes I guess I wasnմ showing her enough attention and she let the heel of her right sandal come off.
There she was sitting across from me giving me a view of a leg and dangling a shoe, knowing that would get my attention.

I knew the game now she wanted me to beg.
She was going to teach me a lesson and she wanted me to know she was in charge.
I still pretended to look at my papers while taking glances at her leg swing back and forth with that dang shoe dangling.
After a couple of minutes of that she uncrossed her legs and cross the left over the right being sure that I could see her thigh before smoothing out her dress again.

I glanced at her face but she was reading a book she took out of her pocket book.
I saw a trace of a smile but it quickly went away, she was enjoying this.
After what seemed like an eternity the train went into a tunnel and the cabin went dark.
When the daylight came back through the windows I looked over at her. It seemed like she was showing more cleavage than I remembered when she sat down.

About 10 minutes later the train went into another tunnel and we were plunged into darkness again.
I looked over at her again and it seem that I remembered her wearing stocking but they to were removed or did she have any on.
My mind is starting to race and my pants have started to become uncomfortable.

I have to admit at this point I was looking forward to the next tunnel but I had no idea whether there was one or not.
I looked at her face and she was biting her lower lip. So I know that there was more to come.
I wasnմ sure how far she would go but she definitely had a devilish grin on her face.

About 20 minutes later we did go through another tunnel, when we came out of it I watched as she put something white in her bag.
I didnմ get a good look at it and wonder what it was. Then I found out.
She uncrossed her legs and fluffed her dress.
I got a view of her most private parts.
The parts that had given me hours of pleasure just the night before.

She looked me straight in the face and smiled.
Then she went back to reading her book.
Her she was driving up the wall and she was reading a dam book.
She then got up and went to the window.
She leaned over so that she could look out, knowing that the back of her dress would rise and give me a better view of the back of her legs.
I felt beads of sweat on my forehead.
It was getting really hot in here. I thought about what I should do.
Well I looked at her legs from her ankle to what the dress had uncovered.
She was in control but I was determined to get a little control back.

I put my papers down and moved to sit on the front of my seat.
I was just behind her about an arms reach away.
I notice that she was keeping up the heat by changing her weight from one foot to the other, flexing and un-flexing her legs.

I bent down and lightly touched the back of her closes ankle, not sure whether I would get slapped or not for the way that I treated her earlier.
There was no slap so I got a little braver.
I slowly and lightly made circles with just the tips on my fingers up her calf.
Still not convinced that I wouldnմ get slapped.
When I got to the back of her knee I felt her buckle just a tad.
I knew that from then on she had just released control to me.

I repeated what I just did to the other leg and again at the back of the knee I felt a buckle, a little more distinctive this time.
I got a lot more courage now and I knelt down behind her and placed a hand on the out side of each of her legs.
I ran them up the sides, from her ankles to her hips raising the dress with my forearms.
When I got to her hips and looked at what the dress revealed I realized that the white object she put in her bag were her panties.
I took a good long look at the back of her legs and her butt.
All that work in the gym really paid off.
She had an incredible body and right now it was all mine.

All of this was still a surprise to me because she is very conservative outside the house.
She didnմ mind showing affection mind you but sex in the great out doors was something all together different.
Some parts of me felt like I had awakened a sleeping giant and I wonder if I will be able to handle it. Only time will tell and I plan to spend a lot of that with her.

I took both of my hands and placed them on both sides of her left ankle and proceeded to run them up her thigh. I then switched legs and did the same to the right.
When I got to the top of her right thigh it was soaked.
She was more turned on than I thought.
I slowly cupped her mound and pressed upward.
She was running like a faucet and I heard her suck some air into her lungs.

I reached up with my hands and grabbed her shoulder and stood her straight up.
I started nibbling on her neck and earlobes.
I whispered into her ear that I was sorry and what did she want me to do to make it up to her.

She turned around to face me and said that I should be sorry and to never walkout on her again until we talk everything out.
Then she got a wild look in her eye.
She said if I wanted to make up with her there was only one thing I could do at this point.

I was willing to do anything and told her I would do what ever she wanted me to do.
With that said she put her right foot on her seat, kind of sat and stood at the same time on the windowsill.
She then took her left hand and grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up just above her pubic hair.
She then took her right hand and grabbed the back of my head and brought it to her face.
I thought she was going to kiss me but her face slid by my lip and she started nibbling on my ear while whispering in it.
She told me to get down on my knees and eat her like I never had done before because she needed some relief.

I knelt down and took in her essences through my nose.
I then looked up at her and saw a wide eye look on her face of anticipation.
I then lowered my head and dove right it. She still had her hand on the back of my head and was pushing my face to the spots she wanted touched by my tongue and lips.
I heard her say over and over thatճ it baby, keep it up.
I felt her whole body tense and then spasm. I had to steady her to keep her from falling on me.

I then stood and kissed her letting her taste herself from my lips.
She kissed me hungrily and I knew we werenմ finished.
She pushed me into my seat and worked on my belt and pants. She pulled my pants down to my knees.
Straddled me as she lifted her dress to her waist and knelt over my now very hard erection.
She grabbed me with her hand and placed the other on my shoulder for balance.
She placed me at her entranced and I could feel the heat radiating from her.
She then sat on me.
My cock went all the way in, with on stroke.
She was wet and hot and I felt like I was being wrapped in warm silk.

We stated off slow looking into each other eyes.
Our lips sometimes lightly touching other times smashed together with force and passion.
We picked up the tempo and you could hear our skin smacking together.
We were lost in a world of ecstasy where only she and I could go.
She wiggled her top down and placed her left breast in my mouth that I gladly accepted.
I then moved to the right and that sent her off.
Her whole body tensed for the second time today and mine did at the same time.
She trough her head back and let out a low guttural moan.
I couldnմ stand it anymore and came with her.

After our intense orgasms I looked at the window and noticed it was fogged except for her butt cheek prints from earlier.
I kissed her and told her we needed to open the window.
She smiled a wicked smile and told me thatճ how we got into this situation in the first place.
We put ourselves back together and held each other until we got to LA.

The Train Ride Her View

We had a fight, maybe it was that we had been apart or we just have been working to hard.
We had scheduled a trip together, a get to other better.
We are scheduled to take a train from Maryland to LA then get on a plan to Hawaii.

The nerve of him talking and treating me like I was a child.
I donմ need this from any man.
My life was fine before I met him.
I sat in on the couch almost in tears and started to think if I should go on this trip.
We really havenմ seen too much of each other since he moved up to Maryland with my crazy hours and him getting settled with a new job and home.

There is something about this man that I like.
He is manly yet very boyish at the same time.
Confident yet insecure but he makes me feel so safe in his arms, like nothing will ever go wrong when he is near.

I decide that I wanted this man but that he had to pay for talking to me like he did.
I started to pack and think about what I was going to do to him.
Then it came to me.
I was going to make this man beg to have me back in his life.
I wasnմ sure how I was going to do this but I would come up with something.

I put on some white lace panties and matching bra.
A white summer dress, that has rose pattern on it that comes down to my knees.
I let my hair down because I know he likes that.
And put on some stocking and flats.
I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw and new he would want me when he saw me.

I looked at my watched and had to hurry to get to the train as I was walking out the door I notice a piece of paper on the coffee table with a bouquet of flowers.
I didnմ notice this when I got back from the store.
I read the note and it said that he was sorry and to please forgive him and join him at the train he didnմ know how he was going to make it up to me but he would.
Knowing that he is a man of his word and that he is already begging, I think I am going to have fun on this trip.

I get to the train a couple of minutes before it was scheduled to leave, check in and had the conductor show me to our compartment.
The compartment had two bench seats facing each other and he was sitting there on my right.
I ask the conductor if anyone else was going to be joining us and he said no.

I let the conductor go into the compartment and ask him for his ticket while he puts my bags away.
The conductor held the door open for me and I walk in and lock the door behind me.
He is looking at some papers and not paying any attention to me so I walk over and cast a shadow over him while asking if I can sit in the seat across from him.

He slowly looked up starting at my feet and taking in my calves, thighs, hip, waist and breast and then my face.
I am proud of the work I have been doing in the gym and I know he likes what he sees because when he gets to my face he is smiling.
I pretend not to notice and sit across from him.
Boy was I going to torture him. All in the name of love.

I sit down and cross my right leg over my left one watching out the corner of my eye his reaction.
He is still looking at his papers but I see his eyes darting to my tone calf.
He is a sucker for my legs.
After 10 minutes he seems to be engrossed in his papers so I reach in my bag and take out the paper novel that I had been reading.
While doing this I let my heel of my right shoe come off and dangle my shoe while swing my leg back and forth trying to hypnotize him.

I have to admit that he was playing it cool.
He would steal glances at my leg but he wouldnմ make it obvious.
I decided to heat things up a little and uncrossed my legs.
I started to cross my left leg over my right but raised it hirer than necessary to show him a muscular thigh. I saw him looking and then to my face but I looked away.
I saw him squirm in his seat knowing that I got a reaction out of him.
Boy do I feel good.
I am not sure how much more of this I can take though, I feel the temperature rising myself.

All of a sudden the train goes into a tunnel and the compartment is black.
Thinking quickly I pull the shoulder of my sundress down to the top of my arms showing a lot more cleavage than when I came through the door.
I wish I had a camera.
His eyes seem to pop out of his head when he realized what was going on.
A couple of minutes later we went into another tunnel.
I quickly took my shoes off and pulled my stocking off.
Putting them in my bag I grabbed my sandals that I had and put them on instead of my flats.

When we came out of that tunnel I could tell that he was confused and I felt sorry for him but I wasnմ finished yet.
In fact he didnմ stand a chance.
I figured that I would pay him back for all the teasing heճ put me through.

I acted like I was reading my book because I hadnմ thought about what I was going to do next.
I started thinking about what we did last night.
The way he touches me with those wonderful hands.
His mouth on mine while his tongue exploring my mouth, neck and earlobes.

I love when he grabs my breast, with passion yet gentle not to cause me any pain.
Then he licks them all over never touching my nipples until I moan.
This guy knows how to drive me wild. I love to feel his hands on my bear back and my legs.
He just has this way of needling my flesh to make it warm and wanting.
I love the fact that everywhere his hands go his tongue is not far behind, given me goose bumps and shivers as he explores my body.
If he only knew that my teasing him got me excited more than it did him.
I donմ know whether it is the way he makes me feel or the fact that I have gone to long without but right now he could do with me what he wanted to.

The train hit a bump and I come back to reality realizing that my little daydream had soaked my panties.
All of a sudden we plunged into darkness, another tunnel.
I took this opportunity to take my panties off and just as I was slipping them in my bag we came out of the tunnel.
I tried to hide them but decided not to, letting it slide a little out of my hands.

I have never been one to have sex out in public but like I said I have been to long without and he has away of making anything feel all right to do or try.
I looked at his face and determined that he hadnմ recognized what I had done.
Just like a man, put something under their nose and they just donմ get it.
I decided to help him out.
I uncrossed my legs and open them slightly, fluffed my dress picking it up high enough so that he could see that I didnմ have any panties on.
I donմ know who got more out of it, Him or me.
The cool air rushed up my skirt attempting to put out a fire that started to burn deep within.

I looked over at him and smiled.
I pick up my book as I did I looked in his lap and noticed that I was having an affect on him.
This was good because I needed relief soon.
I donմ know how much more of this I could take.
I was running like a faucet wondering if he could sense my excitement.

After a couple more minutes of me being on firer I had to speed thing up.
I put my book down and got up and walked to the window.
I leaned forward to pretend to look down the tracks, hoping that he would get the hint.
I could feel my juiceճ starting to run down the inside of my thigh.
Man does he keep me wet and he hasnմ even touched me yet.

I looked out the corner of my eye and saw him put down his papers.
Other than the obvious signs in his lap, he was acting very cool.
Dam I hate that about him.
Right now I wanted him to raise my skirt and plunge his tongue in my pussy and give me some relief.
He moved to the edge of his seat, he reached out one of his arms but I didnմ know what he was going to do.
Thatճ another thing I liked about him, he keep me guessing.

I felt him touch me on my right ankle very lightly.
Electricity shoot up my legs to the heat of my desire.
I suck in a cool breath of air hoping he wouldnմ hear me.
He stopped for a second and I was wondering what he was doing then he started torturing me.
He made little circle with the tips of his fingers up my calf.
If I wasnմ already on fire he would have started one. I closed my eyes and concentrated on his touch all the while grabbing the windowsill with a death grip.
I wanted to scream at him to just take me but I still wasnմ sure how far I would let this go.
This is so unlike me.

I open my eyes and looked in his direction and notice that he wasnմ there.
I started to panic.
Did he leave or is he going to give me what I need right now some relief.
I really wanted some relief, not thinking about where I was or about what I was doing.
I was a woman in heat and with a strong need.

All of a sudden I felt his hands on the outside portion of each leg. He started to run is hands up my legs.
I felt the back of my legs getting cooler but the rest of me was getting hotter.
I realize that my dress was coming up my legs as his hands were.
He moved his hand all the way up to my hips and the cool air on my ass and pussy gave me a quick second of relief but I needed more.

I also came to the conclusion that all this time on the train we havenմ said a word to each other.
I wasnմ sure that I wanted to tell him to just take me.
Maybe he would get the hint or read my mind and just plug in.

He put both of his hands around my left ankle and started to move them up my leg. He was sent electric bolts right to my gut.
He got to my upper thigh and I was waiting for him put a finger or something in me to relieve some of the tension. Instead he did the same thing to my right leg.
He got up to about mid thigh and I knew he could feel my juices running down my thigh.

His hands went to my pussy and he started to rise.
I was waiting to feel his tongue, finger, cock, or something penetrate me.
My state of arousal was unbelievable high and I was ready to rip his clothes off as well as mine.
He just cupped my mound and I know that my juices cover his hand.
I havenմ been this excited in years.

His hand left my aching pussy, leaving me to the point of violent frustration.
I felt his hands on my shoulder, straightening me up. My breast longed to be touch and I just new he was going to reach around me a grab them like he has many times before.
Instead he started nibbling on my neck, knowing that makes me even hotter.
He then started on my earlobe and whispers that he is sorry for treating me so badly.
He also said he would do anything I want him to do to get back into my good graces.

I turned around to face him.
I looked up into those big brown eyes and told him that he should be.
I told him as far as getting back into my good graces he would have to worship me.

He looked at me puzzled.
I raised my right leg and put it on my seat.
I took the hem of my dress in my left hand and raised above my pubic hair.
I put my right hand on his shoulder and leaned against the windowsill.
The warm flesh on my butt pressed against the window.
I moved my right hand to the back of his head and told him to kneel down and lick me like he has never has before to give me some relief.

He knelt and grabbed my ass to pull me closer. When his tongue made contact with my pussy, I exploded to a wrenching orgasm.
All that anticipation really makes a girl hot.
I wasnմ finished yet and I used my hand to guide his head and tongue to hit all of my sensitive spots.
He sure knows how to make a girl scream his name.

He brought me to another earth shattering orgasm but I needed to feel him in me now.
I pushed his head away and he asked what was wrong.
I told him nothing that I just needed to feel him in me.
I pushed him into his seat. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his zipper.
I made him raise his hips to pull his pants down to his knees.
I then knelt over his lap and raised my dress to my waist.
I took hold of his pulsating manhood and guided to my opening.
I was still running like a faucet.
I put the head into my opening and sat down.
The feeling of him filling me up was glorious.

We started out at a slow pace.
I wiggled my dress down past my breast and placed my left nipple into his mouth.
Then I did the same with the right.
That really turned me on and I picked up the tempo.

This was exciting.
Someone outside looking in would have gotten a good look.
Anyone could come through the door at any minute, as it was we could here them walk past the door.

I really started getting into it and picked up the tempo more.
I started to sweat and say beads of sweat on his forehead.
I was close now and I told him.
I felt wave after wave of orgasm wrench through my whole body.
I felt him tense in me and come at the same time, which really sent me off.

We sat there for awhile catching our breath.
I leaned back and looked into his eyes and we both started to laugh.
I donմ like to argue but making up with this man sure is fun.

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