Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nancy Does the Men of Skid-Row

by Anon

On September 18, 1966 I told Nancy to get all dressed up because I was going to take her out for dinner.
I watched as she dressed her sexy 36FFF-20-36 figure in a very sexy dress.
It was always so exciting watching Nancy get dressed in her sexy outfits.
After she got dressed up in a very sexy outfit we started on our way to dinner.
While we were on our way I told Nancy that tonight was going to be the night for her to pay off on her losing bet from the class reunion.

Nancy said that she was willing to pay off the bet but as always she was very curious as to what I was going to have to have her do to pay off the bet.
All through dinner she kept asking, wanting to know what I was going to have her do to pay off her debt for losing the bet at the reunion.
I told her that I had thought about it for quite a while and that the decision was very difficult.
Since she had done so many things in the way of sex. She had stripped in public, and stripped for private parties.
She'd been gangbanged, had several men fucking her at the same time, just about everything.
I wanted her to have her do something that she hadn't done before.
I told her that I was going to take her to skid-row and give her to the winos there and let them fuck her all they wanted to.

While we were having dinner Nancy complained that she didn't want to let the drunks on skid-row have sex with her.
She said that they were so dirty and smelly that she didn't want to do it with them.
I made sure while we were at dinner that Nancy had several drinks so she would getting drunk and very horny when I took her to skidrow to let the winos fuck her.
We stopped on out way and picked up a dozen bottles of cheap wine to give to the guys to offer them the incentive to take on my sexy little wife.

By the time we arrived on skid-row Nancy was pretty drunk and extremely horny like she always got when she was drunk.
I parked the car in an alley and then told Nancy to take off her dress.
She was now wearing only her garterbelt, nylons, high-heeled shoes and her coat.
As soon as she had removed her dress I told Nancy that I wanted her to get out and parade herself in front of some of these guys, opening her coat so they could see her small sexy body with those gigantic tits.
Nancy said, 'What do I do if they start talking to me?'
I told her that if they started talking to her she could give them a bottle of wine and offer herself to them, telling them that she wanted to get fucked.
Nancy started parading down the alley and shortly staggered up to where a young man was sitting on a blanket in an alley doorway.

He looked at her and said, 'what's happening baby, how about giving me a little of that', meaning her great body.
She smiled at him and said, 'Come and get it if you think you can handle a hot time.'
He got up and came over to Nancy grabbing her and kissing her as he roughly began squeezing one of her big tits.
He kept kissing her as he roughly reached between her legs and finding she wasn't wearing any panties he shoved a couple fingers into her hot cunt.
When he stopped kissing her she handed him the bottle of wine.
He quickly opened it and took a big drink, offering Nancy a drink from his bottle.
Nancy usually didn't drink wine so it surprised me when she took the bottle from him and also took a big drink of wine.
I knew that if she continued drink like that she would really be drunk before the night was over.
He put the bottle down and reaching for Nancy he practically threw he to the ground as he climbed on top of her.

He quickly yanked down his pants and pulled out his now hard cock.
Nancy reached down and guided him towards her hot hole as he entered her hot pussy in one lunging thrust.
He slammed into Nancy so hard that she let out a big grunt, making me think that he had knocked the wind out of her.
He hadn't because she immediately started to respond to him as he continued to roughly hammer his cock in and out of her warm willing pussy.
I watched in amazement as he ravaged my pretty little wife.
As he continued to rapidly fuck her horny cunt she began to have an orgasm.
A few minutes after she reached her orgasm he groaned and told her he was cumming as he filled her with a load of his hot semen deep into her pussy.
As he climbed off of Nancy she asked him what his name was.
He told her his name was Earl.
Nancy asked him if he knew any of the other men on the street.
When he said he did she asked Earl if he would help her meet some of the other men because she was very horny and wanted to let more of them fuck her.

Earl told her to wait there for a few minutes and he would bring a couple of friends back to meet her.
While she waited for Earl to come back Nancy walked over to the car and picked up two more bottles of wine to give to the guys she met.
In less than five minutes he came walking back up only her had three guys with him.
Earl introduced them to Nancy as Tom, Sam and Rick.
They were about the same age as Earl, somewhere around thirty years old.
They were also just as unkempt; with very dirty clothes, uncombed hair and dirty rotten teeth.
Their teeth were all rotten and tobacco stained and they all looked like they hadn't had a bath in months.
By now Nancy was so drunk and so horny that she didn't even care what they were like.
All she wanted was for them to take turns ramming their hard cocks into her hot horny pussy.

When Tom, Sam and Rick saw Nancy they broke out into a big grin and told Earl that they thought he had been kidding them.
They didn't believe Earl when he told them that there was a very sexy young woman waiting there for men to come and fuck her.
They said that the only reason they came was because it had been so long since they had had sex with a woman that they were willing to take the chance to find out if it was really true.
After being introduced to them Nancy gave Tom and Sam the two bottles of wine that she had and told Rick to come over to the car where I was waiting and I would give him his bottle of wine.

As drunk as she already was Nancy took a big drink from each of the bottles as the men opened them and offered a drink to her.
For the next thirty minutes Tom, Sam and Rick each took their turn slamming their cocks into Nancy's tight waiting cunt.
She was now having an almost continuous orgasm as she responded to their pumping cocks as she met them in mid thrust trying to get them deeper and deeper into her burning pussy.
About the time these three men were finishing depositing their loads of cum into Nancy's waiting cunt an old wino came staggering down the alley
. He said his name was Joe and that he was sixty years old.
Joe was absolutely filthy but when he saw Nancy lying their showing her sexy body he said that he wanted some of that too.
Joe said that it had been years since he had even seen a naked woman much less a sexy young desirable one like Nancy.
He seemed to want her so badly that Nancy told him to go over to the car and get his bottle of wine and then come back over and she would see if he could actually take care of her.

Joe quickly opened his bottle of wine and wasn't going to offer Nancy a drink but finally gave her one when she told him that she wanted a drink of his wine.
While she was taking a very big drink Joe was unbuckling his pants and getting out a fairly good-sized hard cock.
Nancy lay back on the ground where the other men had been fucking her and Joe dropped down on top of her and quickly rammed his cock into her already well used cunt.
For an old geezer Joe did very well for himself.
He wasn't nearly as quick as the other guys had been but before he was through he had brought Nancy to another orgasm and he pump a load of cum into Nancy's pussy.

As she was coming back to the car after finishing with Joe a couple of black men came sauntering down the alley.
When they saw this sexy little white gal with the big tits they almost went nuts as they came running over to where she was.
They told Nancy not to leave yet because they were going to stretch her cute little white pussy out for her.
They said that their names were Joe and Willie.
Nancy giggled and said that Joe had already fucked her but black Joe said it was nothing to what he was going to do to her.
Nancy staggered over to the car and got two bottles of wine to give to them.
They roughly shoved her down on the ground and both of them began grabbing her tits and sticking fingers into her cunt.
As Willie was poking his fingers into her pussy he said that he didn't think that this little woman with such a tight cunt could handle their equipment without some help.
Joe took the wine bottle that Nancy had given him and without saying anything her quickly shoved it into her pussy.
He shoved it into he so hard that Nancy let out a little whimper but continued to respond as he kept working the bottle deeper and deeper into her.
After a few minutes of working on her cunt with the wine bottle Joe pulled out his cock and immediately mounted Nancy in a single thrust.
After he had fucked her for a couple of minutes Joe pulled out and told Willie that he had opened her up for him.
Willie pulled out his big black log, which was about as big as my arm and let out a whoop as he rammed it into her waiting pussy in one rough shove.
Nancy looked up at him and drunkenly told him that she had had bigger equipment inside of her than his.
This made him kind of mad because he pumped his big cock in and out of her as hard as he possible could.
After several minutes of hammering her cunt he rolled over on his back with Nancy still impaled on his big pole.
He pulled her face down to him, forcing her little ass stick up in the air.
Willie told Joe to hurry and stick his cock into Nancy's ass while he held her ready for him.
He said, 'Lets show this little bitch what it feels like to be full of big equipment.
Nancy let out a muffled scream as Joe roughly shoved his cock into her tight little ass.

Nancy was now impaled on two of the biggest cocks I had ever seen.
Ralph, who had a fourteen-inch cock, was a black man that had previously fucked Nancy, but he was the only one in her at the time.
Until tonight she had never had two cocks as big as Willie's and Joe's inside of her at the same time.
It took a little while for Nancy to get used to having these two big cocks inside at the same time.
As she gradually got used to having them both inside of her Nancy really began to enjoy getting her cunt and ass stretched by these two big cocks.
She began urging them to fuck her harder.
She told them that she wanted them to ram their cocks into her as hard and as fast as they could.
Before long both men spurted their big loads of cum deep inside of my drunken wife's horny cunt and ass.

As Joe and Willie were leaving a policeman suddenly appeared and seeing Nancy drunk and naked lying where she had just been fucked he wanted to know what was going on.
Nancy told him that she was very horny and had been letting different men fuck her tonight.
Officer Richard licked his lips at the sexy sight of my beautiful little naked wife.
He couldn't believe a small sexy woman like Nancy could have such big firm tits.
After looking at her for quite a while he finally agreed that he wouldn't say anything if he and his partner got to sample a little of the merchandise.
Nancy giggled and told them to go ahead and fuck her. She told them that she was very very horny and needed to get fucked hard her to satisfy her hot cunt.
The two officers took turns fucking Nancy while the other kept a lookout so that they wouldn't get caught.
After they had both had their way with her and each had left a load in her already overflowing pussy they gave her a card with their number on it.
They told Nancy that when she was super horny to give them a call and they would set up a police party gangbang where lots of different police officers would be happy to service her horny pussy for her.

After the two policemen were through fucking my wife and had gone Nancy continued to let one after another of these winos fuck her until about four o'clock in the morning.
By now she was so drunk and used up that she could hardly move so I loaded her into the car and we headed for home.

Nancy had given away all twelve bottles of wine we had brought with us.
Nancy was completely wasted having drunk a lot of wine with the guys she was partying with.
Having been fucked by twelve winos and the two policemen Nancy seemed very satisfied as she laid her head on my shoulder and gently rubbed her little abused pussy and purred on our way home.

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