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By JAL( JULY 99)

When portable video cassette recorder cameras were still quite expensive, the engineering firm I worked for purchased one for business use.
I had been using the office video camera to record a before and after construction sequence fo r the engineering firm I worked for.
The inspection technician McKay and I would work all day with the camera and return it to the office after work each day. One Friday we worked fairly late and returned to the office after everyone else had left.
Mc Kay was in a hurry to get home so I offered to unload the vehicle and put up the equipment so he could save time.
I put up the survey and measuring equipment and I was returning to the Bronco to get the camera gear when the thought of making a very perso nal videotape occurred to me.
Since the camera would not be needed until Monday morning, this would be the perfect opportunity to use it for my video.

PJ and I had been married about eleven years and had two sons ages eight and three. We lived in a quiet suburban neighborhood with plenty of good neighbors and friends for our sons. We lived a fairly quiet life with our activities primarily revolving ar ound our two boys.
These were not however the intended subjects for my video. I wanted to make a tape of PJ and me making love.

As I drove home Friday evening, thinking about making the video made me excited and apprehensive at the same time.
The big question on my mind was whether I could talk PJ into it.
Although we enjoyed a good sex life, PJ's upbringing had made her self-conscious and not very confident. The last thing she could be accused of was being an exhibitionist.
I thought that her lack of self confidence in her body and appearance was kind of a shame and I wished she could see herse lf the way that I saw her.
Although she was very petite, she was beautifully proportioned. She had a sweet oval face, brown eyes and brown hair worn just above the shoulder. Although she was only five feet tall, her little body was perfect for her height. Sh e had large, perfectly shaped breasts, a curvy waist, a round firm butt and relatively long legs which tapered into the smallest feet I have ever seen on a grown woman.
Her skin was smooth and clear and as this was summertime, she was sporting a light t an.
Altogether, she certainly had nothing to be ashamed of and much to be proud of.
I was definitely proud of her looks and many people had told me how cute she was and how lucky I was to have her.

Another problem I had to figure out was what to do with our two sons while making the video. Although we often made love on Sunday afternoons, it was sometimes a hurried affair, due to the boys' needs and curiosity.
If I could get PJ to go along, I didn 't want our production to be interrupted by a knock on our bedroom door and a mad scramble to get the video equipment put away from a curious youthful gaze.
As I neared home, I decided that there would be no way to plan the event in advance.
I would have to trust in luck to provide the right opportunity to complete my hopes and plans.
If it was meant to be, the right circumstances would present themselves and then all I would have to do would be to convince PJ.
After supper, baths for the boys and ourselves, I went to sleep Friday night with hopeful thoughts on my mind and no small measure of excitement.
Saturday dawned hot and clear, but before noon a summer shower rolled in and about an inch of rain fell.
The boys were confined to the house due to the rain and wet ground. The early afternoon was spent indoors playing with the boys.
PJ did the usual m assive weekend loads of laundry and we made a trip to the grocery store before going to our older son's T-ball game that evening.
When we returned home, after getting everybody fed, bathed and readied for bed, I sensed that PJ was tired enough not to be interested in any novel ideas even though the boys would sleep soundly after the day's activities.
Again that night, as I drifted off to sleep, my hopes were that a suitable opportunity would present itself and at least allow me to express my plans to PJ.

Sunday was another beautiful sunny day.
After a good lunch, the boys wanted to play outside in the back yard.
They had only been out for a few minutes when one of the neighbor's children came over to join them.
He was a little boy about our older sons age and he asked if our boys could come over to his house to play with him and a younger cousin who was visiting for the day. PJ and I said it was okay and I walked over with them to the neighbor's h ouse to make sure it was all right with the parents.
In about ten minutes I had assured myself that our boys would be OK at the neighbors house and I excused myself and told them to call at the house if they needed to.
As I walked home, I realized that this was as perfect an opportunity to make the video as I would get. The closer to home I got, the more excited I became even though I had not said a word about my plans to PJ and I didn't really know how I would approach her with the idea of the video.

Little did I know how perfect an opportunity had presented itself.
When I left to take the boys to the neighbor's house, PJ realized that we would have the house to ourselves for a short time. The thought of a mini-holiday alone with me had put her in a sexy and playful mood.
As soon as I walked in the back door, she greeted me with a big hug and a warm kiss and it was obvious she was thinking of making love and was as receptive to my ideas as she was likely to get.
As we stood in the kitchen, I told her about th e video camera we had been using to tape the project at work.
I told her that I had brought it home for the weekend and that it could be used to make a home video.
She asked playfully what I wanted to tape and when I told her I wanted to tape us making love, she acted shocked, but I could tell that she knew what I had been thinking about. Then, somewhat to my surprise, she smiled and said that she would. I knew that we would have a limited amount of time to complete our project, so I hurried out to the car to get the equipment and get set up.
As I did so, I realized that I had been thinking so much about solving the problems prior to making the video tha t I had not put any thought into how the camera would be set up and what we would do.
I returned to the house with the camera and case and began to set up the equipment in our bedroom.
Since I didn't have a tripod I would have to set up the camera on a chest of drawers near our bed.
I had just removed the camera from the case and gotten a tape inserted into the unit when PJ c ame into the room and closed the door behind her.
To my surprise, she was naked.
For a moment, I felt so excited it made my ears buzz, and it made me clumsy with the camera.
In the meantime, my nude partner calmly turned down the bed and lay down on her stomach with her knees bent and her feet pointing up in a perfect centerfold pose. She giggled at my fumbling efforts with the camera.
At that point it hit me that we were really going to do what I had planned.
We were actually going to make a video o f the two of us naked in bed making love.
I would be able to play a videotape on TV and watch us doing all the sexy things we liked to do with each other I finally calmed down and got the camera set up and aimed toward the bed.

I had PJ to lie in the center of the bed so I could get the unit in focus.
Then I had her to turn over so I could catch some of her beautiful and natural poses on camera.
When I had the unit aimed and focused, I stepped back and began to take off my clothes.
I looked at PJ whil e I was doing so and I could tell by the playful look on her face that she was enjoying herself and looking forward to what we were about to do.
When I had my clothes off, I stepped back to the camera to check the focus and aim one last time.
When I ste pped away from the camera, PJ reached her arms out for me and softly called "Come here!' I'll never forget the way she looked as I approached the bed.
Her tanned body stood out in contrast to the white sheets.
The nipples on her breasts were erect in ant icipation of my touch and her lips and legs were slightly parted to receive kisses and caresses.
Her brown eyes were sparkling with excitement and I realized at that moment she was as much into our scene as I was. I wanted her at that moment as much as I ever had before.

When I reached the bed, PJ had turned onto her back and I lay down beside her with one leg between her legs.
She wrapped her arms around me and we kissed with open mouths and sparring tongues.
Her nipples were taut against my chest as I reached one hand to the cleft in her butt and pulled her tight against me.
We were touching from mouth to toe and I could feel the soft heat of her pussy on my thigh.
I kissed my way down her neck until I could reach one of her nipples with my mouth.
A s I sucked it in and circled it with my tongue, she gasped with pleasure and held my head tightly to her with one hand.
Her other hand glided down my side and reached under me to encircle my dick with warm soft fingers.
That small soft hand stroking my dick was aroused me almost more than I could stand at that point.
I had been in a state of anticipation all weekend and by now my cock was so hard and sensitive that it was difficult to control myself. When she started stroking softly from the base of my dick up to the sensitive head, I had to move her hand from my dick.

I gently moved her hand from my cock and began to kiss a path down from her erect nipples across her belly.
As I slid down, her thighs parted and her soft curly pubic hair tickled my belly and chest.
I paused at her navel and circled the rim with the ti p of my tongue before poking it into this most ticklish of spots. When my tongue sank into her navel,
I was rewarded with a delicious squeal and vigorous wiggling before she grabbed my h ead with both hands and forced my mouth and tongue lower. I slowed my descent at the top line of her pubic hair and kissed this spot softly with closed lips before continuing my journey southward.
Again extending my tongue, I let the tip trail slowly through the soft tangled jungle of curly hair.
Just before I reached the upper border of her pussy, I paused again and looked up at her face. As I expected, she was looking directly at me wide eyed with anticipation.
She loved to watch.
I lowered my mouth and teased her with light closed mouth kisses all around her pussy.
I began to kiss on each side of her pussy lips without actually kissing in the slit and she writhed and tried to anticipate my moves and catch a kiss right in the middle of her target.

I continued to tease until I heard her say 'Please baby', then I tensed my tongue, stuck it out as far as it would go and plunged it into her pussy.
PJ gasped at the first full contact and made a purring sound deep in her throat when I stroked my tongue up and down her delicious cunt.
She had been totally aroused and her warm juices were in full flow.
She felt and tasted absolutely delicious and as I moved up and down, she began to buck her hips to meet my jabs and strokes.
I moved up and lightly st roked my along her clit and she shuddered with pleasure.
I increased my pace and just before I thought she was going to cum, she grabbed my head, pulled my face up and said 'Wait'.

She pulled me up and turned my shoulders so that I rolled onto my back.
She turned over me and began to give me the some of the same treatment I had given her. She kissed down my neck and gave me a playful nip as she passed.
She stopped at one of my nipples and gave it a quick lick before sucking it into her mouth.
She reached down and cupped my balls and gently squeezed them without touching my dick.
Completing the torture of my nipple, she continued to kiss and lick her way down my stomach and to caress my sac. By now my cock was aching for her touch, but when her lips arrived on the scene, she remembered the teasing I had subjected her to and was determined to have her revenge.
She blew her warm breath onto my rigid member and began to kiss my balls while being careful not to touch the shaft itself.
She paused and l ooked into my eyes and with a wicked little smile and asked 'What do you want?'
Finally I could stand it no more and I begged'Please baby suck my dick!'
PJ did not immediately give the relief I craved but she did finally give one soft baby kiss on the sw ollen head.
My poor little man jerked at the feel of her soft lips and she giggled with the completion of her revenge.
Only then did she open her mouth in an O shape and begin to press the head into her mouth.
She began to suck and move her head up and down.
Just like her I liked to watch as well. I propped on my elbows and looked down at her. The sight of her sweet face with her tender lips around my cock was marvelous.
It felt as good as it looked. Her lips were tight around the head and shaft an d the suction and heat of her tongue and cheeks was driving me crazy.
She looked back up at me and said 'Do me too.'

I laid back and moved her hips to position her pussy over my face.
I reached both hands to her butt and pulled her pussy down onto my waiting mouth.
I began to thrust my hips up in time to her head moving down on my dick.
We quickly established a rhyth m with my cock thrusting up into her mouth and her pussy pushing down onto my tongue. We quickened our pace and I was only a few strokes from cumming.
Just before I reached the point of no return, she broke away and rolled onto her back.
I turned and slipped between her parted thighs and she reached down and positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy.

At that moment, we both had reached that wonderful single-minded state which occurred during sex. All of the anticipation and foreplay had brought both of us to the position of wanting one thing. Both of us wanted to fuck and get fucked. There was no fu rther need or desire for tenderness or playfulness. Although the whole scene was being videotaped , at that moment it did not matter. All I could think about was thrusting down with my dick into her waiting pussy. I maintained enough control to press down slowly.
Her pussy was totally wet and my cock easily slid through her slick channel all the way to the hilt. As I made that first slow thrust, she let her head fall back and moaned with pleasure.
I stopped for a short moment to savor the feel of her tight little pussy around the head and shaft of my cock.
Every inch of my dick seemed to be in exquisite contact with the hot wet interior of her cunt.
I slowly pulled back until the head of my dick was just barely inside her and pushed back a little more quickly.
I fucked her slowl y at first and quickened until we found a good rhythm.
She began to match my thrusts and withdrawals until she was fucking me as much as I was fucking her.
She arched her back to bring her nipples into contact with my now sweaty chest.
I reached a hand to her ass with my fingers in the cleft of her buttocks.
She continued to thrust in time with me and each withdrawal caused my fingers to slide through the now slippery crevice. We increased the pace and intensity as our passion began to build near to a climax.
With every stroke, I was trying drive my dick as hard and far into her as possible. PJ was matching every thrust and her pussy was hot and tight around the shaft of my cock.
I rolled forward while continuing to thrust with my hips and buried m y face in the crook of her neck.
She turned her mouth to my ear and growled 'I'm going to make it. Fuck me baby.! Fuck me baby!'

When I heard that I had reached the extent of my endurance.
A series of muscular spasms seemed to begin at the base of my spi ne and run right through my lower body all the way to the tip of my dick deep inside her pussy. With each spasm I spurted a hot jet of cum deep into her.
PJ had reached her limit and she cried out 'Ooh, Ooh, Ooh' in time with each thrust of her hips.

Her vaginal walls squeezed and relaxed around my cock with each wave of her orgasm It felt like her pussy was milking every drop of my essence and all of the feeling in my entire body was concentrated at the end of my dick.
I continued to thrust until I was completely drained and she was lying limp beneath me.

After I caught my breath, I got up and turned off the video camera.
I laid back down on the bed alongside PJ and held her in my arms.
She was almost asleep and in that moment of quiet before we had to get up and resume our normal afternoon activities, I had a small tingle of anticipation about how she would react later that night when we got to watch the tape.

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