Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A lovely meeting. (part1)

By Jimmy ( Aug 99)

I hadn't seen Kathy for ages when I suddenly stumbled on her one beautiful summer day.
We spoke for a while and she asked me to pay her a visit. I agreed and the same week, on a Friday, about half past six I went to see her.
She seemed very pleased to see me and invited me in.
"Time to go to bed", she told her five- year old son, who was still awake.
I watched some TV meanwhile. After a while she entered the room and looked as sexy as ever before. I was 25 at the time and Cathy about 33. She offered some tea and we drank it and spoke about old memories at the same time.

After a while she asked if a wanted to see some movie and I agreed. She had a couple of films recorded and we sat down in front of the TV to decide what to watch.
She was dressed in a white thigh blouse, a small skirt and white stockings and looked very sexy. She had some trouble to get the recorder to work and we sat down in front of the TV, trying to get it work.
She had a white carpet, very soft to sit at, on the floor.

Suddenly she gave me a kiss.
She laid her left hand on my lap and caressed my thigh.
I felt an eager building up and she felt the tension and kissed me again. Her tongue was in my mouth and she straddled me.
With her in my lap my cock was getting very hard.
Her breast in front of me didn't exactly make me feel less eager to have her.
She moved her hips and her lower parts massaged my cock outside of my jeans.
"I want your cock inside me" she whispered in my ear.
I quickly unbuttoned her blouse reviling her lovely breasts, as she wore no bra.

She helped me to remove my socks, trousers and T-shirt.
My cock was making my shorts look like a tent.
After removing them also she was stroking my cock and then bent down and licked the top of it.
She placed it in her mouth and started sucking.

It felt fabulous! To have this hot-headed woman taking my rod deep in her mouth was fantastic.

I moaned and she stopped and straddled me again. I kissed her breast and her neck.
Then lower, down to the breast again. I played with her nipples with my fingers and tongue and they got very hard. Kathy moaned. She had her hands down my back and pressed me against her. She moved her hips in circling moves and my cock was all the time pressed against her pussy, but outside her panties.
My tongue trailed up and down her body. I kissed her lips and then her breast.
"Jeff, I want you to tongue my clit" she pleaded in a loud voice.
"And then I want your cock inside me."

I placed my right hand against her panties.
All wet! Two fingers sledded inside of her white underwear and circled her wet pussy. I lightly massaged her clit, making her move even more, now pressing her hips against my hand and cock.
I let one finger slide in her wet, hot hole and let my cock sniff her opening. She moved up and I allowed my tongue to wander everywhere except her clit.
I removed her skirt and panties and placed her with her back against the floor, on the white carpet.
She shook violently when my tongue then flicked over her clit. She looked as she could barely control herself.
Kathy reached down to hold my head into her.
My tongue ravaged her clit for a while before I stopped.

Kathy cried out, "No! Please! I want you to make me come. Please make me come. I need you to make me come now."

I buried my tongue into her again and licked her fast and furiously.
She couldn't stop.
She groaned like a wild animal in the wilderness. She didn't seem to care who heard her orgasm.

I got up and then lay down on top of her, rubbing my stone hard cock against her mound.
I leaned over, kissing her hard, letting her flavour enter my mouth.
" I want to shove my cock into your cunt, and fuck you."
I forced my knees between her legs, and spread them.
I entered her quickly and deeply.
She gripped my shoulders and dug her nails into me. Her legs wrapped around mine, and she pushed me deeply into her.

I pounded into her, pushing her body into floor mat. Again and again I shoved my cock into her, building to the climax.
She held me tightly, arching her back so that I could enter her more deeply.
She whispered hoarsely to me, "Fuck me, Jeff. Fuck me harder."
She squeezed my cock with her cunt muscles, making me almost come. I pulled out in time and exploded all over her.
She smiled and smeared the semen over her chest.

We both wanted more and I started licking up the inside of her thighs, chewing and nibbling until I reached the top.
I buried my tongue into the crease at the top of her thigh.
I could see her juices flowing from her. My tongue brushed over her lips and into the crease on the other side. I attacked it forcefully.

I stopped before we came and led her to the sofa.
Kathy lay back in the sofa, a mischievous smile playing at the corners of her mouth. She held her left breast in one hand; the other hand covered her mound, her fingers barely visible in the moist hair.
I leaned down to kiss her upper legs, and Kathy settled back against the sofa, spreading her knees and delving both of her hands into the thick fur of her vulva.
She watched my reactions, licking her lips unconsciously as I proved with my body language that her age had nothing to do with her desirability. I sat up and stared, openly panting now as she slowly and carefully slid a finger down to part her pubic hair.
For a moment she held it back, exposing the soft, sweet treasures inside.
Then she dipped one finger down to her entrance and slid back up to massage her clitoris.

When I made no move, just to excited, Kathy took my hands forward to press our naked bodies against each other’s and she kissed me again.
I was finding it somewhat hard to breathe, torn between wanting to touch her everywhere and wanting to do something about my own excitement.
I took her hands and pushed them back down to the sofa by her hips. I leaned forward and down, breathing in her sweet fragrance.
I parted the thick mat of curled hair with my fingers and touched the tip of my tongue to the area just above her vagina.
Warm fleshy tongue met damp sweet flesh, causing us both to shiver.
Softly, slowly, my tongue slid up between her thighs and outlines the tiny mound of her clitoris. Around and around I circled, too much perhaps as she gasped and moaned.
I drew back and delved lower, exploring the entrance and the dipping his tongue into her interior, darting in and out with quick motions, then sliding a finger in to join the lingual invasion.

I rested my cock on her pussy. Kathy gasped, her fingers tangled in my hair.
She pushed her hips upward against me, inviting me further.
I had placed my hands on either side of her and pressed steadily.
First the head popped in, causing both of them to gasp and pause, then she urged me on with her hands on my bottom as I sank deeper inside her until she had me completely in. I had to close my eyes from the sensation. It was incredible.
I moved back, then in, building a rhythm as Kathy took her hands away from my buttocks to play with my rudimentary nipples.
She moaned with pleasure in my ear as I laid over her in the sofa.

She pulled me down on my back on the carpet and slowly stroke my cock.
She straddled me with her back against my face. I hugged her from behind as she rocked her hips. She turned her head and we kissed.
My tongue pressed between her lips and she squeezed her vagina around me.

The motion of her hips around my shaft almost sent me over the edge for the second time, and I said so just as I felt the explosion forcing its way through me.
I shut my eyes and muttered something incomprehensible as the feeling sent sparks throughout my body.
Kathy simultaneously got an another orgasm and I helplessly poured my seed into her body.
As I slowed down, Kathy whispered she felt herself coming again, this time in slow waves that rolled over and around her.
We stayed locked together for a while, my flesh hot against hers. Later I went home but I promised to return soon.

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