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Aussie Bush Passion

By Michael ( Aug 99)

A warm spring day in November down by the river soaking in the quiet of the bush, apart from the birds going about their business.
I just love it !
It is my own special part of the world I escape to enjoy nature and my own company.
I am sure no one else is aware of it.

I ride my mountain bike from my property down a well worn trail by now, snaking through the eucalyptus towards the river gums hugging the waterway slowly gliding along it's path to places unknown to me.
I reach my favourite spot amongst the trees perched on a small hill overlooking the bend in the river. From where I sit I can see upstream and downstream and along the foliage underneath the canopy of trees, where the birdlife is so prolific.
The river is about 10 metres wide on the bend at this time of year and gradually dropping as the rains disappear. Although it is a reasonable width, it is not very deep, probably up to a metre right now.
The opposite side is lower land with not as much vegetation, really it is quite a contrast. There is a grassy bank running down from a clump of trees down to the waters edge, made up of washed sand forming a small sandbar right on the bend.
There is an old tree trunk, that has been washed down the river in some flood years ago, now embedded on the bend probably adding to the build up of the sand at the bend. It really adds character to this part of the river, my river !

My usual routine, when I take the time out to relax, is to leave home around 10am.
It takes about 45 minutes to ride my bike there, good exercise I keep telling myself.
I always take plenty of water and enough food to keep me going, together with my binoculars used for bird watching. Sometimes a towel if I fancy a swim, otherwise shorts, T shirt and joggers is enough.
Weather permitting, I love to be part of nature and generally shed my clothes, just sitting, walking in the bush stark naked.
It feels fantastic and so free. I can only begin to think how the aboriginals felt in similar surroundings, maybe even at my very favourite spot on earth.

Despite my love of privacy at my spot, I will never forget the day my space was invaded.
It was one of those warm November days, around 30C degrees I estimated when I arrived.
I stripped off down to my jocks then sat on the log I use as my resting point and surveyed the surroundings. The birdlife was it's usual busy self, the river was flowing at a gentle pace, the sky was blue with not a cloud in sight. I was just enjoying the sun and warmth on my body from the sun.
Hang the skin cancer thing, what could be more invigorating than enjoying this moment. used my binoculars to look for activity amongst the wildlife.
There were at least 6 species of birds I could identify as well as a small group of kangaroos across the river.
It was fascinating to watch them, firstly the male came to the clearing and stopped. He stretched himself to his full height, surveying the countryside with ears twitching in all directions listening for tell tale danger signs and sniffing the air for likewise. I staid perfectly still and fortunately was down wind, so he could not detect me.
Through my binoculars I could see his eyes clearly, the colour and soulful look was mind blowing.
After a few minutes, he was satisfied there was no danger and slowly moved forward towards the rivers edge, using his tail for leverage thrusting his hind legs forward in a slow rhythmical fashion.
Then came the rest of the harem, three females followed in a tight group.
The male stopped as the females advanced to the waters edge to drink.
He sat bolt upright again as if on sentry duty, protecting his family while they satisfied their thirst. As the females finished, he moved forward and drank his fill.
While he was doing that I could look closer at the females, lo and behold, one had a joey in her pouch, it's head was clearly visible looking around at the big world.
As the male drank, the females were eating the lush grass patches on the bank. Suddenly, the whole group as if one, stood to attention and began to look anxious. Then they were off into the scrub, disappearing in a flash.

What disturbed them I wondered, I couldn't see or hear anything. I strained to listen, but all I could hear was the gentle breeze in the trees, even the birds had quietened. Then I began to hear the sound of a car.
It gradually became louder as it was obviously getting closer. 'Damn it,' I thought, 'who would drive off the main road about a kilometre away to come here, this is my spot.'

The sound gradually came closer, the car moving at a slow speed through the bush.
I was searching the bush through my field glasses looking for this intruder, then suddenly I saw flash of sunlight off metal pinpointing the position of the perpetrator. It was one of those trendy Suziki 4 wheel drives, blue to be precise with splashes of multicolor on the side panels.
It stopped under a tree and looked menacingly towards the river.
I focused in on the driver with my binoculars to discover it was a lone female.
I couldn't see her clearly because of the reflections on the windscreen.
After about 2 minutes the driver's door opened and she stepped out.
I knew her from somewhere, how I could forget this beauty.
She had shoulder length auburn hair, almost red, tanned complexion, and from casual observation, a great body.
She was dressed in white shorts with a yellow loose fitting T shirt and sandals. As I peered at her through the glasses I knew I met her somewhere.
The mind was working overtime for some reason, I can't understand why as I don't get to meet many beautiful females in this part of the world.
Then it came to me, she is the new schoolteacher.
I met her at a dance about four weeks ago in town at the old school, I even had a couple of dances with her.
She was very popular with the guys that night as she was the first bit of fresh female seen around here for quite awhile.
The other women weren't impressed as their boyfriends couldn't help ogling her that night.

After stepping out of the car, she stood there surveying the countryside like the big roo she just scared off.
I quietly moved behind a tree amongst some low shrubs, trying to hide out of sight.
It is amazing the similarities sometimes between man and beast in the way she looked around for signs of danger or other animals.
After awhile she reached back into the car and pulled out a sports carry bag and a rug, then shut the car door and walked down the grassy embankment.
She dropped the bag on the ground and then shook the blanket out, letting it settle on the grass, about 3 metres from the waters edge. Kicking off her sandals walking towards the tree trunk on the sand bar in the river.
She stopped when ankle deep in the water, seeming to be taking in the beauty of the bush, river and even the returning birdlife.
I could not help thinking that here was a person who appreciated nature as much as I do, even though it was my spot.
She slowly walked out along the sandbar to the end where the current quietly disturbed the sands at the point.
Her arms reached out in an embracing fashion as if to take in the surrounds.
I was spellbound by her obvious love of the bush.

Having soaked in the atmosphere after a few minutes she turned and walked back towards the rug.
She stood there crossing her arms, gripping the base of the T shirt and quickly removing it over her head.
To my immediate pleasure, she was wearing a small string type bikini top, two triangular pieces of yellow material just covering her gorgeous tits, fastened around her neck and back.
My binoculars focused on them with absolute delight, they were firm and very upright, the type you only see in magazines normally.
No one you ever meet generally is so well endowed, only in your dreams. She had rather broad shoulders for a woman, making her look very fit, maybe a swimmer I thought.
After tossing the T shirt onto the bag she then tucked her thumbs into the top side of her shorts and pulled them down, letting them drop to her ankles, with a side step and a kick they too were on top of the bag, leaving her standing there in her tiny string bikini bottom.
It was just covering her most private part, tied with bows on her narrow hips. Now she definitely looked like someone who was into fitness. Those broad shoulders supporting her shapely boobs down to her small waist and narrow hips, almost like an Elle McPherson.
I couldn't believe this was happening in front of my eyes, so I was forced to focus the binoculars onto her this beautiful creature and feast my eyes
By now my hands were trembling with excitement and my cock was stretching my jocks.
I had to put down the binoculars and drop my shorts and jocks to the ground, standing there naked my old fellow really appreciated the room to grow with a couple of gentle tugs.
She sat down on the blanket and reached into the bag and pulled out a water bottle, took a few gulps and put it back.
Then laying back onto her elbows she stretched her legs out, soaking in the sun, looking out across the river.

After few minutes she turned over, laying on her front. When settled she reached behind her neck and untied the bow, then the other between her shoulder blades.
With a quick movement, the bikini top was on top of the bag.
She lay there, tanning that beautiful body.
I tried to imagine what she would look like naked, obviously getting an enormous hard on just looking at her.
Thoughts rushed before my eyes of me laying next to her, watching her swim nude across the river, sucking my cock, me screwing her in mad passion and many others that I can't remember.
Once again, about 5 minutes later, she stirred.
She stood up facing in my direction, giving me my first full view of her naked breasts. What a sight ! I have never seen such fantastic boobs, so firm, pointing straight out supported by those broad shoulders.
My binoculars focused on them for a closer look.
The teat was quite a dark brown and relatively small, about the size of a 50c piece.
The nipples were clearly hard and erect, obviously she was having a sensual experience just standing there. Then the moment of truth, she reached with her right hand to the hip and pulled the bow on her bikinis, untied they fell around her ankles, leaving her completely starkers.
My trembling hands had trouble holding the binoculars steady as I instantly directed my viewing to her pussy.
There it was, shaven and bare as a baby's bum.
That little mound with her slit clearly visible to me for what seemed like an eternity, but was really only a couple of seconds as she neatly side stepped out of the fallen cladding and whisked them towards the bag with her foot.

She was now side on to me as she walked towards the water, giving me a chance to look at those fantastic breasts.
So firm and shapely, they just pointed straight out with no visible means of support, obviously the fitness accounting for that body shape all over.
Walking out along the point of the sandbar, she blissfully kicked at the water in the shallows.
Facing upstream when she stopped, she was facing in my direction straight on.
I froze, hoping I would not be seen as I dropped the binoculars down by my side so as not give off any glint in the sunlight. She stood there, just above ankle deep in the water, in all her tanned glory.
A goddess if ever I had even dreamt of one.
Kneeling into the water, she began to scoop water in her hands and pour over her thighs, then with more handfuls of water, she splashed it onto her tits.
She repeated the process continuously for a few minutes.
By now I had my binoculars back in action, training on those boobs.
I could clearly see that the nipples were very pronounced by now, what with that cold water being splashed over them, they were great.

She was obviously enjoying it to, as to my great pleasure she began to tweak the nipples with her thumb and forefinger, making them even bigger.
The enjoyment she was obviously feeling was etched all over face, her eyes closed, mouth open with her tongue licking her lips.
Suddenly her right hand moved between her legs, as she stood up on her knees widely apart, I could see she was tickling her clit with the middle finger.
I was waiting for the alarm to go off, I had to be dreaming.
I could not believe my luck in watching this erotic show before my very eyes, in close up !
The action of the hand on her pussy and the left hand fondling her breasts must have gone on for around five minutes.
By now my hand was working overtime on my hard on as well.

With her head facing skywards in absolute delight, she stopped, stood up and began walking back to her staging area.
She knelt next to the rug straightening it out, then rolled onto it in one motion laying on her back.
Then the legs opened wide giving me a perfect view of the pussy, by now her arousal had blown up her flaps with the clit area also quite plainly seen.
The hands moved back down to that sensuous area, prizing open the lips with the fingers on her left hand then moving her right forefinger onto her clit, slowly rubbing in a circular fashion. The pace gradually quickened, her hips began to move up and down as the thrill overcame her.
Then the finger was inserted in that magic hole, slowly slipping in and out whilst her she continued to rub the clit with the other hand.
That action must have continued for around 2-3 minutes, then seemingly stopping for breath, she laid back with her legs wide apart and began to fondle her tits.
The pace and frenzied activity had slowed right down.
Reaching for the water bottle, she had a quick drink before placing it back in the bag.
While in the bag, she seemed to fumble around then pulled out a banana.

Obviously the poor girl had worked up an appetite with all that exercise.
She peeled the rather green skin off the banana then put in her mouth as if to take a bite, to my utter titillation she began to move it in and out in a sucking motion, then licking it, obviously the cock she was fantasising about.
Then the banana was slid across her nipples for about a minute, then down it went to her cunt.
Her left hand opening those lips as the banana was slowly inserted into that magic hole, the gentle movement was bringing her back to her state of ecstasy, me too as I watched what most guys only dream about.

I couldn't stand it anymore.
Here was this beautiful woman with the best body in the world, no the universe, laying in front of my eyes in this secluded spot, masturbating her little rocks off, obviously craving for sex.
Here I was, a healthy virile male with an enormous hard on by now just watching.
It was time to make a move.

Placing the binoculars on the log, I quietly walked through the bush to the waters edge.
I stopped before entering the river and looked across to where she was, still heavily engrossed in her own fun, completely oblivious to the world around her.
I could see her still thrusting that piece of fruit up and down, her moans of ecstasy were clearly audible in the bush surrounds.

I waded into the water slowly, trying not to make any noise. The bottom was reasonably clear and sandy, only occasionally having to tread warily on stones.
By the time I reached the middle, I was waist deep, the cool water did not seem to diminish the hard on as I was watching her all the time.
The picture in front of me would have lasted a thousand wet dreams let alone being real, so there was no way my dick was folding under the pressure of a little cold water.
As I approached the waters edge I stopped in ankle deep water, looking at her no more than 5 metres away, still oblivious to everything, thrusting her hips skywards as she now probed her pussy with her finger, discarding the now rather soggy, soft banana..
Suddenly, she must have sensed something, stopping everything and sitting bolt upright staring at me in absolute shock.
The look on her face was amazement and embarrassment, firstly me standing there starkers with my cock at full attention and secondly the realisation that I had been watching her most private actions.
Her immediate actions were to cover her boobs and close her legs, very much an impulse move considering what I had been watching.

'Who are you ? Where did you come from ? How long have you been there ?'
All questions came at rapid fire.
'My name is Ken, I came from my property across the river and I have been watching you since you arrived,' I replied.
'In fact you are in my private part of the world so I should be asking you the same.'
'Have you been purving on me all that time? ' she asked.
'I couldn't help not to as I come to this place all the time and have been here long before you arrived.
However, I must admit it has been my great pleasure to observe an absolutely beautiful woman, enjoying nature as much as I do and also her own body.
You are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen,' I replied.
As I spoke I could see her eyes looking at my hard cock and the tension relaxing a little.
'Sorry, you certainly startled me. I did not expect to find anyone out in this part of the countryside,' she said.
'It seems as if our common thoughts are centred around the same thing, why don't you come out of the water and dry off over here,' she said beckoning to the blanket.
I immediately obliged, standing next to her she reached for the towel and began to dry my lower legs, moving up to my thighs then gently rubbing my cock.
'You certainly have a nice tan all over, even this gorgeous cock' she said.
Then suddenly she was holding it with her right hand whilst moving her lips around it, slowly sucking.
I must have died and gone to heaven I thought as I stood there looking down on this virtual stranger sucking me off.
She began to lick my cock slowly up and down the shaft then moving onto my balls, I had never experienced anything like this ever, even at one of those big city massage parlours.
I thought this lady has to be a pro to know what turns a man on, or else she is naturally gifted.

Before I cum all over her and blew this moment, I pushed her away hoping she would take the hint and lay back on the rug.
She did eagerly and laid back with her legs wide apart, inviting me to return the favour.
I obliged by moving onto her pussy with my fingers at first, slowly circling the perimeters of her cunt, then spreading the very moist lips to find that little detonator of hers. It was easy to find, that little hard on of hers was ready for action.
As soon as I touched it she reacted with a loud groan of ecstasy.
I gently rubbed it with one finger, bringing sounds of delight from her.
Here was this smooth, shaven pussy right in front of my eyes, now wet from her love juices. I moved down to start licking, my tongue reaching out to her clit. I slowly stroked it with my tongue as she swayed her hips in a sideways motion, bringing continuos moans from her.
I eventually moved down to the magic hole and began to stick my tongue up whilst nuzzling her clit with my nose.
This worked fantastically as she went wild with louder groans and the gyrating hips increased pace as I probed deeper with my tongue.
Suddenly, she put her hands on the side of my head pulling it away from her pussy.

'Fuck me please, now!' she said, 'I want that hard cock right up me, quickly'

Of course I was ready and very willing by now, my cock slipped smoothly into her very moist hole.
I tried to be slow on the insert but she grabbed my buttocks and pulled me towards her with a large degree of urgency, causing me to start thrusting in rapid fire.
I was in absolute ecstasy and was trying to make the moment last as we curvorted in wild embrace.
We kissed and tongued each other sending additional ripples of bliss through our bodies.
I sensed she was getting really into the swing of things when she rolled us over in one swift action, leaving her on top of me.
She sat bolt upright, bobbing up and down on my cock, trying to drive it inside her as far it would go.
Her boobs were moving up and down in rhythm with her pelvic thrusts as she obviously was into her orgasm mode.
That was enough for me, I couldn't contain myself anymore, I came in seconds as she continually rode my dick for all it was worth.
As we both came together and enjoyed that certain moment, my mind seemed to leave the body and look down at this man and woman having enjoyed a life shattering experience, almost as if I had died and gone to heaven.

Our bodies were wet from the perspiration generated from all that activity, and trying to catch our breath, whilst she still slowly moved on my fast shrinking dick.
She was still groaning with delight as she moved off me onto the rug beside me, realising that the old fellow needed a rest.
Sensing that she was still in the mood, I reached for that very moist cunt of hers and began to finger her clit again.
Well that was it, away she went again in another orgasmic storm, hips thrusting in all directions as she pressed my hand onto her box.
It seemed as if the wave had passed when another surge ran through her body, by now I had counted four orgasms for her and one for me, a bit out of balance but I sure wasn't complaining.
Eventually she laid back seemingly exhausted.

'Wow,' she said softly, 'that was really wild.
Thank you for the best sex I have ever had. What was your name again?'
'Ken' I replied, 'and yours is?'
'Amy, Amantha in full but I prefer Amy,' she answered.
'I remember now, we met at the local dance a few weeks ago in town'
'Of course, I recognise the face now,' she replied.
'I did meet quite a few guys that night. I don't think I was terribly popular with the other girls though.'
'Oh I wouldn't worry about that, a touch of competition never hurt anyone'

The small talk continued for a few minutes with both of us seemingly oblivious to our naked state laying back on the blanket.
As we talked I reached across to the nipple on her right breast and gently began to roll it between my fingers. It was still hard and erect indicating through my touch and sight that she was still aroused.
She suddenly stopped talking as I caressed her tit.
After a couple of minutes her attention was directed to my rather laid back and exhausted cock.

'Let me see if I can coax some life back into your best friend, I'm sure you would appreciate it, ' she said as she softly placed her hand over my cock.

She gently placed her fingers around the shaft and with a slight squeezing motion began a pulling action.
At first, my cock was like a two day old limp celery.
Then gradually I felt the blood moving back into my groin region and my old fella began to respond to her stroking.
After a few minutes of this concentrated attention, it began to stiffen up like normal, with a distinct sense of arousement that my cock was ready for more.
I thought to myself that if I am feeling randy again and she is helping then she must be still throbbing for more. Immediately I went for her still moist pussy with my left hand. My index finger slipped smoothly into her hole and upwards, drawing groans of delight.
With my thumb, I honed in on her still hard clit, rubbing it while still probing my finger inside. This was just what she wanted obviously as her hips began to thrust upwards with the rhythm of my hand actions.
Her increased level of excitement was transmitted to her hand pulling on my cock as the pace and vigour increased, giving me a real rush as well.

Suddenly, she stopped working on my dick and before I knew it she was on top of me, manoeuvring my cock to slip into her cunt, sitting astride me rubbing her tits in ecstasy as she bobbed up and down on my cock.
I reached for those glorious tits and took over the task of fondling them.
She was obviously having a sequence of orgasms without me coming at all.
It was great, all that pleasure happening whilst I could still enjoy it without blowing my load.
But all good things must end, or climax in this case as I felt that flow in my groins as I came again at the same time she was having her final lunge of passion.

What a day.
We both agreed to play act the same roles next weekend as if we were strangers again.
I waded back across the river as she laid back on the rug resting before leaving.

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