Friday, April 13, 2007

Watch Me First

By DICK THROB( Aug 99)

I couldn't believe I was sitting here, naked all tied up with soft felt ropes. Sometimes my wife comes up with unexpected and strange ideas.
She undressed me and told me to sit down and gently tied me up. I could get out if I wanted to, but why spoil her fun.
She lets me do strange things to her, and knows I would never hurt her. But I don't know how I let her talk me into this.

After a little while Gwen came into the room. God she's beautiful.
A statement of fact and pride, I'm a very lucky man to have her love.
She walked in with her long blond hair down to her shoulders.
Her tanned body had the look of gold under the delicate white negligee she was warring.
Her large breasts pushed out on the top and her nipples were hard as diamonds.
Her toes nails were painted bright red, blending with the beautiful tanned skin.
Her legs were smooth and long ending at the affection of her love.
The dark triangle of pubic hair shown through like a piece of sculptured ebony covered with a light dusting of white snow. God I loved her so much.

Gwen slowly walked to the couch and sat down.
She spread her legs exposing the lovely pink lips that enclosed her pussy.
I could see the sparkle of love juices on her pussy, damn she was really hot. I almost smelled the sweet fragrance of her juices.
This thought caused a familiar feeling in my balls as my cock started to rise and thicken. Gwen never said a word as she opened her top and massaged one of her lovely breasts.
I watch her as our gaze held each others eyes.
Her flat stomach raised slightly as the massaging of her nipples increased.
After a few minutes Gwen slid one hand down her stomach to her pussy.
She spread the outer lips with her fingers and rubbed it ever so slowly.
I could tell she wanted to watch her pussy as she rubbed it, but she kept her eyes fixed on mine.
I couldn't stand it any longer, I had to watch her rub that wonderful sweet hole of love.
I shifted my gaze on her pussy as her fingers gently rubbed the lips and entered the soft tissue at the entrance, I saw two fingers disappear inside.
She pushed them in slowly and pulled them out.
They glistened with the fresh juice inside her pussy.
Gwen increased the speed and tempo of her fingers.
She spread her legs even farther giving herself more room to stroke her love hole. My cock was growing by the second while Gwen pushed harder and faster in and out of her juicy pussy.
I could see her chest rising in an increasing rate while she squeezed and kneaded her breast.
This was wonderful, I had never seen her masturbate before.
I knew she did, but I had never seen the movements of her hands and the look of pure joy on her face.

The expression on her face gave away her thoughts of pure self pleasure.
I knew she was thinking how wonderful it felt to have my tongue massage her pussy as her fingers were doing now.
She knew how much I loved to lick and suck her flowing juices. This thought made her more excited and her fingers dug deeper.

I sure didn't mind, I was enjoying every movement of her fingers as they plummeted deep inside. Each time she slammed her hand in I could hear the wet squishy sound caused by her wet juices dripping out.
This erotic sight, mixed with Gwen's moans and sweet aroma of her sex almost made me cum.
Precum was steadily flowing from the pee hole in my granite hard cock. It actually pumped out with each beat of my heart.
Gwen finally closed her eyes and devoted all her attention to the lovely wet entrance of her pussy.
She was wriggling around as she threw her head from side to side.
Her legs were thrown out in front of her while she squeezed them together.
Gwen pushed her fingers deep and furious while her other hand found her throbbing clit and massaged it using fast strokes.
It didn't take long before she screamed out loud, 'OHH.....OH.......... DON I'M CUMMING..........OH AAHHHGGRAHHAA.'
The spasms of pleasure and delight raced through Gwen's body as she slammed her fingers hard and kicked her legs straight out in front of her.
Her whole body shook and quivered while her fingers were firmly buried in her pulsating overflowing pussy.
The juices gushed out along her legs and ran down her ass, the scent of her freshly expelled sex filled the room with its bouquet.

Gwen's orgasms are so intense they scare me sometimes.
They last a good 30 seconds as she holds her breath and shakes all over.
When her breathing returned to normal Gwen slowly lowered her legs to the floor.
A deep sigh of happiness and contentment could be heard as she gently pulled her fingers from her dripping pussy.

After a few minutes Gwen got up and walked over to me.
She placed her wet fingers to my lips allowing me to lick the still hot juice.
The bouquet and taste made my cock swell and harden even more.
Taking Gwen's wet fingers into my mouth, I licked and sucked the scented juice.
The flavor was overwhelming as I licked her fingers dry.
I started to say something when Gwen put her finger to her lips and said, 'Shhhh.'
She put her hands on my thighs and pushed my legs apart while she knelt on the floor.
Gwen kissed and licked her way up to my balls.
Opening her mouth, she sucked my left ball right inside her warm wet cavern.
Gently she rolled it in her mouth, while massaging it with her tongue.
My cock was steadily leaking precum, the head was covered and I thought it would burst form the pressure.

Gwen released my sack and licked up my cock to the juicy head.
She dipped her tongue into the pool of percum and pulled her head back making a long string. She moaned out loud when she ran her tongue over her lips.
Slowly and deliberately Gwen lowered her head to my cock again. Sliding her lips over my swollen head, she formed a tight seal and sucked it like a straw while her tongue danced around the tender glands.

She sucked more and more of my hard cock into her mouth until I felt the head hit the back of her throat, I had 7 of my 8' buried in her mouth.
All the while she was drinking the steady flow of percum.
My thick cock filled her mouth so she couldn't use her tongue anymore. Pulling back slightly, she let her salvia drip down my shaft.
Gwen then started a steady and rhythmic up and down, in and out motion. She never touched my cock with her hands.
Her lips formed a hot burning ring of pleasure which scorched the tender veins of my love shaft.
It didn't take much of this cadence, along with the fresh pictures of Gwen slamming her wet pussy, to cause a boiling effect in my balls.
My toes where tingling as sensations of dizziness floated in my head.
My mind was spinning as it centered on the pleasure and attention my cock was receiving.
Breathing deeply as my heartbeat quickened, I was rewarded with the drifting essence of fresh pussy juice.
I knew Gwen had another orgasm when her mouth tightened around my shaft and I felt the vibrations of her moans deep in my balls.

That's all it took.
My cock swelled to it's maximum and became hard as a rock.
The veins were full of passion while my balls expanded with steamy hot cum. My whole body became ridged and tight as goose bumps popped out along my arms and legs.
Knowing I was going to cum, Gwen pulled her head back to accommodate the load she expected.
My cock got hotter and hotter as it jumped one time and exploded into Gwen's mouth. God I thought I was going to pass out, the feeling was so intense.
'Oh God,, Oh.......Gwen hang on.... I'm Cumming... AAAGRAAHHAA'
My cock jumped and pulsated as each beat of my heart sent more cum blasting out.
I kept cumming and cumming and Gwen swallowed all she could. I'm sure it was only a few seconds, but it seemed like several minutes before I stopped pumping my liquid flow of love juice.
Some of my hot thick load ran down her lips and chin as her mouth over flowed.
Gwen never stopped swallowing until the last drop of steamy cum was expelled from my deflating balls.
She held my cock in her mouth for a long time enjoying the flavor and taste of my juices.

My heart settled down and my head started to clear.
My cock wilted and relaxed to it's normal size while soaking in Gwen's warm mouth.
Soon it became soft and flaccid, only then did she allowed it to fall from her sweet warm lips.
She stood up and kissed me wet, deep and hard. As I tasted the remains of my cum on her sweet lips I thought.

God I love this woman so much.
Gwen looked at me as she untied my hands.
'See, I told you it would be great.'
'Sweetheart you were right, but I did have my doubts.'
'Oh Don wait until tomorrow, I have another idea.'
'If it's as good as this one, I'll go along with anything.'

We kissed for some time then cleaned up in the shower.
Of course we washed each other, but that's another story.

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