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A Very Personal Assistant

by Clark Hanson ( Aug 99)

I am a 32-year-old executive PA who has been through two false starts in the marriage stakes.
I cannot stand to be physically involved with the male; the thought of it, having tried it is abhorrent to me.
Yet I am a highly sexed woman and paradoxically, when aroused and randy I crave penetration; to have my cunt stretched round something hard.
I have till recently relied on DIY to satisfy my need and have accumulated a collection of dildos to help and enhance my pleasure.

My other passion if not a fetish is clothes, if I look and feel good, I feel sexy and my evening meal has on many occasions had to wait for me to relieve the sexual tension that has built up through the day.
My outer work clothes although smart and fashionable have tended to be a little frumpish in order to avoid my 5'10" size 16 figure attracting unwanted male attention perhaps making me look a little older than my 32 years.
However, my underwear has been a totally different matter.
I love the feel of silk and satin and the constraint of basques and waspies. If and when I wear knickers, they are usually french.

I recently changed employers and found myself working for a woman, Jane.
Because she had worked hard to ascend past male colleagues, she is a hard but fair taskmistress.
I like working for her and the excitement she generates around our office. She is as tall as myself but a little rounder, I have found out since she is a size 18. I now know that she is 39 years of age.

Where I dressed to smother my figure, Jane accentuates her statuesque form.
She invariably has a 'V' neck line showing the upper slopes of her ample breasts.
Her skirts and dresses; she never wears trousers, always hem on or above the knee exhibiting her well-formed legs.
Her discerning eye soon realised that I was hiding myself and she asked me why.
When I told her of my fear of male attention, she told me not to be so negative, to be proud of my shape, she thought I "looked gorgeous".

The bottom line to this was that evening, we went to dinner together so that I could explain my problem to her without the pressure of work around us.
She was sympathetic to my neurosis and asked me if I was gay.
The question was a blunt one and it shocked me because in my naivety, I just had not considered that as an option.
She admitted to me that she was bi-sexual and thoroughly enjoyed the pleasures afforded by women, particularly naive younger women she could mould to her liking.

Jane's bluntness totally disarmed me and before I could refuse, she had me walking through the door of her apartment. She took my coat and when she returned she took me straight into her arms and kissed me aggressively, her tongue forcing itself into my mouth.
My own tongue feebly defended it's territory and as I felt my libido begin to warm up I surrendered to her with a groan.

She took me into her bedroom and as she came up behind me after shutting the door, she pulled down the zip at the back of my dress.
Being fairly loose, there was nothing to stop it slithering from my shoulders to the floor.
I was left standing in a white half-cup basque, my white hold-up stockings and heeled sandals.
My heaving tits sat on the platforms provided by the half cups, my rapidly hardening nipples clearly on show.
My cunt, now moistened by my excitement framed between the bottom of the corset and the lacy tops of the stockings.

She walked round me, inspecting me.
When she stopped in front of me she leaned forward and took one nipple into her mouth, the effect was unbelievably delicious.
As she lifted her head, she told me that if she had known I 'underdressed' like this she would have been under my skirts much earlier.
She stood back and removed her own dress leaving her stood in a black bra, panty and suspender set with tan stockings.
She quickly removed her bra and panties and indicated I should remove my basque.

She lay on the bed and invited me down beside her.
When I complied she kissed me again but this time softly and sensuously, teasing my lips and the tip of my tongue as my mouth opened in submissive acceptance.
She continued the teasing kissing round my face, down my neck, across my chest to my waiting tits.
Her hands formed their shape as the erect nipple disappeared into her mouth, the warm wet snugness of her mouth sending electric shocks from my tits straight to my cunt.

I pleaded with her to do something, I wanted fucking.
It was the first time a mouth had been anywhere near my cunt and the first contact triggered what was to be the first of many orgasms that night.
She kissed little pecks around my bloated labia, the skin sensitive to any stimulus.
Her hands had moved under my buttocks parting them, the tips of her fingers dancing around the rim of my bum hole.
She was now licking my cunt, the broad face of her tongue making slow upward strokes inducing little orgasmic tremors as it passed over my clit.

I opened my nylon-sheaved legs as wide as I could and crossed them at my ankles over her back.
I begged her not to stop, to keep her mouth on my clit.
She had other ideas.
She brought one hand over my thigh so that she could wank my clitoris between her fingers, the other stayed at my anus and as one of her fingers slowly disappeared inside, her tongue bored it's way into my cunt.
I can only remember a scream before I passed out from the intensity of my orgasm.

When I came round I was lead under the covers of her king size bed.
She had removed my nylons so that I was naked.
She was sat in an armchair watching my reaction as I came to.
The smile on her face as I held out my arms to her was beautiful.
As she stood and came toward me, her robe slipped from her shoulders revealing her naked body to me and I noticed for the first time her mons was devoid of pubic hair.
She told me she shaved it regularly.
I told her that I wanted to make love to her but that she would have to teach me.
Teach me she did and I thoroughly enjoyed learning.
At the end of the night she introduced me to her favourite toy, her collection being larger and more extensive than was mine.
This particular beauty was a double dildo about two-and-a-half inches thick and about eight inches long.

She handed it to me and before she could stop me I had inserted one end into my oily cunt and strapped it in place.
The feeling to have an intrusion in one's love channel while stood upright and walking around was unbelievable, I almost climaxed just pushing her roughly over the edge of the bed, protesting that we should be the other way round.
Taking my new cock in my hand, I told her to be quiet, that she was going to get 'one hell of a fucking' and directed it with one vigorous thrust into her welcoming cunt.

She still tried to give me the impression she should be where I was but the groan she emitted as the dildo sank home dripped with sensual pleasure.
I started the fuck her with long deliberate strokes telling her that she was nothing but a bitch on heat that craved to be fucked.
Between her gasps of pleasure she agreed with me, begging me to 'please fuck me harder and faster'.
I obliged, the sensations the false tool was inducing on my own 'G' spot bringing me quickly to my own peak.
As she wailed out her own orgasm, I surprised myself with the speed I could work my hips and the dildo in her cunt, my own climax flooded over me.

From that night on, I became the dominant partner in our private relationship; she was still the boss at work.
Although on more than one occasion I have walked into her office to have her beg me to let her kiss my cunt.
I always refused and invariably spanked her that night for her 'misdemeanour'; I wanted to keep our thing away from work - it was safer.

I threw out my frumpy wardrobe, joining her in wearing more figure flattering clothes.
I have come to enjoy the sensation of being naked under a dress, perhaps wearing hold-ups. I am now also fully shaved.
The realisation that I am thoroughly enjoying my new; lets face it, lesbian persona has helped me brush off the inevitable male attention.

One evening, 'we girls' had to entertain the wife of one of the company's more prestigious clients, the instruction was to keep her happy as a lot of dough was riding on her husbands signature.
It gave me a chance to wear a cocktail dress I had bought some time ago, it was basically a basque with a skirt in black.
The basque part was in soft leather and laced up my back across a wide gap that finished at my hips rather than my waist.
My boobs were only covered to about two inches above my nipples, the d'colletage dipping to about two inches below.
The full skirt, in silk hemmed just above my knee.
White lace topped hold-ups and black stilettos completed my rig.

Jane wore a wrap around blouse and full skirt also in black.
She had chosen black seamed stockings.
Our guest Wendy, was a young redhead about thirty and was more conservatively dressed in a coverall dark green knee length dress.
Throughout the meal the chat was about mundane things and it became obvious that we were lumbered with a child.
Any hint of things erotic resulted in a deep red blush.

We retired to a quiet corner on the restaurant's bar and kept her wineglass full.
Eventually Wendy began to loosen up and when asked, she admitted she had known only her husband since leaving her Swiss finishing school and when pressed further the marriage had been arranged and hers was the bulk of the money behind the business.
It was obvious to me at least; 'been there - worn the tee-shirt', that her marriage was one of his convenience.

In a flash of inspiration and knowing Jane's submissive tendencies I resolved to take her under my wing and 'help' her liven up her life. Jane excused herself and went to the loo and I made my move.
I shifted up close and asked her if she enjoyed sex.
Her answer was blunt, that her husband was useless in bed and had never really had the chance to find out.
When asked if she'd like to find out, her face shot round to mine and was about to ask what I was suggesting when I closed the gap and kissed her full on the mouth.
Catching her in mid sentence left her mouth open for my tongue to roam freely in her mouth.
She must have been paralysed by the shock of my attack because I didn't have to hold her and she didn't move away.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jane returning and broke the kiss. I quickly told Wendy if she wanted to take it further, to go along with whatever I suggested.
She just stared at me I think still in shock, but she did not move away even when I moved my thigh against hers under the table.
The combination of the wine and my attack loosened her up even more and the discussion became raunchier.
She became more confident as we drew her out of herself, she even started stroking my thigh under the table.
I took hold of her hand and directed under my skirt and when she eventually arrived at my naked shaven cunt, her intake of breath was audible enough for Jane to notice.

With wonderful presence of mind Wendy forced a cough but did not remove her hand, covering her mouth with the other.
She eventually removed her hand, excused herself and went to the ladies.
While she was away I updated Jane then told her to get under the table and start sucking my itching cunt.
She looked round to make sure nobody was looking, it was quite dark in our corner and not much could be seen anyway.

By the time our guest returned, my Jane's tongue was lapping my open cunt with gusto.
I answered the query as to where she was by saying she had gone to pay the bill. I leaned toward Wendy and kissed her again, there was no resistance. my hand found it's way to the hem of her skirt and dragged it up with it as it made it's way to her love nest.
When I arrived there, it was my turn to be surprised, she had no pants on either.
With a twinkle in her eye she opened her clutch bag and pulled out a lovely pair of black net french knickers, 'when in Rome' she had smiled.

I asked her if she had ever had oral sex and she blushed and told me that she had, but a long time ago.
When she answered positively as to whether she would like it again I took her hand and put it on Jane's head and told her to help herself.
Within seconds she was slumped in her seat, legs wide apart with her skirt round her waist as my boss brought her to a thundering orgasm.
I had to kiss her to avoid her moans attracting the attention of anyone else.

While my boss really went to pay the bill I told her that for tonight, Jane would be her slave to do with whatever she wished.
We left the restaurant and went to Jane's town apartment.
Once inside I stood behind Jane and put my hands around her hold her generous mammeries.
I asked Wendy if she wanted to see Jane's tits and when she nodded eagerly, unwrapped the black blouse to expose her 40D boobs.
I urged Wendy to kiss them and she rushed forward to oblige. Jane told me I had a rival in the tit sucking stakes.

As Jane's tits were receiving Wendy's undivided attention, I stripped away Jane's skirt and walked behind Wendy and slid her dress zip down.
She helped me by pulling the bodice and sleeves away from her upper torso so that it slipped to the floor leaving her in a black satin suspender belt and stockings.
As Jane led us to her bedroom, I undid the laces at the back of my dress and allowed it to also fall to the floor.
I stood behind Wendy, nibbling at her neck telling her to instruct Jane as to her wishes. She told Jane to 'kiss my breasts again'.
I told her to talk dirty, that they were tits.

'Oh yes kiss my lovely tits Jane, they are lovely aren't they? she asked as if looking for reassurance.
I answered for Jane as her mouth was too busy telling Wendy that she had a gorgeous pert pair of boobs. Indeed they were, not too big but firm and nicely formed.
As I started to kiss down Wendy's back I heard her tell Jane 'to go down on me again'.

'Tell her to suck your cunt' I instructed. I felt her shudder as she repeated the words. By the time I had reached her bottom I knew that Jane was already feasting on her bush.
My hands parted Wendy's buttocks and as my tongue descended between them, I vaguely heard Wendy ask what I was doing and felt her wobble on her legs.
We both steadied her and I continued my quest for her bum hole and when I got there and push my tongue inside, she screamed out her climax.

We both stood up and Jane took her to the bed. I went to Jane's collection and selected the monster that Jane had introduced me too and a similar but smaller one.
I went to the bed and with Wendy looking on in wide-eyed wonder, I made Jane salivate the biggy. Once it was wet I made Wendy insert it in my boiling cunt and fasten the straps.
I told Wendy it was Jane's turn to be fucked first as she had been servicing her all evening. Wendy looked genuinely disappointed.
I told her to be patient but if she wished she could sit on Jane's face.

Jane arranged Wendy on the bed with her nyloned legs spread wide then stood at the foot of the bed and bent over to reach her cunt. I walked behind her and sank the dildo all the way into her own hole in one stroke, pushing her into Wendy's groin.
Jane's and my own orgasm, on hold all evening soon erupted at which we both collapsed on Wendy.
I extracted myself from Jane and when she stood we performed a trick we had developed together.
We stood together and kissed and I reinserted the dildo into her cunt.
As we continued to work each other's mouths, I transferred the straps to Jane then broke the kiss and backed off the toy.

Jane tuned to the bed and without prompting, Wendy told her to 'shag me to death with your tool'. Jane laid on her back on the bed knowing what I had in mind and told her to climb on.
This was obviously a novelty to her and she willingly obliged, taking her time to accustom herself to the size.
It was she said, twice the size of that wimp of a husband.
As she started to ride the phallus inside her, moaning about how good it was to be fucked with a real tool, I fitted the smaller one to myself and anointed the exposed dong with KY.

I moved behind Wendy and slipped the end of the dildo between her buttocks, she froze. 'What are you doing?' there was a tremor in her voice.

'I, dear Wendy, am going to fuck your arse' and so saying pushed the toy passed her sphinctal ring.
Her mouth opened to scream but nothing came out.
Both Jane and I waited until she regained her breath, then started a slow rhythmic fucking action.

'You bitches' she moaned, 'you're raping me' but at the same time she started pushing back to meet our thrusts.
'All right then, fuck me, fuck me to death, I love it, I love it'.
Jane pulled her down to kiss her deeply as I reached round and palmed her tits. I could hear her moaning into Jane's mouth and as the moans got more intense we increased our speed until she broke away and literally screamed out her orgasm then swooned away.

We put her under the bedclothes to recover and tidied ourselves up. In about ten minutes she opened her eyes and smiled at us looking down at her.
She just said thank you, could we do it again sometime.
Jane and I both nodded.
She and I got dressed again, said our goodbyes to Jane and returned to her hotel. In the limo', she asked me if she could suck my cunt but I told her next time, that I was quite sore.
She smiled, 'funny you should say that'.

When we walked into the hotel lobby she mentioned that her husband was still in the bar with our man.
We went over and she told them that she had spent a wonderful evening with us and would like to do so again when they again in town.
Her husband smiled and said that they would be staying for a day or two anyway and why not again on this visit.
She kissed him politely on the cheek as if in thanks then told them she was tired and wished to retire, I walked to the lift with her, again refusing her entreaty for more lust.
I offered to take her shopping the following afternoon.

The following afternoon I picked her up and took her to my corsetair and fitted her up with three basques, all of them virtually bra less.
She had decided that if Jane and I could manage without support with our mammeries, she certainly could with hers. She also bought half a dozen pairs of hold-ups.
We went on to a dressmaker I know and she found a dress that oozed sex and would not be possible to wear with underwear.
It had a choker collar and full sleeves, an open bodice that came down to just above her nipples.
The open back went from collar to bottom, the cleft between her bum cheeks just visible.

After buying two pairs of heeled sandals we went for a coffee to the restaurant we had been the previous evening.
As we drank and nibbled at some gateaux she thanked me again for opening her mind to our 'life'.
Although she now thought she understood her apparent bisexuality and was still determined to make her marriage work, she wanted to explore it further.
I asked her if she had enjoyed dominating Jane as far as it went.
She smiled but replied that her perception was that she had been the one dominated.

I pushed further, did she think her hubby was submissive because I believed her to be dominant.
She looked at me for what seemed a long time eventually conceding that she had no idea.
I suggested that if she wanted to experiment, to try tying him to the bed with some of his old ties, see how he reacted.
Her eyes lit up as she thought of the possibilities.

As we left the cafe she told me she wanted to buy a toy like the ones we had used the night before.
I asked her whom she had in mind, it took two to tango.
She smiled before answering that she hadn't realised till this morning when she spoke to her on the phone that her sister in law had a crush on her and laughing added she definitely fancied her 'in a dominant sort of way'.
We went to a sex shop for women in Soho were she went mad; two vibrators, two double headers, a head mask, a leather paddle and a choker and lead.
We then returned to her hotel where in her bedroom we made slow sensuous love before I left for home.

The following morning I received an excited call from her to report that she had been 'experimenting' with results beyond her wildest dreams; he was so submissive she had even ass-fucked him as a christening for one of the smaller of her new toys.
She'd then paddled him (again) for consequently spraying his come all over the bed.
We agreed that we should meet again that night at her hotel since she had arranged for her sister-in-law to join her during the day for another shopping trip and stop over.

She intended, with our help to initiate her into saphic enjoyment.

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