Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Nancy's Graduation Party

By Anon ( JULY 99)

From the day that my sexy wife decided that she wanted to let eight men gangbang her on her wedding night she had become more and more insatiable with each passing day.
There was hardly a day went by that she didn't find someone new to play with her sexy body and sample her hot willing pussy.
Most of the time Nancy wasn't satisfied to let only one man fuck her.
Most nights she had to have at least four or five men fuck her to partially satisfy her wild horny cravings for sex.

Nancy originally decided to become a wild whore to make my fantasy of having a wild horny wife a reality.
After the first cock plunged into her virgin pussy on her wedding night Nancy found that from then on she could never seem to get enough.
She found that she loved the thrill of getting fucked by lots of different men more than anything else she ever did.

Nancy was a very beautiful and sexy woman when we were married. She stood five foot four inches tall and weighed in at one hundred and five pounds.
At the time her sexy body measured 36C-20-35.
A couple of years after we were married Nancy fulfilled a dream that she had had for a long time.
Although she had bigger that average breasts Nancy had always wanted gigantic big tits.
In January of 1965 Nancy underwent breast augmentation to increase her breasts to the much bigger size that she had wanted for a long time. Nancy's gorgeous body was now an eye popping 36FFF-20-35, which absolutely thrilled her.

With my hearty approval Nancy was going out four or five nights a week. She was very seldom satisfied with only one man so Nancy had usually been fucked by four or more different men before she came home from her night out.
My sexy wife spent more time letting men fuck her in the back seat of a car, in motels, or in someone's apartment than she spent at home.
She was off getting it on with other men so much that when she was home it was so exciting that it almost seemed like something new.

When I came home from work one night Nancy was getting ready to go out for the night.
As I watched her primp and get her sexy body ready for her night out she told me that she wanted to give a graduation party for one of the neighborhood boys and some of his friends.
Nancy told me that Duane, one of the local farmers had just happened to come by the house today and she talked to him about setting up a graduation party for his son and his friends.
Duane was one of the lucky few men that Nancy would have sex with any time he came over.
She usually didn't have sex with the same man very often because she liked to let men she had never seen fuck her because she said that it was more exciting.
He hadn't been over to see my sexy wife for over a month so in a matter of minutes they were on the bed and he was fucking my gorgeous wife's hot cunt.

After they were finished Nancy talked to Duane about her idea of giving a graduation party for Earl, Duane's son, who was going to graduate from high school in June.
Nancy told Duane that she wanted to give a party for Earl and several of his classmates to celebrate their graduating from high school.

Nancy said that Duane was laughing when he asked her what kind of graduation party she was planning to give the boys.
When Nancy told him that the boys would be eighteen years old and that she thought that it would be a great for her to give them some actual experience in sex education.
Duane said that it was ok with him and told Nancy that as much as he enjoyed fucking her he knew that Earl and his friends were going to have a great time.
Nancy told him that she was planning to invite Earl and ten to twelve of his classmates to come over and party with her on their graduation night.

Nancy talked to Earl about having a graduation party for him and several of his friends. She told him that there would not be any drinking but she would make sure that they all had a lot of fun.
As Earl had gotten older he had begun to flirt and make some slightly suggestive remarks to Nancy so when she told him that she would be sure that they all had a lot of fun he immediately knew exactly what kind of fun they would be having. Earl was very excited about the party and what he knew would be happening when they were there.
Of the twelve boys that were invited to the graduation party ten of them told Earl that they would definitely be coming.
The other two wanted to come but their families had something planned and told them that they had to be there.

On June 14, 1968 at 8 o'clock, Earl and his friends came to the house for their graduation party.
Nancy was very excited about having all these young men over to have a party with her and she had dressed and made herself up very carefully because she wanted to impress them.
As the boys began to arrive Nancy met them at the door dressed in an extremely low cut blouse with out any bra.
Her big breasts made it look like she had a couple of beach balls under her blouse.
She was also wearing a very short miniskirt that just barely covered her beautiful shaved pussy.
She had on a black garter and black stockings but wasn't wearing any panties.
When Nancy men these young men at the door I thought several of them were going to choke on their tongues when they saw Nancy and reality began to set in as to what they were in store for this evening.
Nancy grabbed each one of them and gave them a very long slow kiss as they entered.
It didn't take very much to turn these boys on because they immediately began to touch and feel my wife's great body.

Nancy had set up a buffet style dinner for them and for the next hour or so everyone sat around eating and joking with each other.
After the dinner was over I told the boys that there would not be any drinking at this party and that I didn't want them to get rowdy.
They all agreed as they looked hungrily at my wife's sexy body and big tits almost falling out of her blouse. I told them that they could have Nancy for the night and could do anything to her as long as no one got hurt. As I walked out of the room I told them, 'she's all yours boys, have fun.'
Nancy walked over to the stereo and put on some music, telling the boys to sit down and she would dance and strip for them if they were interested.
They all cheered as she started swaying to the beat of the music. Although she didn't have on very many clothes she made it very exciting as she slowly took them of and played with herself for them.

When she was finished stripping Nancy beckoned Earl over to her and quickly unbuttoned his jeans, letting them drop to the floor.
Several of the other boys started to come over but Nancy told them that for their first time she was going to let them fuck her just one at a time.
As young and as excited as he was it didn't take Earl over five minutes to spurt his load of cum into Nancy's horny cunt. Immediately after he was done another of the boys took his place as Nancy reached down and guided his hard young cock into her steaming pussy.
Nancy began to have one orgasm after another as the young men took turns mounting her and filling her cunt with their hard cocks.
Being so young and eager it took less than one hour for all ten of these boys to fuck Nancy and fill her up with there hot cum.

Even though each of the ten boys had already fucked her it only took a few minutes and they were ready to go again.
Nancy now began to show them some of the different ways that she liked to get fucked.
One of the ways had Nancy with a cock in her cunt, one in her ass, a cock in each hand while she sucked of another.
The boys really liked this setup because they didn't have to wait as long before another turn at playing with Nancy came around.
As they were fucking her Nancy kept telling them that she didn't want them to be gentle but that she wanted them to fuck her as hard as they could.
As I looked down on these activities from the top of the stairs I also became very excited as these young boys began to ram their cocks into my wife's waiting cunt as hard as they possibly could.
This really worked for Nancy as she began to have an almost continuous string for very big orgasms.

This scene was repeated over and over for the entire evening as the boys continued to fuck Nancy time after time. At about 3 o'clock the next morning Nancy told them that it was about time for them to be going home.
She told them that she had had a wonderful time partying with them and hoped that they had also had a lot of fun.
They all immediately thanked her and said that it had been the best party that they had ever been to.
What a sight it was to watch as my naked wife walked these young men to the door to say goodbye.
They all took one last feel of her great tits and pussy as she gave each of them a very long slow kiss.

They were finally all gone and Nancy started up the stairs to our bedroom.
Watching her as she came up the stairs I became very excited.
It was very exciting to watch her big tits bounce as she came up the stairs.
She had cum caked all over her belly and some was still dribbling out of her pussy and running down her legs.
As she came to the room Nancy said that she was still very excited and wanted me to finish off the great night by having me fuck her.
As excited as I had been watching her as she was repeatedly fucked over and over at the party it wasn't very long before I climaxed and mixed my load of cum in with all the others deep inside of her hot cunt.

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