Monday, April 09, 2007

Sweet Dream

By Amanda's fiancee ( JULY 99)

The three of us had just gotten back home from a night on the town.
She was very pretty, and the two of you had exchanged flirting looks throughout dinner.
When dinner was over, we went to the movies.
I sat on the end, you sat next to me, and she sat next to you.
There were times in the movie when the two of you had brushed your hands against eachother.
After that, we decided to go to a pub for some beer.
After about 2 beers each, we all decided it was about time to call it a night.
Since she had been drinking a little, we invited her in for a little bit.

We walked in the door, turned on the light, and turned on the tv.
I was very tired, and sat in my chair.
You two both sat on the couch.
Flipping through the late night programming, we all watched tv.
My eyes seemed to get heavier and heavier... finally, I had dozed off.
You and her continued to sit on the couch.
Her hand moved over to yours, and rested on top of it.
You turned your hand around, and you two held hands.
Your fingers slowly interlocking. You could see out of the corner of your eye that she was staring at you.
You turned to look at her, and as soon as you did, her hand grabbed the back of your head, and pulled you to her.
Quickly your lips pressed against eachother.
Your tongues played between your mouths.
As you kissed, her soft hands stroked your cheeks, and played through your hair. You did the same.

You brought your legs up on the couch, folding them under you, and she did the same.
There you sat, facing eachother... kissing deeply.
Her hands crept up under your shirt, and over your soft tummy. You loved the feel of her semi-long fingernails brushing up and down your tummy.
You raised your hands, and she pulled your shirt off... and you did the same to her.
You reached behind your back to unhook your bra, and she followed, by doing the same.
With her bra unhooked, your rubbed your hands down her shoulders... her straps falling down her arms.
Your hands rubbed down her chest, pulling her "C" sized cups from over her beautifully shaped breasts.
You leaned down, and began kissing her nipple.
They hardened very quickly, and your teeth softly bit down over them.
She moaned softly. You moved up to kiss her lips, and she pulled you to her.
The two of you hugged... your breasts pressed together... your cheeks rubbing against eachother. You could feel her breath on your ear. I continued to nap.
She whispered in your ear "where is your bedroom?" You then stood up, took her hand, and led her back into the room.
She sat on the edge of our bed, and you stood in front of her.
She grabbed you, and pulled your pretty little body to her.
You bent over to kiss her lips again, but that is not what she had in mind.
She unbuttoned your pants, and slowly unzipped them.
Both of your hands met as you pulled them down... along with your panties.
Your shaven little flower now exposed, you moved in closer.
With her still sitting on the bed, you put your knees up on the edge, on either side of her hips.
She grabbed your beautiful ass, and pulled hard.
Your soft, velvety lips pressed against her mouth.
Her mouth was coated with your soft nectar, as she licked, kissed, and sucked.
Your hips moved in small circles, as your hands pulled at her beautiful brown hair.
After a while of doing this, she scooted herself back on the bed, and you laid down on top of her. Kissing her wet mouth, you could clearly taste yourself on her. Both of your hearts were pounding.
You moved down and kissed her neck, her shoulders, her chest, and her breasts.
Licking your tongue around her nipples, they once again hardened quickly.
Moving further down, you licked her tummy, and stopped just short of her pant line.
You unbuttoned her pants, and unzipped.
Her hips raised off the bed, so you could pull them off. To your surprise, she was not wearing panties.
You laid your head down on her waist, with your cheek on her pubic bone.
You moved your face around over it.
Up and down, her silky soft lips rubbed against your cheek.
Your lips finally met her pussy.
You burrowed your mouth between her spread lips. Her juice glazing your mouth... it tasted so good to you.
Your hands wrapped around her hips, and your fingers dug into her cheeks.
Your face covered in her juice, you continued to rub your mouth in her pussy. Sucking and sucking on her clit, her hips bucked against you.
With your hands wrapped around her, you turned her over, on top of you.
She moved her hips around over your mouth, grinding her pussy against your face.
While you ate at her, your fingers found your own clit.
This was such a wonderful feeling for you!
You loved her smell, and her taste. Finally, after a while of doing this, you stopped, and moved up to kiss her mouth again.
With you on your back, she got up, and moved down towards your feet.
She sat between your legs, facing you.
Her left leg draped over your right leg, and your left leg draped over her right leg.
She moved up closer to you.
As she slowly moved closer to you, you could feel the heat from her sex intensify.

Then, finally, both of your soft, warm, wet pussy lips kissed. You pressed your flower against hers.
Both of your hips moved around in circles.
Just within reach of our bed was a small bottle of lubricant.
You grabbed it, opened it, and drizzled it over both of your pussies.
Now, extremely wet... your pussies kissed... hard, and deep. Her hand reached down and began rubbing your clit, and your did the same to her.
The two of you just laid there, masturbating eachother, while your soft pussies exchanged kisses.
You seemed to do this for a long time, both of your hips bucking against eachother.
You did this so long, that you felt yourself begin to cum.
With your fingers vigorously playing against her clit, her body stiffened, and she began to moan. She was cumming... hard.
You were so close to cumming, that this was enough to put you over the edge.
You both came together.
She grabbed your legs, and your grabbed hers.
Pulling your bodies together. As you both came, your bodies slowly moved around. Your pussies still tightly pressed against eachother. This felt so blissful.

The sound of both of your moaning awoke me.
I opened my eyes to find both of your shirts and bras strewn over the couch.
I knew what you two were doing, but I chose to stay where I was.
While in the bed room, the both of you were just winding down from two very intense orgasms. She moved up next to you, and wrapped her arms around you.
You draped your legs over hers.
You two kissed softly, and held. A few minutes passed, when she whispered in your ear, "thank you". You smiled at her, and thanked her too.
She told you that she could drive home now, so you both got up from the sweaty mattress.
She put her pants back on, but you stayed naked.
The both of you walked back in to the room I was in.
You looked at me, and saw that I was still asleep... or so you thought.
As you turned away from me to watch her put her bra and shirt back on, I opened my eyes to do the same.
Now with her fully dressed, you held her hand, and led her to the door.
You both wrapped your arms around eachother, and kissed one last time.
I laid there and watched, my excitement becoming apparent.
She whispered good bye, and you did the same. Then, she was gone.

You turned and looked at me, and saw me looking right back at you. We both exchanged smiles.
You walked over to me, and took my hand.
You led me into the bedroom.
The scent of 'female' hung in the room, making me even more excited.

We laid down, and made sweet sweet love until the dawn broke.

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