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Learning Your Pleasure

Written by Martin (Feb 2000)

It is a bright warm morning. I awake slowly from my sleep seeing you beside me in our bed. For a moment I just look at you tracing the outline of your body underneath the covers with my eyes, looking into your sleeping face, my whole being filled with adoration and gratitude that you are my love, my goddess.

I contemplate your beauty my soul worshipping Learning Your Pleasure the temple in which you reside. I slowly slip out of bed careful not to wake you from your slumber. I am naked. I slip into the panties you have worn yesterday.
They are mine today. It is important for us that I wear your panties after you have worn them for a day so that my body and especially my shaft is always surrounded by your nectar. It makes my skin soft and silky and that is what you expect - it is your pleasure.

I want to live for your pleasure alone today, wanting to give myself for you and so I retrieve the collar that we have made together for me and place it on the pillow beside your head.

When you wake up you will know that this is a day where your beauty, your well-being, your pleasure and enjoyment are the focus and the purpose for me. You are still sleeping deeply and I again loose myself in your contemplation, becoming excited at what this day will bring. I can feel the surge of arousal in my loins. With an inward sigh of emotion I turn away from you restraining my growing arousal and walk over to the kitchen to make morning coffee for you and prepare a breakfast for you.

After the coffee is made I pour half a cup into your favorite cup, add some cream and take it into the bedroom, where I have heard you stir in bed. Your eyes are still closed but your arms are stretching upwards as you slowly slip into consciousness. 'mmhhh, coffee?' you murmur with a smile and as your arms slowly sink back to the bed, you touch the collar with your hand.

I can hear the sharp intake of breath from you and again the brightest of smiles lights up your face and your eyes still closed you sigh with contentment a deep satisfied smile. Your eyes open and you look at me and a whispered, lilted 'yes' escapes you mouth.
You ask: 'will you serve me today?' I sink to my knees beside the bed and looking into your eyes I answer with a jubilant: 'yes my Alyssa'.
You gaze at me with a little smile around your eyes and mouth and say: ' you will obey my every word?' and again I say 'yes' with determination. You pick up the collar from the pillow and slowly fold back the covers from the bed revealing your body.
You pull up your legs and let your legs fall apart opening your passion flower and you begin stroking your lips and your clit with your fingers letting me see the nectar emerging from your body.

When you sense your wetness you dip one finger into it and say:' .. come closer to me!'
You lightly touch your moist finger to my lips and underneath my nose and tell me that I am not to let my tongue touch my lips.
'This is my mark on you'. Slowly you pull the length of the collar through your lips and moisture and begin stroking yourself with the collar.
You tell me to kneel beside the bed again and to watch you.

'..I must be sure of your obedience. It pleases me to make myself come and I want you to observe. You may not touch me. You want to give yourself to my pleasure alone, don't you?'

I hoarsly whisper: 'yes Alyssa'. 'Hand me the coffee!' you say softly. With the coffee in one hand and the collar in the other you observe me over the rim of the cup, smiling. You reach down with the collar and begin to stroke yourself slowly with it careful to make sure that your nectar spreads over all of it.
'You need the collar to be wet and soaked before I can put it on you. You need to remember my pleasure as it dries around your neck my Robert.'
I know now that you will not give me the satisfaction of pleasing you until it is your pleasure to do so. My head spins and I cannot help but open my mouth slightly to breathe.
My breath is a little ragged and in my eyes that have begun to look heavy with desire for you, you see that I have begun to fall into you, into your power, into your guidance.

While you have slowly stroked yourself you have finished the coffee. You look at me and know that I have begun to let go of myself. You hand me the cup and ask me to hold it with both hands to prevent my hands from reaching out involuntarily. 'Don't touch me!' you whisper lasciviously, knowing that this is the moment where I will either overcome my arousal and fall to you completely or be driven to touch you by my own desires.

A loud moan escapes my mouth and you see slowly the raging desire of my arousal in my eyes changing to the desire to submit to you completely. Within this moment you begin to come. It is the moment of exhilaration over controlling your and my desire as one that pushes you across the edge and you come into the collar writhing and moaning and calling my name in love, knowing that I am with you close, knowing that my love for you overcomes everything.

As you catch your breath you reach down and pull me up and you kiss me gently on my lips. You place the collar around my neck until it is snuggly fitting my neck. The little brass lock for which you carry the golden key around your neck snaps into place. You know that the collar will chafe a little as it dries but that is what you intended ö to remind me of your pleasure. You attach the golden chain to the collar which is fastened to your wrist.

This day you know is a day in which I will not leave your side unless you wish me to be chained somewhere to wait for you. You slowly rise from the bed and gently pull me after you into the bathroom. You need to pee and you instruct me to kneel in front of you as you sit down on the toilet. As your bladder lets go, you feel this enormous surge of pleasure rising through your body, feeling the release.

Finished you lean back on the seat move your hips to the edge of the seat and say:' I want you to wipe me with your tongue my love. Lick me clean.

I lean forward and for the first time this day I may taste you. I slowly stroke with my tongue along each of your lips from the bottom up tasting the sweat of the night, your urin and your nectar mixed into a sweet and sour mix of delicious fragrant tastes which your body always has.
You sense my excitement and my arousal and you stroke my head.

'This is my day my Robert, make me come!'. Kneeling before you naked clad in your panties and wearing our collar, I begin to stroke your hard clit with my tongue. 'yes, that is good' you whisper as my tongue searches for that magic spot only I know to find and stroke.
I know that you want to come quick and hard and I stroke in those short quick and hard strokes which make excite you most.

Your hands begin to play your nipples with the golden chain with which you bind me and begin to caress your breasts as your breathing grows ragged and fast. You pant and moan, sliding your bottom forward towards my touch.
I feel you frantically pulling on the chain, pulling me into you as you come closer to the climax. As you near your orgasm, you grab my hair and hold my hair while your hips and pelvis begins to grind my mouth and my face, not allowing yourself to completely let me dictate the pace of your coming.

With a loud and urgent wail you begin to come into my mouth and face calling out to me: 'oh Robert, my love, I love you, I love you ..... I.... Love .... you'.
Your hands then gently guide my face into your pussy again and with soft smooth movements you wipe your nectar all over my face, into my eyes, across my chin, my cheeks until you are satisfied, that it glistens with your honey.

Then you stand up and stroke my head whispering: 'you please me, servant of my pleasure. Come with me.' You command me to get up and look at me.
'I have a special reward for you today my Robert'. And with these words you throw the golden chain over your shoulder and walk towards our bedroom. Today I am bound to your pleasure linked to your pleasure by that little golden chain around your wrist, have no will of my own or desire but your desire. I follow you. In the bedroom you open your drawer and pull out a pair of black pantyhose.

You turn around and hold it out to me. 'I want you to wear this over my panties' you brightly smile as you hand them to me. Walking over to your closet you retrieve a carton and also hand it to me saying: 'and this is my special reward for you my slave'
You look at me with an amused smile expectation showing in your expression at the gift you have bought for me. 'Go on open it' you say and I sit down on the floor at your feet and begin opening the box. Inside I find a pair of black high heel strap sandals.

You see the shyness in my eyes but also the wish to wear them. 'Go on, Robert, my sweet lover, wear them' you say smiling down at me. I slowly pull on the pantyhose over my legs pulling it up over my bottom, so that it sits snuggly against my crotch and then bend down and slip my feet into the unfamiliar. Your hand begins to stroke my bottom as I am bent over to fasten the straps around my heels waving slightly at the unusual position my feet are put in by the sandals.

The thrill of the unfamiliar clothing and your warm stroking hands at my bottom make me feel the strain of my cock confined inside the pantyhose. You hear me start breathing through my mouth, hear me panting slightly. You slap me across the bottom and softly say: ' are we getting excited. Remember, it is my pleasure you serve'.
You slip into your flowered dress and with that you pull on the chain and lead me teetering after you in those strangely high heeled sandals after you.

I notice that the sandals force me to take small steps, force me to tread with my toes first and feel me bottom tighten with every step. In the living room, you sit down on the couch and order me to parade in front of you back and forth.
You tell me that I need to learn to walk in those sandals so that my walking becomes a pleasing sight for you. With that you ask me to squat down on my heels.

As I squat down, you sit on the floor in front of me and tell me that I need to learn balance first. Your hand reaches out and you begin to stroke my cock through your panties and pantyhose and you whisper: 'If I can make you almost come without you loosing your balance, you will always know not to fall off your new sandals'.

You tell me to look to your hand stroking me and begin to deftly trace my cock underneath the sheerness of the pantyhose.
I can see the head of my cock protruding through the top of your panties snuggly fitted against my body by the pantyhose. My head starts spinning again and I sway back and forth as you stroke and stroke, seeing drops of precum emerge from the tip and seeping into the pantyhose.

'You may not come, Robert, and I will make you responsible if you do!' you sternly tell me. With fascination I let myself fall into the sensation of your stroking hand gliding up and down over the ridge my shaft forms under the pantyhose.
Small moans escape my mouth as I start panting, swaying on the high-heeled sandals before your eyes. You know that I am close to coming and that if you continue to stroke I am unable to control. 'Don't come' you keep whispering into my ear, where I can feel your warm breath caressing me. 'Show me how much you want to serve me, my Robert'.
'Don't let yourself cross the edge' you say, knowing that my release is entirely in your hands.
As you feel the first twitching of the coming orgasm run through the length of my shaft, you suddenly stop stroking me. I fall to my knees with a wail, kneeling before you panting and moaning and flushed with arousal. In an instant, you have moved up onto the couch and lifted your lifted your flowered dress which you have put on in the bedroom, close your eyes, open your legs wide and say lasciciously: 'Come slave, today your pleasure is my release only. Make Me Come! And reaching down you cup my chin and gently guide me to your wet glistening lips, heavy with blood.
'You must learn to love my release more than your own'. Kneeling before you I know that there is no sweetness greater in this world but the sweetness of forgetting myself in your pleasure.
I let my tongue guide me to your tiny engorged clit and begin my task, stroking, tasting, licking you, until I feel your hands taking a hold of my hair and you push yourself into my face crashing heavily through the door into oblivion of me in your pleasure. I am your instrument.

My entire body is now crawling with excitement and arousal. The skin on my head seems to weave in waves, my cock strains painfully against the wetness that your stroking has created. As you catch your breath you tell me to stand in front of you. 'I must inspect you to be sure you have obeyed me, my Robert' you say and that you rise from the couch and begin a minute inspection of me. I see pleasure in your eyes as you gaze intently at my face, my torso, my whole appearance.

A little moan of delight escapes my lips, 'I please her' I think and a warm joyous feeling spreads across my being as I bask in your gaze which is like the light of sun for me. It lets me live. As your gaze turns to my crotch you discover, that the panties and pantyhose has become very wet where the head of my cock lies snugged against my body.

You bend slightly and begin to inspect with a slight frown. 'Have you come?' you ask me with a little irritation in your voice. I turn a little red. Hastily I explain: 'when you came my Mistress, I felt a large amount of moisture seeping out my shaft.... But I did not come!
The intensity of your pleasure, I could feel it crashing through me......' In that moment I feel ashamed that my body has played this trick with me and caused me to disobey you. I know I did not come but the large circle of moisture in the front of my clothes speaks otherwise.
'I did not come' I murmur, 'I promise you'.
'hmmmm' you say and then 'I will eat now' and with this you walk over to the breakfast table where everything is laid out for you to eat. I know my place is at your feet and so I sit quietly down beside you. You eat.

When you are finished you begin feeding me bite after bite, teasing me with the food. After we are both satisfied, you order me to clear the table while you stand in the kitchen doorway, a place where my chain will reach. Every time I I pass you, you slap my bottom with increasing joy. 'Hmmmm' you muse and begin to laugh bubbly and happily.
When I have finished clearing away the remains of the breakfast, You ask me to follow you.
'You must learn to obey me my slave' you say and silently point to a footstool indicating to me that I am to bend over it.
'Take your pantyhose and panties off, Robert, and while I will spank you for punishment, I want you to wash the panties in your mouth. They must be clean when I am finished. Your cock needs my nectar not yours'.

I remove my panties and pantyhose and you take them from my hand, hold them up to your nose ...'oh my' you say and gently push the wet spot into my mouth. You reach down and scoop some of your nectar onto your finger and begin to gently massage it into my hard cock, murmuring: 'I must care for my pleasure tool'. I bend over the footstool and as soon as I am lying, draped over it you begin to spank me hard and with lust.

I can feel my cock swaying with every stroke you give me and feel warmth mixed with the sharp and fast subsiding pain of every slap I receive for my disobedience. As you slap me, you whisper to me: 'I love you, Robert, but you must learn to do as I demand'. I can feel your exertion and when you finish, and pull me up from my prone position, I see your face flushed and sweaty and an impish pleased smile on your face. While you spanked me I had sucked and washed the panties with my mouth tasting the sweet and salty taste of my precum. You know that the arousal has now completely taken a hold of me.

Every time I open my mouth, a slow, low growl comes out before I can formulate words. My eyes are almost closed and my breath is short and panting. 'Now it is time to teach you to obey' you say and with that you untie my chain from your wrist and tie it to the beam in the middle of the room.
You move the big easy chair in front of me, exactly measured so that I will under no circumstances be able to reach you but be able to come within a hands-width distance of your pussy when you sit in it. 'You must now stroke yourself, until you almost come, my Robert, but you may not come.

You will stroke yourself and I will tell to speed up and slow down. You may only stop if continuing would mean to disobey me. And then only until the excitement has subsided enough so that you can begin again. Will you do that for your Mistress?' I lower my head, and whisper 'yes Mistress Alyssa'.
With these words you reach down between your legs and begin stroking your clit with your fingers. 'Begin stroking yourself, my slave' you hoarsly say and then you close your eyes and stroke and moan and pleasure yourself. My eyes are transfixed by the sight of your pussy, glistening, wet, pulsing before my eyes yet unreacheable.
I feel the agony of watching you stroke, the little movement up and down over your clit followed by a little circular movement around the tip of your clit - not wanting to stroke myself but rather pleasure you. I feel taunted by you.

It seems as if at the moment where I my own pleasure had become unimportant to me you had decided to deliciously remind me how good it feels to be stroked. Your eyes open slightly. 'stroke yourself, baby?' your breath ragged hardly carries the words, but the command is unmistakable. I touch my hand to my cock and feel immediately the electricity running along the entire skin of my body announcing that it will not take long for me to orgasm.
You have taken me to the edge throughout the morning and it seems as if my cock is like a fountain still capped yet quivering with the rush of liquid wanting to rise from it. I am breathing hard and deep within a few strokes, my mouth slightly opened and the tip of my tongue darting over my lips.

Moans and whimpers escape me as I stroke faster and faster for you. You are close to coming, I sense your orgasm as if it was my own, and for a moment feel like a hunter stalking its prey, as I search for the tell tale signs of your release. In that moment I feel the surge of seed beginning to be driven upwards and hear your clear command 'Stop now'.

My hand drops, my body falls forward onto my hands and I smell the incredible fragrance of your sexual heat only an inch away from me, and you come, and come and come wailing, thrashing, hips and legs moving, fingers soaked and frantically caressing your engorged glistening clit. 'oh my goddess' I whisper as I experience the frustration and exhilaration of feeling your orgasm pulsing through me while my own is contained by your will to teach me your pleasure.
I feel my body reacting to your pleasure in every way as if it was my own yet without the release I so crave now.
On my hands and knees, panting, whimpering and wanting you, I worship you my goddess in all your power and all your glory.

'Yes my Robert' you say, 'it is befitting that you lay whimpering before me and worship my beauty, my passion, my sex'. Then 'begin stroking yourself again!'. The next hours stretch into a timeless crimson space. Uncountable times you teach me to love your release without finding my own. I plead and beg with you, as you slowly burn into me your passion, your pleasure. I experience the completeness of your passion for me and in that space inside my soul gratitude and love and desire for you grow.

I begin to growl and I am no longer able to formulate any words but 'I love you' growled out by me when you come for me over and over again. At length you begin to curl upon the couch and close your eyes. I can tell that you are drifting into a dream, exhausted from the stream of gifts of love you have given to me. As I observe you and watch your sleep, stroking myself constantly now but slow, as to not disobey you, I feel the midday sun wander around the house slowly.

I love you, I love you my Alyssa. Growling, wanting, poised to pounce, my soul fills with an overwhelming tenderness streaming out to you surrounding, bracing and enveloping you in your sleep. Finally as the sun begins to turn into the west, you wake. Sleepily, you gaze at me and whisper: ' Would you like to stop my slave?' And lowering my eyes, blushing I confess to you that I have no desire left of my own, and beg you to let me stop. 'Please Mistress', I say, 'please let me stop and leave me untouched until you wish to take me for your own pleasure'.

Your gaze rests lovingly on me and you tell me to stop. I collapse on the floor, lying there panting and exhausted and tired. My cock stands out like a spire, head deep crimson, the skin stretched to a glassy surface. The veins pulse in the beat of my heart and you look at it with such hunger and such desire, that a moan escapes me.
You slowly and lasciviously rise from the couch and step with your feet on the floor straddling my face. I see from below, as you lift the hem of your flowered dress and slowly your wet glistening sex descends towards my face as you lower yourself to sit on my face. You need no longer to command me. With a sigh of contentment I begin to lap your nectar, caress your clit and stroke your pussy with my mouth.

Slowly at first, but then strengthened by your nectar I lick you from the clit to the soft skin between your pussy and your bottom and onwards to that small opening of your bottom. I softly probe you there. I feel your hands touching my cock, and feel your nails of both hands digging lightly into the skin on the shaft of my cock.

With an shiver I feel your moist rough tongue licking me across the head of my cock. I whimper softly as your tongue again and again touches, caresses and excites the skin on my cock. You whisper: 'don't come my love, ....... not yet, you need to learn one more thing before you come' and then 'I will make myself come, my Robert'.
You lift yourself slightly and put a small rolled up pillow underneath my neck, so that my head falls slightly backwards. 'I will take you now, my sweet lover' you say in a soft low voice and with that you begin to stroke your pussy across my face and mouth taking great care that your clit extends outwards with every stroke and enters my lips, to be touched there and caressed with my tongue. 'My little cock is taking you my love, do you feel it stroking between your lips which are it's pussy'. With every stroke into me you lick the head of my cock, searching for the spots inside the folds of my foreskin just where the rim is where you know I am so sensitive and receptive for your touch.
'feel your clit, Robert, how it craves my touch' And as I lie underneath you I feel my masculine body, my masculinity of soul and spirit receding and feel myself becoming your vessel.

I am filled with tenderness, filled with love for you and want of you, being taken and pleasured by your desire to take, to dominate, to reign over me completely. I feel your knees pushing my head in just the position where you can stroke your little cock into me feel you take hold of me and stroke for your release now. Your licking of my engorged clit lets streams of liquid ooze from itâs tip. 'You are so wet my love' you murmur stroking faster now with your little cock and with a growl and a shout you begin to come showering your nectar into me, into my mouth. At the same moment you feel my clit twitching and jerking and it begins to pulse in your hand. No liquid escapes.

Waves of pleasure crash through me and I let out a wail, word fragments 'oh....ohhhhhhhhh..... my Love, my Love .....' floating from me.

You collapse beside me your mouth close to my ear and you whisper: 'I wanted you to know my pleasure today, wanted you to feel like I do when you make love to me.
You know now what pleasure you give my Robert, you have served my pleasure well by submitting to my power.

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