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Practical Biology

Written by The Smooth Rebel (Feb 2000)

It was summer again and, in college, that means all the girls wear short skirts and as smaller shirts as they think they can get away with. I dreaded that time, at 17 and still pretty much a virgin it always got me going but I never had anyone to relieve my lusts.
It's not that I was unattractive, I easily hit 6ft and I worked out so my body was in great shape, It's just that I didn't have the gift of the gab as the Irish say.

It was hot in the stuffy Biology room, the teacher was waffling on about some boring enzyme while I gazed around at all the heavenly bodies surrounding me. There were a good 6 or 8 thighs and breasts to keep my attention. But one stood out. Lisa Barns. She wore a black skirt and white shirt, buttoned down to just above the navel.
Her rounded, shapely breasts rose and fell noticeably with her breathing, held firm beneath a thin yellow top. Her long, bare legs were barely covered as she leaned out of her seat.

I started to daydream. She would slowly unbutton her shirt, pull the top back over her head, to reveal those heaving tits. I imagined cupping them, fondling them, running my tongue across them.
My dream suddenly cut short as I felt my rock hard cock pressing against my jeans. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, Lisa smiled at me. Shit! Was I staring, I instinctively smiled back. Her smile widened, what a smile. Her teeth where pearl white and every one perfectly formed. The rest of the hour was torture.

I was horny as hell and could not get her out my mind. After the bell I walked awkwardly out of the classroom. Without even saying hi to Lisa I fled home, went straight to my room to deal with my erection. I unbuttoned my jeans to find my head already wet. As I lay back on the bed, running my hands up and down my long shaft, I imagined her hands massaging my member. I imagined placing it between her gorgeous tits and her sliding up and down my hot cock. Faster and faster she pumped, my hands imitating her rhythm until hot, creamy cum erupted forth. My face burning, I could finally relax.

That night I had some pretty vivid dreams about various females performing varying acts for my sexual delight. The next day I had completely forgotten about her. Most of that week the weather was cold and rainy so the girls covered up. Needless to say it made schoolwork seem much easier. But by Friday the weather was back to sun, skirts and Lisa.

It was in another of our biology classes that our next encounter took place. We were being put into groups for a practical experiment about enzymes or some similar crap. As the teacher went through the list of names paring everyone up boy-girl my nerves ran on edge.
My body would get tense as I thought of all the disastrous partners I could get. Jenny, a loudmouth with no respect for anyone, Lucy, a brick-head who was only interested in beer and drugs.

As my name was called, the seconds dragged on forever, my stomach dropped as he read it out, it was worse than all my fears. Lisa. I watched at she stood up to sit next to me. Her tight butt slid forward in her seat, pushing up her skirt, revealing new portions of bare thigh. Once standing she shook her head to straighten her hair, those fabulous breasts shook from side to side in a mesmerising, slow-motion rhythm.

She bent over to pick up her bag and her skirt tightened around her cute buttocks. The further she went down the higher her skirtline went until I could swear I could see her panties. She spun round and started towards me, her beautiful eyes looking right at me. I watched her figure all the way over, her hips slinking up and down, her shoes hitting the ground in perfect timing, she was every inch a teenage sex goddess and she was working with me for the remainder of the day.

By the time she reached me my pulse was racing and my hands were weak. She smiled and said hi, I smiled and nervously greeted her back. I was very aware of the proximity of her body the whole time the teacher was explaining what we were to do. Eventually the silence suddenly broke as everyone got up to assemble the equipment. Luckily I was good at science so there was no confusion over what we had to do for the experiment, I concentrated on the work and this helped me to relax as we both started to talk more easily.

We talked about the other members of the class, who we hated and why. I tried to make eye contact as much as possible but I got nervous most of the time. My eyes were constantly wandering back to her curvaceous figure. By the end of the lesson I felt almost at ease with her despite her enthralling good looks. I walked with her as far as the school gates then went our separate ways.

On my walk home through the fading summer sun in the cool evening breeze, my thoughts turned to Lisa. I imagined her admitting she had wanted to fuck me from the moment she laid eyes on me. I imagined her long legs wrapping around my middle. She would tear her shirt open down the front and liberate those mountainous bossoms.

I would pull down her panties and slide my long, hard cock into her hot, wet pussy. Slide it up and down, in and out. Faster and faster, then as all my energy builds up I would pull out and dump my massive load all over her chest. The hard-on I got was starting to restrict my walk. When I got home I slipped my hand under my wardrobe to my hidden stash of Porno mags, then I reconsidered, perhaps my imagination was better than all the girls in that magazine.

Later that evening I got a phone call. As I picked up the receiver a soft, feminine voice asked my name. It was Lisa. My mind went into overdrive trying to think of something to say, she got there first. She wanted me to go round her house to help her with the biology homework. I was supposed to be working tonight, however with her on the other end of the line all sense left my brain and I agreed to go round.

She told me she would see me after tea and to come round at around 7pm. I hung up and instantly shot upstairs to do the homework. It would be totally embarrassing to go round there and not be able to help her. I finished it with no problems then spent the whole evening worrying about what could go wrong. I left the house at 6:30pm and followed her directions to her road. I got there early and decided to go round the block again to clear my head. I knocked on her door fashionably late at 7:10pm.

Lisa's mother opened the door, I could see where Lisa got her looks, I was ashamed to be so attracted to her, she was wearing a smart evening dress with a daring neckline and huge slice of leg visible down the side. I was just taller than she was and my elevated vantagepoint gave me an excellent view of her full bust. Her greeting caught me off guard and I suddenly realised what I was doing.

My face went a bit red but she didn't say anything, she probably enjoyed young men looking at her. She explained that she would be going out to dinner so the house would be empty. The thought of being alone with this fabulous babe was almost too much. I shook the thought from my mind and told myself to concentrate on the homework, nothing was going to happen tonight. I sat down in the lounge and waited for Lisa to come down from her room.

When she arrived my body was given a reminder or just how sexy she was. Her beautiful frame stood at the top of the stairs wrapped in nothing but a loose towel, her wet hair clung to her soft shoulders as beads of moisture ran down her entire body. She called that she would be there as soon as she was dry from her shower.

The image of her in the shower sent messages to my overactive cock. I hardened beneath my jeans. I looked down and my heart skipped a beat. I'd been foolish enough to wear boxer shorts and the bulge of my erect penis was clearly visible! Luckily she took quite a while to get dressed, my cock eventually subsided, but if I got aroused while she was here.........It didn't bear thinking about.

After more than 15 minutes she came down the stairs with her schoolwork. She was dressed casually, tight denim jeans hugged her cute but and long, thin legs. A tight white top that hugged her breasts so tight that her bra was clearly outlined. As she jogged down the stairs her breasts jumped up and down with her rhythm, she caught my eye and smiled. How could she be so oblivious to the effect her body had on guys? She turned on some music and kneeled down next to the low, square lounge table.

We both opened our books and she asked me to explain the questions she had trouble with, I was very self-conscious as I talked her through what I thought was right. Half way through she got up and offered me a drink, I accepted a coke and she went into the kitchen to prepare the drinks. I breathed a sigh of relief that everything was going so easily. My mind drifted back to her perfectly formed body.

How every curve seemed to set the soul on fire. I could feel my dick agree, it was hardening against my boxers and the tell-tale bulge was rising out of my crotch. I panicked and tried to think of something else, then I looked for a cushion to hide it but they were all attached to the sofa. To my horror she returned. She bent over and placed the drinks on the table, I could see right down her top and my erection grew. Kneeling down, she began to continue the work, perhaps she hadn't noticed.

I leaned back to pick up my pencil and suddenly realised what I had done. My jeans pulled tight against my crotch and my erection towered out of my loins. She raised her hand to her mouth suddenly and let out a squeak of surprise. Getting up she smiled and walked round the table, before planting her cute ass next to me on the sofa.

She leaned into me and our lips met. Her lips felt warm and wet against mine, her tongue invaded my mouth, playing with my feelings. My heart was pounding, I didn't know if I was dreaming or awake. She pulled away and grinned a naughty grin, as my eyes stayed fixed on her's I could feel her hand running up my leg towards my fly, she unbuttoned it with one-handed ease.

My rock hard cock jumped out as he pulled down my boxers. All my fantasies could never live up to the real thing. The feel of my jeans sliding down my legs sent shivers throughout my body. She looked up at my face then lowered her head down to my crotch, her delicate fingers pulled back my foreskin revealing a swollen head already wet with precum. Slowly she extended her tongue and drew it across the sensitive tip, my whole body tensed with shear pleasure and my cock jerked about in her hands. Lisa then laid a gentle kiss on it before passing it over her lips and into her waiting mouth.

Running her lips up and down the shaft, causing wave after wave of utter ecstasy to rush trough my being. I felt my dick start to jerk as it prepared to dump its load, but she pulled out just in time. She drew her self to her full height and pulled her white top over her head. Revealing a well filled bra. Her massive breasts bounced out as she undid the clip.

My jaw dropped. She then proceeded to remove her jeans, unbuttoning the fly then slipping the tight denim over her flesh to reveal her black lace underwear, her mound clearly visible underneath. I struggled to remove my own clothes and eventually got myself naked. She ran her firm, warm hands along my shoulders and laid me out on her sofa. She then leaned over and stuck her long tongue down my throat again.

Her legs wrapped around my waist and she lowered herself expertly down onto my hard shaft. My hips instinctively moved forward to thrust myself into her, she let out a groan of joy and her legs tightened around me. She used her long slender legs to move herself up and down on my cock, in rhythm my hips moved into her to mirror her movements.

As she towered over me I ran my hands over her tender breasts and erect nipples, her groans of pleasure got louder and more frequent. Her rhythm increased, faster and faster. I stuttered that I would cum any second. Quickly she rolled over so she lay underneath me and I pulled out. Her hands met my cock just as the creamy cum exploded from its tip.

I let out a shout of heavenly euphoria as the hot liquid spouted forward, it kept going. The first spurt landed across her face, she licked her lips, tasting my seed.
The rest landed on her chest as her hands rubbed it all over herself. We both lay there for a full ten minutes.
Neither of us able to believe what had just happened.
Suddenly biology seemed a whole new subject.

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