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Mark: good
Josette: How is my friend doing today?
Mark: its hard
Josette: what is hard? The appendage of yours I am in love with?
Mark: yes your little friend
Josette: but not my little visitor!
Mark: mmmm
Josette: sorry - you make the badness come out of me!
Mark: its ok
Mark: i love it
Josette: I know you do!
Josette: Did you like my story? Did you post it?
Mark: yes and yes
Josette: good
Mark: u able to view
Josette: sometimes
Mark: want to
Josette: er, not sure I should today.
Josette: on second thought, I love your dick.
Josette: Did I say that out loud?
Mark: yes
Josette: what are you doing? communicating with someone else?
Josette: Wouldn't it be nice to have two or three women see and talk about you at the same time?
Mark: yes
Mark: i am setting it up
Josette: you are stroking your thingie pretty strong
Mark: yes i did this already this morning
Josette: sweetie, show me the head again
Josette: a thing of beauty!
Mark: it froze
Josette: It does not look frozen to me.
Josette: Quite lickable!
Mark: mmm
Josette: sorry, not sure Kay would want me flirting with her hubbie!
Mark: its cool
Josette: I am sure you would want me to run my toes across your lickable dick!
Mark: yes
Josette: Hell, I just want you in my pussy right now.
Josette: sometimes taking a dick in and having it spray my insides is soooooo wonderful
Mark: in time baby
Josette: you do know I have been faithful to hubbie for more than two years?
Mark: i know
Mark: you do know i just want to borrow u
Josette: and I thought you wanted to fuck me!
Mark: amoung other things
Josette: i'd like to take your dick between my breasts, oh, Mark. I would.
Mark: u will
Josette: will you videotape our escapades?
Mark: if you want
Josette: so I could see you later, mounting my little ass.
Mark: ok
Mark: i will
Mark: and take pics
Josette: but I don't want pics to go on your chilli site.
Josette: just for you to jack off too later on
Mark: ok
Mark: deal
Josette: would you send me a thank you note every time I made you cum?
Mark: yes
Josette: do you get closer to cuming when you read my words?
Josette: when you know there is a woman looking at your cock?
Mark: yes
Josette: god, my nips are hard
Mark: mmmmm
Mark: rub pussy for me
Josette: okay, a little
Josette: I hope no one comes out and sees me doing this.
Mark: mmmmm
Mark: i hope they do
Josette: yeah, and I have to blow them to keep them quiet!
Josette: Thanks, Mark
Mark: mmmmm
Josette: I know, ten minutes in the bathroom with them is better than finding a new job
Josette: but I won't blow them in the stairwell, that is your location, love
Mark: ok
Mark: are you downtown
Josette: actually, I was downtown until recently
Mark: k
Josette: sweets, someone came in - I will minimize for a sec
Mark: k
Josette: back, love
Mark: k
Josette: answering a phone call
Josette: don't these peope know I was looking at dick!@
Mark: lol
Josette: sweets, you look good
Josette: love the look of your dick
Mark: thank you
Mark: wish i could see more of you
Josette: if you don't mind viewing the back of my head, I would love doing reverse cowgirl on you!
Mark: mmmmm
Mark: send me a pic one day
Josette: I am a little funny about pics, sweetie.
Mark: i know and when you are comfortable with me do it
Mark: i have lots from anon bloggers and i never show to anyone
Josette: crap, Mark, are you an expert at seducing women?
Mark: yes
Josette: I thought as much. I am sure you will separate me from my panties one day.
Mark: i hope
Josette: I do love your penis - do you know how large it is?
Mark: 6.5
Josette: really, it looks bigger.
Mark: thick
Josette: very thick!
Mark: yes
Mark: im ready to strech you
Josette: god, I hope you don't rip me to shreds!
Mark: nah i will be gentle
Mark: but i do want all holes
Josette: you know I am not much of an ass lady
Mark: till you met me
Mark: im a converter
Josette: really?
Mark: yes
Mark: i can take 8 in dildo in my ass so i do know ecatly what im doin
Josette: and I thought your one size would fit all - no conversion needed
Mark: lol
Josette: yeah, I am a card!
Mark: i know
Josette: do you ever read my blog?
Mark: yes
Josette: the Josette one or the camilla one
Mark: Josette
Mark: why?
Josette: so it is my real blog - I have a bunch of stories listed under camilla - but not my own work.
Mark: i know
Josette: Josette:
Mark: right i read it
Josette: okay, just wondering
Mark: i dont read as much as i use to because of school but i check on people weekly
Josette: Yeah, I don't read as much anymore too
Josette: Mark, hun, while we have been chatting, I have been neglecting your dick. Sorry. It is lovely.
Mark: mmmmmm
Josette: wow, you are amazing.
Mark: why?
Josette: just that you have not cum yet.
Mark: o
Josette: Mark, how many of us women have seen you masterbate?
Mark: 100 or so
Josette: really - have you ever had two of us on at a time
Mark: yes as much as 12 or so
Josette: really - how many right now?
Mark: back when they had user rooms
Mark: just you
Mark: i let some men watch too
Josette: your penis must be more than 6.5
Mark: nah
Josette: love your vein, sweetie
Mark: ty
Josette: sweetie, I love the sight of you!
Mark: mmm
Mark: im glad
Josette: sweetie, are you ready to cum?
Mark: soon
Josette: good.
Josette: I wish I could smell you right now!
Mark: mmmm
Josette: sorry, I got a call.
Mark: ok
Josette: can I see the head again?
Josette: I feel like I should salute your penis, or eat it or something.
Mark: eat it
Josette: you are dribbling sweet cum, sweetie!
Mark: ever had a man eat your pussy after he cums in it
Josette: yes, my favorite way to be eaten!
Mark: cool
Josette: it means he worships my pussy!
Mark: mmm
Mark: i will
Josette: does Kay care if you fuck me?
Mark: yes
Mark: but i willnever tell
Josette: Good for her.
Josette: Kay is lovely, Mark. Would you care if a woman sucked her?
Mark: i would love it
Mark: ive let other men fuck her too
Josette: really?
Mark: yes
Josette: wow, fairly open, Mark.
Josette: Mark you don't have to answer any of the following short bursts.
Josette: pretend I am there and you are masterbating, and so am I
Josette: pretend we are talking to each other, saying things
Josette: you are talking about anal, and I am not real receptive
Josette: then we keep masterbating
Josette: finally, I roll over and say, Mark, take me in the ass.
Josette: take me, sweet, Mark
Josette: fuck my fucking ass
Josette: and you know I don't normally use the word "fuck"
Josette: and I normally don't take it in the ass
Josette: oh, sweet Mark, I loved just watching you cum
Josette: that was my intent with the words
Mark: i know
Josette: and when you have me turned over, you accidently shoot your load on my ass instead of in it.
Mark: never
Josette: then I sucked you and made you hard again.
Josette: lovely cock, Mark
Mark: ty
Josette: and then you pryed your cock inside my little hole.
Josette: you kept it there until it got really hard, and I could feel the change.
Josette: here I was, you in my unprotected hole, and you started slowly fucking me.
Josette: nice, Mark.
Josette: sweetie, I need to go to the ladies' room. I am quite wet, and I need to dab off.
Josette: you look amazing.,
Mark: ok i will be here finger it for me while your there
Josette: don't get the keys goey, hay
Josette: really?
Josette: finger it while in the bathroom?
Mark: yes
Josette: you know I normally don't masterbate. But I will for you, Mark.
Mark: thank you i will be here to hear about when u get back
Josette: be back in a while.
Mark: k
Josette: oh, the embarrassment. I was gone a long time.
Mark: mmmmm
Mark: tell me about
Josette: well, there is one community bathroom on the floor, and if I would have taken the stairs, I could have used a private bathroom. I chose to use the community bathroom.
Josette: and like you wanted, I began fingering myself.
Mark: good girl
Josette: and I was so fuckin' wet
Josette: my fingers smoothly entered and exited my excited pussy.
Mark: mmmmmm
Josette: yeah, bend that penis, Mark.
Mark: did u enjoy it
Josette: god, yes, it was good.
Josette: I was so close to cuming, and then someone entered.
Josette: I had the stall on the far end - it's handle sticks and is usually in pristine condition
Josette: she took the near-end stall, and so there was a stall between us.
Josette: oh, I wanted her to leave.
Mark: did she hear you
Josette: I was really quiet, and really excited.
Josette: I had a finger inside of me, and I was afraid to do anything.
Mark: here is what i want baby
Josette: yes, sweets

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