Monday, January 28, 2008

Storm Lust

Written by David Mac(March 2000)

I often stayed with my girl friend for the night.
She shares a flat with her sister Sandra. One very hot summer evening a violent thunder storm broke out just as we had started making love.

I was between Kelly's legs licking her pussy and fingering her erect clit when the door opened and in walked Sandra.
She said something about being afraid of thunder and slipped into bed next to her sister. I didn't know what to do, so Imoved away from Kelly's leaking pussy. I slithered up to lie between the two girls. My mouth was covered with cunt juice.

To my immense surprise Sandra grabbed me and kissed me hard on the mouth as she clung to me I thought I had gone to heaven. There I was flanked by my girl friend on one side, completely naked and trembling with passion as her large breasts pressed into my side while on the other side her sister wearing a skimpy night-dress was plastered against me with her equally large breasts squashed into my arm whilst her left leg was over my thigh rubbing up and down my throbbing prick.

I stroked Sandra's back making her squirm against my thigh while stroking her sisters back with the same result. I turned my head and kissed Sandra and she nearly ate me alive her tongue was deep in my mouth and this made my prick harden and twitch against Kelly's thigh. I pulled my lips away from Sandra and turned to Kelly and kissed her as passionately as her sister. Everything was made more spectacular as the room was lit by flashes of lightning and the crashing thunderclaps. Sandra slipped up the bed bringing her pussy next to my face so that I could see the crinkled lips opening and closing.

It was glistening with her honeyed juices which were running down to the crack of her anus. I leaned sideways and kissed and licked her.
She moaned and her hand twisted in my hair and kept my face plastered against her steaming pussy, I stuck my tongue into her open lips tasting the sweetness and exploring her inner flesh. At the same time Kelly moved her thigh away from my prick allowing it to spring to attention, seconds later I felt hot wet lips engulfing my rampant cock.

My face was covered with Sandra's pussy and my cock was in Kelly's mouth 'Heaven' I sucked hard at Sandra's clit, which was standing out like a miniature prick, taking it into my mouth and rolling it around my tongue, she began to jerk whilst moaning loudly.
It was just as well I was concentrating on her pleasure because I would have come into Kelly's mouth otherwise such was the feelings coming from my prick as she sucked and licked it while her fingers squeezed my balls.
This made me suck even harder on Sandra's pussy, swallowing her honey as fast as I could. Kelly changed her attack releasing my cock from her lips she mounted me and started to fuck me hard and fast.

Taking my cue from her I lashed Sandra with my tongue and using some of her juices as a lubricant drove a finger deep into her anus.
Sandra came first she slammed her cunt hard against my face as my fingers lanced in and out of her anus in time with my tongue on her clit swallowing her love juice and then I heard an felt Kelly rise to her orgasm as her body juddered and her cunt muscles milked my prick as she came this combined stimulus was enough to send me over the top and I pumped spurt after spurt of hot come deep into her pussy.

All three of us collapsed in a heap on the bed recovering from our exertions whilst the storm raged outside. I was suddenly swept up in the realisation of what had happened and was about to comment when Kelly leaned over and kissed me saying she was glad that I loved them both and that we should look towards an exciting future

So now we have a happy threesome and whenever the storm rages outside then I know that inside that hot sex will follow.

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