Friday, January 11, 2008

Last Day of Maidenhood

Written by Bakai (Feb 2000)

On the way home from school they stop to sit a for a while on an old discarded bench hidden in the bushes between the two vacant houses at the end of Linden Avenue. They have rested in this "secret" place for years, whenever they walked the longer route home to the neighborhood they have lived in since their childhood. They are the same age but she is somewhat taller than he and, in the last year, her body has developed a strong suggestion of the shapely young woman she will someday become. They talk cheerfully for a while and in listening to them it would be difficult to discern whether they are good friends or close siblings. He makes a wisecrack about her growing tits and she tickles him roughly. "Stop it, Sarah! Stop it!" he protests, and pushes her away.

"What's the matter, James? In a bad mood today?" she asks.

"No. It's my thing. It's swelling up again."

"What thing?"

He points to the bulge in his lap. "My dick. It swells up sometimes. Mostly at night," he explains.

"Why?" she asks, slightly amused.

"I don't know why, stupid. It just happens."

"Does it hurt?"

"It feels good, that's all," he answers.

"Let me see it," she says. She has seen it before when they were much younger and curious about the differences in their bodies. They had once explored each other's private places. They had peed for each other and laughed about it for days.

"I don't think I better," he says sheepishly.

"Aw, come on," she coaxes. "It looks like it wants out."

"It'll go soft in a minute."

"Don't be a shit, James. Just let me see it for only a second. Please? Pretty please?"

He hesitates a few moments then unbuckles his belt and unbuttons his jeans. "Awright, but you better not tell anybody." He reaches in and rearranges himself, drawing the tip of his engorged penis up out of the top of his underwear and lets it flop against his belly, held there by the elastic waistband.

"God, James, it's so long!" she exclaims. "Look, it's getting bigger!"

"No shit. It's a hardon, dummy."

"Wow!" she says. "Whats that stuff coming out of it? Do you have to piss?"

"No! I don't know what it is. It's really sticky."

"Let me see." She reaches down and pinches the fluid between her fingers. His body jerks when her fingers make a slight contact with his glans "This stuff is weird," she says, holding up her hand and drawing out a short glistening thread of it between her fingers. "Is this cum?"

"Jeez, it's just some stuff that leaks out," he says, impatiently. "It ain't cum."

"My friends say that if you squeeze a hardon, cum squirts out."

"Your friends are jerks."

"Can you make cum squirt out of it, James?"

"Of course I can."

"Then how do you do it?"

"I jack off, silly."

"Show me."

"I don't think so."

"Are you scared to jack off for me?" she asks.

"I'm not scared," he answers. "I just don't want to do it right now."

"Let me touch it then, James," she says. "Are you afraid to let me hold your dick?"

"I don't want you to touch it. Would you let me feel your pussy?"

"Maybe. You touched it once before."

"When we were little," he says. "You got hair down there yet?"

"That's for me to know and you to find out," she answers teasingly. "Are you gonna let me touch your dick, James? Please let me hold it for just a second. I promise I won't break it."

"Aw, shit, Sarah! Don't you dare tell anybody about this!" He hooks his thumbs into the waistband of his jockeys and pushes them and his jeans down off his hips onto his thighs, baring his genitals completely for her.

"Wow. You got lotsa hair, James, and your balls got really big." She reaches down and gently tucks her fingers underneath his scrotum, lifting it up from between his thighs. "Balls are really weird," she says, then she releases them and carefully wraps her hand firmly around his erection. "Wow, your dick is super hard, James! How long does it stay hard like this?"

"Sometimes 'til I cum. Sometimes it just goes away," he replies.

"Wow. It's so warm. It's really neat. I like your dick, James."

"Okay, you've touched it. You satisfied now?"

She gives his penis a series of quick squeezes and then giggles. "Is this jacking off?" she asks.

"God, you're dumb!" He reaches down and wraps his hand around hers. "Like this," he says, and guides her hand in an up and down motion. When he releases her hand she continues the motion on her own.

"This is jacking off?" she asks, her eyes fixed intently on the movement of her hand.

"Sorta," he says. "Do it faster," he then suggests.

"Like this? she asks.

"That's good. Do it harder maybe."

"Like this?"

"Just like that."

"Like this? You sure?"

"Harder!" he instructs, unconsciously gripping the back of the bench seat with both hands for support.

"God, you're breathing crazy. Are you okay?" she inquires but she doesn't slacken her determined stroking of his now throbbing penis but, instead, intensifies it. He arches his back, turning, straining to face her. He tenses and his naked buttocks rise up off the bench. "Oh, Sarah!!" he gasps and his widening blank eyes watch a sudden jet of milky white liquid spurt high from his purpled glans and stick quietly to the front of her blouse, smack between her budding breasts. "Oh, James!" she exclaims, pushing back on his penis to aim it away, but too late, and his second thrust spits up a thicker gob that breaks apart and arcs down onto her thigh, settling like liquid pearls into her skirt. Fascinated, she pumps his penis furiously with both hands now, watching as the diminishing spew issues from his jabbing spout until, spent at last, he relaxes back onto the bench, expelling a final meager offering which burbles up from his gaping little hole and dribbles down onto the thumbs of her clutching hands, now stilled and clasped tightly in his.

"That was amazing!" she blurts. "I didn't mean to do anything. Did I do that?"

"That's jacking off!" he gasps, catching his breath as the focus of his awareness shifts outwardly once more.

"Wow. Look at all this gooey stuff! You really made a big mess."

They consider the scattered results of his orgasm quietly for a few moments while in her grasp his penis gradually becomes limp and then she drapes it carefully over his scrotum and pulls her hands away.

"Did I do it okay?" she asks him, wiping her hands and then trying, futilely, to pick the blobs of semen off her skirt.

"Oh yes," he replies. He takes his tender, sagging penis into his hands and tries, halfheartedly, to coax more out of it while she watches with renewed interest and then she reaches and lifts it out of his hands. "That really felt good," he tells her. "You did it fantastic."

"Can you make it cum anytime you want?" she asks, gently masturbating him again.

"Most times," he replies, watching her hand massage him.

"Wow. You are so lucky," she says, smiling as his penis begins to respond to her stroking. "Oh, boy," she sighs. She releases it and it flops onto his thigh.

He reaches out his hand to help her wipe the stubborn, sticky splatter from between her breasts. She lowers her head and gives his wrist a lingering wet kiss. "My mom doesn't get home 'til 5:30," she says.

"So?" he shrugs.

"Do you want to try the other thing with me?"

"What other thing?" he asks.

"You know. Put it in me," she whispers.

"You really want me to?"

"I'll race you to my house," she says, standing up. And then she runs, her long legs greased by a curious ache.


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THat was so great! I liked the innocence of it...

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Damn your good