Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Neighborly Feelings

Written by David Mac (March 2000)

For a long time I have lusted after my neighbours wife but never dreamt that I could ever do anything about it.
I had taken a day off work to do some gardening and she invited me in for lunch. We killed two bottles of wine while telling smutty jokes. My wife was not due home until six.

Muriel sat opposite me with her legs apart. Her short skirt had ridden up her thighs so that I had a perfect view of the crotch of her panties. The tiny white strip of fabric, which consisted the gusset of her knickers was framed by bunches of blonde pubic hair. The material was so tight that it perfectly outlined the plump lips of her cunt and the deep cleft between them. As I stared a wet spot began to appear. It grew bigger the longer I stared. My cock never went down once while we ate and drank. I kept glancing at her pussy hidden only by a scrap of cloth. by the time we had finished lunch she was very flushed.

She staggered to her feet and said that since it was very hot we were wasting the weather by being indoors. We walked out into the garden and without a trace of embarrassment she calmly took off all her clothes. I just stood their mouth open absolutely flabbergasted.

Her breasts were even bigger and firmer than I'd imagined. They were topped with large brown nipples, she had the most delectable bottom I had ever seen. her pussy was very hairy so it was no wonder that her knickers had failed to contain so much hair. She turned to me and invited me to take my clothes off. I didn't need asking twice. When I was naked she stared hungrily at my erect cock.

She spread a blanket on the ground on the grass and we lay down upon it. Without hesitation she took my prick between her lips and began to suck it hard. I lay there in the bright sun in heaven as the woman of my dreams sucked me off. I pushed her away before she could bring me off and made her kneel on all fours so I could fuck her from behind.

I rammed my hard cock into her hairy cunt as hard and as fast as I could less I waken up. Holding and squeezing her tits she was soon gasping and writhing as her orgasm overtook her. as she came her orgasaming puusy tightened it's grip on my prick and she milked me hard until I could feel that familiar tingle deep in my balls as my spunk blasted deep into her pulsating cunt.

I became aware of someone else in the garden and nearly died when my wife came into view. She was naked and her shaven pussy glistened with honey so she had obviosly seen all. Without saying a words she bent and kissed Muriel full on the lips and then tuened and kissed me hard whilst her hand felt between our still joined bodies to massage us both.

My now softening cock slipped from Muriels cunt and Kelly took it between her hot lips and sucked the last drops out then she proceeded to lick me clean. I was astounded and glancing at uriel could see a satisfied smile on her face as kelly moved down and began vacuuming her pulsating pussy of our combined love juices. Muriel pulled her round until she could lick and suck Kelly's pussy until they both were gasping for breath and trembling at the approach of there orgasms.

I soon noticed that every time Muriels tongue flicked et Kelly's clit that her anus twitched open and closed so moving in I started to lick at her virginal rosebud, this brought sighs of delight from her and seemed to elevate her to an even higher plain her voice became huskier and with a quiver that I had never heard before she begged me to fuck her in the ass. This was something I had longed for since we first met as she has a beautifull tight asshole with lovely well padded cheeks.

I quickly coated my prick with her love juice and slowly pushed the head against her ring as i pushed so she pushed back against me until with a plop the head was inside held tight by her spasaming muscles, slowly she begged give me time to accommodate so I waiuted until she signalled her readiness by beginning to push back against me again and my cock was held tight in her nether regions. It was as if I was in a warm tight glove now I began to fuck her ass as her Muriel kept sucking her pussy so that together we drove her to a wild gyrating orgasm and as she came so I felt the spunk rushing the length of my cock to blast deep into her rectum.

Harder and harder I fucked her until she collapsed with a scream as her own orgsm blasted through her thus triggerring Muriel so that all three of us came and came.

When we relaxed I reached and kissed both of these gorgeous girls and then they admitted that they had been lovers for some time and that they had arranged for today.

So what with Kelly's sister and now Muriel to keep me going my sex life is complete.

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