Friday, January 18, 2008

The Comeback

Written by Bakai (March 2000)

"Hello, Lenny. It's Heather. Heather Wells," she says in a familiar sounding voice.
"Heather? Good God, it's been over eight years. How the hell are you?" I ask into the phone as memories of the old days well into my mind.
"I'm okay, Lenny. Just fine. It's good to hear your voice again."
"How'd you get my number? Last time I saw you was in New York."
"I remember. The Contest at Castillo's. You and Annie finished second. How's Annie?"
"Gone. Annie ran off with a skinny guitar player. She's married, living in Canada. How's Frank doing?"
"Frank died two years ago. The bourbon finally got him."
"Sorry to hear that, Heather. You guys were the best. A quarter million dollars in two years. If they still held the Contests you two would be legends."
"That's why I called you, Lenny. They've never stopped the game. There's a Contest in San Diego next month. The tenth anniversary of the first one."
"No kidding? Don't tell me you're still a player."
"No, Lenny. Not for a long time. Frank and I quit a year after you and Annie, but I've watched a few of them in the last few years and they've gotten wild. Real big money now, Lenny, that's why I called you. I'm broke. Frank pissed everything away before he died."
"I'm sorry, Heather. I'm tapped myself. I wish I could help you."
"You can, Lenny. San Diego is going to be special. They're going to feature the players that competed in the first contests, anyone that they can get in touch with. They found me and I found you. It's a special Contest to celebrate ten years. Enter it with me, Lenny."

"You can't be serious, Heather. I'm not a young stud anymore."
"It doesn't matter, none of us will be young. We get twenty-five hundred apiece just for playing. Please, Lenny. I really need the money."

---------- I get a motel room near Old Towne and meet Heather at the bar in the Broadmoor. She is easy to recognize even in the low light. She'd put on a few pounds but still looks sexy and the prettiness in her face hasn't diminished a bit. I am completely charmed.

I slide onto the seat next to her in the small booth and she orders me a drink.
"Damn, Lenny. You still look good," she says. "And you're still a fox."
I lean into her and she accepts my kiss on her lips. We make small talk for a while and when the second round of drinks arrives she takes hold of my hand.
"Thank you for doing this with me, Lenny. Who knows, we might even win some big money. The pots are getting huge. In Denver last year the winners got twelve thousand, and this one, 'cause it's special, might be as big."
"Is it still the same? Two rounds? Forty minutes in between?"
"Yeah, they haven't changed it. How's your hot sperm wad lately, Lenny? I need some weight to control the accuracy."
"I can still pump it out sometimes. I'll try my best to give you a mouthful."
"Whatever you give me, I'll put on a good show," she says, smiling, and then she reaches under the table and feels for my cock.
She gives it a playful squeeze. "Do you want to practice?" she asks.
I decline the offer. With only eight hours to showtime I want to be certain there will be a full load for the Contest.
She understands.

After the two drinks we eat an early bird special dinner and devise a game plan. ----------

The Contest is scheduled for ten-thirty. We arrive ten minutes before nine as instructed. At nine the bettors will begin to size us up and make their wagers. To be late would be an automatic disqualification. It's a big house sitting secluded up off the road.
There are many large expensive cars parked in front, some with chauffeurs standing around, smoking and chatting.

I park my old Sentra and a young man takes my keys. As we enter the house I see him driving it back down the long driveway, into the street. Inside we are greeted by a well-dressed old guy who must be the house man or the butler. It's that kind of place. He studies our written invitation and then directs us to a large anteroom and tells us to undress. He points to another door where we're supposed to go to join the party. We do as instructed.

We enter a very big room full of formally dressed men and women who are standing around with cocktails and studying five couples lined up against a mahogany paneled wall, all as bare naked as we are. I recognize a few of the contestants from the old days. All of them are showing their age but for the most part are still reasonably attractive and healthy-looking people.

Heather and I join them against the wall and face the spectators. She takes hold of my hand. We are not allowed to talk to each other or to anyone until the Contest begins. The spectators are whispering comments to each other as a handsome older man, the host, circulates throughout the room recording the wagers for the first round on a small pad with a gold pen. There is a buzz of excited activity in the room which is encouraging. Twenty percent of the money in the pot is split up with the top scoring two couples, sixty percent of it to the first place finishers and forty percent to the second.

At ten fifteen an area is cleared in the center of the room and six air mattresses are brought in and placed in a row on the carpet, spaced three feet apart. This is where we will perform. When everything is in place Heather and I stand on one of them and await the little bell that begins round one.

Once on the mattress we are not allowed to touch and no male contestant can show a sign of erection until the bell sounds. I look into Heather's eyes and see the competitive spirit I remember her always having. I am only thinking of the twenty-five hundred that is guaranteed me for this hour or so of sex sport but I begin to feel somewhat obligated to show Heather that I am as eager as she is to try for the prize so when the bell rings I attempt to empty my mind of all thoughts concerning the hundred or so people that stand around watching us and concentrate completely on the chore at hand, eager to respond to her caresses.

She leans against me and takes my limp cock into her hands. "Good luck, Lenny," she says and then puts her face up and kisses me, her tongue darting wetly into my mouth.
"Break a leg, sweetheart," I reply when she gives me a chance to speak.

Round One requires the woman to excite the man but not too much. If the man should come before the second bell the couple is out of the competition. In the first days of the Contest this preliminary to penetration was exactly five minutes but some couples learned to train for that exact timing and eventually drew protests from the less disciplined players so the time before the second bell became arbitrary, but never less than three minutes.

Heather's hands on my cock and balls are working wonders and within a minute or so I am as hard as I need be to effectively enter her. I fondle her breasts and nipples and tell her she is doing a good job and she puts her tongue in my mouth once again.

The contestants must stand during this warm-up period before the second bell. After the bell rings signaling the fucking period, the couples are free to assume any position on the mattress that pleases them. Heather and I had agreed on a doggie-style mounting beforehand so when the bell rings she goes to her knees, puts her forehead on the mattress and I quickly kneel down behind her upraised ass where her hand, which she had reached beneath her pussy, takes hold of my cock and guides it easily in.

This is my first time in Heather so I am pleasantly surprised to find her pussy very wet and nicely snug. I begin a slow stroking motion forward and back at a measured pace while she gently fondles my balls and coos my name loud enough to be heard over the sounds of the couples to either side of us.

This is probably the most demanding part of Round One-- to arrive at the point just before orgasm and to hold it until the third bell rings. It is embarrassing to shoot before the third bell. I have only done it once.

"Oh, Lenny. You are so good," Heather cries, and simultaneously, the third bell rings.

Now its a race and I thrust desperately, deeply into her; once, twice, thrice and after the fourth plunge I pull out quickly and jam my spasming cock against the crack of her ass and let my spunk spurt thickly up onto her lower back while an awareness of applause seeps slowly into my brain and I realize right away that I was not the first, the applause had started an instant before I withdrew.

Considering how rusty I am, four strokes to an orgasm ain't bad. I'm feeling proud of myself.
"You're a great partner, Lenny," Heather says. Within a minute we are all standing again facing an appreciative crowd who continue to comment and applaud while the host tries to make himself heard above the racket.
"Couple Three, six points; Couple Five, five points; Couple Two, four points;" and so on.

We are Couple Two. We were third. This is a tough crowd.
"You were really great, Lenny. You got me off," Heather says, hugging me.

They don't give us towels until after Round Two so I run my hands down behind her and rub my mess off her ass and into the warm skin of her back while she rests her cheek against my hairy chest and tweaks my nipple.

The crowd has now had a chance to size us up and a more intense period of wagering begins while we contestants use the forty minutes to gather our strength for the last round. "You got some left?" she asks.
"You'll get it out of me," I reply.
"Third isn't bad, Lenny. If we do good in the final round we can finish in the money."

I'm grateful that she isn't showing a lot of excitement about our chances of winning the game. If she did the pressure I would feel could doom my final performance and she knows that. "We've got the five grand," I tell her.
"That's more than we had this morning."

The host announces five minutes to Round Two so I take my position on the mattress, laying on my back. Heather kneels down over me, straddling my chest, her back to my face but not touching me and while she positions herself a young man places a china dinner plate on the carpet a distance out from the foot of the mattress, approximately ten feet away from my cock.

In Round One the product of the man's orgasm must be visible to the spectators but in Round Two the woman takes it into her mouth. It requires the concentrated effort of both partners for the man to achieve another substantial orgasm forty minutes after the first and I am not certain that I will be up for the task but the sight of Heather's lovely ass just inches from my face provides me with a few inspired stirrings and when the first bell rings to start the round I reach up to cup her breasts as she lowers her cunt to my mouth.

As my tongue probes into her wet folds she reaches down and takes hold of my balls and my half-limp cock, stroking me firmly, and then lowers her head to take it into her mouth. We have at least five minutes and perhaps as long as ten for me to get charged up again before the second bell. I feel Heather's hand massaging my balls as her lips slip hungrily up and down around my shaft and then, gratefully, I sense myself swelling up in her mouth. I work two fingers into the warm mush of her pussy and fingerfuck her while she wets one of her fingers with spit and inserts the tip of it into my ass hole and then swallows my cock again, taking it deep into her throat, coaxed in by her slithering tongue.

I press into her, now fully erect and almost ready to explode when I hear the second bell ring. She rises up on her haunches, letting my cock flop onto my belly and I am relieved. That was a close one. I wasn't sure I could hold it back.
For one long minute we cannot touch as she opens her mouth wide and sticks out her tongue to the crowd to demonstrate that I have not come prematurely and that her mouth is empty.

I glance over at the big redhead to our right and admire her large breasts. Her man's face is wet with her juices but probably no wetter than mine. To our left the woman seems to be sobbing and then I notice that her man has not achieved an erection.

"Shit, I'm sorry," I hear him mutter. Scratch Couple One.

The last bell rings and Heather quickly puts her hands down against the carpet, supporting herself on all fours as required, and I thrust a hand between her thighs and take firm hold of my cock, holding it up and masturbating like crazy as she lowers her mouth over my knob.

"Come, Lenny!" I hear her plead before she locks her lips around it and then she sucks furiously, waiting for the ammunition to pump up from the little hole.

I feel it coming but the urge subsides momentarily and so I beat it with increased intensity while beads of sweat run off my forehead. Yes, yes, yes! At last it begins to rise out of me.

"Ohhhhhh!" I announce and her lips seal tight around me while I pump quick spurts into her warm waiting mouth. She takes what she thinks she'll need then quickly raises her head up off of me and I hear her spit the bulk of my wad at the china dinner dish as I milk out the remainder of it unassisted and then melt, exhausted, into the mattress.

"Bull's-eye, Lenny!" I hear her say, and then she laughs joyfully.
We finished tied for first. Two other women hit the plate and one of them got it dead center like Heather did but it was a puny splat so we got the points based on volume.

Heather had judged perfectly how much she needed for accuracy. Had she waited to suck up my complete load we would have lost the speed points and finished out of the money.

---------- It's half past midnight when we stop at a cocktail lounge near Heather's motel room. We take a seat at the bar and order two stiff drinks. Heather keeps her big purse clutched tightly in her lap.

"Nine thousand bucks," she says. "I can't believe it."
"You're still a champ, sweetheart," I tell her. "What about the Asian guy, Lenny? Can we take him up on his offer? Can we enter the Contest in Tokyo next month?"
"Damn, Heather. I'm thirty-eight years old. I was too old for the game when Alice and I quit eight years ago."
"You're as good now as Frank ever was, Lenny. Think of the money we could win. All that money would make you very happy."
"I don't need a lot of money, sweetheart. It just ain't a big issue with me." "Then I would make you happy, Lenny. I could make you very happy."

I consider for a moment what it would be like competing against a roomful of young samurai ninja turtles Zen-fucking the brains out of those beautiful little porcelain geisha dolls. I begin to feel a little horny. I really should get a life.

"Okay, sweetheart. Let's go to your room and start a training program," I say.

"We can train tomorrow, Lenny. This is our first date. Let's see if you can seduce me."


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