Monday, January 21, 2008

Genie of Passion

Written by Michael (Feb 2000)

Home alone again at night lying in my bed, naked of course, reading my latest issue of Black Label Penthouse. Mainly looking at the pictures and gently stroking my cock dreaming about what a good fuck feels like. It had been quite awhile since I got lucky with an older divorcee looking for a bit fun for that night. Since then it has been magazines and surfing the sex sites on the web with a box of tissues handy as it was a matter of do it yourself.

Skimming through the Penthouse I came across a travel article on Egypt, I read it with a keen interest as I had only been back from vacation to that part of world recently. I began to recall sites, smells, places and people I met in Cairo.
As my mind wandered my eyes fell upon this small copper urn that I purchased from one of those small markets from a particularly sleazy character. It was engraved with old Egyptian writing along the neck of the urn which was about 6 inches long meeting a bulbous shape at the base. I finished up paying around $US50 for it, way too expensive but his story was fascinating and I thought it was worth it just for that.

The story he told me was that the urn was over 3000 years old. It was made for an Egyptian princess destined to be queen who wanted the strongest and most virile man to marry her to have many children and heirs to the throne.
As a test she had the urn made so that her suitors would have to stick their erect penis into the urn whilst standing and just hold it there until the sands ran completely from a tube, estimated by the storyteller to be around a minute

The princess reasoned that her husband would have to sustain his sex drive long enough to ensure the prospect of children. All failed because the weight told on their shrinking cock as the time past and they lost their chance to live a life of fucking royalty.
She eventually died at a young age without ever having found the right man.
The legend was that her spirit stilled lived in the urn whilst she waited for Mr Strong Cock.

I asked the trader why he didnÕt want to keep trying but his answer was he had tried and failed also mainly because Middle Eastern men do not have large cocks. You can see the story was worth the money and the urn could always be a topic of conversation at my place.

So there I was looking at my dick and wondering if I should have a go. What the hell I reflected in my sex starved mind so I went to the bookcase and took it down. Firstly I thought I had better give it a good clean inside, as god knows how many cocks have been in there over the centuries. I came back to my bed and placed it on the sheets and began to think how I could do it.
In order to get my cock up to a good erection I need stimulation and to maintain it.

All that time downloading porno pictures off the web and putting them into categorised slide show on my computer was going to be just the thing.
I booted my PC up and loaded my favourite slides being teenagers taking it doggy style and started the slide show. Standing there in front of the screen with the urn in one hand and the other pulling my cock as I enjoyed the pictures flashing across the monitor.
Fortunately my cock at its best attention measures around 8 inches or 19cm so I was pumping my tool to bring it to its peak.

Eventually I decided it was time and slid my cock into the neck of the urn, it felt quite snug actually which was probably going to reduce the chance of slipping off.
I took my hands away and looked at my watch then back to the computer monitor to maintain the blood flow.
It was indeed a weight and no way near as comfortable as a real pussy.

But I had to continue to think about fucking those young girls on the screen from behind either in their cunt or up their tight arse, time was passing slowly and the weight was getting harder to bear. I looked at my watch, been going 50 seconds nowÉ. Just a little longerÉ. Yeah look at that delightful arse with her pussy getting pounded by that black dudeÉ 58,59,60,61,62 made itÉ. Just see how long I can go forÉ 78 seconds before my old fella gave away under the strain. Actually it was quite tiring as I fell back onto the bed letting go of the urn.

As I lay there feeling exhausted without even blowing my load the urn began to vibrate falling over onto its side then slowly began to spin around.
I could not believe my eyes and I hadnÕt touched any grass for a couple of days. Suddenly a cloud like mist gushed out of the urn with a swishing noise filling my bedroom.
Just as suddenly it disappeared and there standing at the end of my bed was this gorgeous young lady wearing a sheer plain white dress with what looked liked gold clasps on each shoulder. She was very petite, just over 5 foot tall, I suppose mankind was a little smaller 3000 years ago anyway. She had straight jet-black hair down to her shoulders with a Cleopatra type fringe set off with a narrow gold band around her head. Her olive complexion and dark brown eyes added to make her the most beautiful woman I had ever seen or fantasised about.
It was exactly like the movies and that TV show. Here was my own personal genie but was she real or just a figment of my imagination, that sleazy character in Cairo was right. There was silence in the room, as I lay motionless looking at her in disbelief whilst she surveyed my body with a smile from the end of the bed. Slowly her right arm moved to her left shoulder and undid the clasp holding the front to the back of the dress, letting the sheer white strap fall down revealing her breast, and what a tit.
Small but definitely a good mouthful with the nipple slightly on the puffy side, standing straight out indicating a firm boob. Then she repeated the action on the other shoulder letting the dress fall down to reveal her fantastic tits. Her right arm was draped across her stomach holding the fallen dress at that point, then slowly she withdrew it to her side letting the dress fall to the floor. The body shape was picture perfect and even her pussy was hairless, my favourite kind.

She moved around to the edge of the bed as I lay frozen in expectation. Her hand moved out from her side and pointed to my cock, which by now was still rather limp. My Herculean feat passing her test of virility must have impressed her. Slowly she placed her hand on my cock and I could feel her touch so at least it was real or it was one hell of a dream.
She said something but I did not understand, what the hell we both knew what was going to happen as she slowly moved her hand up and down my cock. The life was suddenly reappearing, as it quickly grew to my normal hard on size.

She seemed fascinated at the size at one stage motioning with her hands apart facing inwards as the length of my penis with a smile on her face. By know she was close enough to touch as moved my hand towards her right tit. It was real, smooth and so soft except her nipple, now beginning to harden also with the blood rush. After awhile of fondling each other I moved my hand to the back of her neck pulling her head down towards my cock. She got the idea and eagerly opened her mouth to take it in, just the head to start with then gradually becoming comfortable with it, right down the shaft as far she could go. I am sure I felt her tonsils on one wild gulp.

By now I could reach her butt as my fingers slid down the crack to her arsehole then her cunt, now very wet. I rubbed her pussy lips and inserted my finger in the heavenly hole. She then moved onto the bed throwing her leg over my head then dropping her pussy right onto my mouth as she continued to suck my cock. It was great; the juices were flowing freely as my face became wet as she moved back and forth across it. Eventually I worked my tongue into the tunnel hole poking it up as far as I could. This caused her to let out loud sighs as I could feel her pussy muscles come alive around my tongue.

I thought this cunt is ready to take it as I rolled over and moved her into the doggy position on all fours; I knelt behind her as my hard cock was aching to getting inside. Her wet cunt lips made it easy to slide in slowly as it brought on more loud sighs from her. I was trying to be gentle given the size of my cock and her small body as I slowly moved deeper until I reached the limit. I am sure I touched her tonsils again but from the inside this time. It was ecstasy as we moved in unison. I had one hand on her hip and the other round her stomach rubbing her clit as I fucked her.

I wondered what it would be like to fuck in the arse, as I have never been allowed to do it with women I had poked before. I thought I will give it go, no harm in trying so I withdrew my very wet cock and moved it to her arse hole.
There was a slight tension in her in her body and then she suddenly relaxed and spread her legs further apart. I stuck two fingers into her wet cunt to get some moisture to spread on her arse hole, slowly wiping around it, then a little inside the hole. My cock was still wet so it was fairly easy, but tight, to ease my cock inside. I did not go far but just the feel and novelty of losing my fucking arsehole virginity was great. I enjoyed the experience and so did she.

By now my cock was ready to explode so I coaxed her to lay on her back, she obliged quickly and spread her legs wide as I moved into position. I had to feel that pussy with my hand again as I rubbed her moist lips, feeling her clit made her react instantly with a deep moan each time I touched it. Now I took hold of my cock and positioned it on her cunt, slowly moving it right in. She tucked her legs tightly around my back pulling me in, trying to get deeper penetration. By now I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing my cock in a rhythmic fashion, pressuring my cum to explode in her. I could feel the surging wave rushing through my body as I placed my hands on her tits, squeezing her erect nipples, then as our hips seemed to pound into each other I blew my load inside her.
As the wave and the peak past we laid back on the bed a heavy breathing, perspiring duo with my cock now definitely in limp mode. Before I could catch my breath she was standing at the end of the bed looking at me with her arms outstretched then bowed her head as if to say thank you. Then a swirling mist appeared and encircled her, within seconds she was gone as the mist disappeared back into the urn.

I lay there dazed at what had just happened at began to wonder if I had dreamt it. No, I can smell that distinctive pussy smell on my fingers and my cock was wet from her juices and mine. Maybe I had the perfect woman locked away in a bottle and available whenever I could stick my cock into a bottle for a minute. Maybe there is a god after all.

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