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Jessica 3 The Night Club

(May 2001)

Jessica sat in the tub of warm water, letting the warm feeling flow over her body. The last couple days were like a blur in her mind. A blur filled with mind-blowing sex! Her feelings of guilt were unrelenting, barraging her mind constantly as she fought between her love for James and the uncontrollable lust that she felt when she was with Jay.

She kept telling herself that it would be over when she went home, but how could she go the rest of her life without feeling such passion? Absently her hand made it's way between her legs.

Her ass was still a little sore from earlier, but she still felt well enough for whatever Jay had in store for her.

"Jessica! Hurry up!" Jay's voice awoke Jessica from her reverie, and she promptly rose from the soothing, warm water and grabbed a towel. She exited the bathroom and walked into the bedroom to find an outfit waiting for her on the bed. She looked over at Jay.

"I thought I was going to wear those white latex pants we bought today?" she asked.

"I changed my mind." Jessica nodded and proceeded to dress herself. Jay walked over and kissed the back of her neck. She tossed her head back in ecstasy at his touch.

"Let me help you," he said, taking her towel from her. He picked up the short, red dress from the bed. Jessica raised her arms above her head and allowed Jay to slide it onto her body.

His fingers grazed her skin as the fabric slid into place. As she expected, the dress was very short, coming down only to her upper thigh. Jay then took a small pair of black panties in his hands. Crouching down behind her, he assisted Jessica in stepping into them. Then, slowly, he began to drag the underwear up her slender legs. His hands moved up under her dress, pulling the panties snugly against her shaved pussy. This was extremely erotic and Jessica was starting to get really turned on.

"Sit," Jay said, resuming his standing position. Jessica rested herself back on the bed, smiling up at her new lover. Jay crouched down again, this time holding a pair of black fishnet stockings. She held out her leg, pointing her toes towards him. Jay took her foot, and rubbed it softly before leaning in to kiss it.

A sensual tingle shot through Jessica's body as his lips touched the sensitive skin of her foot. He then proceeded to slide the stocking up her leg. He then repeated the process on the other leg. Jessica was so turned on she thought for a moment that she would soil her new panties. Jay then took a high black boot and slipped it onto her foot. When she stood up, Jessica noticed that the dress didn't even cover the top of her stockings. It was a very slutty look, but she still felt very sexy.

To complete the look, Jay fastened a black, choker around her neck as he kissed her ear. At that moment, Jessica wanted nothing more than to drop to her knees and take Jay's luscious cock into her mouth, but she needed to finish getting ready. She walked back into the bathroom and began to fix her hair and makeup. She looked at herself in the mirror as she went to work. She had never looked this good in her life! From the stockings to the dress, all the way up to her sexy choker, she looked amazing.

"I'd fuck me!" she joked to herself as she applied her lipstick. Soon Jessica was done and she looked even better. Her hair was done, and her ears were adorned with small silver earrings. Jay complemented her on her appearance before the pair took their leave. Instead of driving to the club, Jay arranged for a limo to pick them up.

Jessica expected Jay to jump her in the vehicle, but to her surprise he acted the perfect gentleman. In fact she was a little disappointed. "Where are we going?" Jessica asked?

"We have to go pick someone up." "Pete?" she asked with a frown. "No, not Pete. Remember that woman from the restaurant last night?" Jessica was surprised.

"A woman?"

"Yes, that's right. Why, are you jealous?"

She was a little jealous. "No, of course not! Why would I be jealous?" Jay just smiled.

The two shared some champagne as the limo made it's way through the busy Las Vegas streets. Soon the car stopped and a few moments later the door opened. The woman from the restaurant stepped inside and sat beside Jay.

"Angela. Nice to see you again." Jay said, giving her a peck on the cheek. "As always Jay," she replied with a playful smirk. Jessica just stared at her. She was gorgeous! Her flawless blonde hair was pulled up into a bun, with strands falling about her head giving it a sexy, messy look. Her upper body was covered in a black, backless top, that showed off plenty of her perfectly tanned skin.

A tight, shiny black mini skirt fit to every curve of her hips and upper thighs. She had the most amazing legs that were accentuated by her shoes and the criss-crossing laces that worked their way up to her knees. "Jessica, you look fabulous!" Angela said, helping herself to some of the champagne.

"T..Thank you." she replied, suddenly feeling a little uncomfortable.

All eyes were on the trio as they entered the club. Jessica had never spent much time in night clubs, and she felt unsure of how to act. Angela's presence had suddenly made her very self conscious. Jay had the two ladies sit down and he soon joined them with a few drinks. Jessica downed hers in record time. She wanted to just loosen up and have a good time.

She knew her time with Jay was limited and she wanted to make the most of it. She talked with Angela a little and soon really started to warm up to her. It might of been the alcohol, but Jessica soon began to feel very comfortable.

"Come on Jess. Let's go dance." Angela said,rising form her seat. "Oh, I'm not really much of a dancer." "Come on! Don't be a prude." Soon, Angela convinced her and managed to pull her out onto the floor. Normally Jessica would feel a little inhibited, but the alcohol was really starting to get to her. She noticed every male in the place had his eyes glued on her as the two young women danced. Angela was mesmerizing, swaying her hips to the music.

"So do you see anything you like?" Angela asked, inching closer to Jessica. "What do you mean?" The music was quite loud, so Jessica was forced to lean in close to talk. Angela moved even closer, rubbing up against her as she spoke. Jessica could feel her large firm breasts pressing up against her own tits.

"I mean do you see any guys in here that you would like to fuck?"

"But I'm here with Jay!" Angela just smiled and kept dancing. Jessica looked back at the table to see Jay talking to another handsome, well dressed man.

"Who is that?" she asked. Angela glanced over.

"Oh, that's Zack. Not bad huh?" "He's gorgeous!" Angela let out a small chuckle. "You should see his cock!" Jessica looked into her eyes.

"You mean, you and him have..."

"Oh yes! Just last weekend in fact. He's not as good as Jay, but he's close. Oh, don't look! They're coming over here."

Jessica continued dancing until Jay and Zack walked up to the pair. "You know you girls have the whole club drooling over you." Jay said. "Of course." Angela said with a smirk. Jay smiled back at her, then turned to Jessica. "Jessica this is Zack."

The man took her hand and pulled it to his face, gently kissing it. "How do you do?" he said in a deep voice. Jessica was suddenly stricken with a bout of shyness as she stammered out some response. The two started dancing as Jay and Angela paired off as well. Zack moved behind her and placed his hands on her hips, pressing himself against her body. Jessica rested her hands on his and wiggled her ass into him. She could feel him getting harder as they danced. Her eyes closed as she let the music move her body.

"You look very sexy." he whispered into her ear. "Jay told me you were hot, but that was an understatement." Jessica spun around and kissed him. He seemed surprised at first, but warmed up soon enough as she began to grind into his leg. His hand moved down and cupped her ass as their tongues entwined. Feeling a little adventurous, Jessica then brought her hand up to his crotch feeling his massive cock through his pants. Zack moaned into her mouth as she groped him.

"Bathroom. Now!" Zack gasped.

Jessica couldn't believe what she was doing. She was supposed to be getting married in five days and here she was waiting for some strange man in a bathroom stall.

She closed her eyes and ran her hands over her thighs in anticipation. Her fingers touched the fishnets and worked their way up under her skirt. Her panties were soaked as she touched them, rubbing her fingers against her mound. Just then the stall door swung open and Zack stepped inside. "Starting without me?" Jessica didn't say anything, as Zack stepped forward pushing her up against the wall of the tiny stall. His mouth immediately found hers as her hand went to his crotch. She unzipped his pants, undid his belt and pulled his cock free. She felt a sense of urgency as she then pulled her own panties down to her knees.

Lifting one leg, she grabbed Zack's dick and guided it to her wet slit.

"Ohh Fuck me!!" she moaned as he entered her. He was much bigger than Jay, and his cock filled her pussy completely. Zack held her leg aloft against his hip as he pushed forward, grinding his pelvis into Jessica's small body. His strong hands mauled her tits through her dress as his cock pumped in and out. The row of stalls was shaking violently as the two fucked away. Jessica's hands were everywhere:

Running wildly through Zack's hair, clawing at his back and grasping his ass, trying in vain to pull him even farther into her greedy little cunt. "Oh my god! I'm going to cum!" Jessica moaned. Her body shuddered and convulsed as Zack repeatedly pounded her tight little pussy. She came on his cock, while getting slammed against the wall of the stall. When she was done, she pulled his head close.

"I want to suck that beautiful cock of yours." Zack pulled his dick from her soaking wet pussy and allowed Jessica to fall to the floor in front of him. She looked up into his eyes as she parted her lips and allowed his wet cock to slide into her mouth. He pushed his dick to the back of her throat, trapping her head between his pelvis and the wall. Jessica had to relax her throat, to prevent herself from choking.

Zack reached down and held her head immobile as he slid his thick pole in and out of her mouth. He was actually fucking her face! He cute little mouth formed an "O" and Zack proceeded to fill her throat with cock as his balls slapped against her chin.

Jessica remembered how Jay asked her to stick her finger up his ass, so she figured Zack might like it as well. As he pumped his meat into her face, she reached down and wetted her finger in her pussy.

Taking the finger, Jessica slid it into Zack's asshole. He bucked his hips forward, as a creamy shot of hot cum hit the back of her throat. Zack moaned as he emptied himself into her mouth.

Wiping her mouth, Jessica rose to her feet.

"Thanks babe!" Zack said, pulling his pants up. "Maybe we can do this again sometime." Jessica smiled.

"You can count on it!" Zack left and Jessica began to straighten herself up. She was about to put her panties back on, then decided against it. The alcohol had hit he hard and she was now feeling very frisky! Leaving the black G-string on the coat hook, she opened the stall door and started to leave.

"Did you have fun?" Jessica spun around to see Angela standing at the sink with her arms crossed. "You know you two shook the whole building!!" Jessica blushed a little as she pushed a strand of hair from her face.

"Was it that bad?" Angela sauntered over to her.

"I think the question is... Was it that good?" Jessica was shocked beyond belief as Angela stuck her hand under her skirt and felt her pussy.

"Did he come inside you?" Jessica wanted to pull away, but something held her there, allowing this woman to inspect her pussy. "No...He came in my...my mouth."

"Ooooohhh", Angela said with a smile. "You dirty girl!" With that, she leaned in and kissed her! Jessica's eyes opened wide as Angela's tongue entered her mouth.

It was strange having a woman kiss her. Her mouth was so soft. Angela then pulled away. "Mmmmm. I can still taste him," She said. When the two women walked back out into the club, Jay greeted Jessica with another drink. A slow song was playing so he took her out onto the dance floor once again. She pressed close to his body as they slowly swayed to the music. "How did it feel?" he asked her.

"What?" "How did it feel to be fucked in the bathroom like some cheap slut?"

"I don't know what came over me. Are you mad?"

"Of course not."

"I'm beginning to think that I can't control myself."

"Good. Are you ready for some more fun tonight?"

"I'm always ready," she replied, kissing him lightly on the lips.

Angela, Jay, and Jessica soon left the club and got into the limo. Zack made plans to meet back at the hotel later. Jessica and Angela were both intoxicated and were giggling and joking as they entered the car. As soon as Jay sat down, Angela was on him, kissing him deeply as her hands grabbed at the bulge in his pants.

Jessica was a little surprised at Angela's lustful aggression, and watched with growing interest as the two continued their kissing and groping. Soon Angela had Jay's cock out and was down on her knees before him, sucking it into her mouth. Jay looked over at Jessica.

"Do you like watching her suck my dick?"


"Good. I want you to play with yourself while Angela and I fuck." Jessica was more than willing to comply. Spreading her legs wide she gave Jay a good view as he sat across from her, enjoying Angela's blowjob.

"No panties, huh Jess?" he said, noticing her lack of undergarments.

"You are becoming quite the little slut." Jessica smiled and brought her finger to her mouth, sucking it slowly as if it was a cock. She then slid it along her pussy lips and pushed it up inside.

Meanwhile, Angela was going to work on Jay's balls, licking them as her hand stroked his hard shaft. His hand was resting on her head, guiding her mouth as she sucked his balls. Jessica could see Angela's other hand was under her skirt, obviously playing with herself. Her lips moved back up to Jay's cock, and her hand dropped to his balls.

Her head bobbed up and down coating his shaft with saliva. His eyes, however, were on Jessica as she sat across from him rubbing her clit. Angela then stood up and pulled her panties down. She turned, smiled, and then tossed them to Jessica. With that she pulled her skirt up and climbed up onto Jay's lap. She wasted no time in impaling herself on his wet cock, which slid easily into her hot hole. Rocking back and forth, her hips rose and fell. Jay was reaching around, pulling her ass cheeks apart as she fucked his dick. From Jessica's vantage point she could see her little pink asshole, and her pussy getting filled with Jay's beautiful cock.

"Put your finger in my ass baby!" Angela said in a pleading voice. "Jessica." Jay said. "Lick my finger."

Jessica crawled forward and took his digit into her mouth, sucking it gently. Angela then reached back and took Jay's hand, guiding it to her ass. She pressed it between her ass cheeks as she started to bounce on his cock.

"Oh yeah! Shove it in!" she moaned. Jessica could see Jay's finger worming it's way up Angela's asshole as his dick stretched out her wet pussy. Her mouth was watering at the site! "Fuck yes! Fuck Yes! Yes!"

Angela held herself close to Jay and pressed his hand into her ass as she came. She then whispered into his ear. "Baby, why don't you cum in Jessica's mouth? I know she'd like it." Angela then pulled her well-fucked pussy off his rigid pole.

"Come here Jess. Don't be shy." Jessica was a little apprehensive about sucking Jay's dick after it had been inside Angela, but she was still feeling very horny. Angela swept a strand of brown hair out of Jessica's eyes and gently pushed her face down on the rigid cock before her. Jessica opened her mouth and allowed the cock to pass through her sweet lips. "That's it baby." Angela cooed as she softly pushed Jessica's face up and down on Jay's swollen member. Jessica could feel Angela's hands roaming her body. It was a little strange having a woman touch her that way, but it was very erotic. Her touch was so soft as her fingers ran up Jessica's stockings, over her thighs and up to her waiting pussy. Jessica was rubbing Jay's balls and stroking his dick as Angela slid a finger up her wet cunt.

"Suck that cock baby!" Angela whispered into her ear as she stroked Jessica's pussy. Jessica started to loosen up under Angela's touch and sucked Jay's cock with renewed passion. Her hips were gyrating into Angela's hand, as the other woman sunk two fingers deep into her pussy. Just then Angela grabbed Jessica by the hair and pulled her head back off Jay's dick.

"Shoot it in her mouth baby!" she said, holding her head with both hands. Jay grabbed his cock and started jerking, aiming at her face. Jessica opened her mouth in anticipation. A few moments later a stream of hot cum spurted from the end of his cock and landed on Jessica's outstretched tongue.

The rest hit her in the mouth and lips. She immediately closed her mouth, savoring the taste. Angela then pulled her face to the side and kissed her hard. Jessica could feel Angela's tongue pass through her lips and swirl around inside her mouth. Jessica responded by pushing her own tongue outward, sharing Jay's cum.

The trio arrived at the hotel soon after. They immediately made their way to the bedroom after grabbing a few more drinks. Jessica sat on the bed and Angela soon joined her, placing her hand on her leg.

"Jessica." she said. "I want to eat your pussy."

Jessica was a little surprised, but not completely shocked. "Angela, I'm not a...You know."

"A lesbian?"

"Yeah." She leaned in and stroked her face.

"Honey, neither am I. I just like to have a little fun now and then. There's nothing wrong with that now is there?"

"No...I guess not."

"And haven't we had fun so far tonight?" "Yes."

"Then tell me you want me to lick your pussy." "I...I want you to lick my pussy." Jessica could see Jay setting up a video camera out of the corner of her eye.

"Lay down." Angela ordered. Jessica did as she was told, laying back on the large soft bed. Angela pushed her skirt up around her hips and then lowered her head, lightly kissing Jessica's inner thigh. Jessica moaned as her mouth traveled up, finally coming to rest on her sensitive little clit. It was strange having a woman licking her there. Her mouth was so soft and her skin was so smooth!

"Enjoying yourself?" Jay asked her, climbing on to the bed. Before she could answer, he pressed his lips to hers in a slow, sensual kiss. Angela now had a finger in Jessica's pussy as she licked her clit. Jay pulled Jessica's dress down and started groping her firm breasts. She started to moan uncontrollably under Angela's tongue.

She really knew how to eat pussy! Soon Jessica was fighting through a magnificent orgasm as Angela worked over her hot little cunt. Sitting back and wiping her mouth, Angela smiled. "Did that feel good?" "Oh fuck yes!!"

"Good. Now it's time to switch." Jessica's heart dropped. Getting licked by another woman was one thing, but actually doing the deed herself was quite another! Angela was already sprawled out on the bed with her legs spread wide waiting for Jessica's sweet little mouth. Reluctantly Jessica placed herself between her legs and stared down at Angela's wet cooze.

'James, if you could only see me now.' she thought to herself and lowered her face down into Angela's waiting cunt.

She could feel Jay moving around behind her on the bed as her little pink tongue flicked out and tickled Angela's clit. She swirled it around a little before poking it into her wet pussy. Her lips enveloped her hole and she kissed it as if it was a mouth, pushing her tongue deep inside. "Ohhhh, that's it baby! More!" Angela moaned. Jessica could feel Jay's large hand slipping between her legs. She moaned into Angela's pussy as Jay ran his fingers between her lips and over her asshole.

Feeling adventurous, she slid a finger into the pussy in front of her as she started to lick her clit faster.

"Lick her pussy good you little slut!" Jay said, before lowering his mouth to her ass. Jessica was starting to get really turned on. "Oh yeah, Jess! Oh my god! You're so fucking good!!" Jessica surged forward as Jay's tongue touched her butthole and his fingers plunged into her tight little cunt.

"Fuck! Oh fuck baby! I want you to lick my asshole now!"

Before Jessica had a chance to respond, Angela flipped over and spread her ass cheeks in her face. Jessica hesitated only long enough for Jay to push her head forward into Angela's waiting ass.

He crammed his fingers hard into her cunt, pushing her even harder. Jessica's lips were mashed against Angela's exposed butt hole and Jay had a handful of her hair. "Lick it." he said. "I know you want to."

She forced her tongue out of her mouth and pressed it against Angela's tight rim. She noticed that Angela had her hand fast at work between her legs as Jessica tongued her pulsing asshole. As she started to lap at the puckered anus in front of her Jay moved back and resumed his licking of Jessica's pussy and ass

. "Oh yes! Oh yes! Fuuuucccccckkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!" Angela reached back and grabbed Jessica's hair as she became overwhelmed with a massive orgasm. As it subsided, she collapsed on the bed.

"Did I miss all the fun?" The three turned their heads to see Zack hanging up his coat. Angela hopped up off the bed and strolled over to him.

"Well, you missed little Jessie eating her first pussy!" She said, kissing him hello. "Sorry I missed it," he said. "Maybe you can reenact it for me." Angela let out a laugh.

"Maybe later. Right now I have plans for that cock of yours!" With that she grabbed his crotch and led him over to the bed. Jay helped Jessica out of her dress, so that she was wearing only her stocking and choker.

He commented on how sexy she still looked. He then began to undress himself as Angela wrestled Zack out of his clothes. Soon, all four were naked and Angela was wasting no time in including Zack in the evening's events. "I really need a cock in my pussy!" She said, laying back on the bed. Jessica's mouth was watering as she watched Zack spit in his hand and rub his dick, until it was glistening wet. He then positioned himself between Angela's legs and slowly pushed that monster cock into her freshly licked cunt.

She moaned like a whore as he filled her, sliding his tool deep inside. Jay held his own cock out in front of Angela's face, and she turned her head to take it in. Jessica was feeling a little left out, so she crawled over and took one of Angela's nipples into her mouth. Zack was holding her legs out wide as he repeatedly impaled her with his cock. Jay was sliding his dick into her mouth and Jessica was working over her large firm tits.

'This little slut is getting quite the treatment,' Jessica thought to herself. She was having fun but there was a part of her that wished she was the one getting the attention. Jay then flipped his leg over Angela's face. She tilted her head back and parted her lips as he lowered his balls into her mouth.

His dick was now free, so Jessica quickly took it in as Angela sucked his balls. Her chin was bumping against Angela's as her lips moved over Jay's mouth watering cock. Jay ran his hand through her hair as she sucked him. "Jessica, why don't you come over here and lick Angie's clit while I fuck her." Jessica pulled herself away from Jay's dick as Zack spoke to her. She then spun around, and flipped a leg over Angela's body, putting the two women in a 69 position. From this view she could see Zack's cock sliding in and out of Angela's wet pussy.

Licking her lips, she lowered her mouth to her clit and started licking. She could feel Jay's hard dick pressing into her ass cheeks from the other side and her pussy drooled in anticipation. Suddenly the dick was gone and Jessica could feel Angela's warm mouth on her pussy once again. She shivered as she felt a long finger nail graze her asshole.

Her tongue was licking at both Angela's clit and Zack's cock as the two fucked. Jessica then felt something pressing against her swollen pussy lips. She moaned as Jay's dick entered her body. His hands were grasping her ass as he began to build up a rhythm, fucking her wet cunt with long slow strokes.

As she felt Angela's tongue on her clit, Zack pulled his cock out of her pussy and offered it to Jessica. Jessica wasted no time in gobbling up his perfect dick, sucking Angela's pussy juices from the rigid pole. He then replaced it in Angie's hungry hole and began pounding her with renewed vigor. Jay, taking a cue from Zack, began fucking Jessica harder as well.

A few moments later Zack pulled out of Angela's pussy and started to stroke his cock. Jessica found herself looking right into his dickhole as a gob of hot jism blasted her in the face. She closed her eyes as another shot landed in her hair. A third splashed off her chin and dribbled down onto Angela's cunt. Zack redirected the rest onto Angela's well-fucked pussy.

Almost reflexively, Jessica started lapping the warm cream off of Angela's shaven mound.

"Damn Jay! You've taught her well! She's a regular little cumslut!" Zack's words made Jessica smile, as she finished cleaning the cum from Angela's pussy.

She then looked up into his eyes. "Why don't you let me have a turn with that gorgeous cock of yours!" Jay pulled out of Jessica, and she got off Angela. Zack laid back on the bed.

"If you want me to fuck you, then you had better get it hard again." Jessica was on his limp cock like a starving animal, sucking and licking, trying to blow some life back into his impressive member. Angela soon joined her, focusing on his balls. She licked and kissed them before moving up the shaft to meet with Jessica's sweet little mouth. The two women started kissing as Jessica pumped his cock with her hand.

Soon enough Zack's dick was back in full form. "So how do you want it?" he asked Jessica.

"I want it from behind! Fuck me like a dog!" "Ooooooo, Jess." Angela said. "I like it when you talk dirty!" Jessica assumed the position, on her hands and knees, and Zack moved up behind her.

Angela licked her fingers and rubbed them along Jessica's slit, priming her for her upcoming fucking. She then took Zack's cock and guided it into Jessica's waiting pussy. Jessica gasped as his massive dick filled her, then moaned when she felt Angela's tongue between her ass cheeks.

She had almost forgot about Jay until, he started dangling his cock in front of her face. She looked up at him. "Do you want it?" he asked.

"Yes! Give me your cock! I want to suck it while Zack fucks me!" He held it just out of reach and Jessica flicked her tongue out, just touching the tip. He then moved forward a little, allowing the head to pass through her lips.

It was hard for Jessica to concentrate on Jay's dick as Zack fucked her and Angela was probing her anus with her tongue. She was now officially in heaven!! "Does is feel good hon?"

Angela asked. Jessica couldn't answer, due to the fact that her mouth was full of cock. Jay pushed his dick all the way into her throat, fucking her face as Zack pounded her pussy.

"I bet I know what she wants!" Angela said with a grin. Jessica looked up at her. "She wants it in the ass!" Zack ceased his thrusting.

"Is that what you want Jess?" "Jessica pulled her mouth from Jay's cock and turned to him.

"Oh yes! Shove that thing up my ass!" Zack slowly pulled his cock from her pussy. Angela immediately took it into her mouth and started sucking. She then shoved two fingers into Jessica's wet cunt, swirling them around. Jessica was a little confused until she removed the fingers and started rubbing them over her asshole.

Angela then pushed her fingers up Jessica's tight butt hole, lubricating it with her own pussy juices. She then spread Jessie's cheeks, grabbed Zack's wet dick, and pressed it against the small anal opening.

Jay was smacking her lightly in the face with his cock as Zack pushed his dick up Jessica's ass tunnel.

"Oh Fuck!! Yes! It's sooooo big!" Angela was fingering Jessica's clit and licking Zack's shaft as it slowly slid into Jessica's butt.

The feeling was intense, and Jess thought her ass was being torn apart. Once Zack's dick was all the way inside her, he began moving his hips causing his shaft to wiggle around inside her.

"Oh shit I love it! I love being a slut! Fuck me all night long!" "You are a slut!" Jay said, shoving his cock back into her mouth. Jessica almost choked as it hit the back of her throat. Zack pulled his cock out almost all the way before pushing it back up her ass. As the two men fucked her from both ends, they slowly began to build up speed. Jessica's body shuddered and she let out a muffled moan as she experienced one of the most powerful orgasms of her life.

"Hey Zack!" Jay said. "Want to switch?" Jessica bit her lip as Zack pulled his engorged cock from her asshole, and moved over to her head. Jay took his place facing her pert little ass. Jessica opened her mouth in ecstasy as Jay started to force his saliva-soaked cock up her tight butt hole. Zack was sitting in front of her holding his dick in his hand.

"Open up Jessie!" he said. "But it was just in my..." Her words were cut off as Zack simply put his cock into her mouth. Meanwhile Jay was wasting no time in pumping her ass with hard long strokes.

Each thrust caused her mouth to slip further down Zack's shaft. Angela was feeling a little bored so she got down on the floor, facing Jay's ass. Reaching up, she spread his firm ass cheeks apart and started to tongue his butt%20hole. This caused Jay to groan and push forward one last time. Jessica could feel her insides being sprayed with hot cum as Jay filled her up. She was still busy sucking Zack's dick, however, and paid no notice as Jay pulled his slick cock out of her well-fucked asshole.

She could feel the jism dribbling out of her ass as a few more drops fell from Jay's dick down onto her hole. As Jessica continued to run her lips down Zack's long hard shaft, Angela took in Jay's quickly softening dick and started to lick it clean of his sticky fluid. Jessica was then surprised to feel her running her tongue over her ass. Zack pulled his cock from her mouth and watched intently as Angela's tongue dipped down between Jessica's ass cheeks and began lapping up Jay's spent cum.

Wiping her mouth, Angela sat up and smiled at her three companions.

"So when is it my turn to have a cock up my ass?" Zack laid down on the bed and Angela crawled up his body, kissing and licking him along the way. She then lowered herself onto his waiting cock, allowing a lustful moan to escape her lips. She looked sexy, grabbing at her own nipples as she started to gyrate her hips on Zack's swollen cock. Reaching back with a slender finger, she lightly rubbed her asshole.

The site looked tempting so Jessica crawled forward and kissed Angela's hand. She then ran her tongue down her finger to her tight little anus.

"Oh yeah, baby! You dirty little slut! Lick my asshole!" Angela moaned as she began grinding on Zack's cock. Jessica's little pink tongue stabbed at Angela's puckered asshole, then moved down and sucked at Zack's balls. Jay was watching, stroking his dick, which was starting to regain it's hardness. When he was back to full size, he coaxed Jessica out of the way and pressed the head of his dick against Angela's asshole.

"Oh yeah! Fill me up boys!!" she moaned. Jessica watched in awe as Jay slid his cock up Angela's anus. She crawled over and started kissing Jay's neck, moving in sync with his body as he fucked her ass.

Angela was moaning uncontrollably as the two men filled her holes. Jessica lowered her hand and started to rub Jay's asshole as she sucked his neck. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!" Angela screamed as she came hard between Jay and Zack. "Ugggghhhh!" Zack groaned.

Jessica guessed that he had just came inside Angela.

Soon after, Jay pulled out and sent a few steams of white jism arcing over Angela's ass. Jessica wasted no time in licking the cream off her soft skin.

The four companions then collapsed on the bed. Angela crawled over and kissed Jessica on the lips. "Maybe we can do this again sometime?"

The End

Next Chapter: A Day With Angela

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