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One into one equals one

by Pussy Power (arbs80@hotmail.com)
(June 2001)

Looking out the window of the Yulla Mediterranean Restaurant there is a million-dollar view of Bondi, Sydney Australia's best known beach, "where suntanned bathers parade while the Pacific Ocean rolls onto the golden sands and produces some of the best surf for swimming there is". Sydney has just hosted 'the best Olympic Games…ever' and Bondi featured in the spectacular games of beach volleyball at a specially constructed temporary stadium on the golden sands, back-dropped by the ever-changing movements of the sensuous sky-blue breaking seas.

Located on the southern end of Campbell Parade the name Yulla is the Hebrew word for 'Hurry up/Let's go/Move your butt', and at lunchtime on a mid-summers day, as today, the place is alive and jumping with bronzed and hungry, hunky surfers, many from around the world, to enjoy the exhilaration of riding the strong braking waves of the Western Pacific Ocean. Looking at the beach below everywhere there were people of all ages shapes and sizes displaying a wide variety of beachwear from the stolid conservative to the most provocative, but mostly towards the skin-fest point on the body-revealing scale. Bondi Beach is the 'Australian Riviera' at its hedonistic and visually stimulating best.

The two, early thirties, strikingly attractive, luncheon dinners, me, Jill, and Tony, who had just met again by accident only that morning, after a decade of separation, were enjoying corn fritters and a spinach salad with roast pumpkin, avocado, croutons and parmesan and a glass or two of fine Chardonnay from the nearby Hunter Valley, and talking incessantly-'catching up'. Over the last hour or so, the panoramic view from the long windows triggered the intense exchanges of the highly interactive couple. The choice of restaurant and their table was carefully chosen. It was closest to, and overlooked, the place where they had first met in their teens and subsequently spent many joyous and intimate times together.

Self-loving: Sexual awakenings and satisfying sexual needs
I, Jill, grew up in Bondi in an old house set about a mile from the beach in one of the first settled Federation neighbourhoods, so named after the time of the Australian nations foundation, 100 years ago to this very day as I write, in 1901. I lived with my parents and one slightly older brother and my large high-ceilinged room opened directly from the hall and boasted a small private verandah where I spent many hours basking naked in the sun. My bedroom was my private sanctuary, with lovely old-fashioned furniture including a 'four-poster' double bed of generous dimensions, and by my pubescent teenage years I controlled totally what happened in there. My room was the place where I became a sexy women.

By the time I had reached pubescence my generous, genitalia were hidden away behind a luxuriant bush of deep black tangled pubic hairs. My hirsute mons pubis was a prominent feature of my vulva bounded at the top by the horizontal jungle to within 3-4 inches of my tummy button and between my legs extending to cover each labia thoroughly, to end by encircling my neat little brown anus. I took great delight in running my hands through my thick female forest slowly working them deeper and deeper into the precious jewels that lay hidden in the moist, and often dripping, velvet valley that lay between my legs.

If the sexual voyeur were to examine me with my legs wide apart, as I often did squatting on top of a big mirror, he or she, would see a wonderfully voluptuous cunt, with its pale pink inner surface and vestibule to my vagina sporting a readily arousable clitoris, with the whole of the pudendal cleft generally glistening with mucous secretions. Watching in the mirror, as my pale yellow piss gushed out of my urethra, was always a great turn and start to playing (hard!) with myself.

Very early on I knew many of the intimate details of my ample deep vagina over which the remnants of my broken hymen provided another protective barrier. With my very bushy foliage, I had to really grab hold of each labia firmly and to open up the view into my orgasmic orifice. I delighted in exploring the soft ridges and columns, and texture of my rapidly engorgeable pussy as I began to work up my self-masturbatory passions. So deep was my vagina that it was only when I was fully aroused and close to exploding that I could reach and feel my anterior fornix, and ultimately, my cervix.

As a spunky young chick, one of my favourite positions for sexually pleasuring myself was to perch on the edge of my low lounge chair and watch myself masturbate to repeated orgasms in my carefully positioned big mirror. Starting in the usual way for girls like me, I would first tease and suck my hard nipples standing erect on my firm lovely breasts, and then, as my cunt's juices began to flow, increasingly concentrate on 'pumping my pussy' which I did with the readily available cucumbers and bananas, usually coming to frenetic shuddering climax's with progressively one, two and three fingers working my vagina, my other hand frigging myself horizontally across my super hard ecstatic clit.

I was never quite agile enough to suck my own pussy. Had that been possible I don't think I could contain my sexual passions! However I was much blessed with what I possessed, and possessed myself as often as I could to the limit of my self masturbatory abilities.

But like so many of my location and generation, the lure of the nearby beach and the sea was very powerful. I spent as much time as possible down at the beach close by the Surf Club and its abundance of heavenly spunky lifeguards who I often fantasized over. At fourteen my enlightened mother, Jan, had arranged for me to ' go on the pill' saying it was "good for my development" (it certainly regulated my periods, which I soon became able to predict to the day), and she was aware of the pulling and persuasive powers of young bronzed surf spunks, and the misfortunes of unwished for pregnancies!
The thrill of riding Bondi (and similar) surf is legendary. We local girls, young nubile 'spunky chicks', the nearby beach residents, were passionately addicted to being in, on and under the surf as often as we could be, and at the same time flaunting our bodies at the lifeguards to ensure in our late teens that we got invited, as often as possible, to the monthly Saturday night dances and so were assured of randy, groove-wetting, passionate embraces.

Many a-time I was returned home in the early hours of Sunday morning in a high state of arousal with heavily soaked panties and an irresistible itch which I spent the next hour attending to, enjoying multiple orgasms in my virginal bed before falling asleep exhausted sexually satiated after a thorough finger-fucking session. I had first come around 11 or 12 and ever since then had to masturbate myself frequently, often several times a day, which was easy at home in the intimacy of my room and verandah.

I well remember the first time I did it to climax! It involved a little help from my cousin Claire, who had come to stay for a few days over the holidays. Claire and I had just been for a swim and were wanting to shower. I went first, and finishing quickly returned to my room to find Claire naked and rubbing her cunt in front of my mirror. She said "Oh, you're back so soon. I can't stop now, I'm nearly coming". And with that she continued to rub herself soon to scream out of her twitching body "It's wonderful. I can't help doing it". By the time Claire's passion had been temporarily satisfied, I too had started to drip with excitement and soon had my own pussy tingling. Claire came over. "Have you ever cum yet?" I nodded negatively. "Here, let me help. With that Claire started tweaking my nipples as I put my fingers deeper and deeper and quicker and quicker into my cunt. My juices poured and flooded to the floor, and suddenly my, until then 'innocent', body convulsed. It took my breath away. But it was so good. I was hooked.

Over that weekend of awakening, Claire and I masturbated ourselves and each other a number of times so that by the time we said our good-byes, I could masturbate myself to orgasm nearly every time I developed that itchy irritation between my legs!

I continued to masturbate myself passionately right up to the present. I really love doing myself, sticking my fingers up my lovely hairy pussy and frigging myself off to violent shaking orgasms, with the muscular spasms running through every inch of my body!

It was the era of the 'see through when wet' Bikini and I and my close friends competed to buy and wear the ones that were decent enough to wear walking to and fro from the beach, but almost turned into plate glass when wet as upon entering the exhilarating waters of the Pacific ocean at Bondi.

Typically, times at the beach embraced several wave-catching sessions with opportunities to display one charms to as many as wanted to look, but especially the lifeguards, as one walked to and from from positions close by the 'on-watch' low-set life-tower. I particularly enjoyed the absolute thrill of body-surfing a big wave with the pounding frothy break embracing my body and forcing my Bikini top around my neck so that my nipples and breasts were fully exposed to the nimble fingers of the sea as I coasted right up onto the swirling sand with my tits grazing the bottom. Then, in the dying moments of the wave, to again encase my fulsome breasts in the transparent tops and look down to see again the very clear outline of my bulging breasts and big brown nipples, of course, my most luxuriant and generous dark pubic patch.

At the beach, I behaved as a female always 'on heat' and I really had a very cunt-focussed mind and accompanying actions at the time! Today, at Bondi, much the same is going on as sexual powers of young bodies are flaunted.

If it wasn't quite so public, I could often have readily masturbated to climax in the surf, which I actually did a few times but it was not the easiest environment to come in! You had to be really 'hot' to get it off quickly. The few times I climaxed in the swirling water were early in the morning when the surf was flat and nobody else was near.

If I was really feeling sexually provocative after lying on the hot sand for a while, I would piss myself just before going back in the water, so that I could give another poppy show of my crotch's treasures as I strutted, breasts bobbing, towards the surf and as close as I dared to any young spunks I could see. My walking route (root?) was often plotted to give me the biggest thrill. It was like the then dangerous road 'sport' of playing chicken' in a car. My thoughts, as I walked wet on the beach where of young men's cocks and balls and I loved to see them with protruding erections, which they vainly tried to hide.

Some of the males, soon after I passed, would have had to have obvious spunky ejaculations from their already highly aroused dripping organs! I enjoyed so stimulating them by my erotic and arousing presence (and that of similarly inclined young women), of which there were quite a number. We maidenly provocateurs enjoyed our little bit of beach fun.

After catching a dozen or so big waves, when I had had enough for now, I would usually walk proudly back to my spot close past the lookouts to return to my towel and sun creams and hat, to resume keeping my tanned brown body looking terrific. I enjoyed taunting young men and often saw their rods visibly stiffen through the flimsy fabric of their body-hugging 'cossies'. It was hard for them to keep their manhood respectively under control when so obviously excited by the likes of chicks like me!

Not infrequently, on the beach, you would witness individuals or couples, both homo and hetereo, 'having it off' and several times men flashed and masturbated their penis's at me as I watched them, through my dark glasses, ejaculate. Sometimes then they would walk past presenting their spunk-soiled togs as they passed by, looking at you as if to say "If you want it, follow me!". There was often the musky smell of spent spunk as they passed.

All lifesavers (Ozz for lifeguards) are thought to be promiscuous, but those at Bondi bragged and talked much more than they actually fucked. But most were great spunky masturbators shooting what must have amounted to buckets of creamy, slimy jism, which society's rules for teens prohibited from finding its way into nubile cunts, where it really belonged! What a waste!

My thoughts often turned to giving a lifeguard a 'blow job'. What would it really be like to suck cock? Would my mouth be big enough; tongue sexy enough; how do you suck a mans balls; would I really enjoy a penis ejaculating in my mouth and having to swallow hot spunk-would it burn? Girls have a special hole in which to take cock. Why do it in the mouth at all? Why swallow and waste all that manly jism? Should a man's cock not be used properly to fill up a spunky chicks eager and willing, especially created vaginal organ in her hot and randy waiting cunt?

Lying on a towel in the middle of the crowd on the beach at Bondi was not conducive to immediate easy sexual satisfaction. You had to be discrete! From time to time people on the Beach had been arrested and fined for 'indecent behaviour' - commonly males 'flashing dick' at women, or females with 'inappropriate beach-ware' (too much tit exposure or too little crotch cover). That was years ago. Today, standards are much more liberal, but you still can't indulge in open sex at Bondi! However, it's a fabulous place to be, particularly for those who like to be turned on by young hunks of both sexes!

And the stimulus and excitement was mutual. Sometimes, a particular boy would capture my imagination and when the slit between my legs itched beyond control I would gently masturbate it through my flimsy bottom and try and come on the sand, which, from time to time, I would succeed in doing. Too much sand in the crotch and up an excited young lady's cunt is not the best for auto-eroticism! Your pudendum and clit feels as though it is being rubbed by sandpaper! You just don't do it that way! But generally when the urge to 'come' again was really building and/or the midday sun was getting too hot, it was back into the surf or home. It needed more space and time and 'toys' than the beach could provide, to train, master and really enjoy my rapidly maturing body with my precious pussy!

After the beach the walk back home took about half an hour, by which time on a warm day, my whole body was glistening with moisture and the gooey groove between my legs was wet with anticipation as to what I would be doing to it when I arrived. As I walked it was possible tweak my nipples and touch myself up between my legs a little to heighten my rising sexual desire. And the often urgent need for a relieving pee drew added attention to that hot and sticky rooting furrow riding between my legs and demanding attention which increased with every pace as I headed up my street towards home.

Upon getting to my usually deserted home around midday I would usually have a quick shower letting the refreshing cold water cool me off and cleanse away the sand. But before turning on the tap I would squat and piss, with my togs still on, watching my bush enticingly appear in the see through panel of my Bikini and enjoying the feel of warm pee as it saturated my crotch and trickled down my legs. Before showering, I often piss in my flimsy panties, look down at my today even bigger black bush and fondle my crotch and hold my breasts and tweak my nipples with copious handfuls of steaming warm urine, before I wash it all off.

Stripping off my costume I would force out another big gush catching it in my hands and rubbing the dripping yellow urine through my bush and onto my tits before opening up my cunt, sticking several fingers in and starting to arouse myself. Generally I started with the well-oiled routine described earlier. On many an occasion I would have then have taken the top off a small Coke bottle and stuck it up my vagina thrilling to the warm swirling fizz as I fucked myself with the world famous bottle!

After tweaking my nipples to their fully erect state and finger-fucking my tingling vagina for a while, I would turn on the cascading water and caress and touch every part of me as intimately as I could getting very hot!

Our bath had a hose spray with a detachable head and it didn't take me long to learn how much sexual pleasure could be derived from detaching the nozzle and putting the fat rubber hose up my cunt and feel the rushing water exciting my wanton vagina and cervix. Very carefully varying the pressure and temperature made for a variety of wonderful sensations after which I hastened to complete the process of self-seduction in my room. So, hastily wrapped in my Blue Hawaii Sea Island cotton towel, I'd retreat quickly to my bedroom- my private pleasure palace to fuck myself over and over! The place where, over the adolescent years, I truly trained and mastered my pussy to perform to my most intimate commands!

By 'sweet seventeen', the year before I lost my virginity, my routine in my bedroom upon returning from the beach was well-oiled. Quickly seeking the comfort of my old-fashioned wide-armed cane comfortable lounge chair, upon which I always spread a crimson pink silky smooth bed cover, and sat down spreading my legs onto it arms. A small lockable collection of my private pleasure 'tools of trade'-body oils and lubricants, several dildos and a mirror, constituted my basic resources, sometimes aided by a copy of a racy love story or hot women's magazine, which we shared around.

My favourite artificial cock, which I still use today, was (and is) a perfectly tapered green French wine bottle which I usually used to finish myself off. Its silken smooth body being just the right width to thrust and pound against my fully engorged pussy's lips which are always very well lubricated from my cunt's natural juices. As well, I used a number of other innocent looking items in the room to push in and out of my velvet vagina.

As well as swimming and surfing, I played team tennis and beach volley-ball regularly, so my body was in absolutely top shape, well-proportioned, well-rounded and generally what the boys would call ' a good looking Sheila (Ozzie slang for girl), or a 'good sort'.

In my bedroom I had two mirrors, one full length, in front of which I would stand or squat and view every inch of my body, another smaller one was an illuminated magnifying one with two powerful little fluorescent lights along each side which showed my enlarged cunt in all its glorious sexy detail.

Particularly exciting was to watch my clit grow to full size as I finger fucked myself. In the mirror my clit looked really huge and playing with it often had me near climaxing very quickly. I soon learned how to 'back off' and keep my sex pot simmering for as long as I wished before frigging myself to ecstatic muscle wrenching climax's. From time I would spend the whole afternoon fantasizing about the lifeguards and what I'd do with them if I really had the use of their virile bodies and rock-hard erect penis's. I was never into anal sex though and have never had a cock up my backside. I think my rear hole is rather small.

I usually use my lubricants only when I was a bit dried out following extended sex session which had emptied my vaginal glands and I have an urgent desire to fuck myself again. Mostly the lubes were for my body, tits, nipples and anus, up which I often insert my small silver thimble-sized dildo. I am well satisfied with a little throbbing silver insert up my arse to heighten my arousals! Men's cocks are meant for mouth sucking and fucking up accommodating demanding thwats! My other dildo had a clit caresser too, and I could really make myself hit Everest-heights of devasting and exhausting levels of sexual arousal. By the time I was seventeen I thought I had really mastered the most rewarding art of self-loving!

I had, I found out later, quite an exceptionally large, long and deep vagina in which I could only just touch my cervix with my fingers when it was fully aroused and distended. The top of the open French wine bottle fits neatly around my cervix just before I reach my highest orgasmic peaks, so markedly enhancing my best convulsive climaxes. My cunt was very demanding and knew what it needed to be repeatedly satisfied!

If I were alone I would immediately continue the process of 'touching myself up' which I had started in the shower. It always excited me to watch myself in the mirror when I was doing this, although by the time a climax was approaching it was enough to just concentrate on pure touching and frigging.

A fly on the wall would have seen a pretty ,well-developed and amply bosomed young lady, of medium height and build, eagerly caressing herself and delving her nimble fingers into her voluptuous black-forest protected velvet vaginal slit, and teasing her prominent clit to rock-hard excruciating sensitivity, before backing off to repeat the process many times before allowing herself the ultimate climactic pleasures of repeated body-shuddering fantastic orgasms. Whenever I was away from home, I thought of my room and my bed and that inevitably lead me to thinking about what I would do to myself the next time I was alone with time, and my cunt, on my hands!

Even without my bra, two gorgeous generous firm breasts protruded invitingly forward, their normally well aroused when her legs were splayed apart as they were for the most part during self-loving stimulation. They just begged for caressing and sucking! The very narrowest band of Bikini-line white flesh surrounded the large tangled triangular forest of rich black pubic hairs which guarded the entrance to the love chamber, which when her outer lips were pulled aside revealed an ample deep red gooey groove and glistening pink vaginal entrance and clearly visible, even when not aroused, perfect clitoris amid folds of tender labial tissues.

To the intimate observer, the pubic bush extended well down on each side of her pussy lips but the inner lips were completely clear of hair at the level of the vaginas entrance. When highly aroused, her pussies outer lips extended and raised to form a soft succulent oval of mesmerizing attractiveness. She could gaze for a long time in her magnifying mirror as she slowly touched and explored every fold and wrinkle in her much-fondled gorgeous gooey groove!

Her satin-smooth legs framed her dark-ringed tight hairy anus, normally nestled and buried between her pink-brown cheeks. Wide open, her private parts were an alluring sight of sexual promise!

Even in the days before toilet cams were invented she sometime took a mirror into the bathroom and looked at herself squirting hot yellow piss from the little hole in the middle of her cunt. What a wonderful thing a pussy was! Every time you pissed you thought of sex and what a girl's cunt was really made for. Many a time you just had to masturbate yourself to climax after a piss!

Looking in the mirrors, the fine robust deep brown body with its wonderfully firm breast profile and the often hard nipples showing starkly, and the luxuriant protruding growth of jet-black pubic hairs covering her large mons veneris, which was so clearly visible in wet bathers, was the reason men stared and cocks hardened as the body of this young women walked back from the surf in her translucent Bikini at Bondi Beach!

And to any randy spunk watching with the fly on the wall, it was a most inviting, then virgin, cunt crying out for filling with a hard cock ejaculating pulsating loads of hot creamy spunk! But this spunky chick had to wait until she seventeen before being deflowered and for most of her twenties she was subject to much self-loving-masturbating herself to intense climaxes.

Even now as this story is being written, I cannot remember any day when I have not spent upwards of an hour pumping and pleasuring my, to me at least, perfect pussy! Since I started coming at puberty I have never denied myself this indulgence whether single or married, although very early on I commenced sharing these intimate occasions with very close friends, the first of which was Beth, with whom I was closely involved in a lesbian relationship for one gorgeous exhilarating year of sexual liberation, when we were both 17.

There are many pleasures of the flesh to be derived from solo self-loving acts, but with an equal partner (of either sex) a different range of sexual delights becomes available. Beth and I were just at the right age to fully exploit and enjoy the wonders of each others beautiful bodies.

Beth was a member of the ' beach beauties', a group of us from our nearby Catholic school, who spent all the time we could at Bondi enjoying the warm sunshine and surf and displaying our curvaceous and most desirable hot bodies. When we were younger we would often go to the beach together and upon returning home Beth would drop in for a drink as she still had a little way to go.

One stinking hot day Beth and I had our first shower together and I without thinking started to caress myself and putting my fingers up my horny wet cunt, my normal routine! Beth and I had talked a lot about boys and sex but had never been physical until this day.
Without a moments delay Beth's finger too were up her pussy and she just looked intently at me and burst into a smile. "Let's come together" she said. "I have been dying to ask you if we can get together. I love you and your body. Do you like mine?" With that Beth turned the shower off and preened herself squeezing her nipples and then squatted on the floor and with both hands pulled aside her very hairy bush to expose her fucking delights. Then removing one hand to tease her tits she put two fingers up her gash and pumped furiously. I was mesmerized. "I'm coming" Beth cried. And with convulsive jerks and twists she climaxed herself to ecstasy, after which she pressed her body firmly into mine.
After that horny introduction, I became a lesbian when Beth and I often made love to each other in the security of my room after our many swims during the 'endless' Bondi summers. And when the weather was not suitable for the beach Beth would often come over and we would fuck each other over and over. There didn't seem to be any limit on the number of times we could get each other to come!
Come to think of it being a teenage lesbian with but one partner was a very good thing to be before the legal age of sexual intercourse! You couldn't get pregnant; if both were healthy there were no risks of STD's; you had the time together to really appreciate both your bodies; and you were in a safe environment.
There are a few days in your life when you can recall everything that happened with absolute clarity. The day that two women make first love to each other is one of them. And the day that you fuse together for the first time with a perfect mate, is another!
At eighteen Beth's family moved interstate and although we corresponded for a while we eventually lost touch. For many years I was back mainly to masturbating on my own, with the occasional adventure with a man or a women. And then the man with me today in the Yulla Café at Bondi came again into my life and I fused to the highest possible level of feminine ecstasy as my soul-mate spunked me full of his copious heavenly jism.
One into One equals One
Tony was going to the Jesuit Brothers School at Kirribilli, on the Harbour in Sydney. He too was and ardent surfer and joined the Surf Club as a junior lifeguard. We first met in our teens at a dance to which I had been invited by another surfie. But from the moment we set eyes on each other I was smitten. By the end of that summer we had been to a few dances and the movies together but always with 'the gang' and in the dense urban environment there was never any opportunity to be alone which I longed for and knew what that would mean! But I had sensed that something held Tony back over deepening the relationship. Now, as fate would have it we had met again and as each minute unfolded the magic of mutual attraction mounted.

Leaving our shopping temporarily at the Yulla, we walked barefooted along the beach remembering the gorgeous summers of those surfing years, and feeling the waves break and ebb as they emptied themselves on the beach. With each step we increased the tightness with which we held each others hand and the excitement of being in each other's close physical presence again became electrical.

Tony was a well built quite, hairy man, with a lovely big circumsized penis and full set of spunky balls. As he told me later, he had kept himself physically fit throughout his life and, like most single men of his time, had masturbated frequently to relieve his aching balls. Confined to a dedicated life-style he had never before possessed a women, but his wide reading had prepared him well for the first momentous moment of indulgent heterosexual union.

My fully aroused nipples were clearly visible straining against my blouse and my vagina began to throb and flood. And the prominent bulge in front of Tony as we walked indicated his hard erectile state. " I love you Jill. I need to make you mine…forever". "I love you too, Tony, with all my heart. Take me. I am yours", I responded. I knew that this was it! The time for the fullest possible commitment to another human had finally arrived! And in the prime of adult life it was a prospect of absolute rapture!

As I lay on my back on the bed in my motel my legs locked tightly around Tony's smooth brown naked back, I felt the throbbing outpourings of his organ pushing white hot spunky jism deep into my randy begging cunt as his rock-hard big cock pumped back and forth in my vagina thrusting onto my much-engorged cervix.

With my breasts oscillating rapidly and our matted glistening pubic hairs intertwined, my vagina and clitoris convulsed into fabulous ecstasies in a series of multiple orgasms that engulfed my entire being. Not just once, but three times, Tony filled my satiated pussy full to overflowing and I came and came again! After many hours of enthralling intimacies, finally fucking each other to a standstill, we lay exhausted and 'slept together' for the first time! It was truly perfect bliss!

And as the story unfolded of Tony's last ten years, I understood why we had not consummated our relationship much earlier. Tony had been 'promised' to the priest-hood from which he had just been released after ten tortuous years. At last free to love and enjoy life as a completely fulfilled man, fate had somehow re-united us with each other. Absolute destiny!

That is the story of how I grew up and found my perfect partner in the prime of my life.

Nothing in my past amorous and self-loving experiences, rewarding and satisfying as they had been at the time, had prepared me for my ultimate mature act of union with Tony. I had my man and he had me. We could keep fusing together and fucking each other forever and ever…and still not be satisfied. Intensely loving each other, and always doing it together, proves that One Into One Equals One! All my past experiences had laid the perfect foundations for a married life together of total joy.

And Tony's enforced celibacy had made him all the more passionate when at last his true spunk-filled manhood was allowed to unleash! He had a lot of spunk in his willing tool ready for filling up my passionate pussy whenever I needed a real fuck! Tony's pent-up sexual tensions were imaginatively and wonderfully released on my now frequently ravished accommodating body! And whenever Tony is away, I fuck myself with a revitalized vigour as I imagine Tony's cock and balls servicing my hot hairy gooey groove!

All blessings to the nubile beach culture of Manly Australia, which made myself and Tony together, the loving and sexy people we are. And to Providence that brought us together.

Dedicated to DM


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