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A night to remember

(June 2001)

On a very sultry night last July, I went to a theme party - “ Gone with the Wind”, Corny, yeah, but it allows everyone to dress up and party. My partner Sue had broken her knee and was in plaster and we had had no real sex for weeks so she knew that I might get up to no good and stay out all night. She grumbled but gave my cock a friendly suck before wishing me luck. She insisted I must tell her everything that happened, when and if I got back. Some hope. Dream on….

At the party, the film was being shown on a big screen and lots of people had dressed up as Rhett Butler and Scarlett. I had put on false bushy eyebrows and a red waistcoat and wore a big Stetson hat. I thought I looked cool – and fucking stupid!

There were some hot chicks around and a lot of booze – wine; Bud and Southern Comfort. I took a few glasses of wine and worked the rooms. After a while in the garden, I saw a foxy babe who had long red hair. She looked about 25 and had terrific tits and long, long legs. She saw me looking at her and I just knew my luck was in. I made my way over to her and started to chat her up. She was on wine but had finished her glass, so she shared mine, dribbling a bit back into the glass. WOW. I leant over and gave her a kiss which she really enjoyed, swirling her tongue around my mouth and nibbling my lip.

Her name was Geraldine “ Ger” for short. “ Dave” I said. We chatted for a while, then she said she had been invited on her own and was looking for a “ friend” – talk about being obvious. I said I was very available but I had to know if the red hair was real –

“ Do the collars and cuffs match?” “ You’ll have to wait to find out “she said, “ what about bringing me home? I’m bored with this, are you?”

Jesus, I could hardly believe my luck. “Sure”, I said, gulping my drink and taking her hand. We said goodbye to our hosts who were fairly well on anyway, took a couple of bottles and went to my car. As soon as I got in she started to stroke my cock through my trousers. “Stop it, I said, “ Its bad enough to be dressed up in this fucking gear. If a cop stops us, I don’t want my cock on public view” “ You can put the Stetson over it,” she giggled, although it might not fit” mmmm

She told me where she lived, a suburb in South Dublin. I drove as carefully as I could and we pulled into a drive of a nice house. “ Good, my sister isn’t home yet” she said. “ We share the house. Come on”

Once inside, she brought me upstairs to her “flat” and fell on my pants, pulling them down and freeing my cock which was as stiff as stiff could be and hot to trot. She clamped her lips around the head and started to wank my cock up and down. I pulled her up and gave her a real tongue lashing – right down her throat and got her dress off. No bra but she had tiny skimpy panties on, -a thong - so at last I would find out about her colour. Her panties were really sopping wet as I pulled them down YES!!! she had a neatly trimmed RED bush and I put my hand into her dripping snatch as she moved her legs to let my fingers get into her cunt.

“Lets’ get out of these clothes and have a shower” she said. I didn’t need any encouragement. She led me into a bathroom off her bedroom and there was a big shower stall. “First, I gotta piss” she said, I needed one too. She squatted over the loo and I could see the full golden stream flow out. It was fantastically sexy so I aimed into the shower stall and a huge long string of pee hit the tiles. She laughed.

“ That was what was keeping it stiff, yeah ?” “No way, I said, I’ll show you”

We climbed into the shower and first she put her arms around my neck and her tongue snaked into my mouth. She began squirming against my body and grinding her hips against my hard cock. We disentangled and lathered each other all over with gel, massaging our bodies and pressing our hands and fingers into each other’s sex equipment. She took my cock with her two hands and gently massaged it, reaching under my balls, feeling and washing my scrotum. I felt her gorgeous tits and squeezed her nipples, rolling them in my fingers until they were like bullets. She was squealing with sex and urgent passion. I reached between her legs and slid one finger and then another into her cunt, stroking the lips and finding her clit which was already poking out. I reached around to slip a finger up her asshole but she murmured “ No, not there”, tightening the lovely cheeks of her arse, but she did lube a finger with gel and reached around and shoved it up my ass which felt wonderful.

She pushed her finger in and out, I bent to ease her way, then she took it out and put it in her mouth and sucked it slowly. My cock was really hard and I knew I had to get out, so we pulled down towels and started to dry each other – concentrating on the sexy parts. Ger took my cock and holding it up, licked and sucked my balls into her mouth. We tumbled onto the bed and I pulled her into a 69, because if there is one thing I am really good at, it is licking cunt, particularly wet slimy ones. I can spend hours flicking and sucking and have happily sucked fresh cum out of overflowing cunts at a group session, but that’s another story.

Ger’s cunt was dribbling her juices and her clit was well out of its hiding place. I spread her legs as wide as they would go and put my wet fingers into her lips. I licked them gently while stroking her clit and rolling it in my fingers. I got a finger inside her and pushed it in and out, rubbing against her clit each time. Ger was going wild, her ass clenching and driving down on my face. She was sucking on my cock, right down to the root and squeezing my hardening balls. I kept licking and flicking with my tongue and holding her ass in place.

I knew I couldn’t hold much longer, then she started to twitch and thrash, I held her cunt open and my lips clamped on her clit, Suddenly, I thought she had peed herself, there was so much of her cum which I sucked and swallowed, I love the taste. “ I’m coming too“ I shouted, and she started to wank me firmly while sucking on my cockhead. She squeezed my balls and I shot a load of cum into her mouth and squirted again and again. She took it all and licked my cock until it was clean of cum.

We collapsed onto the bed, sweating and panting. “Fuck” she said, “ Where did you learn to eat cunt like that?” “ At my mothers’ tits, “ I grinned. “I do get complimented on technique, from time to time. Your blowjob and nut squeezing was fantastic. Lots of girls don’t like to swallow cum”. “I love it” said Ger, “I’d bottle it if I could”

We opened one of the bottles I had nicked and lay happily fiddling with each other. Ger dribbled wine onto my cock which had got hard again and then licked it off. I licked her nipples while she moaned happily. Slowly, we got aroused and began to play with each other lazily and confidently.

Again, I started to nibble on her labia and spread them with my fingers showing the pink wet pussy inside. Ger was wanking my cock gently, slowly bringing her hand up and down the shaft and running her fingers around the cockhead. After a while of this, I flipped her over into a doggy position and rammed my cock into her sopping cunt. I rode her hard, she was moaning and shouting “ Fuck me “, After about a minute or so I felt the build-up and shouted

“ Yeah, well here it comes” as another huge delivery of juicy cum shot up her cunt. I began to slow down, drawing my cock out to the edge of her lips. Her muscles tightened to keep me in. My cock was getting limp and it came out with a wet plop and we fell back on the bed. During our session, I had heard the hall door bang and Ger said, “ That’s’ my little sister coming in. She is the slut of the family” I didn’t pay much attention – I was devoted to screwing Ger into the bedhead.

I fell asleep and thought at some time I heard an alarm clock ring. Still half asleep I felt my cock being stroked and sucked and cool fingers fondling my balls. I sighed happily and looked down. The bed-side light was on and I saw a tangle of blonde hair - not red hair was on my stomach. “ What the fuck.” The blonde head came up and it was a gorgeous young sexy face, covered with sweat and slime. “ I’m Jo, Ger’s sister” while her hand began wanking my cock furiously. “ That’s’ Brian there” and she nodded to the corner near the door where a guy was standing and Gers hungry mouth was sucking his cock which looked huge, at least 10 inches and thick. His eyes were closed tightly; his hands were clenched and his knees were shaking, he was going to pop his bollocks soon.

Meantime, Jo had hoisted her ass over my face and, joy of joys – she was totally bald and shaven. Her young tight cheeks were covered in sweat and her puckered asshole was just waiting to be licked. I spread her cheeks with my hands and put my tongue into the crack and pushed the tip into her arse. “Mmmm “ she moaned and wiggled her ass.

She likes this, I thought. I concentrated on her cunt which was small and tight with prominent lips. Her clit was nowhere to be seen, so I went right up into her cunt with my tongue, licking and spreading. Her cunt started to spew out a cascade of juices which I lapped up greedily. Suddenly, I couldn’t hold out any longer and shot what seemed like a lake of cum right into her mouth. She didn’t miss a drop and squeezed my balls to get the last drop out, milking my cock all the time.

At the same time, with a terrible groan, Brian arched his back and thrust forward into Ger’s mouth. He never seemed to stop trembling and shaking; some of his wad came out of her mouth but she licked her lips and took it all.

Jo turned and drooled some cum from her mouth onto my cock and then licked it off again. Fuck me, I thought, this is unbelievable.

Then, Ger and Jo got together and kissed, mingling their mouthfuls of cum, Brian’s and mine. It was fantastically sexy to watch. Jo squirmed up to me and kissed me full on the mouth. She swilled around the cum in her mouth and pushed it into mine. Jesus, this was mind-blowing. I looked over her shoulder and Ger was doing the same to Brian. They joined us on the bed and we kissed stroked and fondled for a while – Brian even stroked my cock - then we lay back and I asked “ So, tell me all”.

“ Jo, Joanne, is my baby sister,” said Ger, “ She’s 20, a student nurse in an urological / impotence clinic so she gets to see a lot of mens’ cocks, cum and equipment.” We all giggled at this.“ I’m an airline cabin crew, so I’m away a lot, but when I am here, we go out “ hunting” on weekends and what we capture we share, right Jo?”
“That’s right” said, Jo, “ so come on Dave, you’re coming with me, and leave these two up here” Ger muttered to me “ Jo’s really adventurous”, and to her sister, she whispered, “ Dave has the best tongue ever ”. Jo grabbed my hand and dragged me off the bed and out of the room.

We scampered down the stairs and into Jo’s flat. This was much bigger than the one upstairs, but Jo explained, “We inherited this house and as I am here most of the time, I got the bigger flat – but we share it when we have friends in,” she smiled wickedly, putting her hands under my balls. My cock started coming to attention again.

“Let’s have a real shower and get the some of that cunt’s smell off you. “ Nice description of her sister, I thought. “ What about Brian’s cum all over you,” I said. “Bingo”, she said, “ Lets go” and she walked into the bedroom.

WOW, this was something else. The ceilings were covered in mirrors and there was a huge bed – much bigger than normal. On the walls were very erotic pictures of guys and gals fucking and sucking and butt-fucking. On a bureau there was an assortment of vibrators and dildos. There were fur covered handcuffs and other bondage stuff including a cane and a riding whip which seemed to have some specks of blood on it. There were tubes of KY Jelly and vaseline and other oils.

“ Are you sure you are a Nurse and not a Pro, a real hooker, “ I asked, eyeing all this sexy equipment, dubiously.

“ No,” she laughed, “ I’m the slut of the family, but most of my nurse friends and Gers’ high flying pals love to use all this stuff and more when they come over. We have a few group sessions here where fucking everything goes”

She was holding onto my cock and leading me towards a door into her bathroom – another surprise.

Instead of a single shower stall, the entire area had been tiled and power shower nozzles pointed out from the walls and the ceiling. “ This is a great turn-on with the guys who grope and finger everything in sight” laughed Jo. There was a loo in the corner and a bidet and hand basin. The whole area reeked of sexual activity.

Jo looked more like sixteen than 20. Her tits were small and firm and her bald cunt was smooth and already slimy. She was a bit smaller than Ger but her ass was tight and luscious and her legs slim and long. What she lacked in years she made up for in enthusiasm – and imagination. She laughed a lot which I liked.

She turned on the power showers and the spray of water nearly knocked us over. We clasped onto each other and her legs went between mine, nudging my bollocks and cock and my tongue went down her throat. We felt and groped every part of each other while the shower bombarded us. I reached behind her and stoked her asshole. She wiggled her ass and said “ mmmm That’s nice”. She whispered “ Do you want a “Golden Shower?” MMMMM I said, “ well lie down on the tiles”

When I was on the floor she squatted down and grabbed my cock, then she tensed and let a huge gush of hot piss flow over her hand; my cock and balls and tummy. It was so, so sexy.

Finally, when she was finished, she bent further and dried her bald cunt by rubbing it on my tummy and public hair – laughing all the time. She took one of the mobile shower heads and directed it straight at my cock, washing me with shower gel, then she took my hand and anointed it with a load of gel and she shoved my willing hand around her cunt and peehole and gave me the nozzle. I carefully cleaned her cunt and moved around to direct a jet of water up her arsehole, pulling her ass cheeks apart. Mmmmm she loved it.

Again we dried each other off and lay on the huge bed. Jo immediately put her arse up in the air and wiggled it around. “ Here I am”, it seemed to say. Her cunt was glistening and her asshole looked wide and inviting. I got behind her and started to lick her cunt, she moaned and started to frig her clit with her finger which I removed, and slapped her ass hard.

“That’s my function”, I said, and started to flick her clit which was at least half an inch long with my tongue, I licked and chewed it and suddenly she turned over roughly, pulling her legs back over her head. Her cunt and clit was open. More important, her asshole was puckered and inviting. I licked it and she pushed back against me. I shoved two fingers into her soppy cunt and then worked them, one after another, up her ass. Jo was moaning and squirming but said that she was loving every moment. Now was the moment.

I pulled out my fingers and, taking some KY jelly from the bedside table, I garnished my cock and then pressed it against Jo’s eager asshole. Slowly I worked it in and she moaned how much she loved it, frigging herself all the time. Suddenly, my balls were slapping hard against her ass cheeks. It was so fucking tight. Her hole pulsed against my cock, really pulling cum from my balls. I moved it bit by bit and she moved too, allowing a fucking motion. I kept asking if I was hurting her, but she shouted “ No, No, keep fucking my ass, keep fucking my ass.”

Suddenly, the door opened and Brian and Ger came in. I was horrified to be caught fucking her sisters ass, but Ger said, “Go on Dave, Get her off: She loves it up her arse. See you in a minute“ and pulled Brian into the shower.

We went at it with renewed vigour. Jo was moaning all the time and frigging her clit. I pulled at her nipples and finally I felt the surge of cum in my cock and the incredible sensation of an erupting orgasm. I shouted at her but I came in the innards of her arse, Jo’s ass muscles were almost orgasmic, tightening around my cock and spasming.

We lay together and slowly her ass relaxed and my cock was released. I insisted on turning Jo over and licked and kissed her succulent asshole which was dripping with my cum. Jo was moaning quietly to herself. I asked her what was wrong. She said that she had never had such pleasure before, mmmmmm Can I get a reference??

The noise from the bathroom indicated that Brian and Ger were getting it on and sure enough they came out “ Gland in Hand”. Ger asked if there was room on the bed – and promptly lay down with Brian. I looked over at Brian and his cock was really big – and attractive. It was long, curved and very thick. I looked at his ballsack which was taut. His body was better than mine but both Ger and Jo seemed to prefer me, alternatively sucking and fondling my cock and balls. – it turned out Brian was a builder who Jo had met in a club – hence the physique. Jo openly covered her fingers with KY and shoved them up my asshole which felt fantastic. She got two fingers in and moved them around. My cock stood up to attention and Ger descended on it. We fucked and sucked each other. Brian was wanking his big cock and at one time I found Brian’s big cock at my mouth and I gave it a friendly suck – both of us enjoyed it. When he came he spread wads of cum over everyone. The air was filled with a musky sexy smell and there was cum everywhere, puddled on the sheets and in the girls hair.

“Lets give Jo a cock sandwich “ said Ger “ but I get to sit on Daves’ face”.

Brian didn’t know what a “cock sandwich” was, so I lay on my back while Jo started to suck my cock to bring it back to life. When it was hard, she shoved a fingerful of KY up her ass crack and lowered herself onto my cock, screwing it into her ass, inch by inch, moaning as it went up. Some earlier juices squished out around my cock onto the bed.

She was squatting, facing away from me. When her asshole was filled, Ger took Brians big cock which was twitching and told him to fuck Jo’s cunt which was open because she was leaning back on her hands. He put the tip in and she gasped. Slowly he got the full 10 inches into her tight cunt. I could feel it squeezing in through her cunt. Jo was gasping with the strain and slowly moved so that a sort of riding motion was started. To add to all this, Ger had taken a big vibrator, lubed it and shoved it up Brians’ asshole, causing him to flinch at first. The buzzing vibrator must have really struck his “go” button because he banged on like mad, grunting as he rammed his cock in and out. Jo was writhing with pleasure, then I felt rather than saw the red haired pussy of Ger descend over my mouth and reached up with my tongue to pleasure her.

I was getting sore and knew there was little cum left in my system. I kept bucking and screwing my cock to give Jo the best of pleasure and flicked Gers’ clit with my tongue. Suddenly, Ger rocked back and gushed out more cum juices, I could see her cunt trembling as she orgasmed and she shoved almost a full hand up her cunt. Brian was pumping and came with a loud groan, filling Jo’s cunt and spreading cum all over the bed and Jo’s tummy. When we had disentangled, Jo said “ Poor Dave” he didn’t get to cum again in my ass” so she turned around into a 69 and she greedily licked the juices and her shit off my rather raw cock, while I sucked out Brians’ huge wad from her very full cunt. It was a glorious “ Cock Sandwich”.

We were all fucked out and tired. We flaked out on the bed and when I woke, Ger and Jo were gone. Brian (holding his huge dick ) was snoring beside me. I crept out of the bed and wandered around. I found the girls, totally starkers, in the kitchen, chattering and making breakfast. I crept up behind Ger and put my hands on her tits and pressed my cock into her buttocks.

“That’s it”. she said. “ I love it but it’s over now. I told you that Jo and I go hunting on Fridays and that we share the guys we pull. Yeah? Well the other rule is that we never, ever see the guys again unless WE call them for a gangbang session. So off you go, after breakfast and dream about hearing from us.”

We all had our breakfast – naked. Brian and I were a bit subdued. Then we were “told” to shower and dress which we did.

On the way out, Ger whispered to me “ You are fantastic, we’ll ask you ( and maybe Sue) to one of our parties. Tell Sue to keep your tongue well exercised”

When I got home, Sue was pissed at not hearing from me. I told her everything with all the really gory DETAILS. She put her hand into her cunt as I was starting and she came off halfway through my joyful telling of the nights events, We had sex again and again later which was better than usual – but we anxiously awaiting for THE phonecall.!!!

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