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By Michael
(May 2001)

As I walked down the driveway from my weekend cottage towards the beach for my morning walk, my neighbours Jeff and Sonya were driving past. They stopped to say hello and a quick chat, advising me that they were gone for most of the day and Cathy, their daughter, was home by herself and could I keep an eye on her.

They were wary of the local studs dropping around to visit young Cathy and could I make myself obvious to keep them away. I agreed as I had watched Cathy grow up into a delightful young lady of 17 years over the past 5 years we had been neighbours in our weekend getaway village.

I must admit she had been in my fantasy dreams many times visualising this young nymph in stages of undress and thinking what it would be like to feel that lithe body and maybe even screwing her tight pussy.

I knew this was highly unlikely, me being a divorced guy of 40 years old with kids of my own. Anyway, I strode off along the track down to the beach and my walk around the foreshore of the bay enjoying the idyllic lifestyle on this beautiful warm balmy day.

It generally takes me about an hour and a half to complete my walk so I was back home around 11.30am. By the time I reached home I was thirsty and hot, having finished my water and discarded my T-shirt. I went inside to quench my thirst and wash up. When I finished looking after myself I thought I should check on Cathy to see if she was OK.

As our properties are settled in natural surroundings with no fences and the houses being around 100 metres apart, I could not just look out the window so I had to walk through the garden, or what some may call bush, to see if she was home alone.

As I approached Cathy’s house I could hear the sound of that bloody rap music that I can’t stand. So I thought she must be out in the back yard. As I walked through the vegetation I caught a glimpse of her lying on a towel with the stereo radio next to her head.

Getting closer I eventually saw Cathy stretched out face down nude sun bathing. The view I had was from her feet end, she had her legs apart enough for me to see that little slit exposed.

I could not believe my luck to come across this amazing site of my fantasy dreams, being to see young Cathy naked. Her sun tanned body with no bikini lines indicted she was a regular sun worshipper and here I am next door and never knew this lovely nymph was exposing herself.

I had to get closer to see that magical slit so I moved as quietly thru the bushes until I reached a large tree I could hide behind to get the best view.

By now I was about 5 metres away from her and convinced she could not hear my movements because of the music so close to her ears. My view had improved greatly and I could see her butt exposing the flesh of that pussy through that gap females have around their thighs.

By now my cock was reacting to this vision of naked delight in front of me. I pulled my shorts down and let them drop to the ground, leaving me naked as well with my cock well and truly rising to the occasion. Natural male instinct is to start pulling on your best friend so I began to stroke it as I looked on at Cathy.

Not long after I had settled into a rhythm she started to move and I froze, my first instincts was she had heard me and would find me perving on her. Fortunately all she was doing was turning over to lie on her back. Oh joy; there is a God after all. Now I had a perfect view of her spread legs revealing her twat, just with the hint of pubic hair, obviously growing back after a shave job.

But still the shape and mould of her pussy was fantastic. Refocusing on her tits was a fantasy come true, her slender body accentuated her rather well developed tits that still had the youthful firmness to have them pointing skywards.

She reached across to a handbag nearby and pulled out a tube that I immediately assumed was sunscreen lotion. Sure enough she liberally squeezed an amount into her cupped hand and began to rub over shoulders then down to tits, making them glisten in the sunlight.

She continued applying the lotion over her stomach area and hips, then around her legs and thigh area. Eventually she moved her greasy hand over her mound and seemed to slip a finger into her pussy.

By now she was obviously enjoying a bit of self pleasure as she put the sunscreen tube aside and began to tweak her nipples. What a waste I thought to myself, here I am perving and pulling away on the sight of this little darling doing herself as well. Suddenly the sight of someone coming up the driveway diverted my attention.

I stopped my pulling and looked through the bushes to see some young guy riding one of those racing bikes. He was dressed in the Lycra gear those dorks have to wear when riding a bike, helmet, tight shirt and shorts with all that brand name advertising no one even knows or can read.

He stopped suddenly at the end of the driveway when he saw Cathy lying there naked and playing with herself. He stood his bike against the wall of the house and took off his helmet immediately and hung it on the handlebars. His next move was to put one foot on the heel of the other to ease out of his shoe then repeated on the other foot whilst taking his shirt off. All that remained after about 10 seconds of action was his shorts and he peeled them off quickly also.

He stood there as a skinny young guy, probably around 17 as well, looking a little weird with his sun tanned arms and legs contrasting with the rest of his pale skin where biking shirt and pants covered.

By now his dick was hard on, what there was of it. It was probably around 5 ­ 6 inches and very thin, almost pencil thin. I thought that as he had quite a slim frame it maybe natural and besides he was still young and growing, everywhere maybe.

Cathy had not heard him arrive and was still lying there rubbing her finger on her clit and her boobs. The guy walked towards her pulling away on his cock as well. It was like a mutual masturbation club I thought, here was three people all doing their own thing but somehow I did not think that was going to last.

He went to the stereo on the chair, bent over and turned it off. Cathy immediately froze and stopped everything and sat up.

“Jarrod you bastard, how long have you been standing there?” she blurted out, “and look at you with that cock just sticking out. Have you been perving on me pulling that thing?”

“God Cathy you turn me on,” he replied, “I just could not resist the temptation with you lying there like that, besides your parents car is not here and all I could think of was the feel of your body and that great pussy of yours.”

“You like the feel of my pussy now after the few times we have fucked,” she enquired.

“Sure do babe, would love to feel it again”

“I think I can manage to squeeze it in,” she said as she reached out and gently clasped her fingers around his thin dick.

She began to slide her hand up and down his rather short shaft. After about a minute of that she moved to a squat position in front of him and opened her mouth to consume his tool. She had a natural flair for it by the way she was getting into it I thought or else she has had a bit of practice.

By now by own tool was fully rock hard, savouring the fast and slow pulls I gave it wishing it was me being seduced by this little sex pot. Eventually Jarrod could not stand the high sense of arousal he was experiencing and pulled away from her mouth. Without saying a word he pushed her to the ground so she fell backwards.

In a flash he was positioning himself between her parted legs, Cathy now eagerly anticipating the next move. He just had to have a feel of her cunt and began rubbing it quite roughly I thought, but such was the inexperience of youth. It was typical of most young guys of having little staying power and only interested in the quick insertion, a few thrusts and Geronimo, let the load blow.

Then a few quick breathes, a kiss on the lips and out of there, generally leaving the girl waiting for her fun. Well this was almost like the standard script with Jarrod arching his body over hers by resting his hands on the ground with arms outstretched, moving his cock to her now wet slit. She took hold of his cock and put it in the right spot that enabled him to quickly thrust deep inside her. She gave out a loud moan as his first thrusts probably stretched her still tight labia and vagina areas.

It did not take her long to get into the swing of it by gripping his back with her legs as to keep him locked in on the job as she thrust her hips in unison with his. In all my 40 years I have never seen another couple fuck live and here I was watching this couple of teenagers fucking liking rabbits.

The sensation was amazing as my heartbeats rose to triathlon levels and my legs felt like jelly as I pumped my cock. True to the script it only took him about 90 seconds before his thrusts and groans indicated he was cumming inside her, fortunately for Cathy she seemed to be experiencing her orgasm at the same time going on the load of meaningless sounds and grunts coming from her mouth. He eventually lay on top of her from exhaustion as there bodies swayed in the aftermath of the lust and still felt the rush of well being that goes with good sex.

They kissed for a while and he massaged her tits whilst they lay side by side recovering. After about 3 or 4 minutes, Jarrod had enough and stood up.

“I had better go, I was supposed to clock in for the training ride I am on now,” he said, ”I will try and get back again later if your folks are still out”

“Fine Jarrod, it has been fun,” she replied, “catch you later maybe”

With those few departing words he was back near his bike putting on the gear again and rode off down the driveway with a wave and a big smile. Why wouldn’t he have a smile after dropping in for a quick fuck with some girl he knows lying naked in her backyard, all over a period of about 20 minutes.

Cathy now seemed very relaxed and obviously still feeling contented in the afterglow of her sexual encounter. She reached out and turned that bloody music on again then laid down on her front resting her head on her folded arms.

Fortunately for me she still faced the same way as she was prior to the interruption, that is feet end nearest to me. Maybe it was because of all the screwing of her pussy and it needed to cool down that she obligingly had opened her legs further apart, possibly to let the cool air dry her wet pussy.

The glisten of her juices, perspiration and possibly a bit of cum oozing out, was a joy to behold. The lips of her pussy were now much fuller and the slit more open, not surprising considering the work over it just had.

By now my mind was racing recalling the pictures of her being fucked and then fantasising about what it would feel like to slip inside that young pussy. As I stood there with my dick still in my hand, sliding away, I had the urge to get closer and see if I could touch it without disturbing her.

Suddenly bravado took over and I moved out of the garden-hiding place onto the lawn area where she lay. Next I was kneeling between her spread legs with my cock bursting with the frustration of looking at this tempting package sprawled in front of me.

I could not resist it anymore and had to feel that pink pussy slit. I reached out slowly and gently felt the warm soft flesh of her pussy lips moving gently down towards her clit area. As I moved along the rim of her slit I gradually manoeuvred my finger inside eventually arriving at the apex.

As I gently probed between the soft flesh she began to stir as her hips moved sensing the pleasure possibly. I thought to myself should I quit now seeing that I have felt her and go back and jerk off in the garden or carry on and see what happens. Lust got the better of me as I pushed along the moist flesh until I felt a little hard button.

As I touched it she reacted immediately and began to wake from her slumber. “Mmmm, Jarrod you came back,” she said, “I’ve missed you”

Shit I thought, she thinks I am that skinny kid here awhile ago back for seconds, maybe I can have her think it is him by doing her doggy style so she doesn’t see me. With that opportunity beckoning my eager cock took over brain control and I was into it.

My finger began to circle her little bullet like clit. With that she repositioned her spread legs up on to her knees revealing a full on view and access to her cunt and arse. By now my cock was aching so I moved into position and took hold of my dick so I could slide into her love canal immediately.

As I looked down at my cock positioned over this tiny young butt I thought it looked bigger than normal. Maybe it was because of all the excitement I had for the past 40 minutes. I am certainly not long but the thickness was definitely bigger compared to young Jarrod’s pencil thin tool.

As my dick head touched the entrance she gave a little moan then I pushed forward and began to slowly slip inside. With that she suddenly gasped as I slid easily into her very moist pussy. I just gave it one long slow insertion up to the base of my cock, feeling the tightness of a young pussy griping my shaft.

“Jarrod, you feel so much bigger and real cool baby, so good” she said softly.

“That feels great baby, you are getting better.”

With that sort of encouragement from her, and not knowing who was screwing her, it was exciting to be now in this position. There was no holding back now. I began to increase the pace of my rhythmatical thrusts as I took the initiative and reached around to feel those glorious tits.

As I cupped those nipples in my hand I slowly squeezed the firm flesh of her breasts, managing to have her nipples between my fingers and causing the friction to arouse the titillation to even greater hardness.

By now she was in the raptures of a grinding orgasm. As if she sensed there was something different she reached back and felt my cock and balls. With that she looked around at me as we pumped away and smiled sweetly, recognising that it was not Jarrod after all but her neighbour.

She then turned her head away to gather momentum while she gyrated in unison with my thrusts. I felt somewhat relieved that she now knew who was fucking her and she was still into it big time. I could feel the waves of her cunt muscle grinding away, forcing my cock into blow mode.

She was on fire as I could not hold any longer and shot my load deep into her cum cavern. The moment peaked for both of us we strained our last ounce of pleasure until she dropped to the ground and I rolled off onto my side lying next to her.

She looked at me coyly and just said “wow, I hope we can do this again Mr Johnson” And we did!!!

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