Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Beach

by Anon
(June 2001)

We have decided that today we will go to the know the one
that runs along the ocean not to far from the cabin we have rented.
We walk hand in hand with the big old blanket to the beach and it is
amazing how the temperature changes from the wooded area where the cabin
sits to the opening area to the beach.
The sun suddenly washes our bodies with its warmth which causes tiny
little goose bumps on our bodies with the sudden temperature fluxuation.
I look at you and your long silky smooth hair is gently blowing with
the breeze and your nipples are solid and so exotic and I am glad that
we decided not to wear any clothes.
Your beautiul brown eyes look into mine and it is like no words have to
be spoken as we "just feel as one". We find the perfect place to spread
the blanket and I ask you if you would like lotion since it seems it is
hot enough to burn.
You give me this big sweet angelic look
and say yes if I promise to apply it very slow. Hmmmmm, please do not
wake me up if this is a dream...
You lay on your tummy and I gently move your hair to one side and my god
it is so soft and I love touching it soooo much. You look over your
shoulder at me and smile sweetly (knowing how just the touch of your
awesome hair excites me) and ask if I am okay.
I begin by putting the lotion in my hands and rubbing my hands together
so the lotion will not be cold when it touches your skin.
Your shoulders are first and I gently rub my hands around the back of
your neck and press softly so I can feel your soft skin and the muscles
of your back.
I use my fingers to massage slowly and deeply and run my fingers up and
down your spine to the small of your back. You moan softly and tell me
that it feels wonderful..more lotion and on to the lower back and I love
the dip of your back right in the area before your beautiful butt

The curve of your buttocks is like the curve of Venus..perfect
absolutely perfect. The lotion seems to melt on your skin and I position
myself so I am straddled over you with a leg on each side of your dick is solid and is resting right in the crack of your

As I raise up to reach your shoulders to massage the cream in even more deeply my manhood slides up and down the beautiful cheeks of your butt.
Your muscles seem tight but are relaxing but you are cheating as you
move your hind end up to meet my dick as I rub your back. Our motions
are identical and I know you must feel the liquid exiting on to your
I move myself down farther so I can rub lotion on your legs and I love
your legs so much, especially the area right behind your knees. The
lotion is warm and your smooth and delicate skin shines in the sun until
I rub it in totally.
Your feet are so sweet and remind of a little girl...I rub the cream on
your feet but cannot resist putting your toes in my mouth one by one and
sucking on them as you giggle and tell me it tickles and I ask if you
rather I tell me if I do that I am a dead man.
One leg then the other, so soft, so womanly, then I place some cream
right on the very sexy part of your is right above where your
cheeks join the lower portion of your is almost like a dimple
and so very erotic.

I rub the cream on your cheeks and massage them slowly and gently but
firm enough that you again look at me over your shoulder and smile at me
so sweetly.......ya know I think I am going to melt right there.
You open your legs just enough so I can rub the cream between your legs
and up the slit between your cheeks. Oh my god I can feel the warmth of
your silkiness even this far away.

I lean down and rub my tongue all over your butt and up and down the
crevice and I love that scent so much. As I kiss your back area my hand
runs down between the cheeks of your beautiful ass and touches your
womanhood and gently I pull on your soft and damp mound just a little,
tugging just enough to cause you to open your legs just a little more.
I continue to use my tongue up and down your butt and the upper part of
the back of your legs as my hand massages your wetness ever so lightly
and my other hand is rubbing your back..........

......I continue to use my tongue up and down your butt and the upper
part of the back of your legs as my hand massages your dampness ever so
lightly and my other hand is rubbing your back.
I thrive on the heat that emanates from your sweetness as my fingers
continue to play with the curls that surround the lips of heaven.
As I kiss your butt I have to put my face down so I can smell you, that
awesome sweet nectar, the smell of your cum and the sweat and you ask me
why I stopped. I simply tell you to savor the beauty of the most awesome
woman in the world.

Your silky soft hair is off to one side as you flip it around as you
talk to me...You look straight into my eyes and ask me to please make
you feel good, and that you want to cum so very much.
You raise your perfect butt just enough to let me have full access to
your perfect swollen area. I rub my fingers up and down the sides of
your beautiful softness right along the lips of your entrance to heaven,
lightly ever so lightly.
Periodically I gently pull on the lips and can feel the wetness begin to
be plentiful. You wiggle your butt back and forth and beg me to way!!!
My finger continues to caress your sweet pussy and my finger begins at
the opening and I push it in slowly and your body begins to further...the heat envelops my finger and your juices are
all over me.
In and then out, playing with your erotic curls , teasing the lips , in
and out and then I make sure I find the magic button that will bring you
pure ecstasy.
I continue to kiss your butt and your back and run my tongue all over
you as my hand continues to caress you. I reach up and can touch your
awesome nipple on one breast if I stretch far enough.
My god it is so rock hard and extends out enough to allow me to tease it
and pull gently on it while my other hand remains in the most awesome
nest ever created.

I love those perfect breasts so much and would love to stop and just
play with them and suck on them and worship them with my hands, mouth
and dick but from the noises you are making I doubt that would be the
proper thing to do right now.

My left hand massages your nipple, my tongue is on your butt , you smell
better than ever before and my hand is between your legs as I rub your
clit with my middle finger up and down gently, softly, slowly and then I
stop and pull my finger out to massage the lips ...then I put my finger
back in and rub your button to the right and left this time, slowly,
slowly, a little faster, then back to up and down and then slowly and
faster and faster only to stop and begin playing with your curls again.
You look around at me and call me a bastard as you smile and I notice
your eyes are glazed over so I know you need to have it happen soon.
Your nipple is so rigid and I squeeze your breast and love the large
fullness in my hand as my tongue is in the crack of your ass and my
finger reenters you so easily as your nectar is so plentiful.
Inside of you I linger feeling the warmth and loveliness of you as my
fingers begin to caress and worship that awesome button....back and
forth, up and down , slowly then faster and back to slow and then your
back rises and I can feel you begin to shake.
You ask me in a breathless manner to please make you cccuuuuummmmm. Your body shakes, my hand squeezes your nipple and my finger is against your clit and I do not let up this time as I go faster and faster and beg you
to cum for me and scream as loud as you desire.

Your hands are grabbing the blanket in your fists, your butt is in the
air and you are partially on your knees now and it moan,
and groan, your button is solid and so easy to feel now and I go faster
and faster and faster until you scream out my name and shake and your
body tenses up so much...your sweet honey is running down your legs and
my hand is drenched with it.
You cum again, and again and then cannot stand your button being touched
right now as it is to sensitive. Your body relaxes some and you lay back
down and turn your head to look at me.
I love the look in your eyes and you smile as you watch me lick my
fingers and hand to ensure I have all of your nectar in my mouth, I use
my fingers to rub the inner part of your legs and on your nest to
salvage any remaining nectar and devour every single delicious drop.
You look so adorable laying there and so, so, so sensual but angelic. I
ask you if you are ready for the lotion on your front side and you say
of course.

You turn over on your back and MY GOD your nipples are so big and hard
and your breasts, oh my your breasts, oh please let me dwell on them for
awhile and your total beauty is in full view and is so erotic.
I find the lotion and look into your eyes and say, now this is going to
be fun.........

You turn over on your back and MY GOD your nipples are so big and hard
and your breasts, oh my your breasts, oh please let me dwell on them for
awhile and your nest is in full view and is so erotic.
I hold the lotion bottle up high in the air and squeeze it to allow the
cream to fall on your perfect tummy. You squeal and tell me it is cold
as it hits your sweet navel.
I begin to rub the lotion in taking my time and enjoying the feel of
your skin and playing with your navel as my hand wanders a little below
it just enough to tease you a bit.
More lotion on my hands and I want to be sure that those awesome perfect
breasts are not sunburned so they will of course need special attention.
First the left one and it is amazing how spectacular it feels to slip my
hand over your breast with the cream on it. It slides so easily and your
nipple begins to stiffen.
So in my effort to ensure you are not burned I rub your nipple with a
liberal amount of lotion and use my thumb and index finger to gently
pull your nipple up.
It slips from my fingers with the cream and so I do it again and again
and you smile at me and I know from the look on your face that you are
enjoying this.

I continue with your right breast repeating the slow sensual massage
with the lotion. As nice and slick as you are now it is easy for my hand
to glide back and forth , up and down those beautiful mounds and tease
each nipple over and over.
I absolutely love the feel of your breasts. So perfect, so adorable, so
succulent. The nipples are very erect now and I take my middle finger
and tease them by barely flicking on them and watch them tighten.
I move down and begin applying the lotion on your long sensual legs
taking my time as I do so. From top to knee to ankle to those precious
toes and in between the toes and of course the bottom of your feet
because I know you are ticklish. the mound of joy that I love so very much, lotion just above
the area where the hair line accents the most beautful nest in
Slowly I spread the cream on the inside of your legs and next to the
lips of your womanhood. Slowly one side and then the other. I find my
hand periodically floating over the lips of your precious heavenly area
and just barely touching them.

I take my index finger and rub cream on one of the lips tracing it from
top to bottom ever so slowly and then back up the opposite side.
Can't help but notice some dew forming
on those lips and ummmm looks like it may be originating from the middle
of those lips. I adore the look on your face and your eyes..god I love
your eyes...

Your nest area is very damp between the lotion and the dew so I begin
using the combination of this succulent mixture to gently run my finger
in the middle of the lips.
Oh my it is so warm and soft and wet and magnificent. I slide my finger
in just a little and run it up the middle of the lips from bottom to top
ensuring as it exits that area that my finger caresses your magic
wonderful clit. You shudder and tell me that it is wonderful.
Not to disappoint you I repeat it again but this time I purposely miss
your sensitive tiny button ...the look on your face is like a pouting
child and you say you want more only touch it.
How can I ever refuse such an adorable woman as you .....slowly from
bottom to top and the moisture is even more profound now and easily
allows my finger to slide through heaven.
I look at you and smile as I take one hand and gently put pressure just
above your button and pull up the skin just enough to expose the
sweetest and most awesome and most sensual button in existence.
There it is smiling at me, so as I continue to expose it I use my middle
finger of my other hand and rub it gently.

You make a noise and I am afraid I am hurting you so I ask
what the hell am I I lick my finger and begin again.
First I use my finger to rub it to the left and to the right very very
very slowly and then I change directions and go up and down. It is so
awesome as my finger goes down I capture some of your dew and rub it on
your clit.

That tiny little area now is larger than I thought possible, the entire
area glistens with your nectar, I continue to alternate directions. I am
selfish though, and periodically as the liquid intensifies I use my
finger to catch as much as I can and I put it in my mouth. YOU TASTE SO
Your eyes are glazed, your nipples are rock hard and your nectar is very

I ask if you would mind if I treated myself to all I can savor with my
mouth and simply reply that it is fine with you but please
hurry as you want my mouth on you....
I slide down and you place your legs over my shoulders and my face is
right where I dream of constantly...looking at the most magnificently
perfect nest that belongs to the most awesome, sensual, adorable, sexy,
sweet, sensitive, angelic woman who has ever walked this earth.
I smile up at you and reach for your nipples as my mouth opens and my
tongue approaches heaven...........

I love the smell of the lotion on your body and especially enjoy the
softness of your thighs against my cheeks. I inhale the aroma of your
dew mixed with the heat of the day and lay my cheek against the
silkiness of your precious soft mound.
My tongue begins to lick the inner part of your leg and traces the edge
of your perfectly trimmed area leisurely encompassing the area and
tasting the dew of your womanhood.
Slowly I use my lips to pull on your soft hairs and then let them go
just to recapture them and pull them gently into my mouth. My tongue
begins at the bottom of one of those precious lips and traces it to the
top and down the other side.
I really enjoy alternating the licking with sucking the lips into my
mouth and tickling them with my tongue. The moisture that is increasing
is extraordinarily intoxicating as you make small noises and tell me
that you do enjoy that alot.

Licking up and down both sides and alternating the teasing of those
awesome lips only intensifies my desire to be inside of you. My tongue
begins at the bottom of your lips and slides easily between them and up
to the top, slowly, the flat of my tongue reaching the top and the tip
of my tongue flicking over the sweet hooded area hiding my friend.
Again from bottom to top and side to side I attempt to coax my friend
out of hiding. Repeating the movements ever so slowly and giving a
little more attention to the sensitive covering I flick my tongue
quickly and repeatedly on the softness only to stop....then repeating
the process while sucking gently on the swollen area.

Sucking, licking, teasing, slow, faster and then slowing down again and
I notice that the tiny button is beginning to show itself. I use my
fingers and hands to continue massaging your perfect breasts as my mouth
and tongue honors your nest area.
You raise your perfect butt up in the air to meet my tongue and ensure
it touches exactly where you desire. My tongue flicks across the button
and your body shakes, you continue pushing yourself into my face and
murmuring something that I do not understand.
I remove my hands from your breasts and use my fingers to gently raise
the soft hood from over your clit and there it is!!!! I continue to lick
it and suck it into my mouth while my tongue teases it, slowly, then
faster, slower and then up and down, then back and forth, sucking ,
licking, teasing, and the nectar is increasing and fills my mouth with
its delectable taste.

You suddenly push yourself away and say NO!!!! You say this time you
want my cock inside of you.....NOW!!!!
Looking into your eyes I can see there is no way of doing anything other
than what you desire. I gaze upon your perfect face and continue to be
fascinated with your total beauty.

I kiss your eyes and feel the flicker of your eyelashes tickle my lips,
I continue kissing your eyebrows, your cheeks, the adorable and perfect
jaw line that has always been my favorite, Then I kiss your child like
chin and continue down your neck.
As I pay homage to your total beauty you place your hand around my
hardness and place just the tip inside of your warmness. I raise myself
up and place your legs over my shoulders as I begin to enter you. Your
head is pushed up against the towels we brought with us, your hair is
damp with sweat, beads of perspiration upon your forehead, your cheeks
are flushed and your mouth dry.
Your eyes are so hypnotic and we are drawn together as if we are not in
control of our bodies. Your knees are over my shoulders and I push
slowly inside of you feeling the wetness, the warmth of you welcoming me
to heaven.
Deeper, slower, deeper and I can feel you contract your muscles around
my cock and I am totally lost in your embrace of my hardness. I feel the
back of you with the tip of my cock and just hesitate for a moment to
enjoy the total depth of you, your warm liquid, the throbbing of us
both, and I bend forward and kiss the sweetest lips in the world.
You whisper to me, now, do it now.... I begin pulling out of you until
just the head remains in your nectar, then I push in faster than before
and then out. Your hands are locked around my neck pulling me towards

You raise up to meet me as I push into you once again. It is as if we
are not making the movements ourselves but somehow are drawn by force to
match each others moves.
Our movements continue to increase in speed, force and depth. I can feel
it rise within me but refuse to release it until I am positive you are
cared for and satisfied entirely. Just as that thought passes my mind
you rise up repeatedly meeting my thrusts and your eyes roll back and
you simply murmur yes, yes, yes, oh it is so awesome.
I cannot hold back any longer and I feel the liquid beginning to build
and as you ask me to please cum inside of you the pressure releases and
my body experiences this fantastic sensation...a feeling as if I am
going to faint, mixed with goose bumps all over my body and this jolt of
electricity that begins at the tip of my cock and shoots straight up my
body and into my brain....a sensation that has never been experienced to
this magnitude by me ever before.

I am not sure if it is you or me or both but my body does not stop
convulsing for what seems to be a very long time. Finally as I regain my
senses I look into your adorable face and see this wonderful, loving
smile and I kiss your lips and remain inside of you as your stretch your
legs out on to the sand.

We lay together, your breasts are against my chest and your tummy is
against mine, our legs intermingled as we feel each others heart
pounding and we begin to regain our normal breathing. My tongue traces
your lips, your chin and your nose, your precious, precious nose and
then I kiss your eyes and taste the saltiness of tears.
I look down at your sweet angelic face and realize it is a mixture of
both you and I. We hug each other words required, just
hugs and laying in each others arms.
We are unaware of time passing but we do react to the coolness of the
breeze as it dries our bodies. I ask if you would like to go back to the
cabin and shower with me.
You smile and tell me I must have been reading your mind. We gather up
our items and as I stand in front of you I take my hand and place it
against your cheek and feel the softness of you.
Slowly.. just touching your face and hair and my heart is so content and
I am amazed as I look at you at how extremely blessed I am to be with
As we begin the trek back to the cabin I look at you and ask if you
would be kind enough to allow me one wish.....your eyes look deep into
mine and you tell me anything I desire I can do or have, what is it that
I request?

I ask if you would mind if I washed your hair for you while we were
You giggle so much like a young child and simply reply.....Ohhh I do not
think that will be a problem!!!

Hand in hand we return to the cabin.......

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