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Jessica 4 A Day With Angela

by (May 2001)

Jessica felt pretty groggy when she woke up. She yawned and ran her fingers
through her tangled, matted hair. Her body was stiff and she had a mild

"Morning sunshine!" A feminine voice rang out.
Jessica sat up to see Angela standing at the mirror, putting on a pair of

"I thought you were going to sleep all day."
"Where's Jay?" Jessica asked, rubbing her eyes.
"Oh, he went out for the day. He asked me to take you out and show you a
good time."
Jessica yawned one more time and then pushed the covers off her tired body.
She then promptly pulled them right back after noticing that she was
completely naked.

"Oh come on now Jess!" Angela said. "After what we did last night you can't
be embarrassed!"
Jessica slumped back onto the soft bed and covered her face with her hand.
"I can't believe I did that!" she groaned.
Angela laughed.
"Hurry up. We have a lot to do today."
"Yeah, I can imagine." Jessica said under her breath.

Jessica took her time in the shower, enjoying the feeling of the hot water
on her naked body. She gave her legs and pussy a quick shave, before
getting out and drying off. She then dried her hair, before getting dressed
and applying her makeup. She put on her new white leather pants and
complemented it with a small light-blue top with spaghetti straps that
exposed her midriff. She noticed that Angela was dressed in a short red
latex dress that showcased her beautiful breasts. Over top she had a small
black jacket on. Her hair was up in a makeshift bun, and her ears were
adorned with silver hoop earrings.

"Ready to go?" she asked.
"I'm ready." Jessica replied. "Where are we going?"
Angela smiled and headed for the door.

The two women soon found themselves in a small cafe, sipping cappuccinos and nibbling on a muffin.
"So you're getting married huh?" Angela asked.
The question caught Jessica off guard.
"Umm, yeah. Yes I am. How did you know?"
"You mean besides that rock on your finger?"

Jessica looked down at her hand. She had hardly noticed her engagement ring
that last few days. It made her feel naughty to know that she had done all
that kinky stuff, with the symbol of her devotion to James still placed on
her finger.
"So do you like it?" Angela asked.
"Like what?"
"The infidelity. Cheating. Whatever you want to call it."
Jessica dropped her muffin and stared into her cup.
"I hate to say this, but... Yes. I love it. I love the freedom of being
able to do whatever I feel. Just letting loose with no inhibitions."
"Do you feel guilty?"
"All the time. I think that's what I like the most. It's a thrill. I've
never felt anything like it before."
Angela took a sip of her coffee.
"Well, since you're getting hitched next week, you should have as much fun
as possible. Explore all of your fantasies."
"ALL my fantasies?"
"Sure. If you see something you want, take it! You have to be more

"That's right. For example, I've been noticing you eyeing up our waiter."
"No I haven't!"
"Jess, you've had your eyes glued to him from the minute we got in here!
You can't fool me."
"Well, he is kind of cute."
"Angela, keep your voice down."
"Answer me!"
"Okay, okay. Yes."
"Yes what?"
"Yes, I would like to fuck him!"
"Then do it?"
"When he brings the bill. Do it."
A few minute later the waiter came to the table.
"Can I get you ladies anything else?"
Jessica looked up at him. "Well...Umm..I..Would you like..."
Angela giggled to herself as Jessica blushed a deep shade of red. It was
time for her to come to the rescue.
"What my friend is trying to say is that she would really like to fuck you!"
Jessica's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. The waiter seemed just as
"Well... I have a break in fifteen minutes." he stammered.
"Perfect!" Angela said. "Name the place!"
"How about my car? It's the black SUV out back."
"Sounds good! She'll be there."

Jessica was a little nervous as she made her way though the parking lot.
She looked around before spotting the waiter standing by his car. She made
her way over to him, trying to force a smile.
"Hi," he said. He seemed as nervous as she was.
"Hi," she replied.
In order to avoid any uncomfortable small talk, Jessica stepped up and
kissed him. He returned the kiss, allowing her tongue to slip into his
mouth. After a few moments, she pulled away and made her way towards the
door of his vehicle.

Sitting down in the back seat, Jessica pulled him to her and resumed her
passionate kiss. He started to loosen up and his hands began to roam her
body. Jessica grabbed his hand and placed it forcefully on her breast,
Getting the hint, the waiter gave her tit a strong squeeze as he thrusted
his hips into her. She dropped her hand to his crotch and unzipped his
"This must be my lucky day!" he moaned as Jessica fished his cock out of his
"Sit back." she ordered, becoming more forceful by the second.
The young man did as he was told, slumping back in the seat, spreading his
legs. Jessica lowered her head and looked into his eyes as she let his dick
pass between her lips. She let her lips slide down his shaft, as her tongue
teased him from the inside, swirling around his head. Pulling it out again,
she started running her tongue along his sensitive skin, getting it nice and
wet. She then swallowed up his glistening pole, taking it deep into her
throat. She was enjoying sucking this strange man's dick, but she couldn't
wait to have him buried up to the balls in her pussy!
A string of saliva connected her tongue to the head of his cock as she
pulled away. She looked up at him and smiled.

"I want you in me!"
It took a little work for Jessica to peel her tight leather pants off, but
soon she was clad only in a pair of sheer black panties as she straddled his
lap. They started kissing again as he rubbed her pussy through the thin
fabric. Jessica reached down and pulled the underwear to the side to give
him better access. She moaned as he slipped a couple fingers into her hot,
wet cunt. As Jessica was enjoying his touch she reached over and grabbed
her purse. Reaching in, she removed the condom that Angela had given her.
In a lust filled frenzy, she ripped the package open and rolled the rubber
device down his erect cock. Jessica then lowered herself down onto the
rigid pole. He wasn't incredibly large, but filled her up nicely. He
pushed her shirt up and was playing with her tits as she began to grind on
his cock. It felt a little weird fucking with a condom, after all the
"bareback" action she had been receiving lately.

He started to thrust up into her, as he grabbed her asscheeks with both
hands. Jessica wrapped her arms around him and sucked his neck as she
bounced up and down. The more they fucked, the wetter her pussy got as it
slid along his shaft. Neither said anything. The only sounds were the
quiet moans of pleasure that escaped Jessica's lips.

"I'm going to cum soon," he said in an anxious voice.
Suddenly Jessica lifted herself off his dick, and in one lighting quick
movement she rolled the condom off his dick. Jessica then lowered herself
back down onto his rod.

"Cum in my pussy!" she hissed through clenched teeth.
Almost instantly the man jerked forward as he unloaded a huge torrent of cum
into Jessica's hot little cunt. She continued bouncing on his dick until he
started to go limp.

Sliding off her moist panties, Jessica used them to wipe up some of the
excess cum that was dripping down her legs. She then tossed them to him and
started to get dressed. She kissed him one last time on the cheek, said
"thanks", and left the vehicle. She didn't even ask his name.

"I feel like such a slut."
Angela and Jessica were walking down the street talking about the events of
the past hour.
"So you let him cum inside you?"
"Yes, I don't know what came over me. I had to have it!"
"You are a slut!" Angela giggled.
Jessica gave her a playful shove.
Suddenly Angela stopped and turned to her.
"I want to see!"
"Come here!"
Angela grabbed Jessica and pulled her into a nearby restaurant. They made
their way to the bathroom and Angela immediately dropped to her knees in
front of Jessica. Reaching up, she unzipped her pants and began to pull
them down.
"Ooooh, no panties!"
Yanking down the tight leather pants, Angela saw the waiter's cum dribbling
down the side of Jessica's leg. Sticking out her tongue, she licked up a
small amount of the warm cream from her leg.

"Mmmm. Not bad."
Angela then buried her face in Jessica's freshly fucked cunt, shoving her
tongue inside. She was pushing her face into Jessica's mound licking at the
cum she found there. She then flicked the tip of her tongue across her
clit, teasing her a little, before rising back to her feet. Angela then
pressed her lips to Jessica's, pushing her tongue inside her mouth. Jessica
could taste the waiter's cum on Angela's lips.
Breaking away, Angela smiled.
"Let's go." she said. "We have shopping to do."
The two women made their way down the busy streets, stopping in now and
then, to browse in certain stores.
"Here we go." Angela said, stopping before a small shoe store. "I think I
could use some new shoes. How about you?"
I don't think I can afford it." Jessica replied.
Angela was shaking her head.
"Jess, Jess, Jess. Watch and learn."

Jessica followed her new companion into the store.
The were greeted by a man wearing a light gray suit. He was about 35, with
glasses. Not unattractive by any means, but quite skinny.
"Hello ladies. How may I help you today?"
Angela gave him a big sexy smile and walked over to him.
"Well why don't you show us what you have." she purred, running her finger
down his chest.
"Uh... Sure! I mean... yes, of course."

Jessica laughed to herself as the man stammered on. Angela picked out the
most expensive pair of shoes in the place and sat down to try them on.
"I think I'm going to need a little assistance." she said, gazing up at him.
Like a flash, the man was on his knees helping Angela off with her shoes.

"You have very beautiful feet." he said.
"Thank you."
She lifted her leg, pointing her toes out straight as the man slid the new
shoe onto her foot. He started blushing, and Jessica realized that Angela
was not wearing any panties!! The man seemed a bit embarrassed and averted
his eyes, eliciting a quiet giggle from Angela.

"A perfect fit!" Angela exclaimed, taking a few steps. "I'll take them."
As she sat back down she smiled at the man.
"So now, what kind of discount are you going to give me?" she asked.
The man seemed flustered.
"Well, actually, as much as I'd love to give you a discount, I really
His voice trailed off as Angela spread her legs giving him a good view.
"I'll tell you what." she said. "If you let me walk out of here with these
babies on my feet, my friend Jessica here will suck your cock!"
"Angela!!" Jessica said, surprised at her friend's proposal.
"Just look at those lips." Angela continued. "Wouldn't you just love to have
those wrapped around your cock?"

"Angela! Stop it!"
"Well, what do you say buddy? Is it a deal?"
The man looked a little confused.
"I...I guess so. If she's okay with it."
"Oh, she's okay with it."
"Angela! I am not okay with it!"
"Jess, remember what we talked about?"
"Yes, but..."
"Shhhhh. Let's get this show on the road."

Jessica just shrugged her shoulders. The salesman walked over, locked the
door and then returned. Angela prompted Jessica to get on her knees, which
she did obediently. The man walked over and stood before her.
"What are you waiting for Jess?" Angela said with a smirk.
Jessica gave her a playful look of mock contempt as she unzipped the man's
"What's your name hon?" Angela asked as she walked up behind him."
"Hmmm. Nice name."
Jessica pulled down his pants. He was wearing boxers and the head of his
dick was poking through the hole in the front. She leaned in a gave it a
flick of the tongue, tasting the small drop of pre-cum that sat there.
Angela bent down and helped slide Roger's underwear down his legs. Jessica
could hear him whisper the words "thank you God".
As Jessica ran her tongue along his less than average sized shaft, Angela
rose back to her feet, biting at his ass cheeks along the way.
"Doesn't she look hot sucking your dick?" Angela whispered into his ear.
"Oh yes!"
Her hands were running over his body.
"Would you like her to lick your balls?"
"Uh huh."
"Tell her!"
Jessica looked up at him.
"Lick my balls."
She smiled, then lifted his dick up against his stomach. Parting her lips,
her little pink tongue shot out and lightly licked his sac. His balls were
covered in a light hair, and she continued lapping away, getting them
thoroughly wet. Angela was moaning into Roger's ear.
"I have my finger in my pussy." she said with a breathy gasp. "Here, see?"
With that, she brought her finger to his face.
"Suck it!" she ordered in a quiet, but dominant voice.
Roger did as he was told, taking her finger into his mouth as Jessica took
his cock into hers. He moaned as her mouth slid up and down his dick,
leaving it glistening and wet. She began to increase the speed of her
sucking as Angela pulled her finger from his mouth.
"Do you want to cum in her mouth?" she asked, flicking her tongue out,
licking his ear.
"Oh yes."
Angela then took her wet finger and began working up into Roger's asshole as
Jessica sucked him. He seemed a little surprised at first but relaxed
quickly as she slid it further up his ass.
"Oh shit, I'm going to cum!"
Angela began pumping her hand back and forth, finger fucking his asshole.
"Do it hon! Fill that little slut's mouth with your hot cum!"
"Fuuuuccccckkk," he moaned as he filled Jessica's mouth with sperm. She
kept sucking until he had shot his last drop. She then pulled away, holding
his cum in her closed mouth, not wanting to swallow.
"Give her a thank you kiss now Roger." Angela said as Jessica rose to her
Angela gave her friend a knowing smile as Roger reluctantly pressed his lips
to hers. As she parted her lips, a flood of warm cum flowed into his mouth.
Jessica used her tongue to push the creamy fluid out of her mouth. She
then pulled away, and wiped her chin.
"All right then!" Angela said, lightly smacking Roger on the ass. "It's
time for us to go."
"Bye baby." the two women said in unison as they departed the store.
"I can't believe you did that!" Jessica said as they continued down the
"Oh, come on! You had fun didn't you?"
"I was not attracted to that man!"
"What does that have to do with it?"
"I don't like giving blowjobs to just anyone!"
"Just strange waiters, in the back seats of cars?"
"That was different."
"Listen, I'm sorry. I got some shoes out of it though. I just wanted to
show you how us women can get whatever we want."
Jessica was silent as they continued on their way. After a few minute
Angela turned to her once again.
"So you didn't like it at all?"
"Well, maybe a little."
"I knew it," Angela laughed.
Jessica cracked a smile as she shook her head.
"What are you doing to me Angie?"
"I'm just helping you live out your fantasies. Speaking of which, what are
"What are what?"
"Your fantasies."
"Do you think we should be talking about this out here?"
"It's fine. Come on, fill me in."
"Well, I never really had many until I met Jay. Over the last couple days
my head has been filled with all kinds of dirty little thoughts."
"Ooooo, sounds juicy! Let's hear."
"No, you'll think I'm some kind of pervert."
Angela laughed.
"Look who you're talking to!" she said. "I don't think you could shock me."
"Okay, here it is. On our way here, Jay fucked on the hood of his car. It
was right out in the open, and a truckload of teenage boys pulled up and
"Sounds like fun."
"Since then I've been thinking a lot about what it would have been like if
all those young men had their way with me."
"Damn, Jess! That's not so bad."
"Yeah, I guess not."
Angela appeared to be deep in thought. Jessica turned to her.
"What are you thinking?" she asked, a little worried.
"I think I know how you can live out your fantasy."
"Oh, I don't think I could ever do that!"
"Well I bet you could! And I know just the place to go."
Jessica followed Angela through the streets until they reached their
destination. Jessica looked up at the building.
"A strip club??"
"Not just any strip club. It's an underage club!" Angela explained.
It all started to come into focus for Jessica.
"We're going to steal some customers from this place?"
"I guess you could put it that way." Angela replied. "Let's go."
Jessica was a little hesitant.
"I'm not going in there!" she said adamantly.
"Fine. Just wait here."
With that Angela turned and entered the club. Jessica waited ten, then
twenty minutes before her friend emerged from the building.
"Let's go." Angela said.
"Aren't you going to tell me what you did in there?"
"It will be a surprise." she said walking away.
* * * *
Jessica sat on the bed waiting patiently. In her hand was a glass of wine.
She had changed clothes and now was dressed in a long red skirt with slits
up either side. She had touched up her makeup and fixed her hair. Her
whole body shivered in anticipation.
"Now here's the deal." Angela said. "I'm going to have some fun with them
out here and send them in one by one. Okay?"
"Hey, You're the boss!"
A knock at the door alerted both women to the presence of their guests.
"I'll get it." Angela said. "You wait here."
With that, she left the room closing the door behind her. Jessica sat
* * * *
"Hi boys," Angela said with a smile as she opened the door. "Come in."
The five teenagers walked into the room, looking a little unsure.
"Sit down. Relax. Would anyone like a drink?"
"I thought we were going to fuck?" One of the boys blurted out.
Angela walked over to him, swaying her hips in a sexy manner.
"Patience hon," she said. "You'll get your turn."
She reached down and gave his crotch a playful squeeze.
"I thought there was two of you?" another boy asked.
"My companion is in the bedroom waiting. Now who wants to go first?"
No sooner had she asked the question, than the five eighteen year olds were
arguing about who should be the first.
"Boys, boys, boys!" Angela said, trying to calm them down. "I think I have a
way of deciding."
The guys all quieted down and listened intently.
"I want all of you to drop your pants and show me your cocks."
The teens just looked at each other.
"Maybe this will help you."
With that Angela sat down on the couch and pulled her skirt up, exposing her
hairless pussy. The teens had their eyes locked on her as she ran her
finger lightly along her soft lips.
"First one to have their pants down first gets to fuck Jessica first!"
Angela said, stroking her cunt.
Like lightning the boys' pants fell to the floor. They were all rock hard,
with erections at full attention. Angela sat back.
"Hmmm. To close to call." She said. "You can go first."
One of the boys smiled, pulled up his pants and made his way promptly into
the bedroom. As he closed the door, Angela smiled at the remaining boys.
"Now the rest of you will get your chance, but first you have to keep me
Kicking off her shoes, she extended her feet outwards.
"Now who wants to suck my toes?" She asked.
One of the teens stepped forward.
"I will," he said.
"Good." Angela responded. "Now pick one of your friends to do my other
The boy turned and pointed to one of his companions.
"Kyle," he said. "Let's do it."
The two boys knelt down and took Angela's sexy feet into their mouths,
sucking her toes gently.
"Mmmmmm," she moaned. "Now my pussy needs some attention."
Another one of the guys jumped at the chance, and quickly positioned himself
between her legs. Angela grabbed his hair and pulled his head forcefully
into her hot little cunt. He immediately began lapping away, running his
tongue up and down her pussy. As Angela enjoyed all the attention, she
looked at the remaining boy.
"I guess my tits are yours." she said.
Soon Angela had two eighteen year olds sucking her toes, one working over
her tits and one with his tongue up her pussy.
* * * *
"Hello," Jessica said, eyeing up the Sandy haired boy that had just entered
her room.
"Hi," he said.
He seemed a little nervous. Jessica was sitting on the bed, with her legs
spread wide. The front part of her skirt was hanging down, just covering
her pussy.
What's your name?" she asked.
"Shawn," he said, walking towards her.
"Hi Shawn. I'm Jessica."
"I can't believe this is happening."
"Believe it baby." she said, motioning for him to sit beside her.
He sat down, staring at her body. Jessica leaned over and kissed him.
"You don't need to be nervous," she said. "I'm all yours. I'm your little
whore tonight."
"Holy shit! I think I'm gonna cum if you keep talking like that."
She reached down and grabbed his crotch.
"Well we can't have that now can we? I guess I'll just have to quiet my
dirty little mouth."
She slipped a hand into his pants, feeling his rock hard cock.
"Mmmmm. Nice."
"Will you do something for me?"
He swallowed hard as her delicate hand closed around his shaft.
"Will you eat my pussy for me?"
"Fuck yes!"
With that, Jessica sat back and spread her legs wide. She then lifted her
dress, exposing her tight little cunt to the strange boy.
"Come on," she prodded. "It won't bite."
Shawn knelt down and placed his head between her smooth legs.
"I've never done this before," he said, looking up into Jessica's eyes.
"That's okay, baby."
She placed her hands on either side of his head and gently pulled him into
her. He stuck his tongue out and gingerly touched her soft lips. As he
moved around her tight little cunt started to get wet. Pressing his face
into her, he shoved his tongue inside her hot hole.
"Mmmmm, that's it. You're doing fine."
Jessica spread her legs a little farther apart. Shawn's tongue was working
frantically on her slit when she pushed him away. he looked up at her,
"You said you would do anything right?"
He thought to himself before responding.
"Yes. Anything! You're so hot!"
Jessica gave a giggle and laid back on the bed. Pulling her legs up to her
chest, she placed a finger on her tight little asshole.
"Will you lick me here?" She asked with a sweet smile.
Shawn nodded, licked his lips and leaned in. Jessica couldn't believe her
actions. Just last night Angela was trying to convince her to give a
rimjob, and now here she was asking the same of this strange young man! She
was starting to wonder if she could ever go back to a normal life.
"Oh yeah, lick it! Lick my ass!"
Shawn was working over her asshole with the same enthusiasm that he had
applied to her pussy. His tongue would circle her tight hole, before
stabbing at the entrance. Her whole anus was soon a glistening mess of
saliva as he tongued her butthole.
* * *
"Let's play a little game," Angela said, now starting to feel extremely
All four of the boys stopped their licking and listened.
"I want each of you to whisper your dirtiest thoughts into my ear. The one
with the dirtiest mind will get his cock sucked by me! The second most dirty
will get to go into the room."
"I'll go first!" One of the boys said as he jumped up from Angela's pussy.
The other three made their way over to the other side of the room and
waited, as their friend whispered into Angela's ear.
"You fucking whore! I want to shove my cock up your ass!"
Angela tipped her head to the side.
"Not bad," she said. "Next!"
The next boy that took his turn was a little more nervous.
"I..I want you to suck my cock and swallow my cum."
"Hmmm. Maybe I will. Next."
The next guy was less reluctant.
"I want to run my tongue all over your body."
"Oooooh, smooth!"
The last teen made his way over and leaned in.
"I want you to stick your tongue up my ass!"
"We have a winner!!" Angela exclaimed. The other guys looked a little
"So who got second?" The first guy asked?
"Umm, you did stud! Have a ball."
The boy grinned and left the room, closing the door behind him.
"Now," She said to the winner. "Drop those pants and receive your prize!"
* * * *Kyle was a little surprised to find his friend licking the woman's asshole,
when he entered the room.
"Whoa, buddy! Are you eating her ass?"
"He sure is babe!" Jessica answered. "And he's doing a fine job too!"
Kyle walked over and unzipped his pants. Jessica watched as he pulled his
cock into view.
"And what are you going to do with that?" she asked.
"I was hoping you would tell me," he said with a smirk.
Jessica smiled.
"Why don't you let me suck that for you?"
Kyle needed no further convincing. He hopped up on the bed and straddled
Jessica's pretty face.
"I see you're not shy!" she joked.
"Not at all," he said, lowering his dick into her open mouth.
She let him slide his cock down her throat until his balls rested against
her chin. Shawn was still working feverishly, licking her asshole and cunt
as his friend stuck his cock between her lips. Jessica grabbed Kyle's ass
and began moving him in and out of her mouth. Suddenly, he twitched and a
stream of cum poured into her throat. Jessica was surprised he had cum so
quickly, but swallowed it all down.
"Damnit," he muttered, pulling his limp cock from Jessica's face.
"Awww," she said. "Now you have to jerk it and watch while your friend fucks
Shawn looked up. Jessica smiled at him.
"Do it babe! Put that cock of yours in me."
Shawn quickly removed his pants and climbed up onto her prone body. Jessica
grabbed his cock and guided it into her wet hole.
"Oh fuck!" He moaned as he slid inside her.
"Don't cum yet honey," Jessica whispered.
"I..I'll try."
Slowly he began to move his hips, grinding his cock into her. She put a
hand behind his head and another on his ass, pulling his body against her.
He was going very slowly, trying not to cum, so Jessica thought she might
just get it over with. Her hand started to wander over his ass, then dipped
down between his cheeks. No sooner had the tip of her finger penetrated his
ass, than he was spurting warm fluid into her pussy.
* * * *
Ryan and Tim watched with painful erections as Angela took their friend's
cock into her mouth. Will was sitting down on the couch as she knelt before
him, running her tongue up his shaft. His eyes were transfixed on her
bright red lips and tongue as they worked their way over his cock. Suddenly
she turned to the other two.
"Hey you!" she called to Ryan. "You said you wanted to run your tongue all
over my body so get started!
Ryan smiled and made his way over. Angela hiked her skirt up and stuck her
ass out as she continued to suck Will's dick. The boy put his mouth to her
soft skin and started licking her ass cheeks with large, wet laps.
By-passing her asshole he moved to her pussy, licking and sucking at her
swollen lips. The feeling of his mouth at her moist hole, caused Angela to
quicken the pace at which she sucked Will's dick. Her hand was massaging
his balls as her mouth slid up and down his pole.
"I'm going to cum soon!" Will stammered.
Angela pulled her lips from his cock and looked up at him.
"Do you want me to stop?"
"Oh fuck no!"
"Do you want to cum in my mouth?"
"Oh yes! Please let me cum in your mouth!"
Her eyes fixed on his face, she began stroking his dick. As soon as the
first stream of cum shot out, she lowered her face and closed her lips over
his cock, sucking down his jism. When she had sucked him dry, she turned to
Tim, who was standing at the wall watching the action.
"You look a little anxious," she said. "Why don't you go on inside."
The young man's face lit up as he started off towards the door. Angela waved
to him as he left the room, then sat up. Will started to pull his pants up,
but Angela stopped him.
"Uh uh," she said. "Leave them off."
Angela then turned around and pulled Ryan away from her pussy.
"Now it's your turn," she said seductively.
* * * * *
When Tim entered the room, Jessica had his two friends' cocks in her hands
as she took turns sucking each one. His eyes were transfixed on her ruby
red lips as they glided along the dick in her mouth. Her other hand was
lightly stroking the dick in her hand. Kyle turned to Tim.
"Come on in," he said, waving to his friend. "Join the fun."
Tim dropped his pants and shoved his way in between Kyle and Shawn,
positioning his erect cock in front of Jessica's face.
"Oh good!" she exclaimed. "Fresh meat."
She then took his dick into her mouth, causing Tim to let out a deep moan.
Her hands kept stroking the cocks at each side of her face. Her saliva
coated his pole as she slid her lips along his shaft. Pulling her face from
him, she looked up.
"Would you like to fuck me?"
Sitting back, Jessica got on her hands and knees. Kyle and Shawn resumed
their positions in front of her face as Tim began bumping his dick clumsily
against her pussy. With a smile, Jessica reached back and pulled his tool
into her waiting cunt. As soon as he was in, she started to suck the cocks
in front of her. At one point she even tried to shove both into her mouth
at once. 'If only James could see me now,' she thought to herself as her
mouth stretched around the two dicks.
"Fuck, you feel good!" Tim muttered as he fucked Jessica's wet pussy.
As she reached back and stroked his balls, Tim froze. She knew he was about
to cum.
"It's okay baby. You can cum inside me."
Right away he pumped hard into her a few more times, before spraying her
insides with yet another load of hot jism.
* * * * *
Angela listened to the moaning coming from the bedroom as she sucked the
cock in front of her. Will was sitting on the floor a few feet away trying
to stroke some life back into his cock. That task was getting easier as he
watched Angela sliding a finger in and out of her tight little asshole.
"Damn you're a slut!" Ryan moaned as she took his dick all the way down her
throat. Angela pulled herself away and smiled.
"Just wait until you meet Jessica," she said before running her tongue
across his balls.
"That reminds me," she said. "You can go in now if you want."
Ryan was a little hesitant to leave Angela and the fabulous blowjob she was
giving, but he managed to haul himself to his feet and go into the bedroom.
That left Angela alone with Will and his flaccid cock.
"So do you really want me to lick your ass?"
Will started to blush a little. "I..I don't know. If you want..."
"Bend over!"
The teen did as he was told, bending over the couch.
"Mmmmm. Cute ass!" Angela remarked, getting a little closer.
Will swallowed hard as he felt her hot breath on his ass. He had never even
had sex before and here he was about to get a rimjob by a hot older woman.
He was in heaven!
Angela pried his cheeks apart and planted a soft kiss on his asshole. Will
was moaning and muttering to himself as her tongue poked out, teasing his
rim. His flaccid cock turned rock hard instantly and Angela reached around
to grab it. She started to stroke him as she tongued his asshole.
* * * * *
Ryan entered the room just in time to see Tim pulling his cock from
Jessica's soaking wet pussy. Before he could reach the group, Kyle assumed
a position behind the prone woman.
"Can I fuck your ass?" he asked hopefully.
"You can do anything you want hon!" Jessica replied. "Just be gentle."
As Kyle tried to work his dick into her asshole, Ryan walked around to feed
his cock into her mouth.
"Welcome to the party," Jessica said as she allowed his meat to slip past
her lips.
Shawn was starting to overcome his shyness as he began to grope Jessica's
"It's so fucking tight!" Kyle moaned as he forced his cock through Jessica's
muscular ring.
She was moaning on Ryan's dick as the boy's cock entered her anus. Shawn
increased his molesting of her breasts as Tim started to smack the side of
her face with his limp, wet cock. Jessica was starting to feel extremely
slutty and used.
"Suck it bitch! Suck it!" Ryan ordered as he pulled her head onto his dick.
She was having a hard time paying attention to his cock due to the pain of
having a dick shoved up her ass. Instead she formed an "0" with her mouth
and allowed the teen to fuck her face by sliding his hard dick in and out.
Out of the corner of her eye she could see Tim jerking his cock. She was
also enjoying the feeling of Shawn's gentle hands manipulating her nipples.
"She's so fucking tight, I think I'm gonna cum soon!" Kyle groaned.
"Me too!" Ryan added.
* * * * *
Angela stood up, keeping her hand firmly wrapped around Will's cock. As she
started to whisper into his ear she dropped her hand to his freshly licked
ass. Slowly, she began to stroke his dick as she gently massaged his
"Oh my god!!" he moaned.
Angela cupped her hand around his cock as he started to spurt his hot
liquid. Spinning him around to face her, she raised her fingers to her
mouth and sucked the warm cream from her hand. Seductively she licked until
they were completely clean.
"Ready to go in there?" she asked.
Will just nodded as he tried to catch his breath. Angela smiled and took him
by the hand, leading him into the bedroom. When she opened the door she was
just in time to see Kyle pull his cock out of Jessica's ass and shoot his
cum all over her tanned skin. Ryan soon followed suit, blasting her face
with white cream. Angela squealed with delight and skipped over to her
"Jess, I see you've been having some fun!" she said, falling to the floor,
pressing her lips to hers.
She moved her mouth from Jessica's lips to her face, licking at the cum that
was dripping down her cheek. She then went to her ass, lapping at Kyle's
jism as it dripped down into her ass crack. Pulling apart her cheeks she
ran her tongue down to her tiny asshole and licked the cum she found there.
The boys were enjoying the show and showed their appreciation by cheering on
the two women. Tim even stepped up and started to stroke Angela's pussy as
she licked Jessica's ass.
"Let's see some serious lesbo action!" Kyle said.
The two women needed no further prodding as the soon arranged themselves in
a sweet and sexy 69 position on the bed. Jessica was laying down and Angela
was on top of her licking and fingering her cunt. The guys were all
standing around, watching in amazement.
"Does anyone want to fuck this pussy?" Angela asked, raising her face from
Jessica's cunt.
Tim jumped forward, climbing up on the bed. Angela gave his cock a few
quick licks before guiding it into Jessica's pussy. Jessica looked up
through Angela's legs and saw Shawn standing there with a look of lust on
his face. She invited him to fuck her friend and he climbed onto the bed as
Jessica had a close up view of Shawn's cock sliding into Angela's wet cunt.
As he began to fuck her, Jess tickled his balls with her tongue. Meanwhile,
she was enjoying both the dick in her pussy, and Angela's mouth on her clit.
Periodically, Tim would pull out of Jessica's hot hole and offer his cock
to Angela to suck off. He would then slide it back in her waiting cunt.
After a few minutes of this, Shawn unloaded into Angela's pussy, sending his
hot cum oozing down onto Jessica's face. When it was Tim's time to cum, he
pulled out and offered his dick to Angela one last time. She eagerly took
it in, sucking down his sperm hungrily.
Angela rolled off her friend and Jessica sat up, wiping her face.
"Oh no you don't!" Angela said, pushing Jessica back down onto the bed. "I
don't think they're done with you yet!"
She then had Jessica bend over and the remaining boys took turns fucking her
pussy and ass, until they had all cum one last time. Angela helped out by
guiding their cocks into Jessica's holes. A few times she would give Jess's
asshole a lick, or stroke the balls of the guy fucking her, just to help
move things along.
When all was said and done, the boys dressed and left without saying much.
Jessica lay on the bed, exhausted and sore, her ass and pussy a mess of 18
year old cum.
"So did you have fun?" Angela asked, sitting down next to her friend.
Jessica looked up and smiled.
"It was fun, but those boys just don't compare to Jay."
"You go that right," Angela responded.
As the two women talked, Angela began cleaning up Jessica's messy hind end
by wiping it with a cloth. After a few minutes they changed and went out
for dinner. After the meal, Angela said she had some things to do, and so
left Jessica all by herself in the room. Slumping down on the bed, she
flicked on the TV and promptly fell asleep.
She was awakened a couple hours later when Jay came in. She sat up, rubbed
her drowsy eyes and smiled.
"Where have you been?" she asked between yawns. "I was starting to miss
Jay smiled, walked over and kissed her on the forehead.
"You should get some sleep," he said. "You look tired, and you have a very
busy day tomorrow."
Jessica snuggled up under the blankets and went back to sleep, dreaming of
the events Jay had planned for her the following day.

Next Episode: The Party

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