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My Holly

by Anon
(June 2001)

It may seem strange that I am in love with some one that I shouldn't have been, but since I met her, things just have not been the same. She is on my mind all the time, my wife had taken back up an old hobby that I help her out with and that’s how Holly came to visit us.

She is also horse-mad and wanted to see the pony my stepdaughter was getting to ride. Now when my wife rides her pony, that just sends pictures of Holly through my head that I cannot get rid of, no matter how hard I try. Don't get me wrong, I love my wife to bits, she is the woman for me and I am not likely to leave her, this they both know. So far everyone is happy and everything works just fine.

Anyway, here is the story of how Holly and I first got together

The first time I met Holly I noticed that there was some thing in he way that she carried herself that was unbelievable about her and I wanted to find out more. She is my stepdaughter's best friend and they both go to Boarding - School together.

The first I knew of Holly was when my daughter rang up to check what time I would be picking her up for her free weekend (that weekend) and she asked if she could bring a friend home too, I told her that if was ok with her parents then it was ok with me. Little did I know what would unfold over the weekend? On the Friday evening that I picked them up it was dull and over cast and very cold, so cold that when they came out of the main building, I could see two pairs of pert nipples floating under their loose tops (it is always very warm inside the boarding house).

I was immediately focused on the set of points belonging to Holly. I then looked up to see this beautiful, very Arian face, blonde hair, blue eyes, regal looks, etc, and knew that she was special.

The weekend was set out to be pretty boring, my wife was to look after some horses and ponies. I knew that she would expect me to tag along to help out with any heavy lifting that might need to be done. My stepdaughter is old enough to stay at home on her own and it was only Holly's reaction that made up my mind that it could be different.

At the mere mention of horses she got visibly excited, her nipples getting very erect and her face flushed at the suggestion of being able to gallop hard over a field on the back of a massive beast. Nevertheless, things did get interesting, as you will see.

Once we had arrived back at the village we live in and the bags were unpacked, we had a meal and showered, I had finished work and made the journey to the school straight away, the distance being somewhat considerable there and back. As we weren't going anywhere and it was quite late we were all in our nightclothes and sat watching t.v. It was getting very late my wife had an early start for work and she was first off to bed.

Talk all evening had been about the boys that my daughter and Holly fancied and how they sneaked out most evenings to meet them and the riding that all the ladies would be doing. I expressed my concern that they might end up doing something that could end up with them being attacked or into a situation that they couldn’t handle.

Their reassurances that they would be careful didn’t pacify my thoughts and I tried to express my concerns to my daughter, but she only laughed at me, then she got up kissed my cheek as she had done so since she was able to walk and went to bed.

This left Holly and me alone and we started to chat about how things were at school, and what she wanted to do after she finished her education. She then referred back to our earlier conversation about being in a situation that she couldn't handle and what did I mean?

I explained that some boys and men thought it to be their right to help themselves to whatever they wanted to after a date. They thought that if they had paid for everything, in return they should get their own way with the girls body, that some even resorted to getting rough with the girl to ensure that they got their own way, some used emotional blackmail "if you loved me then you would let me do it " they will say.

"Do what" she said.

"Take advantage of you." I replied.

"In what way?" she raised her eyebrow, her lips mooching, looking very soft.

I could not believe what this heavenly looking creature was saying and acting as if she was as naïve as she would have me believe. I got a little flabbergasted at this and perhaps a little embarrassed too. Well - in for a penny in for a pound - I tried to sound nonchalant but she was not buying it, "please tell me or else I will never know!" oh well I thought here we go.

"First they will want to kiss you - gently at first, but then with tongues, it is called French Kissing."

She asked if I could show her what I meant, so I sat her on the couch next to me and pulled her close so that my chest was touching hers, then I pulled her face towards mine and as our lips touched, the electricity was palpable. Our lips smoothed together opened wide, then I slid my tongue into her mouth, and slowly her tongue slid into mine. After a few minutes, we parted, quite breathless, excitement tingling in the air almost.

"Then what?" she gasped. "Well then he will try to touch your body and try to get you to touch his body too" and then she leaned forward to start kissing again. Her body tensed as I started stroking her legs and breasts, and when I put her hand on my now hard dick, she stopped everything to look at it.

Now I will not brag and say I am massive, that would be a lie, at my hardest I only get to about 6-61/2 inches long. But the way she looked at it showed that she was shocked by its size, not having seen any cocks hard before.

"That is huge" she trembled, I told her that this was only an average cock and that a lover of my wife had had an eleven inch cock, about twice the length that she was now looking at.

"Will it hurt me to play with it?" she asked "No" I replied "it may do to penetrate you, but not for long." She slowly reached back to my still raging cock and wrapped her hand around it. I was quite close to coming, but I did not want it to be over too quickly, so I removed it.

"You are amazing Holly, no girl has ever had this effect on me before, I want to go a little bit further with you now and actually have oral sex, first I will do it to you and then -if you like- you can do it for me. I promise you, you will like this -a lot - I have never had any problems bringing girls to orgasm doing this!"

"What is an orgasm?" she said.

"You will know when you have had an orgasm, you WILL know." I retorted.

Then I pulled up her nightdress and parted her thighs slowly, her breaths shallow in anticipation. Slowly I licked along the furry exterior of her slit, gently pushing them to get them to open. Like a flower in the sun she bloomed, the petals of her moist vaginal entrance opening like the sweetest smelling rose ever, her musky scent sending shivers of excitement to my brain, my hard-on raging even worse than before.

As I penetrated her cunt with the tip of my tongue I reached up under her nightie and played with her small, perfectly round little titties, tweaking the nipples between thumb and forefinger. At this, she started to moan, softly at first, but getting a bit louder, so loud that I covered her mouth with my hand to muffle the noise.

Then her body started to tense up and her legs squeezed my head to the point where I thought that it would pop. "Oh oooooooh!" and then she went limp, her breathing was ragged and she flopped back onto the couch like a raggedy Anne doll.

"That was fantastic, I have masturbated before but it doesn’t compare to what you have just done!" then I informed her it was her turn, if she was up for it, that was. Before I could sit back on the couch, she had pushed me onto the carpet and pulled my p.j.s off of my hips and down my legs, engulfing my cock in her velvety, wet and very hot mouth. Within seconds, I was rising and about to blow my load, as she slurped up and down on my cock.

For someone who said she didn’t know what I was on about, she sucked dick like it was going out of stock and she had the last of the batch. I declared my intention of coming and she just sucked even harder, managing to get a couple of fingers wrapped around my shaft to stroke up and down.

With a rush, I was coming like a tidal wave, and Holly just sucked like a Hoover, every drop going down that slender throat - gulp, gulp - until my cock was drained. Normally my cock deflates faster than a popped balloon after I have shot my load, but to my joy, it was as rampant as ever. Without a word, Holly moved up my body until her moist opening was hovering over my cock.

Her lips parted as she leaned forward to kiss me, "take it slowly, I don’t want it to hurt too much " she said "I know that you had a vasectomy, so I am going to find out how to fuck without protection. I know that men should wear a condom, but I know I am not going to get pregnant with you fucking me unprotected."

Hearing Holly talk dirty like that made me harder than I had been in almost ten years of marriage. I swear that I grew an extra inch - just for her - so that it could be good for her as well as for me, she slowly placed her hot slit against my mushroom head and sank back onto it a, slow gasp escaping her lips as she slid down my cock.

I had dreamed of fucking a teenaged virgin, here I was with one whose cunt was tighter than a vice. She was sliding up and down slowly, pushing a little more inside herself with each push down, until finally I was in to the hilt. "That didn’t hurt one little bit, great huh?"

Holly started to squeeze her cunt wall muscles. I swear that they were rippling inside, up and down my cock, trying to milk it of even more spunk. I sat up and lifted Holly until I was on my feet, never once letting her move off of me, then I pulled out of her and told her to bend over the back of the couch.

"What are you going to do?" she exclaimed, but before she could carry on talking, I put a finger to her lips and sank up to my balls in her pussy. Slowly I started to pump in and out of her; I reached down her front and slowly played with her engorged clitoris.

Within moments she was coming again and I asked, "would you like to do something special for me, it will hurt a lot at first, but after a few moments, I know it will put everything else in the shade. But you must promise to save this for only men that you love and trust completely, or else all men will think you are a slut and treat you like one too. Do you promise, do you, do you?" to which she nodded and pushed back harder as if to agree.

At this point I withdrew my cock from her cunt and slid it up and down her arse-crack slowly pointing it towards her arse-hole. As I tamped my mushroom-cap against her shit-hole she tried to move, but I wasn’t going to let her move away until I had taught her this one last thing.

Pushing slowly, I told her to expect a sharp pain that might feel hot, but I carried on pushing nonetheless and suddenly her anal sphincter popped around my cock-head and I was in.

Holly bit my forearm in her moment of pain and I swear to this day that she drew blood, as slowly but without stopping, I slid my length into her shitter. I started to pump in and out building up a rhythm that wouldn’t hurt Holly too much, when suddenly her anal juices started to flow.

AT LAST, she had now got past the pain and the erotic sensations were returning to her nether regions, causing Holly to start to moan again.

I pumped faster and faster. Now Holly was joining in the race to come first. She pushed back onto my cock, her arse red-hot, almost on fire now. Aaaaaaaagh! I grunted as wave after wave of seemingly endless come shot up Holly's shit-hole, it just seemed to keep on going.

When it stopped, my cock was deflating as fast as it normally did after a quick pump with the wife. In my joy at coming, I had not noticed that Holly too had come and that she was crying.

"Why are you crying my baby doll?" I cooed in her ear.

"I did not know that sex could be so good" she sobbed, leaning into my chest. Quickly afterwards we cleaned each other up, including me licking my come out of both of Holly's holes, for which she appreciated the attention that her sorely fucked arse received from my tongue, cooling it down much to her relief.

Then we wiped each other with a damp sponge we kept in the kitchen and sneaked up to bed. The following day was bright and sunny, but unfortunately, my wife and daughter had come down with a bug and were too busy running to the toilet to notice anything was wrong.

My wife told me that a pony in a nearby field needed feeding and riding that morning. As mentioned before Holly loves horses the reason for this visit and jumped at the chance to come with me (no pun intended) to help out. This was a relief as I knew nothing about horses and was too heavy to ride the little thing.

After riding him for a good hour or so Holly trotted over to the fence where I was and halted flinging her lithe, long legs over his back and onto the ground. She showed me how to groom him, pushing into me as much as possible, teasing my rock-hard dick with her butt-cleft, frotting me to within a moment of coming. After she had groomed the horse, she suggested that we check out the stable for hay and bedding.

I thought that I would now have to hump and dump loads of hay about as it takes several bales to cover the whole stable floor, but to my relief, the pony had not messed up his stable. None the less, I still had to move some hay around to keep him fed. As I went to the store next to the stable I heard Holly, moving something next door and wondered what she was up to. I found out once I returned to the stable.

Lying naked apart from her smile she told me to closed the bottom half of the door and join her on a frayed piece of horse blanket she had found in the corner "no straw up your bum" she said.

Some how I was sure that Holly had done this before, or had read too many Mills and Boon novels. In moments, I was naked too and receiving attention to my rapidly hardening cock.

She laid me on my back and her head started to bob up and down. I was moaning aloud and she seemed to enjoy the fact that because we were quite far from any roads, no one could hear us or see us. This only made Holly more adventurous and certainly more confident than she would have been had we been in my house.

Feeling the sap rising in my cock only made me want to hurry her up. She was in no hurry though, and must have sensed something to stop when she did. She lay back on the blanket and opened her legs. For a girl to be this confident after only one fuck, I felt, must mean that I am as good as my wife says, just a shame that most of the time she doesn’t want more than a few squirts and as long as her orgasm comes who cares.

She could almost be a man. Nevertheless, Holly pushed my head into her fluffy hole and told me to lick like the next fuck depended on it (which it did). I lapped at her cunt like a dog that hadn't drunk for a week, slavering over her lips like a piece of fruit waiting to be devoured, not wanting to miss a single inch of her sweet cunt or a drop of the delightful liquid that glistened on her hole like golden dew.

Very soon Holly came and this time she didn’t have to hold anything back, and screamed her lungs out, pulling on my hair so hard that I thought that some would be torn out of my scalp (try explaining that to the wife), but eventually her screaming subsided to howls, then to sobs, then to whimpers as soft as a new puppy. I viciously grabbed hold of her and flipped her over and I intended to do her doggy style, but Holly had a surprise for me that I hadn't counted on.

She reached under her clothes and brought out a huge vibrator, which I recognized as being the one that my wife used on the occasions that I wasn’t there and she wasn’t having an affair.

It was no small one either, being nine inches long and six inches around the circumference; I wondered what she had in mind.

"Well, I think that it is time you found out what it was like to be fucked up the arse!" and proceeded to start lubricating it with her now sopping cunt lips.

The truth of the matter is that the wife had made me take her lovers' eleven inch cock up my shitter and if I'm honest, it was probably one of the best fucks I have ever experienced. I had multiple orgasms as he rode my shitter like an express train on the main line, hitting my G-spot like nobodies business time after time, until I felt his hot fountain of come cascade inside my bowels.

Even when he went soft, his cock was still nine inches long and firm enough to fuck any woman silly. Nevertheless, I enjoyed licking his cock clean of my feces and his spunk mixed together then licking his arse-hole and testicles as he fucked my wife in both holes and then made me lick both holes of hers clean too.

However, I digress from the main story. After using her juices to wet the vibrator, she told me to get on my knees and pull my arse cheeks apart whilst she went to work on my shit-hole. As expected, the initial penetration hurt, like a bastard in fact, but I knew that it gets better and that if I took that monster up my arse, I could take this pup.

Holly slowly took up a steady rhythm and I soon started getting that tingling feeling in my bowels, I urged Holly to go faster - that I wanted it to go as fast as she could make it go. My arms went lax as I almost fell onto my elbows sticking my arse higher up in the air so that it was easier to slam it into my butt, then it started, an earth-shattering orgasm like I hadn't had in ages.

As Holly withdrew the vibrator I clenched my arse-cheeks to make it harder to remove, Holly did as I expected and started to wiggle it about, causing further waves of pleasure within my abdomen. "Now fuck me with that monster tool of yours, make me come again.

I do not know what you've done to me, but I want sex and I want to learn more about it, NOW!!!" Holly shouted at me. As my cock was still stiff I did not hesitate in teaching Holly a few new tricks and she thought of a few things to try out too. It seemed to go on forever. Just as we started to get dressed, my mobile rang.

It was my wife, trying to find out where we were. I explained that as the stable had been messed up pretty badly by Tankard (the pony), it was taking forever to make it seem fit to let him back into.

Satisfied with my reply, she asked if we could get some painkillers and barley water from the chemist on the way back, then hung up. Checking our watches, we realized that we had been gone for nearly three hours and most of the time had been spent rutting like rabbits.

Making sure that we were looking pretty much the same as when we went out, we got into my car, got the few things from the chemist and returned home. We still fuck each other's brains out on a regular basis, have been for four years now. What a woman she has turned out to be.

As well as two top degrees in medicine and psychology, she now runs a sex clinic in a nearby town practice, where I am regularly called upon as a surrogate "husband" to help Holly cure people of their hang-ups.

Some times Holly and I demonstrate before the patient tries it out, but I know this, things have improved at home and some times my wife (who now knows and gives us her blessing - after five lovers in the first seven years of marriage, she probably feels guilty about it) comes down to help out too; she helps boost the egos of the guys with small penis problems.

I might write in and let you know how things are, maybe I will tell you about my past.

On the other hand, maybe I'll just keep it to my self.


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