Wednesday, October 07, 2009

In the Absense of Time


I have regularly posted in this blog for several years now. My first intention was to capture all of the quality erotic stories that were lost when Camilla's Erotic Stories disappeared. It was a site out of Europe that asked for people to submit their own stories, and I submitted several.

I have posted all of those stories and need to find other things to post. I have a new diversion, so it will help with some of the posts.

If anyone has original erotica, I will post it here. I may get one story today from a friend. And I may write a bit more, maybe. It all depends on time. I have not had a lot of time lately.



Distracted said...

Hello Camilla,
I wanted to thank you for including my blog "Clearing My Head Again" in your Read While Fingering list! A few months ago, I had to change the URL to protect my anonymity and CMHA is no more. If you like, please redirect your link to:
http://stilldistracted.blogspot.comEverything old and new is there now. Thank you again for linking me and posting delicious stories for inspiration!

Anonymous said... has been revamped..