Monday, October 19, 2009

Kate's Story (Part 6 of 10)

This ten-part story was written by **Saxon**, someone who plays Viva Ponata. His profile page is here, but you can only see it when you have logged into the site.

"Oh jeez, Boby," his brother whined, "don't tease me. Let me see them."

The older brother released the bra and let it fall across the woman's breasts, partly shielding them. Grabbing the bra straps, Bob pulled them off her shoulders and over her arms, leaving her naked from the waist up.

"Wow, look at those tits," the excited boy exclaimed. "Get her nipples hard. Let me see how you do it."

Ignoring his brother's request, Bob turned to Kate and said, "You wore quite a long skirt, didn't you? Are you ashamed of what's under it? You shouldn't be. I told Kenny all about your sexy legs and juicy blonde pussy. You're not purposefully hiding it from us, are you?"

Leaning over, Bob whispered his instructions into the tormented woman's ear. Kenny anxiously looked on.

Kate bent over and fumbled with the last closed button of her skirt. When she opened it she moved to the next. When half the buttons were opened, Kate parted her legs as her captive ordered. When she glanced across the room at Kenny she witnessed him rubbing his cock through his jeans. She knew he had a clear view of her panties. After waiting a little while, Kate followed the script and unbuttoned all but the last two. When she moved her legs further apart, her panty-covered crotch was in plain sight.

"Okay little brother," Bob spoke again, "now for your first lesson. This is how you get a girl's nipple hard."

While the young boy watched in awe, his older brother twirled the woman's right nipple between his fingers. Kate tried to fight it, but her body reacted to the caress -- her nipple began to stiffen.

"You see, Kenny. All you have to do it gently rub it. Now to get it really hard...."

Bob ended the sentence by lowering his mouth to the nipple. He sucked on it, and when he pulled his head back stretching the nipple with his lips, the nipple did indeed get longer.

"Come here and try it on her other tit," he said as he motioned to his younger brother.

Kenny scurried over to the couch. He palmed the older woman's breast, relishing in the feel of her softness. He twisted her left nipple.

"Ouch," Kate cried out.

"Not so hard," Bob scolded his brother, "you have to be gentle to get her excited."

The boy tried again. He gently touched the nipple. He flicked it with his finger and rubbed it. He felt it get hard. Kenny mouthed the lovely breast and sucked on it. He flicked the nipple with his tongue while sucking her breast. He copied his brother's technique by stretching the nipple with his lips. He passed his first test. Kate's nipple stood out very erect.

As if choreographed, both brothers began sucking on their respective tits. Kate was feeling the effect. Her head fell back and her eyes closed. A soft moan emitted from her throat.

While Kenny continued to suck on his first breast, Bob began to open the remaining constraints to the older woman's skirt. When the last button was opened, he parted the skirt leaving Kate only in her panties. When Kenny released his mouth's grip on Kate's breast he noticed her current state of undress.

"Oh shit," he screamed, "look at her."

He began frantically rubbing his cock through his pants.

"Don't cum," Bob yelled at his brother.

"I have to. Shit, look at her body. God she's gorgeous," the younger boy said as he kept rubbing himself.

"Take your cock out," Bob bellowed as he saw an empty glass. Handing the glass to his brother, Bob said, "Cum in the glass."

Bob sat next to Kate again and said to her, "He has a pretty big cock for someone his age. I guess it's hereditary. Let's see if he cums as much as I do."

Bob and Kate stared at the teenager jerking off in front of them with his pants and underwear around his ankles. Holding the glass with one hand, Kenny pumped his hard cock with the other. After only a couple of pumps, the two on the couch witnessed a long white stream discharge from his pisshole and fall into the glass.

"One," Bob shouted out. When the other loads followed he continued, "Two... three... four... five... six... seven... eight." Kate was amazed at the volume. "Eight and a half... eight and three quarters," Bob laughed as his brother squeezed the remaining jism from his cock.

"Kenny, you okay," the concerned older brother inquired.

"Yeah... great," was the response, "what a cum. I was looking at her body the whole time and it really got me off. Shit, look at her Boby. She's a fox."

"She sure is. But you know what she's also? She's real thirsty. Why don't you give her a drink."

Kate knew instantly what the asshole had in mind and got a nauseous feeling in her belly. The naive boy, however, missed the point. He started towards the kitchen until his brother stopped him and told him to give Kate the drink he was holding. With an evil and excited gleam in his eyes, Kenny handed the troubled woman the sperm-filled glass.

Kate looked into the glass and saw the white goo accumulated on the bottom. It was over an inch deep. She brought the glass to her lips, closed her eyes, and tilted her head back. The two boys watched in fascination as Kenny's cum flowed down the length of the glass and into her mouth. The movement in her throat was proof she swallowed. After finishing the drink, Kate ran her tongue across her upper lip to remove the remains of the boy's sperm that clung there.

Kate was holding back her vomit. When she saw the large puddle of sperm in the glass she never thought she'd be able to drink it. When she tilted the glass, the lava-like slowness of the cum sliding towards her lips increased her anxiety. When she felt the thick liquid slide through her lips and onto her tongue, her throat locked like when you can't swallow a pill. The result was that a large amount of the sperm filled her mouth. The volume caused her to swallow, making room for the rest. The entire inside of her mouth and tongue were coated with the teenage boy's sperm. There was no way to avoid tasting the bitter sticky substance.

"Can I have another drink?" Kate pleaded.

Bob joked with his younger brother, "Do you want to fill the glass up again or shall I?"

"No, no," the terrified mother of two screamed, "I meant another cola."

Bob told Kate to open her mouth wide. When she did, the two boys saw the goo coating her tongue. Two strands stretched from the roof of her mouth to her tongue.

"Mrs. Williams," the older brother teased, "you didn't finish the last drink we gave you. Let's not talk about another one."

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