Monday, October 26, 2009

Kate's Story (Part 9 of 10)

This ten-part story was written by **Saxon**, someone who plays Viva Ponata. His profile page is here, but you can only see it when you have logged into the site.

The friends watched all this. They saw the woman's head moving back and forth. Kenny's hips thrusting forward, fucking her mouth. Kenny grabbed the back of the woman's head and pulled it towards him as he shoved his hips forward. Her nose was smashed against his pubic hair. When they saw Kenny's ass cheeks tighten and heard him yell out, they knew he was cumming in her mouth.

Kate swallowed the young boy's cum. She was glad he came quickly. Without Bob there, maybe she could satisfy Kenny's desires expeditiously and be free to leave early. As she milked the last of Kenny's jism from his still hard cock, she heard him yell, "Come on out guys."

Kate's peripheral vision noticed the two boys enter the room. She removed her mouth from Kenny's cock and curled into a ball with her arms covering her chest.

"Wh-What's going on? Wh-Who are these boys?"

Kenny smiled mischievously down at her, "These are by buddies, Jim and Freddie. I told them you wouldn't mind them joining in."

"Oh no," the defeated woman exclaimed, "this can't be happening. No, no. Please don't make me do this. Please. I'm not a tramp... I'm not. Oh, please."

As the tears poured from her eyes, Kenny told his friends to strip. When he called to Kate, she looked up at three naked boys.

"Mrs. Williams," Kenny began, "can't you taste my cum in your mouth? You just sucked me off and swallowed my cum. Of course you're a tramp. You're a fucking, cocksucking slut. Now lie on your back and show my friends what a great body you have."

Kate remained in the fetal position while listening to the harsh words directed at her. What was she to do? Slowly she unwound her body and stretched out on her back with her hands at her sides. She closed her eyes.

Almost immediately she felt two sets of hands touching her. She guessed they were the two friends. Her breasts were being mauled -- her nipples squeezed and pulled. At one point she felt a mouth sucking one nipple. Then she noticed someone at her feet pulling her panties off and her legs apart. This new action caused the boy sucking her breast to stop. When she opened her eyes, Freddie was between her spread legs and Jim was at her side looking at her pussy. He quickly scurried to join his friend.

Their fingers touched her exposed cunt. Freddie moved over to provide his friend better access. In doing so, he straddled one of Kate's legs. As he played with her pussy he humped his hard cock on her leg. At 18 years old, he was already going to cum.

Freddie felt his orgasm approaching and wasn't sure what to do. Without thinking, Freddie crawled over to the helpless woman's head and pointed his throbbing young cock at her face. As he pumped it, he unloaded his jism all over her face.

Jim saw his friend showering the lady's face with his cum. He moved to the other side of her head and did the same. Kenny watched with glee. He felt another orgasm nearing so he moved to the woman's head, dropped to his knees, and also pumped his hot cum onto her face. When the three boys stopped cumming Kate's face was completed coated. The three boys sat back and looked at the result of their desire. They began laughing.

"Jesus," Freddie said, "look at her face."

"Yeah," Jim chimed in, "and she said she wasn't a slut. She looks like one of those facial cum pics you see on the Internet."

Kate lay there quietly. She felt the warm liquid dripping down her face. The puddles of cum in her eye sockets prevented her from opening her eyes. When she heard the snapping of a camera, Kate put her fingers to her eyes and pushed some of the cum away. After wiping her soiled fingers on her stomach she returned them to her eyes to remove more jism. Finally, after blinking a few times, Kate was able to open her eyes. The humiliated woman stared at the three young boys laughing at her. She also noticed the Polaroid camera in Kenny's hands.

"Jim, put your cock in her mouth," Kenny instructed. When his friend complied, Kenny took a couple of close-up pictures of the cum-drenched face sucking on a hard cock.

"I'm gonna fuck her now," Jim announced as he removed his dick from the woman's mouth.

When Jim positioned himself between the adult's spread legs, Kenny ordered her to put his friend's cock into her pussy.

"I know you want Jim to fuck you," he tormented her. "Put his cock in your cunt. Shove it in your juicy pussy. Show us how much you love to be fucked by young boys. I bet you'd fuck your own son right now... you slut."

The defeated woman guided the teenage cock to the entrance of her pussy.

"No wait," Kenny stopped the proceedings, "I have a better idea."

While looking directly into Kate's eyes, Kenny said, "Jim, she wants to fuck you so badly. I think we should let her do the work. Lie on your back. Mrs. Williams, get on top of Jim and fuck his brains out."

Kate mounted the prone body of the teenage boy. She reluctantly guided his cock into her pussy and lowered her hips. Jim's virgin cock sunk all the way up the lady's twat. Kate began fucking the young boy.

"Oh god, Kenny. It's fucking unbelievable," Jim screamed as he felt the warm recess of the older woman surrounding his cock.

"Hurry up," Freddie whined, "I wanna fuck her too."

Excitedly, Kenny yelled to his friend, "Fuck her in the ass. Go on, I've done it before. Do it while she has Jim's cock in her cunt. Double fuck her!"

The anxious teenager didn't need to be told twice. He stood behind Kate's upraised butt and located her asshole. He pointed his cock at her hole and pushed it in. After three shoves, his entire cock was inside. He actually felt Jim's cock in her other hole.

Kate felt the second boy force his cock into her ass. When in all the way, she felt completely stuffed. Each cock forced its respective hole open, but the expansion was restricted by the other. The walls of her pussy and asshole were snugly rubbing against the two hard cocks. She heard Kenny taking more pictures.

On her hands and knees, Kate fucked the boy beneath her while his friend rammed his cock in and out of her asshole. She opened her eyes when she felt a pair of hands on the top of her head. Standing before her was Kenny. His erection pointing at her.

"Open wide, Mrs. Williams," Kenny gloated, "you have one more hole to fill."

Kate opened her mouth and the depraved teenager shoved his cock inside it. Kate was now servicing three boys at the same time.

"I'm gonna cum," Jim announced.

"Yeah, me too," Freddie chimed in.

"Let's all cum at the same time," Kenny said. "We'll fill every hole she has with cum."

Kate felt her pussy fill with warm cum. Almost instantaneously, a large amount of sperm was deposited inside her bowels. Kenny grabbed her head and violently fucked her mouth. She gagged when he unloaded into her mouth, but was able to swallow his shooting cum.

When the three boys pulled out of Kate, the exhausted and used woman rolled off Jim and collapsed onto the floor. The teenagers also fell to the floor, surrounding the woman. They sat there smiling at each other as they studied the naked woman in front of them. Cum was oozing out of all her holes and her face was coated with a layer of drying cum.

Jim crawled over and straddled Kate's face. On his hands and knees, he positioned his slimy cock at her lips. "Suck me clean, you whore."

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