Thursday, October 08, 2009

Kate's Story (Part 1 of 10)

This ten-part story was written by **Saxon**, someone who plays Viva Ponata. His profile page is here, but you can only see it when you have logged into the site.

Marrying her teenage sweetheart right out of high school was like a fairytale come true for Kate. She met John in her first year and they fell madly in love. After dating steadily for about a 5 year and a half, they married after her graduation -- a perfect June wedding. Her son, John Jr. (Johnny to everyone he knew), was conceived on her wedding night which was everything she expected -- she gave her virginity to the man she loved. Her daughter, Anna, came three years later.

Her life was "picture perfect". John had a great career, Kate was content raising her children and taking care of the house, and the two children were well behaved and doing extremely well in school. Then the "roof fell in". John lost his step while hiking on a local mountain and fell to his death. He did not have life insurance. Why would he? He was young and healthy.

Kate sat at her small desk at AZ industries worrying about her family. This was a common occurrence since her husband died. Now, at 36 years old, Kate was saddled with two teens, a menial job, and a lot of expenses. Without a college degree nor any business skills, Kate was forced to take a low paying job just to make ends meet.

"Goodnight Kate," her boss declared as he walked past her, "don't work too late."

"Huh... oh, goodnight Mr. Higgins," the startled secretary responded.

After Mr. Higgins left, Kate whispered under her breath, "Don't work late. Yeah right, you cheap bastard! If you paid me more I wouldn't need the overtime."

Kate returned to her worrying. There were so many bills to pay and her two teenage children had needs. They were growing so fast that she seemed to constantly be buying them new clothes. And now Johnny needed a computer for a college-prep class he was taking at school. How was she going to get the money for a computer?

Slowly, Kate perused the empty office. Every desk had a computer on it; some had more than one. Why was a company rich enough to afford so many computers, but not willing to pay her enough to buy one for her son? All the other kids had computers and she was determined not to deprive her children.

Kate halfheartedly went back to work. She finished typing a procedures manual and was putting it together. Needing a binder, she went into the supply room. When she entered the room she stopped in her tracks. A lot of old computer equipment was sloppily stacked along the far wall. Who would notice if she took one? The troubled secretary retrieved the binder and completed her assignment. She then walked through the entire office searching for another living person.

"I'm the only one left," she thought to herself. "It would be easy to take one. The reason they're stored away is because they're old and no one wants them," she rationalized.

Kate made a decision that would permanently change her life. Making several trips to her car, Kate stole a computer, monitor, and printer, along with all the peripherals. Later, when she saw the excitement in her son's face, Kate knew she did the right thing. However, while lying in bed, Kate panicked.

"What if they notice it's missing," she mused. "Mr. Higgins knew I was the only one working late."

Kate tossed and turned the entire night. Reluctantly, she went into the office the next morning. Although she was paranoid, by the end of the day nobody noticed the missing equipment. She made sure not to work late and for Mr. Higgins to know it. That night Kate slept soundly.

Two more days passed without anyone discovering her crime. It was Friday and Kate finally relaxed -- she got away with it! About 4:00pm, Mr. Higgins told Kate to see someone named Bob in Security about a new procedure they had implemented.

* * * *

Entering the Security office, Kate looked around and noticed a sole person. He looked to be about 20 years old.

"Excuse me," she said, "is Bob here?"

"I'm Bob, you must be Mrs. Williams."

His stare made Kate feel uncomfortable. She felt like he was undressing her with his eyes. Kate was accustomed to men gawking at her. After all, she knew she was very attractive. She was 5'6", slim with full hips and firm 35C breasts, looking a few years younger than her 36 years. Her long straight blonde hair framed her youthful face and gorgeous green eyes. As usual, Kate was wearing a rather short skirt showing off her long bare legs. However, the security officer's stare was different. He seemed not to care that she knew he was leering -- as if he could do anything he wanted!!

"What do you want?" Kate demanded trying to regain some authority over the younger person. "It's late and I need to go home."

The young security officer smiled knowing what the woman standing in front of him was attempting. "You will stay here as long as I tell you to."

"What... what did you say?" the indignant woman replied. "Who do you think you're talking to?"

"Mrs. Williams," the man continued unfazed, "I want to talk to you about missing computer equipment."

Kate felt like someone kicked her in the stomach. She felt very weak. If not for the wall she now leaned against, she was sure she would have fallen.

"Wh-What computer?" she stammered. "Why do you want to talk to me?"

"Please sit down Mrs. Williams," the young man calmly said holding her upper arm and guiding her to a chair.

Bob enjoyed touching the trembling older woman. As she sat down, he noticed how high her skirt rose on her thighs. Normally, Kate would have grabbed the bottom of her skirt as she sat and pulled it forward, but in her confused state she simply sat down. Bob licked his lips with anticipation.

"Tell me Mrs. Williams," he continued in a very professional tone, "what do you know about a missing computer?"

"N-N-Nothing," she nervously answered.

Looking down at the seated woman, the security officer leaned against the front of his desk and smiled. He was ready for the kill.

"Mrs. Williams, are you aware we recently installed hidden surveillance cameras throughout the building... and in the parking lot too?"

"Oh my god," the poor woman exclaimed as she cupped her face in her hands and began crying, "oh, no."

Bob watched the defeated woman weep. A normal person would have felt compassion or at least sympathy, but Bob felt power. He watched her firm breasts rise and fall as she gasped for breath. When he noticed her legs parting he crouched until he was sitting on his heels and looked under her skirt. As he stared at her colorful panties he felt his cock begin to harden.

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