Friday, October 23, 2009

Kate's Story (Part 8 of 10)

This ten-part story was written by **Saxon**, someone who plays Viva Ponata. His profile page is here, but you can only see it when you have logged into the site.

Kate looked at the slimy dick and lowered her mouth to it. She closed her mouth over it and began sucking. Kenny looked down at her bobbing head in total bliss. Bob crawled behind the unsuspecting woman and spit on his hard cock. He pointed it at the lady's virgin asshole and pushed the tip in. Kate, still sucking Kenny's dick, felt the penetration.

"Wath are thoo thoing?" she mumbled, then freeing her mouth of the cock she said more coherently, "What are you doing? Don't do that. Ouch. That hurts. Please don't do that. Ouch. Ow."

"Shut up and suck Kenny's cock," he angrily retorted. "I'll stick my dick in any of your holes I want to. Shut up and suck!"

Kate put the teenager's dick back into her mouth. Bob pushed again. He pulled out a little and then pushed. As her asshole swallowed his massive cock, her mouth swallowed the brother's cock.

Kate felt stuffed. She had a large cock in her mouth and an enormous one up her ass. Each time Bob entered her, her body lunged forward causing her mouth to plunge down on his brother's cock. Kate felt like the two cocks would meet in the middle of her belly.

"I'm going to cum," Bob announced. He pumped harder and faster than before. Kate felt like her ass was going to be ripped apart. After one last plunge, Kate felt Bob's hot cum shoot into her asshole. It filled her up and started to escape out the sides, running down her thighs. When Kenny saw his brother cum, he grabbed Kate's head and pumped his dick deep into her abused mouth. He came so hard that Kate couldn't swallow it all. Like the cum running out of her asshole, Kenny's cum dripped out the corners of her mouth. Kate felt like a pig on a skewer -- one end in her mouth and the other in her ass. Bob lay across her back with his cock rammed up her ass; his weight forcing her face into his brother's body with Kenny's cock deep in her throat.

When Bob finally pulled out of her ass, Kate was able to disengage from Kenny's cock. She collapsed on the floor, totally exhausted and used. After Bob asked his brother if he wanted to do anything else to Kate and was told he was done, Bob informed Kate she was free to leave.

"Can I use your bathroom," she sheepishly implored.

"Fuck no," Bob answered, "go home like the slut you are. And no panties either. My baby brother wants them as a souvenir."

Kate got dressed and walked to the door, cum dripping down her chin and out of her ass and pussy. When she got in the car she wiped her face the best she could and drove home.

* * * *

For the next few weeks, Kate continued to service her blackmailer at the office and his home. Usually Kenny joined them at the house.

One Saturday Kate rang the doorbell at the designated time. Inside the house, Kenny was waiting with his two best friends. When Bob announced he had an appointment on Saturday, Kenny requested that he still tell Kate to come to the house. The older brother agreed.

The two friends didn't believe Kenny's story of an older woman who was his sex slave. While waiting in the house they kept ribbing him about his concocted story. This continued until the doorbell chimed. Both friends went to their planned hiding place while Kenny answered the door. They still expected it to be a setup and anxiously waited. However, when the door flung open and a gorgeous woman with long blonde hair appeared, both boys gulped.

"Come in," Kenny said to the obedient woman.

When Kate entered the family room she looked around.

"Bob's not here," Kenny informed her. "He told me to play without him. That's okay with you, isn't it?"

Kate slowly nodded her concurrence. Kenny sat down in the chair and told Kate he wanted to be entertained.

"Lift your skirt. I want to see what your panties look like today."

Kate quietly lifted the hem of her skirt to her chest, displaying everything below her waist to the young boy sitting in the chair and, unknown to her, his two teenage friends.

"Make me hot," Kenny demanded. "Do something that will get me excited."

Still holding her skirt up, Kate spread her legs and slightly bent her knees. She began thrusting her pubic area outwards. She began talking dirty, "Kenny, look at my body. Do you like it? It's yours. Do you see my panties? Are they sexy? I wore them especially for you. You know what's behind them. My juicy pussy is so hot for you."

Kate then lowered one hand to her crotch and began running her fingers all over her pussy area. At one point she slipped her hand inside and massaged her cunt. Her panties bulged from the invading hand. Kate spread her legs further apart as she played with herself.

Kenny smiled at the show. Not only was he enjoying it, but he knew his friends now believed his story. He pulled down his shorts freeing his hard cock.

"Oh yes, Mrs. Williams, see how much I like it. Strip for me."

Kate extracted her hand from her panties and let her skirt drop. She did a slow bump and grind as she opened her blouse buttons. After pulling the blouse free of her skirt, Kate let it slowly fall from her body. She undid her skirt and lowered it a little so that the top of her panties showed and then let it drop to the floor. Standing in just her bra and panties, Kate began a slow sensual dance.

Kenny got up and completely disrobed. He stood in front of the woman and smiled at her performance. He reached out and unhooked her bra, pulling it off her body. As Kate continued her dance, her breasts bounced freely.

"Suck me!" the insolent boy ordered.

Kate dropped to her knees and put the throbbing cock in her mouth. She held the dick at its base while she moved her head up and down. When her lips touched her fist, she let go and grabbed the young boy's buttocks. Her mouth lowered further onto the cock. When she felt it hit her throat, she relaxed those muscles and swallowed the entire shaft. Kate, over the last few weeks, learned to deep throat a cock.

The two hiding teenagers watched in awe. First they witnessed a beautiful older woman show their friend her panties while she talked dirty to him. Then she stripped at his command. But what they were witnessing was simply unbelievable. The woman was on her knees before Kenny, blowing him.

"Mrs. Williams," the depraved boy began, "you are the greatest cocksucker in the world. The way you're sucking me tells me you want to eat my cum. Okay then, I'll give you a real big load. I'm going to shoot it straight into your belly. Here is comes. Oh shit, aaahhhh."

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