Friday, October 16, 2009

Kate's Story (Part 5 of 10)

This ten-part story was written by **Saxon**, someone who plays Viva Ponata. His profile page is here, but you can only see it when you have logged into the site.

Once again she felt his finger slide inside her. It moved in and out, automatically lubricating her cunt. Bob inserted a second finger. As it slipped in and out he noticed how moist his fingers were getting. He smiled. Bob found the woman's clit and began rubbing it with his other hand. He felt Kate shudder and suck a little harder on his cock.

"Oh no," Kate thought, "I'm getting excited. That can't be."

But as Bob played with her pussy, Kate's body betrayed her. She was getting wetter and began to feel a warmth between her legs. When she felt his soft tongue touch her inner folds, she gasped. Bob licked and licked her juicy pussy.

"Huh... huh," Kate grunted as her body took over, "oh... oh." Kate felt her orgasm approaching. "Oh, no," she cried as she came, "Aah... aaaahhhhh."

While Kate was coming down from her climax, Bob pulled his long cock from her mouth. He quickly scooted around, positioning himself between her legs. Before Kate was aware of it, Bob pushed his cock into her. Even though her pussy was very wet from her recent orgasm, his large cock stuck part way in.

"Ugh," the unsuspecting woman grunted, "wh-what... what are you... you doing?"

Bob pulled out a little and pushed in harder. More of his cock penetrated. He repeated this several times until he was completely inside the woman.

Kate felt the violation, but couldn't do anything about it. When he was fully inside her, she felt stretched beyond belief. She never felt so stuffed. His was the first cock in her since her husband died, and only the second man ever to fuck her. He was also much larger than her late husband. When he started to fuck her, she automatically fucked him back.

Bob was enjoying the fuck. He pulled his cock almost all the way out and then pushed it back in. With each stroke he felt her pussy walls and lips grab his cock. The sensation was wonderful. He pumped and pumped his meat into her until he felt her pussy twitch. She jerked her hips up and her whole body shuddered. Bob felt her climax and thrust his cock into her two more times before erupting himself. His enormous amount of sperm filled her stuffed cunt and overflowed. He collapsed on top of the violated woman.

When Bob pulled his cock from the tight pussy, he removed the plug to the dam. He looked down and watched his sperm pour out of her cunt. He got up and sat in the chair next to where they just fucked.

"Come here Mrs. Williams and clean me up with your mouth," he ordered.

Kate came to her senses. She realized what just happened and who it was who fucked her. She got angry, but was now used to doing as he said. She crawled to him on her knees and sucked and licked his cock clean. It was the first time she ever tasted her own juices, but at this point she didn't care anymore. After she got dressed she wasn't even surprised when he told her to lick the cum off the carpet. She was becoming a very obedient slut.

On Friday, Bob only wanted a blowjob during lunch. However, he asked her to come to his house Saturday at noon. Reluctantly, Kate agreed.

* * * *

On Saturday, Kate looked at herself in the mirror. The security guy told her to wear a skirt and specifically requested that she not wear pantyhose.

"I hate those things," he told her.

She didn't know how to dress. She finally settled on a wash-n-wear blouse. Although she didn't want to think about what was going to happen in Bob's house, she had to expect the worse. She already ruined one good blouse with cum stains. She picked out her longest skirt. It buttoned down the front and came below her knees. She fastened all the buttons, but when she found it difficult to walk, she opened the last two.

Kate drove to Bob's house and arrived at the appointed time. She sat in her car in a last effort to figure a way out of having to go into the house. When she couldn't, she walked up the path and knocked on the front door. When the door opened, Kate was surprised. A teenage boy, around her son's age, stood in the doorway.

"Is this Bob's house?" the confused woman quietly asked.

"Yes it is," the boy answered, "Bob's my brother. He's upstairs getting dressed. Come on in."

As Kate entered the house the teenager gave her a broad smile and said, "Hi, my name's Kenny. Why don't you sit in the living room and wait for Bob. Would you like a soft drink or something?"

Kate was feeling a little more relaxed. She liked the boy and he was putting her at ease. Maybe she misunderstood why Bob asked her over. After all, his younger brother was here.

"Sure," she cheerfully said, "a cola would be lovely."

Returning to the living room with the two drinks, Kenny handed one to Kate sitting on the couch and then sat in the chair across from her. They chatted about school and other insignificant matters. Kenny attended the same school as her son, but he was a little older. He had already turned 18. As they spoke, she began to relax.

Bob came down the stairs noisily. He moved over to his younger brother and ruffled his hair saying, "I see you met Kenny. He's the brains in the family. Smart as a whip. But he has so much to learn."

Kenny looked up at his brother and smiled, understanding the meaning behind that last sentence. Unfortunately, Kate did not.

Bob sat next to Kate and joined in the conversation. It was like three old friends passing the time. That is until Kate felt Bob's arm over her shoulders with his hand resting just above her left breast. When he began brushing his fingers across her tit, she pushed his hand away trying to hide it from the younger boy.

"Don't worry about Kenny," Bob smiled, "I told him all about you."

"You what? Oh, how could you?" the embarrassed woman shrieked. She looked over at Kenny and he smiled.

"Now behave, Mrs. Williams," Bob said in a somewhat warning tone. Then he looked at his brother and while squeezing Kate's breast said, "Didn't I tell you she had great knockers?"

Kate thought she was going to die. He told his little brother all the things she did. The boy was her son's age and went to the same school -- he might actually know Johnny. And now he was touching her in front of the teenager. And talking about her as if she was an object he owned.

"Let me see them. Please Boby... you promised," the boy pleaded.

Kate looked over at her assailant with imploring eyes, "Please, don't do this. Not in front of the boy. I'll do what you want but... please, not in front of him."

Ignoring her request, Bob slowly began unbuttoning the woman's blouse. Kate lowered her eyes and watched in agony as the top button opened, then the next, and so on. When her blouse was completely open, Bob pulled it off her body. He unhooked her front clasping bra, but held the cups in place. He pulled them apart, but just as quickly covered the breasts.

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