Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kate's Story (Part 7 of 10)

This ten-part story was written by **Saxon**, someone who plays Viva Ponata. His profile page is here, but you can only see it when you have logged into the site.

"Onto the next lesson... the cunt," Bob announced. "Pull her panties off."

Kenny's trembling fingers took hold of the waistband of the older woman's panties and pulled them down. He felt the soft panties in his hand and brought them to his face, deeply inhaling.

"I'm gonna keep these forever," he announced and threw them onto the chair he previously occupied.

Kenny turned his attention back to the naked woman. Kate kept her thighs tightly closed, but her bushy blonde pubic hair jutted out. The teenage boy, seeing his first real life pussy, couldn't wait for his brother. He put his hand on the curly hair and began feeling its texture. He pulled at it and parted it, trying to see what was hiding beneath the hair.

The embarrassed woman watched as a boy her son's age played with her most private anatomy. She was humiliated. What if the boy new her son? She felt his young fingers flow through her pubic hairs. Watching the small slender fingers fondle her brought an incestuous thought to her mind. For a second, Kate thought about her son touching her, caressing her body, her vagina. The loud voice of her blackmailer brought her back to reality.

"Hey jerk," Bob kidded his brother, "what the fuck are you doing? The bitch is hiding her cunt from you." Then turning his attention to Kate he said, "Mrs. Williams, spread your legs. Let my little brother see your charms."

Kate did as she was told. While opening her legs, she watched the childlike excitement in the teenager's eyes. As she exposed more of herself, his eyes got wider and wider. When her legs were apart she waited.

"Come on, Mrs. Williams," Bob impatiently blurted out, "I said show him what you got. Put your feet up on the couch and spread real wide."

Kate slowly lifted her feet to the couch cushion. Then she moved her knees apart. When they wouldn't go any further she cautiously peeked between her legs.

"Oh my god," the startled woman exclaimed when she saw how spread her pussy lips were. The boy sitting on the floor between her legs could see right into her gaping cunt.

Bob smiled at the woman's discomfort. "Now that..." he said pointing to the exposed pussy, "is a cunt."

Kenny pointed a finger at the pink gap and touched the soft flesh. "Aahh," Kate uncontrollably moaned. The boy got bolder and, seeing the opening, pushed his finger into her cunthole. He was fascinated as it slowly disappeared, the soft warm flesh closing around it. When his finger was buried to the third knuckle, he jiggled it inside the poor woman.

"Oh... oh... ah... ah," Kate exclaimed.

When Kenny withdrew his finger he noticed how wet it was. He smelled it and then stared at it.

"Taste it," the older brother encouraged him.

Kenny tentatively licked his finger. Then he put it entirely in his mouth and sucked it clean. When he realized he liked it, he stuck it back in the juicy cunt, moved it around, pulled it out wet, and put it back into his mouth.

After doing this a few times, the impatient more experienced brother instructed him, "If you like the taste idiot, stick your tongue in her pussy."

Kate was accepting her ordeal with closed eyes. When she felt hot breath on her open pussy she looked between her legs. The teenage boy's face was inches from her exposed genital. She watched in horror as he moved his face to her vagina and began licking her. She tried not to get turned on, but a pussy being tongued has no conscience. Her hips began twitching.

If Kate would let herself go, she would climax. But she was determined not to give them the satisfaction. However, she felt herself getting wetter and wetter knowing full well what that meant. She was saved by Bob. Pushing Kenny's head away Bob began the instruction.

"Listen up, dummy. I'm only going to say this once. You are looking at a juicy cunt. A very nice one, if I may say," he said looking up at Kate and winking.

"These are the outer lips. These are the inner lips. Look how they stretch. This of course is her fuckhole. You found that on your own. Now look at this. Most anything you touch down here will be sensitive, but this is the most sensitive. It's the clitoris. It hides under this piece of flesh. When it gets excited it comes out of the hood. It gets hard like your cock. Mrs. Williams has a bigger one than most I've seen. I guess that means she's more ready for sex. Go ahead and play with her cunt."

Kate was humiliated. She was being used as an object for a sex education class. But worse, when she was touched she got excited.

Kenny began exploring between the woman's legs. He touched and pulled at various parts. When he touched her clit, Kate jumped. He did it again and she jumped again. He pulled on the clit and felt it grow in his fingers. He leaned forward and licked the clit. Kate shuddered and moaned. He put it inside his lips and began sucking.

"Oh no, don't do that. Aahh... aahh. Stop. Don't... aahh. I don't want to... oh god, I can't help it. No, no... oh... yes... oh no... yes... aahh...aahh. I can't help it. I'm... oh... oh... I'm going to... aahh... aahh... aaaaahhhhhhhhh," Kate squealed as she came.

Kenny felt the gush of liquid pour from the stimulated cunt and drank it up.

"Okay little brother," Bob said, "it's time to lose your virginity. Stick that hard cock of yours into her hot pussy and fuck the bitch."

Kenny didn't need to be told twice. He got up and positioned his raging hard-on at the opening of the still twitching cunt. Kate was recovering from her orgasm and didn't realize what was happening until she felt the hard cock enter her.

"Stop that," she cried out, "you're just a boy. We can't do this. Oh god, please stop."

But Kenny had no intention of stopping his first fuck. He pounded his meat in and out of her hot cunt. Sooner than he wanted, Kenny felt the tingle in his loins telling him he was about to cum.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna shoot into her," he announced, "Huh, huh, ugh, huh. Here it comes. Eoowwwww!!!"

Kate felt the teenage cum fill her pussy. Even though he came before, his young body was able to generate a great deal of sperm. When Kenny pulled out of the used woman, Bob told him to replace Kate on the couch and for her to kneel between his legs.

When they were in position, Bob ordered Kate, "Okay Mrs. Williams, Kenny's never had a blowjob. Suck him off."

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