Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Do what you want ...

By The Purple Rose

As I am standing here in the bedroom, I'm thinking about you.
As I am wishing you were here, I can feel your presence behind me.
Not saying a word, I feel your arms come around me.
I never told you but the feel of you always has me weak.
I can feel your strength as you pull me back into your body; with your breath on my neck.
I can also feel your excitement that is building in your manhood.

As you whisper in my ear that you want me, shivers start in my spine and my knees are now getting weaker.
You take my shirt off and throw it to the floor.
There is no bra to mess with, so you place your hands on my breasts.
Softly, you caress them.
I let out a softer sigh.
You give them a gentle squeeze and then take both nipples in-between you thumb and forefinger.
Rolling them with your fingers, they begin to harden.
I feel myself getting weaker with each roll you do.
You begin to squeeze my nipples harder and rolling them faster and faster.
My breathing is getting faster with each squeeze you give them.

My ass is now grinding back into your groin.
I can feel it...it is so big and hard.
I reach to stroke it through your jeans and you release one of my nipples.
You grab my wrist hard and whisper, "You will do exactly as I say. You can not touch me. If you do, I will punish you. Do you understand this?"

You can't be serious about this! Your remaining arm around me tightens as I try to turn around to look at you.
Again you tell me, "You WILL do as I tell you.
I will punish you if you don't do everything that I tell you to do."
You pause and then say, "Or do I have to give you a taste of that punishment before you will believe me?"

By now, I know that you are serious about this.
And strangely enough, it excites me.
I can feel the warmth spreading through my body.
"No," I tell you in a weak voice that is cracking, "I believe you."

"Good," you tell me. "Then stand here like a good girl and DON'T move. I will be back."

I can hear you leave the bedroom but I can't tell where you went in the house.
Standing there, I put my arms around my body; as if to keep myself warm.
I don't know why.
The bedroom is the warmest room in the house.
I feel an involuntary shiver run through my body. I wish your arms were around me again.

I reach down to take off my jeans and suddenly you are right there.
You grab my hands and tell me in my ear that I have been bad.

"Didn't I tell you not to move? I will have to punish you for that," you tell me in a strong, bold voice that I am not used to.

I try to tell you that I was only going to take off my jeans for you, but you won't listen.
You sit on the edge of the closest chair and grab me to pull me over your lap.
I am struggling to get away, but you have a grip on me that is like a vice.
The more I struggle, the harder you grip.

You hold me while pushing my jeans down to my ankles.
I feel the first hit to my ass cheek.
God!!! That stung!!!
I struggle to get away from you as the next hit came.
And the next. I couldn't catch my breath.

"No," I beg you. "Please don't."
I continue to struggle until I hear you tell me that you will stop only if I promise to listen from now on.

"Say it," you tell me.
"Say that you promise to listen and obey everything I tell you."

I pause.
I guess I waited a bit too long for I felt your hand connect with my cheeks again. "Say it!"

"I promise!" I yelled.

"You promise what? Say it."

I took a deep breath and swallowed, "I promise to listen and obey everything you tell me."
There I had said it! Now the spanking would stop! I was wrong!!

I felt you spank my bottom again, but this time instead of it just hurting (which it did), I found myself strangely aroused by it.
I could feel the heat on my ass cheeks; but also the heat from my pussy, as well.
I didn't understand what was happening to me.
I didn't seem to care either.
The only thing I knew at this moment was that I didn't want you to stop whatever you had in mind for me.
I let out a soft moan.
You heard it....

"So... You are beginning to like this? You like to be spanked?
You are a naughty girl! I didn't know that you would like this!"
You start to rub my ass cheeks gently with your hand in a circular motion.

"You ass is so red. You like that, don't you?" you ask.
"You like to be spanked, don't you?"

I nod my head; afraid that my voice will crack again and waver.


Your hand comes down on my ass again.
"Tell me!" you demand.
"Tell me that you like it. I want you to say it."

I am ashamed to tell you.
I don't want to let you know how much this is really turning me on.


"Tell me!" you demand again.

"Yes," I say with a whisper, "Yes, I like to be spanked."

"Good girl," you tell me.
"Let's just see how well you do like it, shall we?"

My mind starts spinning. What is he going to do to me? What does he mean by seeing how well I like this? Oh, my God!!!!

You reach down and take my jeans off the rest of the way and make me spread my legs.
I can feel your fingers travel up my thighs to my pussy.
You trace the outer lips of my pussy and even I can feel the wetness coming from there.
My God! Did it really turn me on that much?

"Ohhhh, you are soooo wet!
You really did like that spanking, didn't you?"
You slip a finger inside of my pussy.
Then another finger. You begin to pump them in and out of my pussy.
I start to match your pumping action.
You pull your fingers out suddenly.
I gasp.
I want you to put them back in me.
But I don't think that I should say anything to you about what I want.

Next, I feel you trace your finger up between my ass cheeks.
You lightly rim my hole there.
I raise my butt to meet your finger.
It feels strangely exciting as everything else you have done to me so far.

You slip your finger back into my pussy and pump it a couple of times.
Quickly you pull it out and next I feel pressure at the entrance of my backdoor.
I take a deep breath.
I feel more pressure, until I finally feel your finger slip inside.
Not very far at first, just enough for you to tease me.
You wait until I am adjusted to having your finger there, then you begin to pump it as you did in my pussy.

Amazingly, I love the feel of this.
You have never done this to me before.
I have never had anyone take such control of me before like this.

I start to wiggle; almost as if I'm trying to get away from you.
You hold me down even harder.
I start to wiggle even more.
You pull your finger out of my tight hole and I feel you smack my ass again.

"What are you trying to do?
Get away from me?
Oh! You want me to spank you again, don't you?
Well, I'm not going to give you what you want," you tell me.

You lift me up and lead me to the bed.
You tell me to lay down on my back.
When I do, you take one wrist and pull it out to the side above my head.
I look to see what you are doing.
You have a scarf or something like that and proceed to tie my wrist to the bedpost.
I try to reach with my other hand to stop you.
You look at me and from your look I can tell that I had better not struggle with you.
You move to the other side of the bed and do the same to my other wrist.
My legs are free and I am trying to wiggle around; but the more I move around the tighter the restraints get.
Next you have something your hand and you move to my head....you put a blindfold over my eyes.
Now I can only rely on my hearing!

I hear some rustling beside me and the bed.
You grab one of my ankles and I feel you tying it to the footboard.
Next you grab the other one and do the same to it.

I CAN'T MOVE!!!!! I CAN'T SEE!!!!!

I feel something soft rubbing up my right leg.
It stops just before it reaches my pussy.
Next, it rubs up my left leg; also stopping just before my pussy.
By now, I think it is a feather.
Next, I feel it very, very softly against my clit.
It is exposed due to my legs being spread and tied.
I draw a breath in sharply. I feel shivers run up my spine.
My nipples are also exposed and extremely hard due to my being tied.
You run the object over my nipples.
I can feel how hard they are.
They almost hurt because of being so hard.

Next, I feel something cold against my leg...VERY cold.
Like ice.
You start at my ankles and run it up both legs, stopping just short of my pussy lips.
Then I can feel a drop of ice cold water fall on one of my nipples.
It is soooo cold.

I start to whimper now.
I am struggling (in vain) to try and get away.
I am not sure what I am feeling.
Arousal? Fear? Excitement?
I trust you, but I don't like the not being able to see or move.

"Please? Won't you let me go?" I ask in a weak, whimpering voice; while pulling on the restraints.

"No, not yet," you tell me.
"I will make you this promise, though. I won't do anything that may hurt you.
I will make sure that you are safe with everything that I do.
Just lay there and relax. You will enjoy this. I promise."

I lay there not knowing what to say.
I do trust you, but the fear is still there.
But strangely, so is the arousal and sexual excitement.
"I trust you," I say in a soft voice.

I feel the cold drop of water (or something) fall on my nipple again.
This time it is followed by your mouth.
From the icy cold to the heat of your mouth. I let out a low moan.
That felt so good!

Next the other nipple...same thing. Icy cold to the heat of your mouth....

I now feel you release my nipple and the icy cold is now moving between my breasts and down my stomach.
You let a few drops of the cold liquid fall into my navel.....then I feel your tongue lap them out.
My breathing is becoming heavy and rapid.

You remove your tongue from my navel and then I don't feel anything.
I sense that you shift off the bed.
I wonder where you are going. I first start to panic, but then I remember that you said you would not let me get hurt.
My breathing begins to slow and resume back to normal.
I lay there for what seemed like many, many minutes but I think it was only seconds.

I felt the first icy drop on my pussy lips.
I take a sharp breath in and try to arch my back.
The restraints won't allow me to arch it very much.
But just as quick as I felt the drop, I felt the warmth of your mouth; the feeling of your tongue lapping up the liquid.
What a feeling!

I feel another drop and again the warmth of your mouth.
I feel the drops continue...along with your tongue.
One of the drops falls right on my engorged clit.
What a feeling of pleasure and pain!!!!!
Your lips attach to my clit and you suck it in hard.
God!! That feels so good!
You let the drops continue all around your lips that are still wrapped around my clit.
What a rush of excitement!

All of a sudden, you stop!
I feel you shift on the bed between my legs.
I think you are moving off the bed.
I lay there with anticipation of what will happen next.
I don't know how much longer I can take this.
I want to cum so bad, but I also want to wait for you.

I can feel you come back to the bed and again climb between my legs.
You lick my clit and suck it in your mouth a time or two.
I arch my back.
You are so good at this.
It's a side of you I've never known before. I love it!!!!!

While you are licking my clit and sucking on it, I can feel my body start to shake.
It is like mini-convulsions.
Next, I feel something being pressed against the opening to my slit.
I can't tell what it is, exactly. It is cool, not cold; hard, but yet soft.
I feel it being pushed deep into me.
You pump it in and out of me and I begin to ride it.
You are bringing me so close to orgasm!!!!

Suddenly, you stop pumping it in and out of my pussy.
The last stroke leaves it deep inside of me.
I can feel your breath on my clit.
I can't tell what you are doing, for sure.
As your lips get closer to my lips, I can feel the object being pulled out of my pussy.
When it was completely out of me, I felt you crawl up my body.
Your lips came down on mine and I could taste my own juices mixed with that of something sweet almost.
Your kiss was deep and sensual.
I tasted ..bananas mixed with my own juices.
A banana?
I was being fucked by a banana? And I enjoyed it!!!???

I began to feel you fingers on my clit again.
You were stroking it like a little cock.
Then I felt pressure at the opening of my hole again.
This was bigger and harder than the banana.
My sensitive pussy could feel everything, so I could feel bumps on this object.
I was trying to figure out what it is was that you were using this time.

The skin on it felt kind of rubbery but yet smooth in spots; outside of the little bumps that I felt earlier.
It was longer too.
You began to pump it in and out of me so hard and fast that you quickly brought me to that edge again.

"No, you can't cum yet," you tell me.
"I want you to wait for me to be in you."

"Please, I want you in me now," I tell you.
"I can't wait any longer."

"Be patient," you tell me.
"Just be patient. It won't be much longer."

You pull this object out of me and once again start to stroke my clit with your fingers.
While you are doing this, I can feel you inserting something like a little ball in my pussy.
Then another little ball, and another.
You continue doing this until my love oven feels full.

Next, I feel your tongue on my clit.
God, that feels so good.
I'm squirming as much as the restraints will let me.
I only want you to hurry with this, but yet it all feels so good.
I still feel your tongue on my clit and then pushing it's way into my pussy.
I feel the sensation of you sucking out these little balls.
Since I can't see you, my other senses are taking over and I think I can hear you eating them after you suck them out.
I'm trying to figure out what they are.
After they are all sucked out of me, you give me a kiss and I can taste something sweet.
I still can't figure out what they are.
Oh well, it has all felt so wonderful so far.
It doesn't matter what it was.

Suddenly you are gone.
I hear the bedroom door close.
I'm laying there thinking about how much I trust you and how much I am enjoying this.
I never thought I would enjoy something like this...being tied up and blindfolded?
It has been such a rush of my sensations.
The door opens and I'm pulled out of my reverie.
Hoping that it was you walking towards me and not someone else I asked, "What else are you going to do to me?"

Luckily you answered back, "Ssshhhh....just wait and see".

I could feel you kneel down on top of me.
Suddenly there was the sound of something being shaken and the hissing of air.
My nose was being covered in whip cream (or so I guessed).
The nozzle made it's way down my face onto my neck and then my chest.
As you circle each breast, my nipples harden in anticipation.
Slowly you circled each nipple then continue to make your way with the whip cream down my body.
I have the urge to squirm but my ties hold me tight.
My pussy is heating up as the whip cream hits my clit and enters my folds.
I moan quietly as you pull the bottle away.
I want more...I want you now.

I hear you laugh and kneel beside me.
I feel your tongue maneuver itself across my lips, it is hot and warm.
My lips reach out to meet them but you pull back and say, "Tsk tsk, not yet."

I sigh in frustration.
Then a warm trickle of something thick hits my nose and across my lips.
I let a little hit my tongue and realize you are pouring luke warm hot chocolate on my naked body next to the whipped cream.
The warmth feels incredibly good as runs down my skin and around my nipples.
It is soft and warm...so much like a human that as it reaches my navel and trickles into my pussy I gasp in pleasure.
My body shudders and I long to reach out and touch myself.
My pussy is throbbing and wants to be filled with more than hot chocolate.

I'm not sure how much more of this I can take; when I feel your moist velvety tongue start to lick the sweets off my body.
You are taking your time and tortuously clean my body.
Your tongue circles my hard nipples and you nibble a little at each one of them.
I squirm against my bonds, knowing that I can't take much more of this before I lose control.
After what seemed like forever, your tongue made it's way to my outer folds.
I can feel something other that hot chocolate and whip cream trickle down my inner thighs.

Your tongue is lapping up the food and flicking at my clit.
It is probing my inner folds and again playing with my clit.
This is my breaking point, I can't take it anymore.
A searing sensation is making it's way up my body causing my toes to curl and my back to arch.
My breathing is speeding up and one long moan escapes from my lips as I climax.

Quickly, you release the restraints that have held me as your captive all this time.
When my hands are free, I remove my blindfold and throw it to the floor.
I reach up to you and bring you into my arms.

After a brief hug and kiss, I tell you to get undressed.

"Hurry," I tell you.
"Please, hurry." I have never wanted you more than I did at that moment.
With you standing beside the bed taking off your shirt, I reach up to help you with your pants.
I can feel how hard you are.
You are harder than I've ever known you to be.
I stroke you gently through your jeans for a few seconds and then you are taking your jeans off... then your underwear.

Your cock springs out to me.
It is bigger and harder than I have ever seen it before.
I reach out to take it in my mouth.
It is bigger!!!!
I really have to stretch to get my mouth around it.
God! I love this.
While I suck on it for you, I reach one hand to take your balls and roll them around.
You aren't going to last long.

"I want you inside of my pussy," I whisper to you.
"I want you to fill my pussy with this; just like you did with all the rest of that stuff. Hurry!"

You push me back to the bed and lower yourself on to me.
We share a short but deep kiss and I can feel the head of your cock at my opening.

"Yes, please, yes!" I tell you.
"I want you to stuff me with that big, hard cock of yours."

With one hard thrust, you are deep inside of me.
I know that this won't last long, for either of us.
You pump in and out of me with deep, hard and long strokes.
With every thrust in, it is as if you are reaching my stomach.
That is how deep you feel to be inside of me.

I wrap my legs around you to pull you even deeper into me.
We are both caught up in the rhythm of each other.
You are holding yourself above me and I can see by the look on your face that you are close to letting go of a huge load of your own juice deep inside of me. I reach with my head to reach your nipple with my lips and tongue.
I run my tongue around your nipple and then gently suck it in with my lips.
While in my mouth, I am still running my tongue around the tip of your nipple.
I release this nipple and begin on your other one. From your moaning, your are getting closer.

I release this last nipple and reach even farther with my lips to your earlobe.
I suck it in and flick my tongue over it. I know what this will do to you.
And I'm right.
You pull away from my mouth.

"Don't do that," you moan.
"I can't handle that. You will make me cum too fast."

"I know," I tell you.
" I want you to cum. I want you to cum, now."

I pause to lay back on the bed and I reach up with my hands to touch your chest.
My hands move all over your body...up your arms, across your shoulders to your neck.
I cradle your jaw line in my hands for a brief second and look deep into your eyes.
My hands run back across your shoulders and down your back to your ass cheeks.
I give them a gentle squeeze and then....

I can feel your cock swell inside of me; you arch your back to push you deep in me and then erupt deep inside of me.
I can feel your big cock throbbing against the walls of my insides; splashing the walls with your thick, hot, sticky cum as you release yourself.
I can feel you releasing five or six jets of your cum inside of me.

You stay inside of my until your own orgasm subsides and your feel steady enough to push up on your arms.
When you finally do move, you wrap me in your arms and hold me close.

"Thank you for letting me do this to you.
I know that you aren't used to this, but it was something I really wanted to do."

I pull you close and whisper in your ear, "You can do this to me anytime.
This or maybe some other fantasies that you might have.

I will do anything to make ALL your fantasies come true."


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