Wednesday, April 26, 2006


by Robert

They kissed, and it was a long kiss.
It had been a long day, and they were tired, hot and sweaty.
Having spent all day together for the first time had made them both realise what they wanted.
The kiss turned into lazy fondlings raising their passions further.
They knew what they both wanted but despite the urgent need to couple together they knew that things would be better if they held back.

As his hand closed over her breast he felt her nipple prickle and harden.
A soft moan confirmed that she had needs that matched his.
Still locked together b their kiss they started to undress each other.
Fumbling for buttons, clips and buckles soon broke the tension and they were able to laugh.
Now their lovemaking could be that tenderer, without the desperate desire for a climax that had earlier possessed them both.

Breaking apart they undressed, eyes locked together with mutual longing.
His erection strained at the elastic of his shorts, a damp spot forming where his cock wept for her.
Her pubic hairs peeked coyly out from the confines of her white cotton G - string and the room filled with the musky smells they were both soaked in.

They leapt for each other, competing to see who to strip the other first.
She won, and was rewarded with her first sight of his manhood.
Its uncircumcised length seemed impossibly hard, the veins standing out like cords.
She had seen larger, she had seen thicker, but non had ever looked so magnificent.
Gripping his shaft she pulled gently downwards.
As the skin pulled back the dark red blood-filled glans pushed its way out of its protective covering.
She could see a light film of moisture that would help its passage inside her and dipped her head down to taste him.

He tasted fresh and clean, a hint of saltiness adding piquancy she relished.
Sweeping her tongue over the crown of his cock she quickly removed all traces of his moisture.
She squeezed him and stroked her hand up and down him to make more wetness ooze from the tiny eye in his knob.
Pursing her lips into a tight "O" she bobbed her head up and down.
As her lips pulled over the rim of his knob the pressure caused him such sweet pain that he could not stop the groans escaping from him.

He was so close to coming now. Lost is his own pleasure he couldn't make the decision to stop her before it was too late.
Just as he thought he was lost, she stopped and squeezed hard at the base of his shaft.
His strangled cry echoed around the room.
He couldn't believe she had stopped him coming.
His hardness dropped for a moment with the pressure and then raged back again making him harder than ever.
Pulling her up from where she lay over him he searched for his taste on her tongue.

Having tasted himself he wanted to taste her.
His balls were so tight and close to exploding he thought he had better go slowly.
Lying her back on the bed he started nipping gently at her lips and eyes and nose.
When she finally relaxed and settled back he moved down her neck and onto her breasts.
Her nipples stood proud like tiny soldiers at attention.
He took one gently in his teeth and tugged on it.
Licking around the nipple and blowing across it caused the aureole to pucker and pull back making the nipple extend further.

Satisfied with the results he turned his attention to the other nipple.
He hadn't known before today that she had her nipple pierced, and was surprised how much it excited him. Again he licked all around it, but this time he twisted the ring while blowing across her skin.
The result was predictable, the nipple puckered and tightened, the ring twisted and she let out a soft moan of desire.
Lapping at the soft underswell of her breast he let his hand drop to the junction of her thighs.

Her hair was soft and springy and trimmed neatly back from around the lips of her pussy.
He pushed at her thighs and she opened her legs wider for him.
Pausing only to spear her navel he moved until his head lay before her pussy.
She smelt so good he wanted just to lie there and breathe deeply, but he wanted to hear her cry as she came for him.

He pushed her legs again and she parted them further but still he pushed again.
She was spread as wide as she had ever been before, and everything she had was before his gaze.
Normally she would have cringed at being so open before anyone, but he was different.
She wanted him to look at her; she wanted him to see how wet she was with wanting him.
She wanted him to make her come again and again and most of all she wanted him to make love with her forever.

He snaked his tongue out and traced a tight circle around her clitoris.
She was wet, her juices clinging to her thighs and the delicate petals of her pussy.
He knew she would come very easily when he licked her properly, but he wanted her to experience how good the stop she had put on his orgasm could be.
Instead of just licking her pussy he continued to circle around her clitoris and vaginal lips.
Her lips opened wide and he could see right inside her.
Her inner pinkness hinted at delights that would come later.
She was clutching at his head now trying to grind his face into her pussy but he was too strong.
Slipping a finger inside her for the first time he could feel her heat and the crushing strength that she would be able to bring when he eventually entered her.

Now it was time to let her come.
He pulled out his finger, coated with her musky secretions, and pushed at her secret rosette.
As her anus relaxed at let his finger in her pushed hard against her clitoris with his tongue, making a deep growling sound in his throat.
The two sensations coming so perfectly together were more than enough.
Either one would have made her come but there was pleasure coming from all around. She came, but he didn't stop. It felt like he would never stop, her orgasm took away her mind and she felt herself falling into the deep chasm of endless pleasure.
He pumped his finger into her bottom while continuing to lick strongly at her pussy.
When she had come for him for the fourth time he slowed his actions.
She was unaware that she had done anything but come continually and was slightly relieved that her was allowing her down form the pleasure plateau that he had taken her to.

He moved up her body quickly to catch her still on the high she had experienced.
He placed his glans at the entrance to her pussy and started to push slowly inside her.
He had been right; she was very hot around his shaft and so so tight.
He might have thought she was a virgin she was so tight, but his finger had been too deep in her for that to be true.
Her legs came round his back as they moved together and locked him in place in the traditional way.
He started to thrust slowly and smoothly, withdrawing until she thought he must leave her before easing back inside her.
They were both panting with the exertions and the extreme heights of their passions.
He thought it couldn't get any better, but she knew it could.

Eventually she got the breath together and was able to get him to stop his motions and withdraw from her properly.
She grasped at his cock and pushed it lower, towards where his questing finger had excited so much.
Realising what she intended she looked into her eyes with a question. She was sure, she wanted him there.
Quickly he reached for a cushion and placed it under the small of her back to make her position more comfortable.
The juices pouring from her pussy had coated his shaft and wetted the second entrance to her body.
He wanted to thrust hard, but knew that he had to be gentle because his size would hurt her however much she was ready.

Slowly, slowly, slowly he pushed within her bottom.
The heat was different to her pussy, much hotter and so much tighter round his prick.
They started moving together, thrusting their bodies against each other, and building towards the orgasm they both craved.
Neither had experienced lovemaking like this before, the sensations were too intense, too strong.
He felt it starting deep within him, the grabbing motion within his balls that signalled the start of his orgasm.
He kept thrusting deeper and deeper, not knowing how much longer he could go on.

He wanted her to join him in an explosion that would never be rivalled.
His hand reached for her pussy and clitoris, but found that she was already there ahead of him.
Their fingers met and locked together as with a mutual cry they reached their climax.
He stopped moving, buried deep within her bottom his prick seemed to double in size as his balls pumped their seed within her.
His come was so strong and so long he felt himself draining inside her.
Something was wrong.
He was getting weaker.
He seemed to be fading away.
Startled he looked into her eyes and was surprised by the sight he saw there.
Her look was one of triumph, she had won and he had lost, but how?
Then he realised he was draining into her, she was consuming his flesh.
At the last moment before he was totally lost inside her his mind cried out but he didn't know whether he made any sound, all he could think was to call her name - and he was gone.

Paula patted her belly and sighed with contentment. Robert had been the best yet.
It was a pity she had needed to take his essence to survive, but she knew he would have understood.

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