Monday, April 24, 2006

Sex in the Office

by DAL80

It was around 8:00pm, when the phone rang.
I was in the middle of my favorite show, Dawson's Creek, so I had to check out the caller ID before I answered.
It was my boyfriend, James, calling from work.
He had to work late all week, due to being sick the week before.

"Hey Honey, it better be important, you know what time it is!" I answered, with a chuckle.

"Hey Sweetie! It depends on what you label important."
"Well, hmm, there is a gigantic monster about to eat you in your office?"
"Not quite! I just miss you terribly."
"Aww, well come over after work tonight, I'm sure my mom won't mind if you stop by, if its not too late."
I was only 18, and living at home with my mom.
"Well, why don't you come visit me here for a little while, bring some chinese or something."
"Hmm...OK! I'll be there in like 20 minutes."
"Sounds great, you know where my office is! Love you, bye!"
"Love you, Bye honey" I hung up the phone.
I ran upstairs to figure out what to wear, I hadn't seen my boyfriend all week, since he was working late everynight, and I have class during the days.
I told my mom I was going to a friends house, and ran out the door.

I got to his office about 25 minutes later.
The lights were all out, except one little bright light coming from his office.
"Hey sweetie, I forgot the chinese food." I said, standing in his doorway.
"No problem, I wasn't really hungry anyway. I've missed you so much."
We hugged.
"Why do you have such a long jacket on love? Its like 80 degrees outside, are you sick too?!"
"No, I just had to have something to cover me up." I said with a smile.
"OH REALLY? What do you have on under the jacket?"
"That's for me to know, and for you to now find out."
I removed my jacket, and under was my red silk panties and bra.
I thought he was going to die, he had never seen me be so sneaky.
I reached over to him, and kissed his lips softly.
Our tongues pressed together, as his body pressed against mine, and his hands roamed down my back and shoulders.
I reached down to his pants, and touched his penis, he was very happy, if you know what I mean.

He picked me up, and my legs wrapped around his body.
He brought me over to his desk, and sat me down on top of it, his hands removed my bra, my nipples were very hard.
He rubbed them between his fingers, and played with them.
He moved his mouth down and sucked on them, licking them, and playing with them with his tongue.
I was so wet.
He stepped away and stood me up to remove my panties. I removed his shirt, he has such a nice body.
He sat me back up on the desk, and continued licking and playing with my nipples, while his hand moved down and fingered my vagina.
His fingers felt so good, but I wanted more.
He moved his head down, and started licking my pussy.
His tongue played with my clit, and he continued to stick his fingers inside of me.
It felt better than ever before.
l was going to orgasm, my body started to shiver.
He continued to play with me till I totally had the most amazing orgasm, it felt so good.

He came back up, and kissed my body on his way up.
Then his lips met mine, his mouth was so warm.
I got up from the desk, and unfastened his belt, and pulled down his khaki's.
I sat him back in his chair..and basically put him in heaven!
I held his cock, and licked it all over.
I stuck it in my mouth, and sucked, moving my mouth up and down, and playing with his balls.
I moved my mouth slowly up and down, pressing my tongue and lips smoothly around it.

I could tell he was ready to cum, so I moved my mouth faster loving every minute of it, as i'm sure he was!
He started to cum, and I quickly moved his penis over to my breasts, making sure he came all over them.
I rubbed it around, the feeling of his cum felt so good on my body.
I put his penis back into my mouth, licking off all the cum that was left on there.
He stood up and laid me back on the desk.
Bringing my ass to the edge of the desk.
He grabbed my legs and put them up around his neck.
He stuck his large hard cock inside my pussy.
It felt so good!
Yet so wrong, we were in his office! I couldn't believe this, one of my many fantasy's was being fulfilled!
It was definately worth missing Dawson and Joey!
He pushed his dick inside me, as hard as he could hitting it hard against my pussy.
I was definitely going to cum again! He just kept pushing it in and out, holding my legs straight up, I saw him look down, to watch his dick going inside my tight pussy.

This made him fuck me harder, and then slower...
and made me want to cum so bad!
He kept going, and I came, moaning in delight.
He was about to cum too, he pulled his dick out, and came all over my stomach!
I grabbed his dick and rubbed the cum all over!
It was wonderful.
He leaned down and kissed me.
"Now that dessert is over, would you like to go grab some dinner my love?"


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One of these days I'll tell some office sex stories in my blog. But I doubt if they'll be any better than yours.

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