Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nudist Interlude Part II

by Sledge Stone

Jeb had thought his friend Terry would be stopping by that evening, but when he went to answer the door of his cabin he found Susan there instead.

She was clad in a lovely blue neckerchief that set off her eyes very nicely.
"Well hello," he said, smiling with delight.

"Mmmm, hello to you too," said Susan, giving him a big hug and running her hands down his back and grabbing his skinny butt.

Jeb felt his balls tighten and his cock begin to rise as Susan pressed her slim frame against him.
He especially loved the feel of her little pointed nipples against his chest.
She was about 5'3" to his 5'8", with a butt and breasts like an immature 12 year-old.
Jeb kissed her on the mouth and let his hands wander down to her little butt.
He lifted her easily.
She wrapped her legs around him, squirming with delight when he let a finger from each hand tickle her pussy lips.

Only then did she break the long kiss.
"Um, I think you know what I came for."
Susan's tongue traced his lips, explored his teeth.

Jeb carried her to the bed and gently eased her onto her back, then stood above her with his 7 inch cock hard in front of him.
Susan looked up at him, spread her legs wide, then wiggled her butt and licked her lips seductively.
She looked like jail-bait with her pussy plucked naked as the day she was born and breasts hardly bigger than her pointed nipples, but Jeb knew she was really 19.

He knelt in front of her, put both hands under her little butt, and lifted her waiting lips to his.
He let his tongue flicker over her outer labia, up one lip, around her tiny hooded clit, and down the other lip to her asshole.
He spread the cheeks of her butt with his big hands and tongued her asshole while she squirmed in his hands.

Jeb stopped to look up at her pinching her nipples.
She whispered, "don't stop!"
He smiled at her.
She looked so young and wholesome with her fine blonde hair fanned out about her head, lovely pale skin, and a little pink cunt wide open as a clam and gleaming wet.

Susan reached down with both hands to spread her pink inner lips for him. She smiled and wiggled her butt.
Jeb took the opportunity to tongue her asshole thoroughly again before proceeding to her pussy.
His tongue explored her swollen folds and recesses, savoring her sweetness.
He licked her clit until it was hard, then his lips closed over it.

"Mmmmm, oh yes!" she said, grabbing handfuls of his hair.
"Oh! Oh!."
Her juices began to flow and he felt all her muscles tighten.
She quivered in his hands, rubbing her clit against him, then suddenly held his head away from her.
Her inner lips opened and closed as she orgasmed.
He watched fascinated as white cum welled up inside her cunt, then leaked out, running down over her asshole and onto the bed, making a wet spot which expanded slowly.

Susan quivered when he began licking the sticky sweet juices from her asshole, but she didn't ask him to stop.
"Ummm that feels so good!"
Jeb continued licking and slurping, working back up to her dripping pink clam cunt.
As if a flood of thoughts and emotions had been let loose by her orgasm, she started to babble on about their adventures earlier in the day.

"Your cock felt so alive inside me today, not at all like a dildo, you're almost as good as Jill with your tongue, so quick, now I just want to have a cock inside me all the time, you know I haven't had many men, mostly women, the men are so stupid about how to make me cum, tongues as rough as sandpaper, oh yes suck my pussy, I wish they all could do it like you, I came so good and it was so incredible to watch you fuck that woman, I couldn't get over how long your cock is, the whole thing disappeared inside her and then she asked you to fuck her in the ass, it was radical because I'd never seen anybody do that, I love it when you lick my asshole, and I wondered what it must be like, your cock is so big but she loved every minute of it and then that other guy showed up and she got him to fuck her too, I'd never seen two cocks in a woman like that, but then I've hardly ever seen anyone fuck either, so it was just great and when you both came on my face it was a turn-on, your cum tastes so good, I love swallowing it, don't stop..."

Jeb stood up, put her legs up on his shoulders, and began to rub his cock against her wet pussy.
"...feels so good, oh I'm dripping wet, your cock is so big, oh yes rub it against me like that, mmmm I want you to put it inside me now, oh it feels great against my clit, oh yes I want you to do me, I want you to fuck me, I couldn't believe how your cock went up her ass and your hairy balls against her butt, maybe I'd like to try it but it's so big, mmmm oh god, oh yes put your cock inside me now..."

So Jeb eased his cock into her tight little pussy, which was so dripping wet he slid all the way home in a second.
When he looked down she was fingering her clit as he began to stroke her, then he felt two of her fingers inside her with his cock.
"That feels great," he said.

"It sure does, your cock is so big, but that other guy's was really incredible, big as a beer can, I could hardly get my mouth around it, oh yeah nice and deep like that, and he came so much, I had cum in my hair and all over me, mmmm, oh!"

Jeb still had her legs up on his shoulders and was fucking her so hard his balls made a slapping sound on her skinny butt.
But he decided he should ease off a bit to prolong the pleasure, so he pulled all the way out and hovered over her with the throbbing head of his cock cupped by her tight pussy lips.
"Don't stop!"
"I don't want to cum too soon."
She had one hand rubbing her clit, and with the other she grabbed his cock and began rubbing its head up and down her wet pussy.
"Mmmm, I just can't get enough of you.
Let's try a different position."
Susan slid her legs off his shoulders and sat up on the bed in front of him.
She leaned over and took his cock. "Oh my pussy juices are all over you. Mmmm."
She licked his cock. "Tastes good."
Jeb reached down and played with her pointed nipples and she took his cock and rubbed the head of it around both her nipples.
"I love your little breasts," he said.
"I always wish they were bigger..."
"Well I like them just the way they are."
He took her head in both hands and pulled her down to his cock.
She didn't resist when he put his big cock in her mouth and pushed it all the way to the back of her throat.
He continued to rub her erect nipples while he fucked her face.

"Mrph! I gotta come up for air," she said finally.
He sat next to her on the bed and stared at her lovely, lithe, young body.
She grinned at him impishly.
"How did you meet Jill?"
She put one leg around him on him on the bed and pulled her knee up so he could see her pussy, naked, pink and wet.
"We met at Austin Community College, like the second week I went there.
She's really cool. She invited me to her apartment to go swimming and we ended up in bed."
She grabbed his cock in her little fist and began stroking him while he played with her nipples.
"I love the way she squirts when she cums. You're both really wet and juicy," Jeb said.
"Yeah. I just drip and make a wet spot, but Jill really gushes.
I like it when she cums in my face.
You know I'd never had a guy do that until today, and he came so much, I couldn't believe how it splashed everywhere. It was like getting a bath."

She grinned again.
Jeb reached down and spread the lips of her pussy.
"You are kind of a fantasy come true for me.
How many men have you fucked?"
"Well, you're the second."
"No kidding?!"
"Yeah. It was Jill who really taught me how to cum--the guys I dated left me cold.
And the guy who took my virginity just fucked me for about 30 seconds before he came and then he ignored me.
Jill really knows how to eat pussy, but she says I just need to meet the right man and she's right."
Susan leaned over and kissed him on the lips.
"Am I really your fantasy girl?"
"Yep. I like mature minds, but I love young bodies and I crave women with small breasts."
Jeb leaned over and sucked each of Susan's nipples in turn.
Susan took his head in her hands and kissed him on the lips again.
"You kiss good too."
"So do you."
And they kissed for a while, hands in each other's crotches.

When they broke, she pressed her little nipples against his chest and licked behind his ear.
"Do you always fuck Terry in the ass?"
"Whenever possible."
He reached around behind her bony little butt, slipped two fingers into her wet pussy, and worked them around inside her until they were covered with her juices.
Then he smeared her juices around her asshole and pressed a finger there until she began to squirm.
"You probably noticed that Terry loves it."
"Yeah, it really turned me on.
I liked to watch her pussy lips open and close as you went in and out of her ass.
Mmmm, that's nice.
I don't know about your cock back there, though."
Susan began stroking his cock again.

"Only if you want it there. Some women just like me to stick my finger up their butt while I fuck them, especially right before they cum."
Jeb eased his finger a little way into Susan's ass.
"You have to learn to relax.
Some women don't like it at all, others only before they cum."

Susan didn't reply, but rose slightly and settled her pussy on top of his still-hard cock, easing herself down until he was all the way inside her.
He still had one finger up to the first joint in her asshole.
"I love your cock," she whispered.

Jeb lay back and pulled her on top of him.
He stuck his finger up her butt as far as it would go.
She squirmed a little and he pushed it in even further.
"Now, just lie still for a minute."
So, breathing in his ear, nipples pressed to his chest, she lay still on top of him.
His cock was still inside her, and he put pressure on it so it expanded inside her.
"Feel that?"
"Yeah," she said, squeezing his cock with her pussy muscles.
"Can you feel that?"
"Yes, and I can feel your ass squeezing my finger when you do that too.
Now just try to relax.
I'm going to fingerfuck your asshole."
She giggled. "I think the sound of it turns me on more than your finger."
"But it's not uncomfortable?"
"Good. If you want me to fuck you in the ass sometime I can, but meanwhile I'm happy to be fucking you at all."
"I think what would really turn me on is for you to cum in my mouth. Would you like that?"
"Good. Well, I love it when you eat my pussy, so why don't we do sixty-nine?"
"I want to be on top," she said.
So Jeb lay down on the bed and Susan got on top of him and settled her luscious little naked pussy right over his mouth.
He began to lick and she began to suck his cock.
Her pussy tasted wonderfully sweet, and the aroma was intoxicating. It wasn't long before his beard was soaked and her juices were dripping down his cheek and onto the bed.

Meanwhile, his own orgasm was building and he found himself lifting his butt off the bed to try to fuck deeper into her mouth.
Susan opened her mouth wide and let his cock go down her throat.
Jeb lunged and thrust himself into her throat with abandon, until finally he exploded in her mouth, releasing all his hot, pent-up cum.
He quivered and shook as she licked and sucked and swallowed every drop.

Susan reversed herself and, before his cock could go soft, guided him back into her dripping pussy; then she lay down on top of him, pressed her nipples to his chest, and closed her eyes...


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