Monday, April 17, 2006

Scuba Diving Frenzy

by Judith Wonder and Sledge Stone

It is 6:00 p.m. and we have just finished diving for the day.
There are 7 of us, 5 men and only 2 women--myself and Rachel.
Jim goes below and gets a jug of rum punch.
He passes it to me, I take a big drink and pass it to Mike, who passes it on to Rachel, and all the way around.
As we get a little tipsy, someone suggests we play a game where the person with the winning poker hand gets to choose a partner or partners and "anything" goes.

Rachel wins the first hand and commands everyone to strip.
As we are stripping I look around at my diving buds, anxious to see which one has the biggest cock.
My eyes rest on Willie, his black cock is 6" soft and I can only use my imagination as to how big it will get when hard.
We continue to pass the jug around, and we are all beginning to get slightly smashed.

Ted wins the next hand.
He orders me to suck Jim's cock while Jim sucks Rachel's nipples.
So I proceed deep throat Jim while Rachel leans over to offer Jim her breasts.
Jim licks and sucks Rachel's nipples to hard points, and while I'm licking up and down Jim's hard shaft I reach up and slip a finger in Rachel's wet pussy.
Taking the cue, Ted reaches between my legs and wiggles two fingers into my juicy cunt and begins to fingerfuck me.
The other guys stand around holding their dicks and passing the punch.
Our three minutes is up all too soon.

The cards are dealt and the next winner is Ian.
He tells Rachel and me to bend way over and spread our legs.
He orders Jim and Ted to eat our pussies while we suck Willie and Mike's cocks.
Meanwhile Ian reaches out to finger our puckered little buttholes.
Willie's cock is so big I have to lick it rather than suck it.
Rachel and I are getting so turned on, our snatches are dripping honey juice, which Jim and Ted lick up hungrily.
Time flies.

Cards are dealt again and Jim wins.
I see the gleam in his eye and know he has something special in mind.
He orders Willie to stick the head of his cock first in my hot snatch and then in Rachels, but tells him he is not allowed to fully penetrate us.
Jim wants us to beg him to let Willie fuck us.
I look at Willie's cock which is 9" and super thick.
I doubt his massive tool will fit in my tight pink hole, but I want to try.

We can see a drop of precum on the head of Willie's massive cock-- he can't wait to plunge it into us.
Jim orders us to bend over.
I hesitate for a moment.
Jim tells me to bend over again, but I'm being obstinate.
Jim sits in a deck chair, pulls me onto his lap, and spanks me first on one cheek and then the other cheek until both are glowing red.
I feel my pussy juices flowing onto his leg.
He helps me up, then orders me to bend over again and spread my pussy lips.
I do so without hesitation.
Rachel has bent over as ordered, waiting patiently to be fucked, so Ted and Ian have gathered around to have their cocks sucked, and Rachel is giving them her best lip service.

Willie comes up behind me, puts the huge mushroom head of his cock in my hot little hole, grabs my hips and eases me onto him.
I feel my cunt stretching to accommodate him and Jim reminds him that he is not to penetrate me deeply.
Willie strokes the monster head of his cock in and out of me, all the time holding his big shaft in one hand to keep it from being forced out of my tight cunt.
I start to moan--I want to feel his huge cock all the way inside me, and I beg him to fuck me harder and deeper.

Instead, he pulls out, and orders Rachel to spread her pussy wide and play with her clit.
Willie holds his big cock and forces it the massive head into Rachel's juicy little pussy.
Rachel gasps and Jim orders me to lick Willie's balls, which I do without hesitation.
I can feel his balls drawing up as I touch them with my tongue.
He pushes into Rachel, pulls out, and rubs the head of his cock up and down her dripping pussy lips before forcing it back inside her again.
He does this several times.
Our time is up.

The next winner is Rachel.
She wants to be fucked in the ass and pussy both.
Having just had Willie tease her, she orders him to lie down on the deck.
She straddles him and lowers her dripping pussy onto his huge shaft.
Then she calls Jim over, hands him the anal lube and tells him to cream her asshole good--she wants her butt reamed thoroughly.
She tells me to lie on my back and let Mike fuck me while Ted and Ian rub their cocks on my tits.
Mike eagerly complies with this instruction, as do Ted and Ian, whose precum quickly wets my nipples.
I grab Ted's cock and draw him to my mouth while wrapping my legs around Mike's butt to pull him deeper inside me.

Meanwhile, Rachel bounces up and down on Willies cock, and leans over to dangle her breasts in his face and allow Jim to get at her asshole.
Jim pours the lube over her tight asshole and fucks her with his finger for a minute, then rubs some of the lube on his hard cock and pushes the head of it into her super-tight ass.
He waits a moment as she sucks in her breath, then eases himself all the way into her.
I look over and get super turned-on when I see his cock buried in her ass, only his balls showing against the white cheeks of her butt.
Rachel tells him and Willie both that she wants them to fuck her hard.
So they begin alternately to pound her, fucking her ass and her pussy as deep as they can.
Her 3 minutes run out and, regretfully, we all have to stop.

My hand is the next winner.
I tell all the men to stand in a semi- circle around Rachel and I and stroke their cocks and rub them against us.
While the men are stroking, Rachel and I, starting at opposite ends, lick and stroke each cock in turn.
When all the cocks are throbbing, and the men all staring at us, I take Rachel in my arms and we share a deep kiss.
Our tongues dance together.
She reaches for my mound and rubs her finger up and down my plucked pussy lips as I suck her nipples.
The guys surround us and rub their hard cocks all over our bodies. We lick them and suck them and squeeze them between our breasts while the guys squeeze our nipples and fingerfuck us.
Moans fill the air, and all of us want the same fuck wildly!

Ian simply bends me over and plunges his hard shaft into my pulsating pussy, while Ted works his way under me and begins to lick my clit.
My juices are flowing and I am moaning very loudly.
Rachel is giving Willie a blow job, while Jim is pounding her pussy from behind, and John is beneath her licking up her copious juices.
When I feel I am about to cum, I tell Ian to lay down so I can straddle him.
I quickly settle my pussy over Ian's cock and almost immediately begin to orgam, my hot juices dripping from Ian's balls.
The smell of hot pussy is in the air.

Ted comes up behind me and begins to pour lubricant over my asshole.
I can feel him working his finger into my butt and I start cumming again.
I bounce hard on Ian's cock, rubbing my clit against him, while Ted fingerfucks my butt.
Then I feel Ted push the head of his cock up against my tight asshole.
Ian and I stop for a minute and I try to relax my butt muscles so Ted can get in.
I look over and see Rachel on top of Jim, his cock in her pussy, and she is encouraging Mike to try to get his cock in her pussy too.
Meanwhile she is still sucking on Willie's big hard-on.

About the time I see Mike finally get his cock in Rachel's pussy with Jim's, I feel Ted plugging his cock into my asshole.
By this time I am in a state of almost continuous orgasm.
I wiggle my butt and Ted buries all 7" of his cock in my ass!
Ian grabs my waist to keep me from pulling off of him, while Ted matches his rythm to Ian's.
I can hear the squish of my wet pussy slapping against Ian's stomach, and I can feel Ted's balls bouncing off my butt.

I hear Rachel telling Mike to come let her suck his cock while Willie tries to get his big tool up her ass.
Willie slathers himself with lubricant and poises himself over Rachel.
Jim holds still in her pussy and Willie pushes his big mushroom head into her tight ass.
Rachel moans with pleasure/pain.
Slowly Willie eases himself deeper into her ass, and Rachel moans "Oh, fuck me in the ass!"
Then "Oh, fuck me harder!"
And Jim and Willie both fuck her hard.

Meanwhile, Ted is stroking in and out of my asshole faster and harder.
Ian is still in my pussy.
Honeyjuice is streaming down my leg, I am so turned on.
I can feel my juices flowing and I scream that I am cumming.
I clench my pussy and butt muscles both at once and Ian and Ted shoot geysers of cum inside me.
I buck my hips wildly.
I can tell by Rachel's loud moans and whimpers that she is cumming too.
Willie pulls out of her ass and runs around to her face.
Rachel sits up, Jims cock still in her pussy, and Willie and Mike both begin shooting their cum all over her face.
Willie just keeps shooting huge gobs of jism all over her--it drips from her nose and lips and chin and runs down over her breasts.
Mike rubs his cock, still spurting cum, all over her breast.

Ted pulls out of my ass and walks around to my face and shoots a last few drops on my cheeks, and Willie turns to me (he is still cumming!) and rubs his cock against my breasts and cums on me.
I can feel hot jism dripping from my asshole and my cunt too.
Jim motions for Rachel to get off him and he hops up and shoots his cum all over my face.
I suck him and lick up every last drop.

It seems like we cum for ten minutes before we all collapse in a wet, exhausted pile.
We are all covered in cum and we rub wet pussies and cocks all over each other.
What a great way to end the day!

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